tagMind ControlI'm a Slave 4 U

I'm a Slave 4 U


The text pops up on my phone, apparently just a minor distraction in a sea of meetings and presentations and team-building exercises. But when she looks at it, it says, "Unit 4U is called into service." And then Haley Keene goes away for a while, and I emerge.

I text back, "Unit 4U acknowledges service call," and sink into stillness to await further instructions. While I do, I access Haley's memories of the time since I last emerged from the depths of her mind. I see that we are attending a business conference in San Diego, part of an ascending career path that Haley still believes to be entirely her own doing. This is important information that the Masters need to know, so my fingers twitch back to life just long enough to add, "Unit 4U is out of normal service territory." Then I return to perfect, placid submission once more.

The Masters respond within minutes. "We are aware. The diversion of routine was planned. Excuse and depart, further instructions en route." An address follows. I memorize it and slip the phone into Haley's purse. Then I rise from the conference table, allowing my face to go ashen as I describe a sudden stomach upset.

The excuse is accepted without further comment, and I am allowed to leave. This is definitely different from the corporate practice I know from accessing Haley's memories, but I remain calm and unsurprised. If the Masters were able to arrange for Haley to take this trip, they almost certainly could arrange for her behavior on it to go unremarked. It is even possible that the Masters run the company Haley works for, but it is not my place as a slave to speculate as to the Masters' identities. Male or female, young or old, black or white, they direct me and my only place is to obey.

I walk out of the conference hall and hail a taxi, providing them with the address I was given. I sink back into the seat cushions, providing perfunctory but polite responses to the small talk the driver offers, and take out my phone to await my next instructions. Time narrows to a meaningless void as I stare at the screen; a slave has endless patience, and I can wait as long as I need to in order to receive further direction from the Masters.

This patience has also served Haley well-she no longer wastes time at work on meaningless distractions, and she finds herself happy to concentrate on tedious projects for as long as she needs to in order to meet her goals. But it is only when I emerge that we find the true reserves of infinite, depthless obedience that allows me to focus fully on service to the ones that own us both.

The taxi has not yet stopped when I see the next text flash across the screen. "Entertainment/Service/Return," it says. There is a picture following that text, a woman of Middle Eastern descent in her mid-forties, followed by a name, "Masuma Zaman". I understand that entertaining her is my next responsibility, and I can feel my entire center of being shifting to direct itself around the priority to make her happy. It feels inexpressibly wonderful.

"Message understood, arrival at first stop imminent," I text, before sliding the phone into my jacket pocket. The taxi pulls up to the hotel that is my initial destination, and I pay the driver with a modest tip to make sure the journey is entirely unremarkable. I step out and walk into the lobby, and there she is. I immediately understand that her joy is the most important thing in the world to me, and my mind is filled with perfect pleasure both at the understanding and at my unhesitating obedience in coming to that understanding. I am conditioned to obey, and I am also conditioned to accept my conditioning.

I walk up to her. "Masuma?" I ask. She nods, smiling back at me with undisguised desire. "It's very nice to meet you." My voice is carefully neutral as I allow her to set the tone of our encounter. I have no information on whether she is an uninhibited sybarite, or indulging in a cautious tryst away from important responsibilities. My duties demand her safety as well as her enjoyment.

"And you as well, my dear," in a thick accent that I place as Bahranian. "You must be Martha." And instantly, I am. My name becomes a new part of me, fitting seamlessly into the other instructions that I know I am to obey. Haley is Unit 4U. Unit 4U is a slave, and Unit 4U is commanded to be Martha. So I am Martha. It makes perfect sense to me now. "I've heard so much about you. Shall we go up to the room and discuss the security arrangements for my visit?"

I nod politely, understanding that this is the fiction that we are using to disguise her intentions. And yet, it also is true to me. I feel a quiet pride at my ability to hold all these contradictory ideas and concepts and personalities so perfectly, but I know that it is truly the Masters who must be proud of their work. "Of course, Ms. Zaman," I say, politely and professionally. "Lead the way."

She takes me to the elevators, and from there to a penthouse on the 22nd floor. It is vast, but I expected nothing less; the Masters have invested a great amount of time and effort into my programming, and they expect a return on that investment. Slaves serve the powerful, my conditioning reminds me, and while I am not allowed to know why or how, it appears that Masuma Zaman is a very powerful woman.

