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Room Service Cum Eating


Daphne's nipples hardened the moment she read the instructions. She had just been summoned for special duty. This was not part of her official role as cruise ship attendant by any means. She had stumbled into this secret assignment innocently and considered it a public service... although that rationale seemed a bit dubious.

After Daphne's mind stopped reeling from excitement at the thought of the classified mission, she tore the note into tiny pieces to ensure that none of her colleagues would ever see it. For good measure, she placed it into a small plastic bag and put it in trash hidden beneath extra tissue paper.

She checked her appearance in the mirror and was satisfied with her reflection. Being a perfectionist, she took a moment to straighten out all the wrinkles from her uniform: a short khaki skirt, a blue polo shirt, and white deck shoes. Her long brown hair, naturally silky and straight, was bound in a neat ponytail. A light touch of gel prevented fly-away strands.

Outwardly, she was young, well-mannered, and had a tight little package accentuated by curves around her hips and butt. 'Something to grab a hold of in bed,' ex-boyfriends used to tell her as a compliment. That always boosted her self-confidence.

Inwardly, a fire raged and her heart raced. Her pussy moistened and she was certain she'd have to change her panties after completing the designated task. And of course, her nipples were rock hard. Daphne was famous in every girl's locker room for having such huge nipples on a thin frame. She was sometimes insecure about its size, but oh goodness, did they feel good whenever they were sucked. It was definitely a trade off that worked in her favor.

When she was finally satisfied, Daphne left her room to carry out her super secret brand of 'Room Service.'

The deck of the ship was hot from the blazing sun. They were near the shores of Costa Rica. It was morning, and some of the passengers were already in the pool or lounging as they tanned. Most of the other travelers were at the breakfast buffet. Daphne smiled to herself thinking of the private 'buffet' on which she would soon feast.

The majority of the passengers were older, married couples. This cruise ship catered to a wealthy clientele. In Daphne's relatively short experience as a cruise attendant, affluent passengers usually tipped well, but they expected a higher level of service. In this instance, Daphne was happy to oblige...

As she nervously walked across the deck, her physical senses heightened. She noticed a few gazes here and there and returned the smiles graciously. Like most women, Daphne was acutely aware of men when they checked her out. Likewise, she could tell when women were warm for her, too. She didn't mind attention from either sex.

A man with a look of uncertainty was about to cross her path. She knew that look all too well. The man had a question, and so she smiled while he made his inquiry.

"Do you know what time breakfast ends?" the man asked. "I'd like to get a massage first, but I don't want to miss out on a meal."

Daphne gave a courteous reply. "Yes, we serve the breakfast buffet until 11 am. Enjoy your breakfast, sir, and the massage."

The man thanked her and they parted ways. Normally, Daphne would have thought nothing of it.

But in her current mood, she thought: 'Oh yes, there will be plenty to eat aboard this ship. You aren't the only one who appreciates fine dining.'

With perfect posture, she continued her walk down the open air deck of the ship. A female colleague was heading her way from a different direction, carrying a big stack of towels.

"Do you need help carrying that?" Daphne asked, politely.

Her coworker smiled and shook her head. "No thanks. I'm almost done. Sheesh, heck of a workout on a warm day. I'm very hot and sweaty under my uniform. Hey, let's catch up at lunch. There's plenty of new gossip."

Daphne agreed to the lunch date and they both said "bye" for the time being. Seeing a fellow cruise attendant carrying a stack of towels was nothing out of the ordinary.

But, given her current mood, she thought: 'Towels are a good idea. Ideal to clean any sort of mess, including germs... or bodily fluids. Good thing washing machines and soap on this ship are industrial strength. But then again, tongues are useful at cleaning certain emissions too.'

When she neared her destination, she was stopped by a curvaceous middle aged woman, who proudly wore a two-piece bathing suit and over it, a sheer cover-up. She also sported a wide brimmed tropical hat as she sipped from a long straw, that stuck out from a freshly opened coconut.

"Excuse me miss," the woman said, plopping the wet straw out of her mouth. "Do you have any idea when we'll reach our destination?"

"It should be about 6 pm. Just in time for a Costa Rican sunset and dinner."

"Thank you, dear," the woman said, trying to contain her glee. "I'm just so excited for... Oh, nevermind. I shouldn't speak such things in front of you. I just love coming... on these trips."

Daphne looked at the woman, who was wearing a sly grin, and wondered if her word choice was intentional. It appeared that she wanted to say more, but hesitated.

The woman continued, "Look at you, you're so sweet and innocent. Are you even allowed to be near alcoholic beverages?"

Daphne laughed. "Actually, I'm several years above the age limit. So yes, I can certainly be around adult beverages, and activities."

"Oh my, when you have more time, you have to tell me your secret for having such a nubile appearance."

