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I'll Try Anything Once


”Maybe tonight ….” Sean McManus closed his eyes for a moment, standing in the middle of his bedroom praying to whichever gods might hear him. ”Please, please! Let it happen tonight!”

He suddenly felt ridiculous and hurried across the floor towards the mirror as he finished toweling himself after his shower. He then started to comb out his thick, dark brown hair that went all the way down his shoulder blades. He usually wore it in a pony tail, but tonight he’d decided to let it hang loose. Since he was just going to sit down talking at the party, it wouldn’t be in the way as it was when he was working.

Now: what to wear? Not too flamboyant, since he knew only a couple of the people coming to the party, new colleagues of his as he moved to LA just a few weeks ago. But still something that would give a hint at his trim body underneath. A light sweater and blue jeans, no underwear. He looked at his naked body in the mirror, quite pleased with what he saw. He let his hands slide over his chest and stomach towards his crotch, where he started stoking his cock and his clean-shaven balls lightly, but then decided that this was not the time to get a hard-on. He had to leave in a few minutes, so he’d better get ready!

He hesitated for a few seconds before heading for the bureau, rummaging through the bottom drawer where he had his sex toys. Between cock rings and dildoes in every colour, size and shape (that he’d never used) he found a handful of condoms. He looked at them doubtfully, but then resolutely stuck a couple of them in his pocket. Different sizes. If his dream was to come true, he’d better be prepared!

* * * * * * * * * *

Sean was leaning against the wall, a beer in his hand, as he was watching the other guests and listening to the music. The party was drawing to an end and most of the guests had already left. Many of them paired up, even though almost everybody had come alone. He noticed that Ben, his host tonight, stood with his arms around two young girls, who obviously found what he was whispering to them very funny, because they both laughed and one of them teasingly slapped his ass. Ben leaned over and kissed first one and then the other deeply. He sure wasn’t shy!

Sean glanced across the room as he had done a lot during the evening. The man sitting there was looking at his host and the girls, smiling and shaking his head. He was sprawled in his chair, his hand dangling from the arm rest, holding a can of beer, his legs stretched out in front of him. Sitting like that it seemed like he was almost begging Sean to let his eyes wander all over his body, and what he saw made his mouth water.

He had been really surprised, almost shocked, when he arrived at the party and found out that one of the other guests was the actor Kiefer Sutherland. He knew that Ben had friends in the movie business, but somehow that hadn’t prepared him for actually meeting one of them at what was only to be a friendly get-together on a Thursday night.

But Kiefer had greeted him like all the other guests, and after a few hours Sean had more or less forgotten that he wasn’t just speaking to another colleague. He had spent some time chatting with Kiefer about their common interest, horses, and he’d been quite impressed when another guest had told him that Kiefer had actually won professional rodeo competitions.

The thought made him look up and down Kiefer’s legs again. Not overly muscled, but obviously strong. His eyes wandered upwards and zoomed in on the crotch area. Even though Kiefer was wearing black jeans and a loose, white shirt, there was no way overlooking the fact that he had more than his cigarettes stuffed in there! Sean felt the blood pulsing in his cock, and he was glad that he was alone in this corner of the room as his hard-on would have been obvious to anyone looking at him.

Ben turned away from the girls and said, ”I’m sorry, but would it be very rude of me to take Joan and Lisa here for a tour through the house? After all they’ve never been here before.” He grinned naughtily at both Sean and Kiefer. ”Kiefer, you’re staying here tonight, right? There’s no sense in you going home, when we have that meeting with Greg tomorrow morning. You know where the guest room is and everything’s ready for you there.”

”Sure! You just go along,” Kiefer said. ”And don’t worry about Sean, either. I’ll throw him out before I go to sleep! Goodnight, ladies. Enjoy the view!” He waved and winked at the girls, and then he turned his head and grinned in Sean’s direction.

Joan and Lisa giggled as they left the room, arms around each other’s waists, and as Ben followed them he looked back, a smug look on his face, and said: ”See you soon, guys!” before he closed the door.

”Yeah! Right, old boy! And I’ll be elected president before I’m forty!” Kiefer chuckled and shook his head. ”If ever there were a womanizer beyond your wildest imagination, it would be that man. He seems to get lucky no matter who he’s meeting. He should start giving lectures to help us all – it just isn’t fair!”

