tagGroup SexI'm Getting Ready

I'm Getting Ready


I am getting ready to masturbate again. I pull up out of my mind my imaginary friend Linda. She understands me, understands my desire to be seen and in the control of others. The longer I play with myself, the longer I can excite myself without cumming, the clearer she becomes. If I manage to last long enough, she can become so close to real. To slow down, to make it last, today I am going to use hair ties. I start with one around my balls, separating them from my body. My cock lies flaccid in my palm and I start to slide my hand up from my balls. Stroke up with the left hand, stroke up with the right. Only up, not down. Close my eyes.

Linda and I are going to join a swingers club. Club might be a bit strong. We'll make three couples. We are friends with Rob and Jane, and they have been swinging with Mike and Marcia for some time. Tonight, we are going to join them. Linda is wearing her little black dress, fishnet stockings, matching black and red lingerie. I'm wearing all black too, except for the panties I have on which match Linda's.

Rob and Jane are waiting for us as we arrive. They stand in the front doorway and watch us come up the front walk. I feel the slick material of my panties twitching across my ass as I walk. Rob and Linda take us into their family room, down in the finished basement. There we met Mike and Marcia for the first time. They were sitting on one of those sectional couches, and this one was formed into a U shape. There was a bar along one wall and the wall opposite the couch was a gigantic video screen.

We had drinks and chatted about swinging: how we got started, what we had done. Rob, Jane, Mike and Marcia had been swinging together for about a year. They began meeting on weekends, sometimes in hotels. Each meeting one of the couples was responsible for the entertainment. Since this was our first time, Linda and I were expected to provide the entertainment. We had nothing with us: no toys, no games, no videos, nothing. So we agreed to do whatever they said as a way of introducing ourselves.

"Undress each other for us to see." Linda and I stood in front of the couch. She went first: she slipped behind me and started to unbutton my shirt. I stared straight at the four of them staring at me. Linda lifted my shirt up off my shoulders, slid it down my arms, and tossed it into the corner. She knelt at my feet and my shoes and socks soon followed. She unbuttoned my trouser and they dropped to my ankles.

"He's wearing panties!"

At this point, I have gotten quite chubby. My hands just rubbing up. So I take another hair-tie and place it at the bottom of my shaft. It partially covers a very sensitive spot and constricts my shaft. I run my finger tips up and down my entire cock. The hair-tie lessens the pleasure without spoiling it completely. I continue to stroke with just my fingertips. I close my eyes.

"We like to wear matching underwear. Sometimes I wear boxers and sometimes he wears panties," said Linda as she ran her hands up and down my leg. I blushed, looking at the four of them staring at me. I could feel their eyes roaming all over me. My cock arched behind the stretchy blue material. The grey lace trim darkened a bit with pre-cum.

"So you're wearing panties like that?"

"A matching set."

Oh do let us see. Keep yours on and undress her."

Linda and I switched places. I felt slightly covered by her body. My fingers unbuttoned her dress and lifted it off her. Her bra matched too: shiny blue cups decorated with grey lace. She was wearing grey stockings. I knelt behind her and took off her shoes and then rubbed the stockings down each leg and off. I heard her breathing change and I knew she was getting hot being so closely examined by the four on the couch. Her bra followed and we stood there in our matching panties, fully exposed to old friends and total strangers.

"Oh let us take off the rest. Come stand between us" Linda and I walked into the open space between the sides of the couch. We faced each other, only a few feet apart. Rob and Jane sat on either side of me and Linda was flanked by Mike and Marcia. They reached up together and slid Linda's panties down around her ankles. Jane lowered mine and my hard cock sprang out. They both ran their hands freely over me. I couldn't tell Bob's touch from Jane's. I watched Mike and Marcia feel Linda. Cup her breasts, caress her ass, and press against her clit. She parted her legs and they both entered a finger into her. I felt two hands on my ass and two rubbing all over my cock. Linda's eyes glazed with desire but she still stared at my cock.

Suddenly, Marcia jumped up. "I can't stand it. Linda, these nasty boys are going to make a mess and I want you clean. Let me be first." She kissed Linda's neck, gently stroked her breast. When she pinched Linda's nipple, Linda's eyes closed. "Have you ever been with a girl before?" Her hand slipped down to cup Linda's mons. "Won't you let me make love to you?" Linda turned her head and kissed Marcia on the mouth. "Undress me."