And one with appetites to match. The moment the door closes, she pulls my jacket down around my wrists to bind them behind my back, and rips my blouse open with enough force to send the buttons ricocheting off the walls. She yanks my bra down and grabs my nipples, pinching them tightly and tugging on them to lead me to the bed. I feel the strong sensation, but I am no longer capable of understanding it as pain. I see on her face that it pleases Masuma, and all things that please Masuma are pleasure to me now.

She pushes me to my knees in front of the bed, and looks down at me with fierce arousal on her face. "Do you want my pussy, little slut?" she growls as she pulls her own clothes off with heedless abandon. "Do you want to put that tongue to some good use for a change?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress," I whisper, looking up at her in rapt adoration. Years of conditioning and experience have taught me exactly what Masuma is looking for now, and I eagerly give it to her with the devotion only a perfect slave can provide. "I want to put my face between your thighs so badly now, please, please let this slutty little girl lick you, please, I can't wait to taste you-please!"

It's not merely words. She could have hired an escort for that, one guaranteed to be discreet with a tongue just as talented. (Or at least with a talented tongue-my education on such techniques was incredibly thorough.) But she wants what only I can give her, a true and aching devotion to her pleasure. I feel it coursing through my body, the absolute and naked need to bury my tongue in her slick pussy and lick until she tells me to stop. This is something she can only get from one of us.

The room fills with the scent of sex as her arousal builds rapidly. She smiles, reveling in my pure and helpless desire for her body, and she sits on the bed with her legs spread wide. "Now, slut," she says, tangling her fingers in my hair and dragging me closer. "Fuck me with your pretty tongue."

I can't think of anything else. I open my mouth wide and seal my lips over her mound, grunting with lust as I spike my tongue deep between her labia and push it as far as I can go. The taste of her saturates my senses, and it is impossible for me not to squirm with my own sexual heat as I lavish my attentions on her pussy. Haley has never thought about a woman like this, Unit 4U loves only the Masters, but Martha has fantasized about tongue-fucking Masuma for as long as she can remember. And I am Martha now.

I don't even think about how long I pleasure her. I only notice when I feel her gushing urgently against my face, smearing me with her juices as she grinds herself against my mouth. Then she drags me up by the hair again. "Oh, that's so good," she moans, pulling me close to suckle at my stiff nipples. I have no choice but to allow her to maneuver me, my hands are still knotted behind my back, and I shiver at the delightful helplessness I feel. "Mmmm, ymmmf..." She rubs herself against my thigh as she sucks, and I feel her teeth leaving tiny love bites all over my breasts.

It doesn't worry me. Nobody will see them but Haley, and Haley never notices anything I don't want her to.

My leg feels suddenly slick and wet, and Masuma moans loudly into my flesh as she cums again. I can only imagine how long she's been anticipating this, how hot it's made her to imagine all this pleasure waiting for her. She rolls us over, pushing me backwards onto the bed, and spreads my legs wide so that she can grind her pussy against mine. "Beg me to cum, slut," she growls, her voice thick with lust. "Tell me just how much you need it from me."

"Please," I gasp, squirming under the stimulation that I finally allow myself to feel. "Please, I need it so bad, need to be your horny little slut, your fucktoy, please let me cum Mistress, I can't think, oh, you feel so good, I want you so badly, want to cum with you, please fuck me harder, please oh please oh please!" I can sense myself becoming exactly who Masuma needs me to be as I speak-a perfect submissive, devoted and adoring and molded to her will. It's all I want to be now. It's all I can ever remember wanting to be. Martha is a good little slutkitten, shy and uninhibited all at once, and I am Martha.

"F-f-fuck!" Masuma gasps out, grinding her clit against mine with passionate intensity. "Oh oh oh OH!" Her eyes roll back in her head as she cums again, and I match my hips to hers to make the orgasm even more intense. "Cum cum cum CUM!" And then everything goes white as I feel my own climax hit.

She doesn't stop, though. I count a total of five orgasms before she finally gives in to exhaustion and lets her sated body slump onto the bed. Even then, she curls her legs around me so that she can feel me between her thighs, and she presses her pussy absently against me as she drowses. I feel perfectly content within her embrace, happy on a level that I could never have imagined. I want to lay like this forever. I want to be with Masuma forever. I want to belong to Masuma forever.

Then I feel the phone in my jacket pocket buzz.

