Identity Crisis 06


After awhile, the door opened and Sarah was standing behind it.

"Come in," she said, smiling like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

I walked right into the room. I could smell the light scented powder in the atmosphere. My bed was covered with a very large towel.

"Victor, do you want to wear shorts or a skirt?"


Sarah then walked to my cupboard and took out a green, knee-length skirt and a pair of hot pants that would barely cover my ass. She put the skirt back and threw the hot pants towards the bed.

"Sarah, can I change my mind?" I asked sheepishly.


"The shorts are too short."

"Hmm, shorts are too short," she repeated after me. "Alright, but that would be your final decision, alright? It's dinner time and I'm hungry."

"Yup. Aren't we supposed to wear school regulated clothes to cafeteria?" I asked.

"They don't check our attire for dinner." She threw a purple mini length skirt on the bed. "But of course, don't be too revealing. You can't go for dinner in that." She was referring to the purple bathrobe.

She walked towards her cupboard and started searching for something. "Now the panties, Victor. Take off everything and lie down above your towel. I've found a way to solve your incontinence."

Wait a minute, was I going to wear her panties? I thought to myself. I did as she said, taking everything off and sitting on the towel. My throbbing cock was already standing up for the umpteenth time today.

"Didn't I ask you to lie down?!" She raised her voice slightly. I quickly lay down on my bed in stiff position.

"What is your favorite color? You can't change your mind this time."

"Red." For my support for Manchester United, my favorite color is actually red. But I didn't realize that she was going to pick a pair of red panties for me to wear to dinner.

She walked towards me, her right hand holding red and frilly underwear with a few strings dangling down. Her left hand was holding something very compact. I couldn't really see what she was holding as she walked nearer and nearer.

"These were once my favorite pair of panties. They're yours now." She untied the knot by the waist band and opened up the string bikini panties. She slid the panties under me. Again, she powdered me with her scented powder. The smell was very enticing. I began to wish she would powder my groin every day.

Then, she opened up the pad that she was holding in her left hand and put it between my legs. She held my erected cock down and covered up the crotch area with the front of the panties. The pad wasn't large, but it wasn't fully covered by the panties. She tied the knot of each side and signaled for me to sit up.

"Do all girls wear this?" I poked the pad with my index finger.

She held my hand at my wrist. "Don't poke it; your cock is already tiny enough." My cheeks turned red instantly.

After that, she made me wear the purple mini skirt which covered me to my mid-thigh.

"Sarah, this skirt doesn't look like the school regulated clothes. I don't remember seeing anything like these when I opened the cupboard few nights ago."

Sarah laughed. "This is mine. I've given you some of my unused clothes so you don't have to be green and white all day, every day. I have a limited number of underwear not including the school ones, so I can't really give you any of them. But we can always share." She grinned.

I nodded.

Sarah went back to my cupboard and picked out a pink padded bra and a white chemise. She helped me put it on and adjust the straps to the correct length, just like in the morning. She then made me put on the very feminine chemise.

"Wait here for me." She grabbed her long slip and a pair of panties and walked out of the room. I looked at myself in the mirror while waiting for her.

'Am I a girl in boy's skin or a boy in girl's clothes?' I thought to myself. I was beginning to doubt my identity.

After about ten minutes, she came back wearing a full slip that had a big cartoon on the front. Her white bra strap was visible under the strap of the slip. Under the florescent light, I could almost see she was wearing a pair of red panties, but I couldn't be sure.

"Let's go Victor."

We went for dinner together in the cafeteria. Today's meal wasn't nice; I would say it was inedible. The meat was too dark and the pasta was undercooked. Sarah and I ate very little of our dinners.

"Victoria, let's go grab out undies off the line where we left them," Sarah said as we walked back to the dormitory. We strolled to the corridor and took down all the dried lingerie. "Victor?"


"Do you like to wear panties?"

I blushed. When she asked the question, I pretended I didn't hear, so I didn't have to answer her. It was embarrassing, but I decided that I had to be truthful. I nodded my head after few moments of hesitation.


"I don't know. Maybe I like it because it's something new to me. And I think that the coolness of wearing a skirt or a dress makes me feel better," I replied softly.

"I get that. Remember when I told you that my senior haze me to sleep naked for three months? At that time, I really enjoyed the wind that came from the ceiling fan. Even now, I don't wear bra and panties to bed. You should sleep naked too. Besides, it's bad for the bra if you sleep in it." Sarah slowly explained about the positive impact of sleeping in nude until we reached our room.

Sarah taught me how to fold the panties and how to maintain them in good condition. We spent the rest of night chatting away.

"Victor, since I've seen your body for quite a few of times and even touched it, you may stay while I take off my bra and thong. And tonight, if you need to cum, I think the pad would be able to hold it. And after you cum, I will change the pad for you."

Sarah removed her slip right in front of me. I was right, her panties were red. We wore matching panties and thongs, and I didn't even know it. The thong that she wore were barely an inch and half wide. It was hugging her so tight that I could see her camel toe. Then she turned, her back facing me.

"Victor, unhook my bra. You need to learn how."

It took few seconds to figure out the mechanism of the bra strap and unhook her bra. She took out the strap from her shoulder with one hand but was still holding on to the cup of the bra with the other. Continuing to face away from me, she put her white bra on her bed and put on her slip.

Without any hesitation, she removed her thongs underneath her slip and threw it on her bed. I had to admit that I was disappointed that I didn't manage to see much of anything, no boobs or pussy.

