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I'm A Cuckold?


My wife and I had been married almost 16 years when I discovered her secret pleasure. I was planning on surprising her on our anniversary by bringing her lunch at her office.

She works at the front desk at a law office as their receptionist. The office is one of those types of places where everyone dresses in suits and ties and the women all dress in proper office attire. There are a number different people working there, other receptionists, mail room employees, secretaries and a couple others that rotate through. Looking at my wife you may think she is a proper and upright lady. However, I would soon find out who my wife truly was.

On this particular afternoon I walked in through the front glass doors door passing by one of the lawyers on his way out to lunch. I walked across the front office and saw my radiant wife sitting behind the counter looking intently at the computer. They had the place decorated as many law offices with fake plants in the corners, large comfortable leather chairs and stock print pictures on the wall.

They had a large picture up behind my wife which reflected what was on her screen.

"gnitaD deirraM",

She looked up at me through her librarian style glasses and a smile came across her face. A couple of the office drones were milling around behind her moving files, clearly able to see her screen. She stood up and came around the desk leaving her screen up. She had no intention on hiding it from her co-workers.

"Happy anniversary honey!" I said in a hushed whisper.

The office was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. She gave me a hug and placed her lips on mine. She opened her mouth and let her tongue slip into my mouth. I tasted a salty slightly bitter taste on her tongue. I looked past her and the male workers behind her smiled, one chuckled quietly. As she pulled her mouth from mine and pressed her warm body against mine in a full body hug I could feel her breasts pressed up against my chest. Looking past her into the reflection of the mirror again I made out the header of the site;

"Married Dating"

It took a bit to process what I was seeing but as quickly as she had hugged me she went back behind the counter to grab her jacket. She logged out of the computer. One of the lawyers wished us a happy anniversary and asked if she was coming back after lunch.

"Of course, I will get your papers filed before I leave today." She said with a smile.

" You don't mind taking care of that today? It is your anniversary after all." He said looking at me, looking for my approval. My wife looked at me as well.

"No problem, everyone has to work." I replied not having any idea what I was giving approval to, on our anniversary I might add.

Lunch passed rather uneventful. I had hoped we would sneaking a quickie, but no. Nothing more than a salty kiss.

After I dropped her back off at work I called the my office and told them I was feeling ill and would be taking the rest of the day off. I drove to our home, my mind filled with questions. I almost ran three red lights. As soon as I got home I ran inside and opened up a browser. Typing in the address I saw in the reflection at my wife's office I came to the login screen.

"Ok." I mumbled to myself

I sat there and had to take a moment to think. What was I going to do? I began to make a fake profile. Name, body type, married etc.. Finally I clicked through the agreements and made the profile.

I began searching the women. One after the other I scrolled through page after page until I saw her. My heart skipped a beat. Yup, it was my wife. My beautiful wife was on a dating site for cheating. Her profile pic had her sitting there in a bra I bought her for Valentine's day. She hadn't even worn it for me yet. She had her left hand grabbing her breast. The diamond wedding ring I had slipped on her finger 16 years ago predominantly displayed. Her username and quote were listed next to her. I more closely examined her profile picture and noticed it was taken in a bedroom, one I didn't recognize.

I leaned in closer, looking at the picture of her. I read her username and quote again.

"Horneywife69" "Any real men out there want to help me break my vows?"

I clicked on her link and it brought up her profile. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity reading over her information. She had been on there for years apparently. Ratings from men let me know she wasn't just experimenting. She was a full on slut, and apparently proudly so. I sat there reading the info over and over realizing I was beginning to get hard. I pulled out my dick and began to stroke myself. I couldn't believe it. I saw a link labeled "gallery".

I clicked on the link and up came a large collection of photos of my wife. The first picture was her on our wedding day. Her beaming smile, white dress, her arms wrapped around her new husband. The photo had me standing there face clear as day, smiling stupidly. I clicked on the picture to make it larger and noticed the caption at the bottom.

"Just married, creampie running down my leg at the alter and another load after ceremony. Neither from my husband."

Following the wedding photo came picture after picture of my beautiful wife fucking and sucking cock after cock. Some small, some large, black, white Asian. It seemed as though she had no preference for size or anything. My beautiful bride just wanted to be used.

I was sitting there and looking at a picture of my wife smiling with cum dripping down her chin. Her hand catching it, pooling on her wedding ring. I shot my load right then and there. Leaning back and looking at the mess I had made on the keyboard, floor and my hands I lifted my hand to my mouth and tasted my cum.

"Cum" I said out loud "Cum was what I tasted in my brides mouth today."

I cleaned up my mess and pondered on my next move. What was I to do? I loved her. I felt as though she loved me. I couldn't divorce her.