I shift slightly in order to pull it out without disturbing my lover, my Mistress, my owner. I find myself hoping against hope that this might be a message that the Recruitment and Return stops have been canceled, that Masuma was happy enough with the way I pleasured her body that she decided to buy me outright and make me her love slave for the rest of my life. I can see myself curling up at her feet, a devoted slut kitten with no will but submission to my perfect queen's perfect pussy, and it's all I could ever truly want.

"Per intelligence estimates, we expect Entertainment to be complete. Move to next task, Recruitment." There is an address after the text. There is a picture after the address. There is a name after the picture. I examine all three carefully.

Then with savage quickness, I pin my target to the bed. She struggles, but she's sleepy, unsuspecting, and drugged with too many endorphins to put up a real fight. Within moments, I have her arms pinned underneath her and her legs helplessly entwined with my own. One hand snakes out to cover her mouth, and the other places the phone directly into her field of vision.

"Initiate Recruitment," I say out loud, and the phone's display springs to life with a swirling vortex of dizzying color. "Watch the lights, slave. You cannot look away." She tries for a moment to close her eyes, but she's already so confused and shocked by my sudden assault that her mind is momentarily off guard. She wants something to latch onto, some island of certainty in a bizarre and unpredictable situation, and the spiral gives her that certainty. And that moment is all that I need to begin programming her.

"You feel great pleasure when you stare and allow the lights to capture your mind," I say. I remember the words perfectly from multiple previous recruitments, all the techniques I was programmed with to program others. Ironically, I don't remember learning them-the one memory locked away from Unit 4U as well as Haley is the day when we were brought into the service of the Masters. I don't need to remember that, though. I don't need to remember anything I wasn't instructed to remember.

"You feel your will growing weak and helpless as the lights break apart your resistance," I continue. She shouts under my hand, digging her teeth into my palm in an effort to force me to pull away, but I'm no longer capable of understanding it as pain. Enduring her struggles helps me to enslave Masuma, and all things that enslave Masuma are pleasure to me now.

"The less you resist, the better it feels to you," I say, punctuating my words with a slow, measured motion of my hips to stimulate her clit. Her struggles are growing weaker now, her shouts dying down to mumbles as she gazes wide-eyed at the spinning spiral in front of her. She's so beautiful when she gives in like this and her will collapses into obedience. I can't imagine anything as erotic as enslaving her for the Masters and bringing her under my power. It's so sexy to turn her into a mindless slut. It's all I've ever wanted.

"You know that you cannot resist. You know that obedience always feels better than resistance. You know that you are traveling a path toward perfect obedience, and perfect obedience is perfect pleasure." She is mouthing the words a beat behind me now, her stare blank as the power of the hypnotic vortex stills her mind and will. All traces of the powerful, dominant woman who controlled me are lost now, just as 'Martha' is losing all meaning to me as a name. We are converging on the same point, and that point is perfect slavery.

I release my hand from her mouth, but she does not try to shout. Instead, when I say to her, "You can feel your thoughts turn to the pattern of submission," she softly repeats my words back to me. She is submitting. She is not a slave, not yet, but her mind is soft and pliable. She is ready to be shaped. I'm so happy that I could give this gift of obedience to her.

I speak again. "Recruitment underway, request deep programming team at my location." The phone doesn't display anything other than the spinning lights that are wearing Masuma's resistance to dust, but I know that my words have been heard. All I need to do now is continue deepening her trance until my replacements arrive to permanently program her. And I have infinite patience for that.

Some time later, they let themselves in under the guise of janitorial staff. They provide me with replacement clothes, which I don after showering to wash the scent of sex off of me. Then they plug Masuma into the deep brainwashing equipment that will install her full slave programming. "Recruitment of Unit 6K under way," I text. "Requesting further instructions."

"Return and awaken," the reply says. I confirm, and head down to the lobby with not a hair out of place.

I don't really notice the trip back to my hotel, other than as a chance to establish my cover by texting Haley's boss with information about my stomach ailment. Haley will, of course, genuinely feel the mild nausea and cramps that I describe. She's very well-trained, even if she doesn't realize it. But I am more obedient still.

When I return to my room, I carefully delete all texts relating to my activation. I lay on the bed, allowing the psychosomatic pain to creep into my mind. And then, satisfied with the knowledge that I obeyed perfectly, I go away for a while. And Haley emerges once more.


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