tagMind ControlIllithid's Tale Ch. 03

Illithid's Tale Ch. 03


The meal was delicious. Watching me eat seemed to please Serasis, because he spent the entire meal holding me on his lap. Every so often, he'd stroke my hair, or toy with my nipples or clit.

Thom was eating in the illithid's sitting room, where he'd been listening to Serasis's story, but I was eating in Serasis's chambers. As I finished the last bite, Serasis asked me, -Did you know that essence of Eros root is a potent aphrodisiac?- His eyes sparkled with mischievous pleasure.

I gasped as something clenched in my lower abdomen. "You spiked my food."

Serasis chuckled. -You catch on fast. Good girl.- A tentacle stroked my cheek as he shifted me from his lap to the bed, swiftly chaining me into place. -Now, we're going to play a little game. How long will it take you to beg for my touch?-

"Never!" I snapped with an icy glare. Then I gasped again as my arousal spiked.

Serasis looked down at me. -Give it time, little one. The aphrodisiac has yet to take full effect.-

It hadn't? My eyes widened in alarm.

-And, of course- Serasis added, -If the aphrodisiac isn't enough encouragement, I can add my influence to the mix.- His mind brushed mine, and I fought back a whimper as I felt him enhancing my lustful need.

"F-fuck you," I gasped.

Illithid facial expressions were a bit hard to read, as they had no visible mouth, but Serasis smiled with his eyes. -That's the idea.-

As I twitched and moaned, fighting both the aphrodisiac and the chains, the mindflayer removed his robe. He grasped one of his penises in his hands. Watching him jerk himself off to my lustful discomfort both angered and aroused me. I couldn't take my eyes off of the erect phallus. Serasis met my eyes, his gaze knowing. He showed me his own arousal. My eyelids fluttered as I stifled a whimper.

"You know," I said, trying to keep my voice steady, "Your dick would feel much better if it was in a pussy."

Serasis chuckled. -Are you asking me to fuck you?-

"No," I told him. "I'm just pointing out... You want to fuck me. You need it. Bet..." I gasped as the aphrodisiac's effect increased, "Bet I can hold out longer than you do."

Serasis seemed amused. -I'm not the one on Eros root.-

I fluttered my eyelashes at him and moaned. I was a bard. My talent was to convince. To seduce. "I bet my pussy is really wet right now. All those juices, seeping slowly out of my warm, moist, center..." My voice was deep. Seductive. My tongue flicked out to moisten my lips. "Dripping wet. Deep. Slippery. Hot." I moaned, the sound almost like a song. My deep breathing took on a slow, primal rhythm. "You want me. You know you do."

-I do- Serasis admitted. -You are very beautiful.- His eyes roved up and down my body.

I met his gaze. "It wouldn't hurt anything to indulge yourself a bit. Would it?"

The illithid smiled, the expression, again, obvious from the glinting in his eyes. -Oh, I will most certainly indulge myself.- His mind brushed mine, and for a moment I was consumed by an all encompassing need. Desire overwhelmed me, and, in that moment, I would have begged him, except, when I opened my mouth, I couldn't do anything but moan. My clit was on fire. I could feel my own juices moistening my taint. My insides clenched with longing. Then the need receded like a tide, almost pulling me with it. I clenched my teeth to avoid voicing my desire.

-I will indulge myself- the illithid said. -Just as soon as you beg.-

I grinned, teeth still pressed tightly together. "I can wait, too."

I wasn't sure how much time passed. Minutes. Hours? The agony of lust overwhelmed my sense of time. All I knew was that, all the while, the effect of the aphrodisiac grew. Soon I couldn't help but whimper, my eyes fixed pleadingly on Serasis. He continued to slowly stroke himself, coldly amused by my predicament. Still, I would not beg this monster to touch me. I would never beg. Never.

As if he heard heard my thoughts, the mindflayer told me, -Never is a very long time.-

I groaned, imagining an eternity stuck in this torment. Except... "It'll wear off." But I didn't know when.

Serasis laughed outright at this, the surprisingly pleasing sound echoing through my mind. -Silly child, all I have to do is dose you again. Eros root will not hurt you, no matter how many times I force you to drink. You will not last forever.- His mental voice took on an admiring tone. -Frankly, I'm amazed you lasted this long. You really are stubborn, aren't you?- He chuckled. -No other slave has lasted anywhere near as long as you have today. In fact...- He pulled a vial out of a drawer, -You've lasted so long it's time for your next dose.-

The illithid pulled a dropper full of the liquid out of the vial. -Open up.-

I shook my head.