A first orgasm tried to surge up my shaft, but the hair-ties slowed it to a stop. The release never got all the way out. It left my cock bouncing in the air. I let go and felt the orgasm subside. When my cock lay down, I added another hair-tie before I took it up again and stroked, slowly lightly, barely. The ties covered the lower part of my cock and squeezed harder the bigger I got. My fingers tickle my balls. I close my eyes.

Linda's fingers worked the buttons of Marcia's blouse and she shrugged it off her shoulders. She did not wear a bra and her pert little breasts stood by themselves. Her nipples were small and had scrunched up into hard points. I sat on the couch to watch. Marcia's skirt pooled at her feet. Linda paused to run her hands gently over Marcia's body. She touched everywhere, fingers exploring, while Marcia let out a soft moan. Linda slid a hand into Marcia's panties and began to rub. Marcia herself tore off her panties while Linda rubbed.

We pushed the end sections of the couch into the open space until the couch transformed into a large padded square with pillows around the edge. Marcia pushed Linda down on her back. She lay between Mike and Rob. Marcia lay down on top of Linda and began to kiss her, touching her breasts, sucking on the nipples while a finger found it's way to Linda's clit. She went stiff at the first contact and I thought she might quit. But she relaxed instead and Marcia slid down her until she knelt between Linda's legs, staring into her pussy. Mike and Rob took her breasts and began to kiss, lick, tickle and touch.

Linda had begun to pant by this time. She reached down and grabbed Marcia's head. She rubbed her pussy against Marcia's tongue. I was sitting between Rob and Jane. Jane took my cock in her fist, but she did not move her hand. She just held it, as I slowly stiffened in her grip. Linda's face scrunched up as spasms surged through her. Her legs snapped open and closed as the orgasm ripped through her. She whimpered, growled and then arched her back and screamed.

When she pulled her head back, Marcia said "Your turn." They switched places.

"What should I do?"

"Just do whatever would feel good if it were done to you." Linda's head dropped between her knees. "Oh yeah, like that. Oh, just like that." Mike leaned over and pulled back Linda's hair, so we all could see. Her tongue pushed out and then her lips sucked in. When Linda put two fingers inside her, Marcia gasped. Tongue and lips and fingers, and soon Marcia had pulled her legs up with her hands behind her knees. This exposed her completely to Linda and to us. Suddenly her legs shot out straight and clamped shut around Linda's head. Linda began moving her head from side to side as she sucked and Marcia went stiff. She even stopped breathing for a moment. Her face twisted and contorted as pleasure rampaged under her skin. Then she collapsed in a huge sighing exhale. Her legs draped on Linda's shoulders.

My next orgasm has arrived. It struggled to get past my bands. I know if it ever reaches the tip, I will explode. I hold my hands away and my cock jumps in the space before me. A large glob of pre-cum slips out. I add another hair-tie to my cock, each one place a quarter inch apart. Now about half my shaft is covered with hair-ties. They tighten as my excitement swells. I close my eyes.

Jane had been stroking me slowly and I was stiff in her hand. Rob and Mike fondled the girls. Linda and Marcia slowly disentangled themselves, and flopped over on their backs. Both of them grinned at the other and they kissed. Once they had caught their breath, Mike said he wanted to see us in a sixty-nine. "You be on top, Linda, so we can see your breasts." Marcia and I traded places, and I noticed Jane didn't mind. I lay down and watched Linda's leg lift over my face. It landed beside my head and then she lowered her pussy down onto my face. She put me in her mouth and we both started to lick.

Linda's pussy was already wide and wet with another woman's spit. Even so, I lunged in enthusiastically. Her lips spread easily across my mouth and my tongue entered her with ease. Meanwhile, she held the tip of my cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I moaned into her pussy and licked harder. She slid me into her mouth. I felt her orgasm building, when suddenly, her pussy rose up off my face.

A hard cock slid across my face, searching for the opening to Linda's pussy. With my tongue, I guided it in. Whoever's cock that was, it starting slamming into Linda's pussy. I licked Linda's clit and the cock as well. My tongue rolled over both; I heard Linda start to moan. I knew an orgasm was coming. I pushed my lips out like a kiss but I rubbed them against both the shaft and the clit. He started slamming into her and she emitted a throaty growl each time he thrust into her. I'd never seen a male orgasm up close like this. White foam streaks his shaft as he slides most of the way out, and builds up just outside Linda's pussy as he slams back into her.

