Il Divo and Me


I had been dancing the night away with my friend Rachel in the latest, trendy, London nightclub. I was thirsty and getting tired. I was also incredibly frustrated. There was nothing but gorgeous men surrounding me and so far not one had shown any interest in me or Rachel. We were starting to think we had stumbled into a gay bar. Although, the enormous amount of glamorous, skinny, blonde women might have had something to do with our lack of success. Sarah and I were more curvy in our figures. We had what were called hourglass figures. We were also both brunettes. Usually, there was lots of men who preferred women like us, but for whatever reason, tonight was not our night.

I raised my hand to my mouth to signal to Rachel that I was going to get a drink. She followed me to the bar. As we stood there waiting to get served, we were both quiet, thinking about how long it had been for us since we had met some decent men. There was nothing but idiots out there nowadays. All men seemed to want was models. Though neither of us were ugly, at 5'2 and 5'3 we were certainly not models. Luckily, when it came to getting served at a bar, our ample breasts always got attention. The bar man came over to us as soon as he spotted us. A big smile on his face, and not looking either of us in the eye, he took our order.

When we got our drinks, we decided it was time for a little sit down. My stiletto heels were really making my feet throb by now, and Rachel was just as bad. I could see her wince with every step. We made our way to a quiet corner, and sat down. We relaxed, watching other people mill about. All the hopeless wannabe celebrities trying too hard to be noticed. All the blonde girls thinking they were too good for everyone else in the club and rudely brushing anyone off that came near them. Not bad looking guys either. We would have settled for sloppy seconds at this stage.

Rachel lay her head on my shoulder, and closed her eyes. I kissed her hair as I always did to comfort her. Rachel and me had been best friends since we were five. We'd been through everything together. When I'd said that I was moving to London, Rachel had given up her job to come with me. We sat like that for awhile, her dozing slightly on my shoulder, and me caressing her arm, fighting off the temptation to close my eyes myself.

I jumped as I felt a finger poking me in my shoulder. I turned around to see an absolutely stunning looking man, peering down at me from the elevated VIP area. I knew I recognised him, I just couldn't think from where. "You girls are looking bored. You want to join us up here?", he said in a heavy accent, that sounded French. I half smiled at him, not sure if Rachel would want to. Nudging her, I whispered in her ear to look up and see if she wanted to go into the VIP area. As soon as she lifted her head and saw this guy, she was completely awake again. She jumped up, and dragging me by the hand, marched right into the VIP room.

There were four men in the VIP area. Scanning their faces, the recollection of who they were hit me. That opera band, Il Divo. I had never really listened to their music, but I was aware of them as Rachel was a big fan. Now I knew why she'd been so eager to come in here. Rachel had never been shy, but standing in front of four of her major crushes, she was speechless. I could hear her breathing slightly heavily and I worried she might faint. To steady her, I put my arm around her waist. One of the men noticed this and said, "We're so sorry, where are our manners? Please sit down, ladies." This guy had a Spanish accent, and I remembered him as being Carlos. He was much cuter than the last time I'd seen him. On a DVD that Rachel had forced me to watch one night, when we had nothing else to do. His eyes were a deep chocolate brown, and although on the video he came across as being quite smarmy, here he seemed genuinely gentlemanly. He stood up and guided Rachel to a seat, as I followed.

I had begun to feel quite surreal. Rachel and I had been the focus of a group of men's attention before, but never international pop stars. Devastatingly handsome pop stars, as Rachel always called them. I had never really seen it before, but now, with them in such close proximity, I had to admit it. They were pretty hot, to say the least.

When we sat down, there was an awkward silence. I looked at Rachel. She looked a bit woozy. I was the shy one of the two of us, so I was getting a bit worried that I was going to have to be the one to do most of the talking here. I was saved my the blonde man. I knew he was American the very first time Rachel had shown me a picture of Il Divo. Everything about him screamed all round American good guy. I liked that. "So,", he said. "What are your names?" Rachel was still dumbstruck. I elbowed her to try and get her out of her trance. "I'm Emily, this is Rachel." I said, smiling my best smile. The American then introduced himself and the others. "I'm David, this is Carlos, Urs and Sebastian.", pointing to the man who had asked us into the VIP area. All of them smiled their hello's, showing perfect white teeth.