Serasis made my arousal spike once more, forcing a whimper past my tightly shut lips. -Resisting is pointless. You know I can control you.- I felt his mind wrap around mine, and felt my mouth open. No! I tried to turn away as Serasis held the dropper over my mouth. I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything to stop the mindflayer as he slowly dripped the liquid in, his mind powers forcing me to swallow. He took his time, as if proving to me how helpless I was against his power.

-There.- Serasis put away the vial. -That's another hour's worth of aphrodisiac.-

I whimpered. An hour? Another hour of this torment? I couldn't... I my eyes narrowed. Yes, I could. I shuddered. Probably.

I fought the chains. If I could get loose, I could touch myself. I could touch... The vision of my hands stroking my pussy made me shudder.

-There is no shame in giving in- Serasis assured me. -If you submit, no one will think less of you. Only I will know. Just give in. Say, 'please touch me, master' and I'll make you cum.- He smiled knowingly. -I know you want so badly to cum.-

I wanted... I wanted... I moaned. "No."

The illithid shrugged. -Suit yourself. I can wait. I can even have some fun while I'm waiting. After all,- his eyes glittered. -You are hardly my only slave girl.-

A young woman entered the room, her eyes wide with excitement. Reverently, she knelt before Serasis and bowed her head. "Master. You called me?"

-I did, Salinia- Serasis told her. -Would you like me to pleasure you?-

The girl bounced. "Oh, yes, master!"

Serasis smiled. -Remember, you need to say please.-

The young woman pressed her head to the floor. "Master, please, use me. Please, I beg you, grant me pleasure." She moved to kiss his feet, but Serasis gripped her arm and pulled her up.

-That's enough- he said as he slid one hand under her ass and another behind her back. -Good girl.-

I didn't think this girl was a thrall. She seemed to have a certain amount of free will. Would I eventually become like that, willing to kiss my master's feet and beg him to touch me? I whimpered helplessly.

Serasis lifted his already naked slave girl into the air. A tentacle probed her pussy. -Already wet, I see. Very good girl.- The tentacle began to play with her clit as he lowered her onto his erect cock.

I stared, quivering with want. The woman was gorgeous. I wanted her, wanted to caress those breasts, lick that pussy. I also wanted to be in her place, to have my ma- to have Serasis lift me up and slide me onto his waiting member. I wanted him to fill me, use me, pleasure me until, like the slave girl he held, I began to shudder with an approaching orgasm. Oh, gods... I wanted her. Wanted him.

Soon the girl came under Serasis's expert manipulations. She screamed, arms and legs wrapped around him tightly as she shuddered in his arms. She came out of the orgasm, sighing with satisfaction. A few minutes later she shuddered in orgasm again.

Serasis wasn't moving her that quickly, mostly relying on his dexterous tentacles to make her cum. He wasn't trying to bring himself to orgasm. He was saving himself, I knew, for me. He wanted me. I moaned. He wanted to shoot his hot load deep into my pussy...

Serasis met my gaze. -You like women too, don't you? If you ask very nicely, I'll let you play with Salinia while I play with you.-

I whimpered with unfulfilled need. My fingers, my tongue, in that pussy...

As the mindflayer brought Salinia to orgasm a third time, something in me snapped. Probably my pride. "Please," I whispered.

Serasis met my gaze. -I didn't quite catch that.-

"Please," I said louder.

The mindflayer chuckled. -Please what?-

I winced, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted this so badly. "Please, master, make me cum!" I winced again at the needy whine in my voice.

First Serasis lowered Salinia onto my face. I immediately buried my face in her pussy. That scent... That taste... It was almost enough.

Serasis gently stroking my clit sent me over the edge. Screaming, I came as Serasis penetrated me with a tentacle. The illithid was merciless. He kept me cumming as long as he could, and them made me cum again. And again, and again, and again...

I felt something warm splash across my belly and breasts. Serasis's cum? As Salinia shifted off my mouth, I saw that I was right. My stomach and breasts were covered in Serasis's seed. Only one penis seemed to have orgasmed, but Serasis seemed satisfied. -Clean her off- he ordered Salinia. -With your tongue.-

As Salinia lapped eagerly at the illithid's cum, Serasis used one tentacle to idly toy with my clit. It wasn't enough for an earth shaking, mind shattering orgasm like ones that I had just had, but, still sensitive, I came, again and again, the orgasms rolling slowly through me like ripples in a pond. I felt so very, very satisfied, and a little sleepy.

