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If My Mother... - Charli



"If My Mother Only Knew" - 1986

Starring: Honey Wilder, Amber Lynn, Tom Byron, John Leslie, Ali Moore, Herschel Savage

Director: Paul Vatelli

Run Time: 92 min.

"If My Mother Only Knew" is an excellent reminder that adult films can have sex and a very good story. Of course, having good actors helps, and this film has some. Both Honey wilder and john Leslie perform like the seasoned pros they are, but the film is stolen by Amber Lynn, from her appearance in the shower over the credits to her real hot sex scene with Tom Byron, this woman oozes sexuality. Seeing her in front of a fireplace is just enough to warm this cold body on a frigid night.

For all those hack-wanna be filmmakers out there, this is how one makes an adult film. While watching "If My Mother Only Knew" it is obvious that if more productions were of this caliber, perhaps adult films would not get such a bad rap. Take out the sex and you would still have a good film, something that can't be said for the majority of the mainstream drivel on the current market.

As for the story, it's another semi-incest theme. This time, Honey Wilder steals her daughter's boyfriend, as this little sexpot sleeps with step-daddy, and so on. It's high-camp soap opera, with good sex all around.

The only issue I had with this film, was that Ali Moore was not more utilized, and her scene with Herschel Savage was simply a filler that was really uninspiring and unnecessary. Al-in-all, a good film with good performances. Recommended.


"Charli" - 1982

Starring: Jesie St. James, Eric Edwards, Billy Dee, Annette Haven

Director: Godfrey Daniels

Run Time: 70 min.

"Charli" is a film for lovers. It is a story that every man and every woman who have ever truly been in or out of love will identify with. Instinctively conceived and sensitively produced, Jesie St. James and Eric Edwards play a married couple whose marriage is on the rocks. They keep the fires burning within as they fantasize about making love to those around them. "Charli" is a love story, a real sexy love story.

"Charli" is a landmark film, perfect for women and couples. Following "Insatiable", director Godfrey Daniels took a daring gamble with this attempt to appeal to a wider audience than the traditional x-rated film. It is a film that breaks new ground and as such, is an absolute perfect film for most women. Regard it as a landmark film in adult cinema that paved the way for other crossover films. In the sense that Bette Davis-Joan Crawford made so-called "women's pictures" in Hollywood in the 1940's, "Charli" can be considered the first true woman's picture in the x-rated genre.

The story deals with the six year marriage of Jack and Charli that is starting to sour, even though they are both still in love. Unlike other films, it is not just run to the sack with the nearest partner, all that happens extramaritally is thinking and fantasizing. In another major move, it is the husband who realizes that he is in the wrong and makes the major concessions. Some people may not be able to take a man apologizing for his insensitivity and admitting that he is wrong. The sex is tender, erotic and caring. The plot allows time for character development to what show what actually motivates their actions, something lacking in most films.

The subtle touches that Daniels is so good at are all intact, like Jack's Jeep and Charli's VW parked side by side in the driveway. The music is well above average. The video store sequence is cute, and remember who made the film that Jesie buys. The climaxing scene has no ejaculation shot and is very romantic, with emphasis on the upper body. "Charli" makes very positive statements about relationships, and despite a few minor flaws, but must be credited with opening a new door.

St. James and Edwards give excellent performances as Jack and Charli, and they both have real chemistry that make this film all the more better for it.

All but the most super-macho of men should enjoy it immensely. But those kind of men are the most insecure anyway and wouldn't or couldn't openly relate to sexuality without revealing deep secrets imprisoned in their souls.

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