Then he slides out of her and his cock disappears. Linda has not cum yet, and she grinds down on my mouth with her sopping pussy. The taste is strong, earthy, funky, and I push my tongue way into her soft wet flesh. I flatten my tongue and slide it over her clit, in and out. She grinds harder on my face, from forehead to chin and back, ever more quickly. She sits up, never removing her pussy from my face. I feel someone take my aching cock in her (his?!?) hands. A pussy is slowly lowered onto my cock. It turns out to have been Jane. I couldn't see them fondling each other and kissing with tongues twisting in each other's mouth. All I felt was Linda move even more frantically, and someone sliding up and down on my cock.

Another orgasm is coming and from its power I can tell it will push right past the ties I have on my cock. I add the last two ties: one directly below the tip of my cock, covering that most sensitive of spots and then one below that which covers enough that my stroking can keep me hard and straining but not moving forward toward release. I place my palm flat against my cock and rub. I close my eyes.

With Jane playing with her breasts and me licking her clit, Linda came again. I could hear her screams even with her thighs pressed up against my ears. As her pussy spasmed, globs of old come slid into my mouth. I was surprised at how much that excited me. I started sucking. Between that and her orgasm, I think I got all of it from her.

Her orgasm stopped but my tongue did not. I wrapped my arms up over her thighs which held her pussy against my mouth. She writhed and screamed, moaned and rubbed her pussy wildly against my face. Then she's try to pull away and I'd hold her down on my face. Soon, she was building towards another orgasm and I did not have to hold her.

When Linda came, I did too. Jane lifted up off me until only half of me was in her. This gave me room to thrust into her as my orgasm surged up out of my balls. Time and again my balls contracted, surging out into her pussy. I finished bet she did not stop. She slid me out of her and then grabbed my hyper-sensitive cock. Linda's pressing down into my face changed to holding me down.

Now I was going to let myself really build toward my own orgasm. I took all the restraints off my cock and spread lube all over it. I poured lube into my favorite masturbation sleeve. It slowly spread as I forced my way in, pushing against all the little nubs inside. I pushed my cock all the way in and then squeezed with my hand. Just squeezing, I close my eyes.

Linda makes a fist over the tip of my cock and twists her hand. My body convulses and I scream as a white flash of painful pleasure flashed off my cock. And she kept twisting. I screamed into Linda's pussy as my arms and legs thrashed about. Linda leaned down and held my arms. I as helpless as Jane gave me a handjob meant to get revenge for what I'd done to Linda. I thought I would explode. My body filled with electric sensations, almost pleasure. And then she let go. I was groaning in relief and release.not cum.

It must have been Mike who fucked Linda because Rob said he was the only one who had not cum. I sat up, and Rob was leaning against the couch back, his legs thrown out in front of him. And his large hard on stood off his belly. Hard and ready to go. I heard Marcia that she would take care of that. And then Rob said, "No, I don't want a girl. I want him." I looked and he was pointing at me.

"Me?! But I''m not gay."

"Neither am I," Linda cooed in my ear. "But I made love with Jane."

I moved a bit closer to the hard on Rob was holding in his hand.

"Yeah, but here? With everyone watching?"

"You watched me."

A hand on the back of my head guided my mouth towards Rob's hardon. I open my mouth.

Now I start moving the sleeve, moving towards a final release. I don't move it in and out however. I spin it on my cock, holding my hands like someone trying to start a fire with sticks. My entire cock shimmers and shocks with pleasure ass the tube of soft nubs rub around my entire cock at once. My balls pull up into my body as they get ready to blow. I close my eyes.

And it's in my mouth. My lips closed over just the head. Rob sighed. I push my tongue flat against the underside of his cock and slide it towards his balls. I take more of his cock into my mouth. Once I find a comfortable arrangement of tongue and teeth and mouth and cock. It's softer and smoother than I'd thought it would be. I reach up and cup his balls with my bands. I put my thumbs at the base of his cock both so I could get a handle on his cock and so I could rub the base, just where it disappears into his balls.

My own cock starts to vibrate as I begin to come. The sleeve twisting on my cock set electrical fire shimmering through me. And the first spasm surges up my shaft and explodes into my sleeve. And another and another as the sleeve spins around my cock.

I feel his cock swell one last time and then the come started spurting out across my tongue. It did not taste as bad as I had feared. It was funky but also sweet and creamy as more and more of it pushed into my mouth. I felt a glob slip out the corner of my mouth. Rob groaned and panted.

Once the spasms slow, I do not stop. Now I move the sleeve up and down my shaft. Post Orgasm Torture is a bit like tickling: you can't really do it by yourself. The sleeve makes the sensations stronger on my hyper-sensitive cock. It's as though the orgasm, the good part, doesn't stop. I just keep spasming.

Rob's cock slips out of my mouth and everyone starts too applaud.

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