He turned his head, looking at Sean. ”Well, I guess we’re stuck with each other then. Unless you’re heading home, of course. You don’t have to stay just to keep me company. But if you’re hanging around for a while, why don’t we move to the guest room – it has a very nice fireplace and a stereo. We could listen to some music and have a beer or two while we’re talking?”

”Sure! Great idea!” Sean said as he pushed away from the wall and followed Kiefer across the room. He wasn’t able to take his eyes from the firm buttocks in the tight jeans in front of him, and just the thought of getting the chance to remove the offending clothes made his cheeks burn and his balls tingle with lust. Good thing Kiefer didn’t turn around!

* * * * * * * * * *

Sean glanced at the door. ”Don’t you think they’ll be back soon? They’ve been gone for a long time now. And the house isn’t that big!”

Kiefer laughed. ”Not if I know Ben, they won’t! Don’t expect to see any of them until sometime tomorrow – and I warn you: they’ll all look a bit worn out!” Sean laughed, too. Kiefer’s laughter was really contagious and his eyes sparkled with mischief in the firelight.

After a while they fell silent again, even though a small chuckle escaped them from time to time. They sat quietly, staring into the flames of the fireplace and listening to the music, now and again taking a swallow from their beer cans.

Kiefer had taken off his boots and socks, his legs stretched out towards the fire. Sean had looked at him for a moment before doing the same, a little hesitantly since he only rarely went bare-footed except on the beach. Kiefer had watched him, chuckling. ”Feels wonderful, right? You really feel free, when you can wiggle your toes in the air!”

Now he seemed lost in his own thoughts, and Sean took advantage of this to let his eyes wander all over the other man’s body again. Or at least what he was able to see in the dim light. His heart started racing all over again as he sat there imagining what it would be like to hold Kiefer close, to kiss him and caress him.

”Sean McManus,” Kiefer mused. ”I’m a bit of a Scot myself, you know. On my mother’s side. In fact I have the family crest tattooed on my arm, it’s really beautiful.”

”Yeah, I know!” Sean answered. ”After all you’re asked the same questions about wearing a kilt in almost every interview I’ve heard! I think people are so interested only because they really can’t believe that all these Scottish men are running around with their butts naked!”

Kiefer threw his head back, laughing. ”I think you’re right! But if people only knew what a wonderfully liberating feeling it is to not wear anything underneath. As long as there’s not too much of a draft!”

Hesitating a little Sean said, ”But I’ve often wondered: isn’t it a bit uncomfortable to have everything swinging loose like that? Especially for someone as big as you are ….” He couldn’t help stealing a glance at Kiefer’s crotch, and the sight of the very inviting bulge in his jeans made Sean’s heart beat faster.

”Big?! You think I’m big? Sometimes I have to stand on a chair to look other people in the eye!” Kiefer said, still laughing. ”I’ve inherited a lot from my father – but not his height!”

”Er …. I really wasn’t thinking of your height. I meant …. down there, you know?” Sean felt himself blushing.

Kiefer quickly crossed his legs and put his hands in his lap. ”What do you mean?” he said a little self-consciously. ”I don’t remember giving out information about that, and nobody’s ever come around to measure me!”

”Come on! You’d have to live on the moon to not know! At least anyone who’s seen the torture scenes in ’24’ knows! Or weren’t you aware that the camera happened to scan along your body a couple of times?”

”Oh, that! Well, it was a bit of a mishap, I guess,” Kiefer said lightly. ”But cameras can be deceiving, you know.”

”I must say I don’t understand you. Most men would give their right nut to be known for something like that! And to be mentioned on all those ’best endowed’-lists on the Net! You don’t know how envious most of us are!” Sean was actually enjoying himself, teasing Kiefer this way. He didn’t believe for a moment that the subject wasn’t brought up frequently enough for Kiefer to be used to it by now.

”Well, I’m not exactly a computer wizard and I hardly ever use the Inter-Net, so I wouldn’t know where to look. That is if I wanted to! And I don’t think I do,” Kiefer smiled. ”But what makes you so interested in these things? You hope to find your name on one of those lists some day?”

Sean gulped. ”No chance of that, I’m afraid, but …. I’m gay, you know,” he said in a small voice, not quite daring to look at Kiefer, but at the same time wanting to see his reaction. Far too often he had encountered shock, condemnation or disgust.

”Really?! What a coincidence! I’m Canadian!” Sean rapidly lifted his head and looked at Kiefer to see if he was mocking him, but he was met by a wink and then a heartfelt laughter as Kiefer took in his bewildered expression.