Rachel had woken up finally and burst out with, "I really love you guys!" I cringed, and I could see Urs and Sebastian roll their eyes slightly. I'm sure they were used to adoring fans and were probably quite sick of them. Rachel then recovered her composure and said, "So what has you guys in London?" Carlos was the one who answered. He was sitting the closest to us. He leaned in to us and said loudly, "We're promoting our album." Then in a quieter voice, he said, " we're really here for the beautiful girls." He winked and leaned back in his seat. Then he called to a passing porter and ordered everyone drinks. *****

We drank with them for a couple of hours. All of us getting completely wasted. Every time we said enough, no more, they'd order more shots or champagne. They kept us laughing and drinking and eventually we were separated into two groups. Urs, Sebastian and myself, and Carlos, David and Rachel. We were now all sitting very close together. Every time Sebastian said something to me, he would graze my arm. With all the alcohol I had consumed, I was getting hornier and hornier by the second. I could see Rachel squirm in her seat and I knew that she too was becoming very aroused.

Looking at my watch through blurry eyes, I seen that it was three o' clock in the morning. As much as I was having a good time, I'd no intention of drinking the rest of the night away. I didn't want the crippling hangover, or the blank spaces of memory the next day. Calling out to Rachel, I told her the time and said it was time for us to go. She protested, as did the group. However, I was determined to leave. I took Rachel's hands and dragged her from her seat. She was really drunk, she could barely stand. "We have to go guys," I said. "Thanks for a great night." I made to leave, but David held on to my arm and grinned up at me. "It doesn't have to end, Emily. We have a great suite back at the hotel. We could get some coffee, something to eat. It's not safe for you girls to be taking a cab back by yourselves when you're so drunk." The other guys nodded their agreement. The truth was I didn't relish the thought of getting a taxi in our state. One of us might get sick, or pass out in the back of the cab. Holding Rachael up with both arms, I nodded my consent. "We have to go now though, this one needs coffee badly."

I escorted Rachael out of the club with David's help, and he hailed a taxi. We got into one cab, and the other three guys got into another. The driver sped off into the night, bringing us to a beautiful city centre hotel. The only other time I had been in there was to ask for directions. I had received a chilly response. This wasn't the case as the three of us walked up to the door. The doorman greeted us warmly, opening the door widely, and wishing us good night.

We took the elevator straight up to David's suite. As soon as he opened the door, I went straight to the bed and threw Rachael on it. She was fast asleep. She had been since we got into the elevator. I looked at her and wasn't quite sure what to do. The other guys hadn't arrived yet, so it was just me and David. I could sense him looking at me, waiting for me to say something. "Maybe we should just go home. She's really pissed." David walked over to me and caressed my shoulder. "You don't have to go" He moved closer to me, and pulled me around to face him. "Let her sleep."

He ran his fingers through my hair as he pulled me into his embrace. He kissed me softly. His full lips just brushing against mine. He slid his hand up and down my back, while gently exploring my mouth with his tongue. Any tiredness I'd felt had disappeared. I was now so horny, I would gladly let this man do me on Rachael's back.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. David went to answer it. It was the other guys. They burst into the room with an energy that was surprising, given the time and the amount of alcohol we'd all had. David ssshd them and pointed to Rachael asleep on the bed. Carlos said, "Let's go into my room, let her get her rest." I shook my head. "I cant leave her alone guys." "We'll leave her a note telling her we're next door." In my now half drunken state this seemed reasonable to me, so I nodded, wrote the note, and followed them next door.

Carlos' suite was even nicer than David's. I sat on the king size bed and took my boots off. My feet had become so sore I could barely walk. The other guys sat on chairs dotted around the room. David sat beside me. Hidden from the view of the others he began to massage my back again, letting his hand travel lower each time. He grazed the top of my ass with one finger, and continued in a steady motion. I could see that his cock was hardening. I expected him to get embarrassed and try to hide it but he didn't. He sat back and let it grow. Then to my total amazement, he turned my head to his and kissed me. Just as softly and as sensually as he had when we'd been alone. I couldn't help but respond, even though I knew there were three other men in the room that had to be watching us.

