tagErotic CouplingsIdeal Day 03

Ideal Day 03


As I stated in "Ideal Day One" there are many "ideal" days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a third version of what might be "Ideal".

There is nothing new with my wife getting up before I do in the morning to go to the bathroom with me following to let the dogs out to do their morning rounds as well. What was new is that when she came back to bed she moved to my side of the bed and starting playing with my cock, making me hard instantly.

Once I was breathing hard, she pulled the blankets back, straddled my cock with her wet pussy and was soon sliding back and forth on my shaft. She was soon moving faster and playing with her clit at the same time. Knowing that I cannot take that for very long, she moved forward until she was more over my chest, but kept playing with her clit while I watched. While she rocked faster and faster I reached up to pull on her breasts and squeeze her nipples, adding to her excitement. When she climaxed she squirted all over my chest, a feeling that I love and a view that made my cock as hard as iron.

After calming down she slid back and my cock seemed to find its own way into her pussy. Because she was so wet and I was so excited from watching her, it took no time at all for me to explode in her tight pussy. She slumped forward on me and we cuddled while my cock softened and slide out, making us both laugh.

Before I went to cook us breakfast we both jumped into the shower to clean up.

Dressed for the day with my small plug in place, held there by my favorite pair of thong underwear, I cooked us French toast and bacon for breakfast. During the rest of the morning I kept the butt plug in place, only occasionally taking it out to re-lube it as needed. Lynn wears a thin dress with her favorite bra, I don't know if she has underwear on or not. After I cook lunch I change to the larger plug in anticipation of a drive in the country. The plug moves with every bump as we go over rough roads, reminding me that it's there and keeping my cock hard and my mind racing.

After an hour or so we find a place in the woods to park where we will not likely be disturbed and there is plenty of room for the dogs to run and romp while we romp in our own way. This time we do a switch, instead of me playing with her and entering her from behind while she leans over the seat of the pickup she tells me to undress before bending me over the seat and telling me to hand her the dildo and lube from the console. I didn't even know she had put them there, a pleasant surprise!

I have not had time to play with her at all on the drive up and still have the butt plug in my ass. After pulling the butt plug out of my ass she hands it to me to take care of. While I am wiping off the dildo with the baby wipes we keep in the pickup she pulls up her dress and puts the dildo between her legs. In one move she pushes it in my ass while I'm not paying attention. What a feeling that is, wow! She continues to fuck me with the dildo, slow and fast, then hard, slapping her pussy against my ass harder and faster until I cum on the ground.

When she takes the dildo out of my ass I turn around and take it from her to wipe down and put away. Telling me to lube up the butt plug again, she pushes it back in my ass and I put on my thong to keep it secure. She then sits on the seat and reclines the back before putting her feet on the dash and door frame so I can finger and lick her to orgasm before we get dressed and gather the dogs up for the drive home. Again, the feeling of the dildo in my ass was enhanced with every bump and dip in the road.

Stopping at the take-out pizza place only added to my excitement even though I knew there was no way they could know, I knew about the butt plug in my ass. After dinner we move to the bed where I replace the butt plug with a vibrating version and give Lynn the control. While we cuddle and caress each other she changes the speed of the vibrations. Turning it off always makes me anticipate her turning it back on and despite knowing it will start again, I always jump when it does.

Rubbing against her leg, my cock is rock hard. When she rolls over I play with her pussy for just a little bit before climbing over her and easing my cock into her cunt. The combination of her wetness, the vibrations in my ass and the movement of her ass as she fingers her clit take me over the top. While I'm shooting cum in her, she increases her fingering and climaxes moments after. Turning off the butt plug she has me move beside her so we can cuddle more. Soon any ideas of more sex are lost when we both fall asleep holding each other, my plug still in place in anticipation of sex that will have to wait for morning.

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