”You don’t mind?” Sean asked. ”Many guys would be running for the nearest exit by now, afraid that I’d rape them or something!”

”Well, I think I’d be able to defend myself. And as far as I know it’s not contagious, either …. That is if you practice safe sex, of course!” Kiefer was still chuckling, and Sean ventured to stay on the subject instead of sticking his head in the bush as he usually did.

”As a matter of fact I’m hardly doing anything.” He blushed a little again. ”I didn’t come out until about a year ago, and I haven’t been with too many men since then. I guess I haven’t really accepted the fact that I’m on the wrong side myself. Or maybe I’m just scared. I don’t know…. I’m afraid I haven’t tried anything more exciting than a few blow-jobs so far.” His voice trailed off as he looked down at his hands.

”Why should you be scared?” Kiefer said, now suddenly serious again. ”Nobody has the right to decide what’s right for you and what isn’t. And if you don’t want to do something, nobody can force you to do it! That goes for heterosexuals – so why not for gay people?!” He shook his head as he continued, ”I’ve never understood how you can set up rules for love and sex anyhow; as long as nobody’s hurt, anything goes if you ask me!”

He chuckled softly, ”Being gay must have one big advantage …. you’re more likely to know what will make your partner fell good!”

Sean raised his head and stared at Kiefer. ”So you wouldn’t back away from being with a gay man?” he asked, trying to make his question sound casual, but his heart was jumping in his chest.

”Well, I’ve always said that I’m willing to try anything once,” Kiefer answered, laughing. ”But I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere, if you want a partner for the night! I’m just too tired!”

”Oh God, no! That wasn’t what I meant! I was just curious! Sorry!” Sean babbled, giving himself a mental kick. Even though he had left home determined to find a partner for the night, this was just too stupid!!

”No, I’m sorry!” Kiefer interrupted him. ”I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.” He chuckled. ”I’ve played gay men a couple of times on film, and it didn’t hurt or anything to kiss a man. I’ve experienced worse things in my career even though I have never practiced it in real life!”

Sean tried to think of a way to steer the conversation in another direction. ”I think I’ll have one more beer,” he said. ”How about you?” He got up and walked towards the refrigerator in the corner.

”Yeah, thanks,” Kiefer answered. He also left his chair and went to the stereo to select a new CD. Sean stole a glance at his back as he walked past him, and he felt his pulse racing ….

* * * * * * * * *

Kiefer yawned and stretched. ”Sorry!” he said. ”I’m not being very polite here, but I must confess that I’m about ready for bed.” He grinned teasingly at Sean. ”If you’re too tired to go home tonight Ben has plenty of spare rooms, so you could stay overnight if you feel like it.”

”No, I’ll be heading home in a moment,” Sean said. ”Ben mentioned something about a meeting, and I wouldn’t want to be in the way.” He placed his beer can on the table next to his chair.

”But it’s been really nice to get to know you. I hope we’ll meet again sometime. Maybe at a rodeo?” They both laughed, and Kiefer made a gesture with his hand above his head as if he was going to rope Sean.

”I guess I’ll put a log or two on the fire before I turn in. It’s getting a bit cold in here, I think.” He stood up and moved towards the fireplace. He squatted down, his body bathed in golden light as he was silhouetted against the fire.

Sean sucked in his breath, his heart pounding in his chest. Then he stood up as silently as possible and tip-toed towards Kiefer, who still had his back towards him. Just as Sean reached the fireplace Kiefer stood up again, and before he had time to consider what he was doing, Sean reached out and wrapped his arms around Kiefer’s chest, hugging him lightly and resting his head on his shoulder.

Kiefer patted Sean’s hand and said, ”Goodnight, Sean. Have a safe trip home!” But Sean kept holding him and started to move his hands slowly up and down Kiefer’s chest.

”Please! Let me hold you for a moment. I won’t try anything,” Sean whispered in his ear. ”I’ve been watching you all night, fantasizing about what it would be like to touch you.”

Kiefer was too surprised to respond. He stood stock-still staring into the fire as Sean’s hands were roaming over his chest and shoulders. But when he felt Sean’s lips kissing the nape of his neck and at the same time eager fingers started to unbutton his shirt, he could feel his heart beating a little faster than usual.

Sean continued to nuzzle Kiefer’s neck, licking the soft, sensitive skin below his ear. Kiefer felt a shiver run down his spine and reached a hand behind him to caress the nape of Sean’s neck.

