tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersI'm A Very Bad Girl

I'm A Very Bad Girl


That Monday afternoon I felt something change inside me, no more would I be satisfied with mere fantasy masturbation, I now wanted more.

All that morning I had been playing in my girlfriends closet, we were on the verge of breaking-up for a multitude of reasons, and had slept in separate beds, like a long married couple, for months, so I had no inner conflict about using her clothes for my own naughty lust. Panties and nylons, brassieres and camisoles all slipped over my skin, I was so randy my I'd shaved my entire body smooth for maximum effect. The slinky satin, the shimmering silk, the tightness of nylon stockings on my smoothened long legs drove me wild, thoughts of being a shameless slut, all combining to drive me into a unique sexual frenzy, so much so I sought out the cute gold tipped, shiny black vibrator, which I had bought her last Xmas, and with thoughts of penetration behind my closed eyelids, I slipped the phallus slowly inside my tight asshole, gasping at the unfamiliar intrusion I eased it further and further up into me, it felt so nice, so natural and desirable, at that moment I knew exactly what I had to do.

In her car, dressed in tight chinos and a thin white cotton shirt, I drove toward a place I knew I would find what I needed, a side road through the busy city park, with car-parks hidden from the passing traffic by thick mature trees and evergreen shrubs, my search proved fruitful and I soon found myself in the passenger seat of a gold colored, mid-ranged Japanese car, coyly smiling at it's mature, handsome owner. His name was Micheal, he told this me as his palm which had settled on my knee as soon as I had taken my seat, began seductively moving North, I trembled with obvious excitement as he felt the taut strap of my suspender strap beneath my thin trousers and practically purred with surprise, softly telling me that this car-park was no place for a lady, I smiled shyly, he took my shaky hand and placed onto his crotch, I had felt another mans cock before, but this was different, I wasn't feeling it to give just him pleasure, I was judging it for my own pleasure.

I told him that I wanted him, that I wanted him to Fuck me, exciting myself still further using this type of language and obviously exciting Micheal too, as he calmly said 'well, we better go to my place then...' to which I giggled and agreed.

My previous experience with men was Glory-Holes and cruising spot fumbles, so as I followed him through the streets, my head full of naughty possibilities, I was so electrifying aroused, I nearly crashed twice.

Micheal lived in a cute, mature neighborhood, his home on 2 floors, semi-detached with a well kept garden at the front, he pulled in and I followed him. He smiled and lead me into his home, in the lounge stood another, older man, Micheal introduced him as a neighbor, then startling me somewhat, he took my hand and introduced me as his new friend, I was silently shocked, nobody but my previous 'lovers' knew that I harbored feelings for men, and here I was being outed in front of his neighbor, Joe, obviously knew Micheal was Gay, smiled shook my hand and made his excuses for leaving, as soon as we heard the Front door close behind him, Micheal pulled me too him, 'now then Missy' he said softly before kissing me on the lips.

My lips parted and I felt his warm tongue in my mouth, I responded and we were soon kissing passionately, our hands began to roam over one another and I could feel his stiffened heat against me, no doubt he could feel mine too.

He broke away and looked down at his crotch, one of his eyebrows arching questioningly, I smiled broadly and moved to my knees.

Unbuckled and released from his underpants, Micheal had a beautiful hard penis, 7inches long, not so thick that i could take nearly all of him in my mouth and with a wonderful scent of manliness, sweat and urine, I sucked and licked him, moaning like the dirty girl I felt I was, Micheal had his fingers in my hair, he was fucking my mouth with delight, I then pulled back and told him I wanted his hot cum in my ass not on my face.

He brought me upstairs to his big bedroom, and had his clothes off in an instant, he lay back against the pillows and we admired one another, though he was at least 30 years older than me, he was in good shape, tanned and muscular, his hard Cock standing upright against his stomach, shining with juice, I began undressing, giving him a show, posing and bending until i stood before him in my girlfriends lingerie, matching vest and boy shorts of near transparent black silk, a plain black suspender belt, its straps holding up the tan nylon stockings, his eyes upon me, the lascivious look in his eye...my own smoothen penis throbbed uncontrollably.

On the bed we kissed and stroked each other, he went down on me and licked my shaft through the pantys, a familiar darkened patch displaying my excitement, he pulled them down and turning my around, he began tonguing my eager hole, pulsing his wet pinkness into me and driving me wild. Is this why woman loved being licked I wondered, it feels so good, then just as I was getting into it, I felt something cold and wet on me, he turned me back to face him, pushed a pillow beneath my butt, spread my legs, then masterfully eased his beautiful erection into my lubed ass.

I lost my virginity to Micheal, as he fucked me, I was completely overcome with girl emotion, this is what had changed inside me today, today I had wanted to be fucked like a woman, legs wide open with a handsome man pumping his meat into me, I moaned and groaned like all the woman I had fucked, now i knew why they made those noises, IT WAS AMAZING!

'fuck me...fuck me..' i told him as he increased tempo, thrusting himself deeper and deeper into me, until his expression changed, he tightened up and then shot his thick stream of semen deep inside of me with a loud groan of pleasure, my own cock, which had been bobbing across my silk encased belly, as he fucked me vigorously, also sent out my own spray, covering the delicate fabric with my sticky seed and we collapsed into each others arm........

Micheal and I went on to enjoy many more adventures, I was his girl he was my man.

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