I removed the chemise while Sarah walked to my cupboard and picked out a purple satin babydoll. "You'll look sexy in this." She smiled like the devil.

I thought I would too. I quickly unhooked the bra and removed it. I slid out of the skirt and put the babydoll over me. It was barely long enough to cover my butt fully.

"Baby Vicky, go and lie down on the bed. Let me see if I need to change your nappies." I did as she commanded. She took a new heavy duty pad and the powder and sat down at the side of my bed.

Sarah pulled up the babydoll and revealed the skimpy panties. She untied the knot by the side and touched my cock to see if it is clean. It immediately sprang up to action and pointed towards her. She carefully put the panties back and butterfly knots on both side to secure it tightly.

"Vicky, I don't feel safe. What if the knot gets loose by itself? Can I wear a pair of shorts please?"

"Of course, not! You have to wear that. Sleeping with little on is a good thing, remember? You're already wearing too much."

"Why? But..."

"No but. You're supposed to be a girl now, plus, you're my roommate and freshman. Just listen to me."

"I can wear shorts under this thing."

"No way, it might spoil my babydoll."

"What if the knot comes loose?" I asked.

"Erm... I don't know." She shrugged her shoulder.

"Sarah, can I wear different underwear?"

"Unless you don't mind doing extra laundry..." She walked towards my cupboard.

"No I don't mind at all."

"You're right, but the bed linens are much harder to clean." She pulled out the drawer containing underwear.

"I know!" Sarah exclaimed. "Just lie down on your bed; I have an idea that requires no extra laundry." The next moment, she closed the drawer. She walked toward her bed and picked up the red thong which she threw earlier and held it up. "Would you like to wear this?"

Of course, I shook my head from side to side, or else she would find out that I enjoyed wearing panties and treat me like a freak. I had to continue the illusion that I disliked them.

"Really, you don't have a choice. I'm your senior and you have to do everything I said. I do mean EVERYTHING."

"But why?" I replied.

"You really want to know why? Let me tell you why. The reason is simply because you're just going to wet your bed. Now keep still while I change your diaper for you." She said that impatiently.

"I can do it myself." I volunteered.

"No, you're my baby. Babies can't put on clothes by themselves. Now I would appreciate if you can give me your fullest cooperation and ask nothing."

I lay stiff on my bed. Sarah lifted up the babydoll and peeked under it like a car mechanic inspecting a car under the hood. She slowly untied the knot at the side of panties. Then, she applied more powder around my groin area and teased my cock with her soft hair again. I almost couldn't control myself. She pulled the panties up slowly until my knee area and pasted the new pad on. After that, Sarah signaled for me to arch up my butt so she could slide the panties up. I looked rather stupid with padded red panties and purple babydoll. Before she put the babydoll down, she purposely patted my padded cock.

"Victor, now you don't look like you have a penis. Look at that pad, totally covering up your groin. I wondered how you did not get discovered at the swimming lesson by the other girls around you."

"I have no idea." I shrugged and look down at myself. I wouldn't know that I was even a boy by looking at my groin; it was a feminine mound now. And with my slightly long hair and my body build -- which was nearly identical to Sarah's -- I started to believe I could pull this off.

I looked at her as she switched the lights off. "Lights out! Baby Victoria, sleep tight," Sarah said mischievously.

"Goodnight Sarah."

"Night night, baby," she replied.

I tried to sleep that night, but the padded thong was hugging my cock too tightly. And unfortunately, I got aroused again. But I knew I'd be 'protected', so I touched myself over the padded thongs. Within minutes, I ejaculated onto the pad and a moaned slightly.

Sarah sat up on her bed and walked towards me. I didn't know that Sarah wasn't asleep yet. I pretended to be asleep and close my eyes shut.

She sat on my bed facing away from me. She used her slender hand to touch my hip and then moving her hand slowly to my groin.

"I heard that." She said.


"You were enjoying yourself!" She turned on the light and walked towards me.

"No Sarah, I was sleeping."

She grabbed my crotch and I almost screamed. "You're soaking underneath. The diaper looks full and I guess I need to change it now."

"It's midnight, let me sleep please," I whined like a baby.

"No, you'll get rashes. I was a babysitter, and I know how it feels on a baby like you!"

Then, she pulled the red thong down to my knee before I could even react. It was the third time today she saw my crotch. "I'll give you some incentive if you can cooperate," she said as she wiped away droplets of cum from my dick with a tissue.

She took a new pad and put it on the thong. After that, she lowered her head and started licking my groin. My cock sprang into life again. This was the first time that someone actually did that to me. She started out from the left to the right and top to bottom. She held up my dick and licked my balls with her tongue, both left and right.

It felt ticklish at first, but at the same time very arousing. I hoped she never stopped. I enjoyed it a lot and start moaning again. After that, she put my whole cock into her mouth, in and out twice. My cock wasn't huge, just two inches when erected, which is why I guess I could pull it off with the swim suit yesterday morning. And it was actually hairless, or else I believe she would shave me bald below my neck.

I couldn't ejaculate further as I already finished my ammunition, or else I would like to see her reaction when I unloaded into her mouth.

She pulled up the thong, back to where it originally was. And I could feel the pad again. She gave a playful pat on my groin. "Be a good baby," she said mischievously and put the babydoll back down which barely covered my crotch anyway.

She switched off the lights. "Goodnight baby Vicky," she said for the second time that night.

"Goodnight Sarah."

I closed my eyes, knowing that tomorrow would be another fun day.

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