Sean immediately let his right hand slip inside Kiefer’s shirt to slide through the chest hair, starting to gently roll and squeeze one nipple between his fingers. The feeling of it getting harder under his touch filled him with joy and excitement, and he lifted his hand to caress Kiefer’s throat, turning his head a little to the side so that he could slowly kiss and lick up and down his neck.

He whispered again, ”Just relax and enjoy it …. You said it yourself: it won’t hurt you. And as soon as you feel uncomfortable, I’ll stop!” As he said it he let his hand slide from Kiefer’s neck, over his shoulder and down his arm, caressing him very softly through the thin fabric of the shirt. Kiefer still didn’t move. He stood with his eyes closed, leaning his head back against Sean’s shoulder, his breathing a little ragged. With his other hand still stroking Kiefer’s chest, Sean could feel the heart pounding under his palm.

Sean wrapped his arms around Kiefer’s waist and pulled him gently towards his own body, until Kiefer’s lower back was making contact with Sean’s erection.

Sean whispered, ”It’s such a pleasure touching you. You don’t have to touch me, if you don’t want to ….” As he said it he reached up to caress Kiefer’s cheek. His skin was screaming to be touched, and his cock was throbbing in the confinement of his jeans. He pressed his body still closer against Kiefer’s back.

Kiefer turned around slowly to face him. Sean pressed his mouth to Kiefer’s neck and started kissing and nipping at the skin, taking the earlobe in his mouth and gently sucking at it.

Kiefer closed his eyes as Sean’s hand came up to hold him by the nape of the neck, and all the time he felt the warm lips and tongue touching his skin, sending shivers down his spine.

He heard Sean whisper in his light tenor voice, ”Oh, God! I’m so hot for you!” The soft kisses and the gentle hands stroking all over his upper body made his own pulse race, and to his amazement he felt his cock slowly getting harder as blood rushed through the veins. He leaned his head back against the wall, his eyes still closed, and sighed heavily.

Sean moved his hands to Kiefer’s shoulders and pushed away the shirt, drawing it down his arms until it fell to the floor. His heart skipped a beat and he stared hungrily at the inviting sight. He bent his head, placing a kiss on Kiefer’s shoulder, and then continued down to his chest, kissing and licking his way over the warm skin covered with soft, blond chest hair.

He took the left nipple in his mouth and closed his lips around it, sucking and circling it with his tongue, as his fingers found the other nipple, gently squeezing and pulling at it. He felt them stiffening and he sucked harder, at the same time letting one hand stroke over Kiefer’s naked back, sliding all the way down and then sneaking his hand inside the jeans to rest it on the firm ass cheek.

Kiefer jumped slightly as he felt Sean’s hand on his buttocks, but the wonderful, tingling sensation of the kisses and the roaming hands that made heat spread through his body continued. He reached down to drag Sean’s face towards his own. He caressed the younger man’s face with his fingertips, running them down his cheeks and then gently along his lips.

Sean opened his mouth, taking in two of Kiefer’s fingers, sucking at them and circling them with his tongue. Kiefer sighed softly, then withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his own slightly parted lips, and Sean’s hot tongue invaded his mouth. Sean sucked Kiefer’s tongue into his own mouth, playing with it. Then going back to nibbling at his lips and kissing his way down his throat.

Kiefer stood for a while just relishing the feel of the kissing and licking, but then he reached down and started pulling Sean’s sweater over his head. As soon as he had it dropped to the floor he let his hands stroke slowly over Sean’s hairless, tanned chest, circling the nipples and then bowing his head to take one into his mouth to suck at it hungrily.

Sean moaned with pleasure and again let one hand slip into Kiefer’s jeans to squeeze his buttocks, while the other was sliding slowly up his thigh towards his crotch. Against his palm he could feel the big, hot bulge that seemed ready to burst through the fabric.

Quickly Sean went down to his knees, kissing his way over the firm stomach until his lips touched the fabric of the jeans. He hesitated for only a second before reaching up to unbutton them and draw down the zipper. Kiefer grabbed his wrists lightly. ”Do you really think we should do this?” came the husky whisper from above his head.

Sean just nodded and lowered his head to start kissing and licking at the skin that was now free of the jeans. He buried his nose and mouth in the pubic hair, his eager tongue reaching for the cock still partly confined inside the jeans. He could feel it against his chin, sense the heat and smell of it, and his own cock was so hard it almost hurt.

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