In the post coital glow, I wondered if I could get use to this. Serasis was controlling, and a bit cruel, but he seemed to genuinely enjoy watching me cum. I had no reason to trust him, but, somehow, I believed his assurance that he would take good care of me. Salinia seemed happy enough, after all, and none of the other girls seemed to have been abused.

I shook my head, dislodging the idea. I would not give in. I was no one's slave. Still...

I abruptly realized where the thoughts were coming from. I glared at Serasis. "Stop messing with my head, you fucking bastard!"

Serasis chuckled. -So stubborn. I merely wish for you to be happy here, content in your place.-

"Not sure you can hold me?" I challenged.

Serasis shook his head. -Of course I can hold you, child. You are weak. Even if I can't change your mind, I can control your body. You will never be free. Accept that, and you will be much happier.-

I would never... I choked back a sob.

Serasis hissed in frustration. -Stop crying.- He looked at me thoughtfully. -I'm about to tell the the next part of my tale. Do you want to hear it, or not?-

I met his gaze, tears forgotten. The next part? I had to know what happened next. Every bard loved a good story, and I was far from the exception. "I do."

Serasis raised an eyebrow. -What do you say?-

I swallowed. "Please?"

Done with her cleaning, Salinia glared at me. "It's please, master. Show him some respect!"

Serasis patted her on the shoulder. -Don't fret, my child. She's close enough. She will learn to respect me. In time.-


Serasis donned his robes and led me back to the room where Thom waited. He had finished his lunch. In fact, he looked a bit impatient.

"What took her so long to eat?" he snapped, glaring at me.

Serasis hissed. -I decided to have a little fun. Do you wish to chastise me?-

Thom winced. "N-no."

-Good. It would no doubt have been a fatal choice.- Serasis cocked his head. -Where was I?-

"The drow," I prompted.

-Ah, yes, the drow.- Serasis nodded. -I felt them approaching. The first thing I did was wake up Mira. And then...-


After a swift discussion of how many drow Serasis felt coming, Serasis and Mira decided to run. Mira led, testing the path, while Serasis followed behind.

They could not move very quickly. The ground was uneven, and the tunnels labyrinthine. Several times they had to backtrack as they hit dead ends.

Serasis kept his mental senses trained on the minds of the drow. Several times he had to warn Mira that they were actually headed toward the danger. They reversed directions then, backtracking to the last intersection. With every mistake, the drow gained ground.

Serasis's robes caught on a gnarled root. He swore, and tried to pull them free. This set off a small rockfall. The tunnel shuddered. They both froze.

"Don't move," Mira ordered him, bending down to study the problem. Hesitantly, she tried to untangle his robe's lacy fringe from the root.

-Hurry!- Serasis snapped. -They are closing in!-

Mira looked up at him, mouth set in a grim line. "I don't think we have time to deal with this. It's tangled up pretty badly."

Serasis hissed. -Don't you dare leave me!- Then he hesitated, rethinking his statement. Did he really want her to die trying to save him?

Before he could voice his uncertain thoughts, Mira was undoing the fastenings of his robe. "I'm not going to leave you, dumbass." She yanked the robe off of him, leaving him naked. "But you're going to have to leave your clothing." The elf grabbed his wrist and yanked. "Come on. Move!"

Skin bare save for his boots, Serasis ran after Mira, his twin cocks dangling for all to see. He'd never felt so frightened, so exposed. He was picking up on Mira's fear, too, which really didn't help. He wasn't sure what the drow would do with him, but they both knew what her fate would be. Drow really, really hated surface elves.

Suddenly his eyes widened. -The group of drow split!-

Mira growled, pulling him along faster. "They're trying to cut us off at a cross tunnel!"

With two groups to avoid, picking a path through the labyrinth grew harder. They had to backtrack more often now. Wherever they went, one group would inevitably end up in front of them.

Serasis stumbled, trying to force himself to keep moving on. He was exhausted from their fast pace, and from balancing on the uneven floor of the tunnels. His training had mostly been in mental endurance, not physical.

Mira was winded, but still going strong. She steadied him. "You've got to keep moving!"

Serasis tried to pick up the pace once more. -I'm not sure I can keep going much longer.- If his speech had relied on his lungs and throat, he would have been gasping.

Mira tugged on his arm. "You don't have to! I can smell fresh air! Just a bit further, and we'll be outside. The drow won't follow us."

Serasis found a second wind, and began to speed up. -I can do this.-

Soon the two of them saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Serasis's legs ached and his lungs burned. Just a bit further...