I felt myself get wet as David kept kissing me and moving his hand up and down my back and ass. I wanted to reach for his cock and play with it but I thought that would be a step to far. Then I felt a hand on my breast, and assumed it was David's. He was taking it to the next level in front of people, so then so could I. Reaching out for his cock, my arm bumped into someone's face. I opened my eyes to see Carlos on his knees before me, gently massaging my breast. He grinned at me and give me a wink. Then he started to unbutton my shirt. I knew I should stop him at this point. I had never considered a threesome before, let alone a five some. Something told me that if I let Carlos in on the act, it wouldn't be long before the other two boys joined us. But for some reason I didn't stop him. It felt good. And I was horny. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go with whatever may happen tonight.

David stopped kissing me and got up from the bed. His erection now stuck out very visibly. Carlos stopped massaging my breast and lifted me up from the edge of the bed. Carrying me, he brought me to the top of the bed and lay me down on the pillows. The bed was incredibly comfortable. Had I not been about to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of my life, I would have gladly fallen into a deep sleep. Carlos had unbuttoned my shirt completely, and so I lay there with my bra exposed and the tops of my 32d breasts popping out. Carlos looked down at me, clearly impressed with what he saw. His cock was erect now, and even from it being restrained in his trousers, I could see he was bigger than David.

"Emily," he whispered. "You are very beautiful." He leaned in to kiss me then. His lips were a lot coarser than David's and he kissed me more roughly but I liked it. He darted his tongue in and out of my mouth, while raking his hands over my body, and unzipping my trousers. He pulled away abruptly, leaving me wanting more. Confused as to why he had stopped, I sat up on the bed and my mouth dropped open. David, Urs and Sebastian were all standing there totally naked.

I couldn't say anything. All three men were stroking their cocks, looking at me. They were all different sizes, stroking themselves at different rates. Urs seemed to be the biggest. About eight inches, I would say, and quite thick. He was stroking his cock slowly, with one hand, keeping his eyes focused on my breasts. David was the second biggest, about seven inches, thinner than Urs, and stroking his cock rapidly. I guessed he'd been very horny for a long time and wanted release. Sebastian was the smallest of the three, but thick. He was stroking his cock slowly, obviously not wanting to cum too early. Despite my initial shock I was incredibly turned on by the sight of three men jerking off for me. Carlos wasn't slow in stripping off too, and soon he had his eight inches out and was giving it plenty of attention. With all four men now busy taking care of themselves, I wasn't sure what they wanted me for. I stayed sitting on the bed watching them, waiting for someone to make a move.

David was the first to come over. He climbed on to the bed and made his way to me. He again started kissing me but this time it was more urgent. I knew he wanted to cum soon. He pulled on my trousers trying to get them off with one hand, the other still furiously rubbing his cock. I wiggled out of my trousers and underwear, discarding them on the floor, and opened my legs to take him in. There was no foreplay. He just shoved himself into me and began to fuck me. Luckily I was soaking wet, so there was no soreness or friction. As hard as it was to believe, David mustn't have had sex in awhile because after just a few thrusts he came. I could feel it shoot inside me, and as he pulled out, it rolled down, hot and sticky.

As David got off the bed, and went into the bathroom, Carlos came over to me and sat down. "Sorry about that.", he said. Caressing my hair, he whispered, " Now let a real man satisfy you." Even though it was mean I giggled. David really had not satisfied me at all. He'd been in and out so fast, I'd barely felt it.

Carlos started by kissing me. A lot smoother this time. As he got on to the bed and placed his body on top of mine, he said, "Relax, you will enjoy this." Just like David, he entered me straight away, but instead of immediately starting to move inside me, he froze. He stared into my eyes, his cock still inside me, and didn't say a word. I began to feel his cock grow even bigger, and my eyes and pussy widened in surprise. A new rush of wetness travelled through me. This didn't go unnoticed. Carlos finally began to move. So slowly at first that I thought if he kept it up at this pace, neither of us would ever cum. With each stroke he got faster, until he kept up a steady rhythm that was neither fast or slow. I could feel every inch of him, it felt like he was filling me, without stretching me.

