tagErotic CouplingsIdeal Day 02

Ideal Day 02


As I stated in "Ideal Day One" there are many "ideal" days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you another version of what might be "Ideal".

I woke up and saw that Lynn was lying on her stomach. That is our favorite position for me to play with her pussy so I moved over to wake her up and watch her ass move. With one hand under her teasing her clit ever so gently, I slipped two fingers of my other hand into her pussy. Arching up against my hand allowed me to push them in deeper and gave me a great view of her beautiful ass.

Soon she is humping against my thrusts hard and fast, an indicator to pull my fingers out and allow her to rub her own clit against my fingers. Moving her ass faster and faster she was able to bring herself right to the brink of orgasm. When she arched her ass up high, I knew to start finger fucking her cunt while rubbing her clit hard and fast with the other hand. After a few seconds of this action she is squirting with every twitch and begging me to stop, which I do after a few minutes.

After bringing her a warm washrag from the bathroom I head to the kitchen to fix us breakfast. Wearing my thong to keep certain items safe and the kitchen sanitary, I make us pancakes and sausage. When breakfast was ready Lynn came to the table wearing just a house dress, telling me that this was going to be a fun day.

As often happens, anticipation is better than reality and it was lunch time before we could even consider any more "fun" activities. Once I had fixed and served us both a grilled cheese sandwich and chips, I cleaned up the dishes before going to the bedroom to insert our smallest butt plug, held in with the thong. I wore that while out doing work in the shop. After an hour I removed the small butt plug and moved on to a bigger plug before getting us both sodas and starting an X-rated movie. Thinking ahead, I had preloaded a video of women fucking guys with strap-on dildos. Half way through the movie I remove the butt plug and hand Lynn our double ended dildo. Pulling off her house dress she placed the dildo between her legs and against her pussy. After lubing up the exposed portion of the dildo I turn to face the TV and sit down on the dildo so she can fuck me with it while we watch a favorite scene. While I move slowly up and down on the dildo we describe what we each like about the scene on the TV.

Increasing my speed I can tell that my climax is building. Grabbing the towel we placed on the couch I cum while Lynn continues to pull me down on the dildo. Replacing the dildo with the large butt plug and my thong to keep it in place, I start to play with her pussy again. Once that play has either made her come or has me hard again (or both) we trade places and she sits on my cock while playing with her clit until she climaxes.

The rest of the afternoon is spent doing various hobbies and preparing dinner for both of us. After dinner I remove the big butt plug before climbing on the bed with my ass in the air and my head down. In position behind me, Lynn takes the double headed dildo and puts it in place between her legs again, making sure it is lubed up well on my end, but dry on her end so that she can maintain a grip. When she has the dildo in place against my ass I start pushing back slowly. The feeling of the dildo moving in a fraction of an inch at a time drives me crazy. A few strokes this way and I feel Lynn's hand reach up to grab my hips. I know that she is about to take control from me and use my ass as she pleases. All control is given freely over to her to do to me as she pleases. The next time the dildo is buried in my ass I start to move forward only to have her hold me back tight against her, giving short little pulls that seem to make the dildo go even deeper as her pussy juices run down over my balls. Pushing me forward slowly until the dildo is all but out of my ass she pulls back hard on my hips, ramming the dildo hard and deep into my ass, again holding me back so her pussy touches my balls again. This routine goes on for a few more strokes with some variations... first pulling out fast and back in slow until the dildo is nearly maxed out again before ramming it hard the last couple of inches in hard.

Soon all pretense of control is gone from her as well and she is just fucking ass hard and fast, using her hands on my hips for extra leverage. My cock is bouncing up and down while by balls are hitting her pussy with every thrust. Lucky for us I made sure there was a towel under us to catch my cum as I exploded. Getting even with me for not stopping earlier in the morning when she had came and I didn't stop, she continued to slowly fuck my ass even as I slide down on my stomach and shuddered from the intensity of my climax.

Once I had calmed down we trade places and lick her pussy until she is ready to climax and I'm hard once again. Moving up I slide my cock into her pussy and fuck her while holding her legs up with my shoulders allowing the deepest penetration possible. Knowing that I would not last long in her sloppy wet pussy, she reached down to finger her clit hard and fast. When her cunt started to convulse and squeeze my cock I joined her in her climax.

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