One of the teams of drow was coming up fast, ahead and to their right. If the two of them didn't pass the next cross tunnel in time, they would be cut off. Serasis fought his exhausted body for a last little bit of speed.

It wasn't enough. The group of drow reached the intersection first, blocking the path to the light. Serasis and Mira whirled, trying to flee back the other way. Arrows flew at their backs. One stuck Mira in the thigh. She cried out and stumbled. Serasis kept her on her feet, despite his own exhaustion, despite the fact that, until now, she had been holding most of his weight. Leaning on each other, the two staggered back into the darkness.

Only to be cut off once more by the other drow team. They were trapped.

The fight was short and brutal. Serasis was too exhausted to put up much physical resistance. He tried to fight with his psionic powers, but was swiftly clubbed into unconsciousness. After that...


Serasis woke to intense arousal. A female drow peered down at him imperiously, gently stroking his cocks.

She smiled. "You're awake. Finally."

Serasis tried to move. Chains held him in a spread eagled position on a cold metal table, and his tentacles were bound together with a metal ring. A collar bound his psionic abilities.

The drow woman eyed his twin cocks. "You are very interesting, you know. Most illithids don't have even one cock, let alone two. And it appears they are functional, at least as far as hardness is concerned. Do you feel pleasure when I stroke them?"

-Yes- Serasis admitted.

"Can you cum?" asked the drow. A priestess, Serasis realized. Her revealing and finely made black clothing could mean nothing else.

Serasis nodded.

"Does each cock orgasm independently?" the priestess asked. "Your two sets of balls seem to suggest that they do."

-I don't know- Serasis admitted. -Maybe?- Mira would know, probably. He wondered what had happened to her.

The priestess unfastened a single tie on her dress. It drifted to the floor. "Let's find out." She beckoned to a male drow in the corner. "Warrior. Prepare me."

The male drow knelt before the priestess, and bowed his head. "Priestess," he intoned respectfully. "You honor me."

She gestured impatiently. "Yes, yes, I know. Now, pleasure me!"

The drow warrior lifted his head and buried his face in the priestess's pussy. He sighed in contentment and began to lick.

Soon the priestess was having to lean against the table for support. "Enough," she gasped. "I am ready."

The warrior rose and stepped back respectfully.

The priestess mounted Serasis, climbing atop the lower of his two cocks. She moaned. "I can feel your cock rubbing against my clit," she gasped. "I may decide to keep you, once the study is over." She cocked her head. "Provided you survive the vivisection."

Serasis felt her pleasure coursing through his mind. He moaned. His eyelids fluttered.

He blinked in surprised realization. With his powers bound, he shouldn't be able to feel her emotions. He felt along the collar's binding. It was githyanki made. It bound his powers completely, save for his ability to talk... Except it didn't protect anyone who was touching him.

The collar was likely stolen, and, in such circumstances, it was unlikely the priestess has received detailed information about it. She probably didn't know about this weakness.

If she was distracted by orgasm, her resistance to him would be weaker. He likely couldn't maintain control of her once she stopped cumming, but he didn't need to if she wanted to obey him. If she was his thrall.

He began to move beneath the priestess, as best he was able. She moaned. "Good boy. Keep that up." She moved with him, rising as he fell and pressing to him as he rose. The smack of flesh on flesh soon echoed through the metal walled chamber.

Could he concentrate if he was cumming? Probably not, he decided. He felt so very, very good, but he had to hold on, hold it in, until after she came. He had to. It was his only shot to get free, and maybe save Mira.

Mira... He imagined her in the drow priestess's place. Oh, how he would love to fuck her like this, with one cock buried deep and the other rubbing her pearl. He wanted-

Serasis blocked the thought. That was not helping him hold on. He had to think of something else.

He wondered whose body he wore, whose form had been used for his ceremorphosis. He wondered if it had been someone important to Mira, or her dead sister. The sister he had killed... For the first time in his life, he felt regret. His orgasm receded as he felt the faint pangs of sorrow.

What kind of illithid was he? It appeared he hadn't just kept the cocks during his ceremorphosis. He shouldn't feel anything about eating besides a vague satisfaction! He certainly shouldn't find himself wishing he had left his meal alive.

And Mira... What he felt for her was stronger than anything he'd ever felt about another illithid. Bonding was not something illithids did frequently. Bonding with a non-illithid was unheard of. If it wasn't considered impossible by illithid society, it would be considered taboo.

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