As he was fucking me, I saw Urs walking over to us. He stood there, cock in hand, watching us. Our eyes locked. He made a little kissy face at me, then tapped Carlos on the shoulder. Carlos immediately pulled out of me, leaving my pussy aching and dripping with juice. With two swift movements, Carlos had me turned round so that I was on all fours, and I was facing Urs and his rock hard cock. Urs brought his cock to my mouth, and waved it in front of me. "You want it?" he said. And I did. Like I had never wanted a cock in my mouth before. I desperately wanted to taste this man's cock, and to lick it and suck it. I guessed that he had had a lot of blowjobs in the past. Many hungry groupies would have besieged him with pleas for his Swiss cock to be forced into their mouths, with varied results. I wanted to blow him so badly because I knew I was good. If he gave me his cock to play with it, it would be the best decision of his life.

"Do you want my cock, baby?" I nodded and licked my lips. "Yes please." The please always gets the guy extra turned on. The slight begging for something only he can gave you. Urs was no different. Hearing me say please, he gave me his cock, but didn't try to force it in any way. "It's yours, baby." Knowing that he was going to let be in charge was a great turn on for me. There was nothing worse when you were going down on a guy to have him suddenly grab the back of your head and start fucking your mouth.

I licked my lips again so that they would be soft for his cock head. I brushed the tip of his cock against them, then licked it. Then, inch by inch, I took him in my mouth. All eight inches. I was blessed with a big mouth and a long tongue. This normally took men by surprise as most girls couldn't take four inches in, let alone eight. Urs gasped in delight and amazement as I swallowed him whole. I held him in my mouth for a second before gently starting to lick him. I started at the base, and slid my tongue the whole way up, letting him pop out of my mouth,, and then engulfing him again, and deep throating him. He clearly loved this. He had his eyes closed and was silently mouthing, "fuck" over and over again. I wanted to hear him moan and say my name. I began to suck faster and faster, taking him in at a speed that was hard for most men to fuck a pussy with. It was then that I felt another cock come into play. I knew it wasn't Carlos, because my pussy didn't have to stretch to take this one in. When I heard a French accent exclaiming, "Oh, that's good.", I knew that Seb was finally introducing himself to me.

Seb slid his cock in very slowly. I knew that he was a bit smaller than the other guys and that I would have no problem taking him all in. I dropped Urs' cock from my mouth and moaned, "Give me everything Seb." He didn't need to be asked twice. He slammed his whole cock into me until he was in as far as he could go. Seb fucked me slow. He gave me his cock in long strokes, withdrawing almost completely, and then sliding right back in. This made my pussy tingle and shiver. I felt like I might actually cum for the first time that night. Urs' cock still demanded attention. He stood there with it in his big hand, waiting for me to take it back in my warm mouth. I knew that Urs would cum pretty quickly once I swallowed him again, but I wanted to try and cum when he came.

With Seb refusing to fuck me any faster, I took Urs in my mouth again, but sucked him slower. I slid my tongue over his cock with the same strokes that Seb was making my pussy cream with. I could feel my orgasm build. My clit had started to throb. With Seb doing me from behind, and my mouth full of Swiss cock, I was free to rub my aching clit. I placed my hand over my clit, feeling the heat from it, and began to stroke it slowly. This sent a wave of pussy juice showering over Seb's cock, and this inspired him to grab my ass, and grind himself into me. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me, and as he started to fuck me faster, I knew that he was going to cum soon.

I started to suck furiously on Urs' cock, wanting him to cum with me and Seb. I wanted the sensation of having cum shooting into my mouth, and my pussy at the same time. Just thinking about this set me off. I forgot about my clit, and grabbed Urs' balls, tugging on them and sucking him in even deeper. He began to shout his approval. "Oh, fuck, Emily, oh fuck." Seb really began to hammer my pussy, pounding in and out, reaching around with his hand and playing with my clit. He rubbed it furiously for me, mashing it with his hand, as he fucked me hard.

I began to cum, just as Urs started to unload his cum into my mouth. It ran down in waves and I tried to swallow as much as I could, but with Seb now cumming in my pussy, shooting everything deep inside me, I had to open my mouth to cry out. The rest of Urs's cum fell onto my chest and bra. Seb pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed. Urs went to the bathroom. I felt exhausted and lay on the bed beside Seb.

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