Reading more she said "I love my husband, I just love being held. I love the smell of another man. I like feeling another man's hands holding me, his arms wrapping around me. Pulling me into him and feeling his warm skin on mine, his cock hardening. I enjoy feeling his shaft enter me and feeling his tongue run up in between my breasts licking the sweat off my body. I enjoy feeling a man cum in my mouth, and I enjoy going home smelling of lust and sex. Coming home to my loving husband. Smelling of another man. Filled with another man. Making my husband kiss me, lick me...fuck Me"

I thought back on all the times she came home late and wanted me to go down on her, lick her wet little pussy. Little did I know she was making me clean her. I was an unknowing cuckold. Now I had a choice. Was I going to let this continue or put a stop to it?

I looked up at the clock and realized she would be home soon. I logged off the site and made sure I cleaned up all my cum. I went to the kitchen and got some things out for dinner. I had been planning on making dinner. I couldn't figure out what I was feeling. Was I angry? Sad? Glad? Or horny? I heard her car pull up in the drive. She usually got home after I did so she was expecting me to be home already. I heard her keys in the door and she walked in.

Her hair that had been up in a tight bun at lunch was now down and loosely pulled back. When she saw me a smile spread across her face a she walked up to me slowly. I put my arms around her, aware of a new smell. I slid my hands up her back to her head, I pulled her head back and looked into her eyes.

"I love you." I said emphatically and slowly. I then slowly brought her lips to mine and pressed her mouth on mine. Our tongues met each other and I tasted a familiar taste from her mouth.

"You making dinner?" She asked.

I nodded

"I brought dessert, want some?" She asked in a husky voice.

I nodded again and led her down the hall to the bedroom. Holding her hand and walking down the hall I realized I was beginning to get hard again. What would I do? We reached the bedroom and we walked in. I pulled her into me and we kissed deeply. My hands running down her back to the zipper on her pencil skirt. Slowly I pulled the zipper down and allowed the skirt to fall to the floor.

The small of sex wafted up to me strongly. She slowly raised her hands and pushed me back. I watched her as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse while sitting down on the bed. She laid back and told me to get on my knees and take her panties off. Getting down on my knees I ran my hands up her legs and traced my index finger over her her panties, along her pussy, feeling her soaking wet slit.

Sliding my hands up to the top of her panties I grabbed them as she lifted her hips up off the bed. As the panties slipped off her waist her pussy came into sight. A long string of what I assume was cum ran from her lips to the moist patch on her panties. The long thread of cum fell on the bedspread. Slipping the panties down her legs I let one of my fingers trace a line along the inside of he thighs. There before me was my wife's well fucked pussy. Red and swollen, moist with juices running down her lips.

"Lick me." She commanded.

I could only think of one thing. I wanted to serve my wife, to please her. I wanted to fulfill her fantasy. I ran my tongue up the inside of her thighs slowly, tasting the salt off her skin. Slowly working my way up to her moist slit I gently kissed her sticky lips and allowed my hot breath to run over her. Tracing my tongue up her other thigh slowly and gently I was savoring the taste of her sweat and sex. I worked my way back to her dripping pussy and kissed her lips again.

Her swollen clit was exposed between her lips and I gently ran my tongue over it. I heard her moan and her legs began to close around my head. I pulled back and slid my tongue into her wet little hole. Tasting salty bitter cum from my sweet brides pussy. She reached down and ran her finger through my hair then grabbing me she pushed my face into her cunt. Wrapping her legs around my head I was buried in her adulterous pussy. I could feel her pushing the cum into my mouth. I began to suck it out of her fully accepting my position in our new relationship. I was here for her pleasure and her pleasure alone. To fulfill every dirty fantasy she had. To be her toy to play with, cheat on, and humiliate. I loved it. I was fully consumed by her and her fantasies.

Her legs began to release their grasp and I moved my mouth up to her sensitive little clit. I gently ran much tongue up over and around it, teasing it, kissing it gently sucking it between my lips so softly. She grabbed my hair again and I began to kiss, suck and flick her more quickly. I felt at one with her. Her hips moving, her breathing quickening. She let go of my hair and pulled her breasts from her bra, rubbing them, grabbing them. Suddenly she bucked her hips up and clamped my head between her legs juices ran out from my brides little slutty pussy into my mouth where I greedily drank them up.

Slowly she relaxed, her legs quivering, falling open. I hadn't realized I was holding my breath and I finally took a breath in. Gently I kissed her wet slit and climbed up on the bed with her. Pressing my lips to hers our tongues entwined. I knew our anniversary was about her pleasure not mine. I wouldn't get to cum as her lovers had. Not until she allowed me to. She rolled over on the bed allowing me to spoon her, my cock hard as a rock, pressed into her back. Slowly she drifted off to sleep.

As I began to fall asleep next to her, my mind wandered off, wondering what our new marriage would next bring. Tasting her on my lips I fell asleep.

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