"It would be my pleasure," Daphne blushed. "By the way, you look ravishing in that bathing suit. Single men should be so lucky to be around someone with your level of energy. My goodness."

The woman beamed. "Thank you very much. You're so sweet. I hope to see more of you... on this trip."

As their cheeky conversation ended, Daphne couldn't tell if intense sunlight was causing the woman to squint, or if she was winking in a flirtatious way. She hoped it was the latter.

As they parted ways, the woman took a big sip from her straw and headed towards a lounge chair. It was the typical, friendly exchange that Daphne normally shared with passengers.

But, given Daphne's current mood, all she could think was: 'You look so natural sucking on that straw. It's long, but you managed it with ease. Practice much? By the way, were you just flirting with me or was the sun in your eyes? If you were flirting, I'm not hard to find. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace. My services are always available.'

She finally reached the private living quarters for passengers on the ship. Room 378. There was a sign which read DO NOT DISTURB hanging from the door. In this instance, it meant that no one could enter except for the special cleaning girl.

Daphne used her key card and slowly opened the door. It was her third time doing this, but it wasn't any easier than the first. She was nervous and her breathing was labored.

Inside, the room was darkened. But, sunlight peeked through the partially closed curtains, allowing Daphne to see clearly.

Daphne gently closed the door behind her, which was mainly out of grace, since she hated the sound of doors slamming. She removed her shoes and socks, walking barefoot on the carpet.

She didn't say a word, but simply followed the noises in the background. It was obvious two people were having sex; moaning and panting came from the bedroom. The noises were intense, but didn't sound frenzied. It wasn't like a porn video. Rather, it sounded like a happily married couple who just happened to be enjoying a good fuck session. If they had summoned Daphne's services, they must have been in a particularly kinky mood.

Everything in the room was nice and tidy. It was the usual scene. Two open suitcases sat on the racks which had been provided. Accessories were scattered around the tables, mostly feminine items. Two family photos had been placed on a table to provide some reminders of home. How very white-collared and ordinary they looked in their normal setting. And some clothing lay scattered, as well.

From the looks of things, the couple brazenly having sex on the bed appeared to be in their mid to late 40's. Both were completely naked on the bed sheet, with the blankets pushed off the bottom of the bed. The husband and wife were both blonde and they sported bronze skin tones from the last few days of intense sun.

Daphne sat down on a seat beside them and watched as they fucked each other. She wondered if they knew that room service had arrived, or if they even cared. Maybe they liked the audience?

The husband lay on top of the wife; their legs intertwined. Resting his weight on his left elbow, he cradled her face with his right hand. Daphne watched the husband thrust forcefully into his wife. Their foreheads touched and they intermittently kissed each other with loving passion. It was obvious that she was on the verge of an orgasm as her toes began to curl. The husband shifted to a kneeling position and fucked her harder.

He towered over her and said, "I love you so much."

Now that she was clearly able to see the wife, Daphne found her to be very attractive. Suddenly, it dawned on her that these people were the Thompsons. As soon as she recognized them, a current of excitement flowed between her legs. They had briefly spoken a few times during the trip, mostly on the deck. Had they known that Daphne was the 'cleaning girl' they summoned?

This is one of the perks of the job, Daphne thought. She enjoyed meeting an array of interesting people from all over the world. The Thompsons were no exception. From what she gathered, they were both doctors. In passing, she had heard the wife on the phone with a patient in need of emergency advice. Her tone was very kind and informal with the patient in need. The husband had chimed in with some additional advice as well. Daphne wished she could find a doctor like that.

Both of them seemed polite, outgoing, and unassuming in every way. But now they were totally naked in bed, fucking before her very eyes.

Suddenly, Mrs. Thompson began to wail. It was clear that she was in the throes of an orgasm as her body shuddered and she clasped her husband's thighs. Mr. Thompson grunted and he undoubtedly came inside of his wife. He laid on top of her for a few moments, kissing her, breathing heavily as they enjoyed their communal ecstasy.

Daphne watched with delight as the highly charged, yet seemingly romantic fuck session had ended. It made her feel warm inside and she was certain that there was a wet spot in her panties now.

Finally, the husband rolled to his side, exposing his flaccid penis and his wife's naked body. Both of their genitals were covered with wet fluids; a potent combination of the wife's juices along with white cum from the husband's cock. Daphne licked her lips in anticipation.

Surely both of them knew that Daphne was sitting there, but neither of them paid any attention to her, yet. Were they used to a third person watching?

Out of eagerness, and a strong sense of wanting to get involved, Daphne cleared her throat loudly to get their attention.

"Ugghhh Hmmm..." she coughed, cutely. She then greeted them with a polite smile.

Mr. Thompson was the first to actually look at her. The wife remained in her trance, eyes closed and breathing deeply.

The husband whispered in his wife's ear. "Close your eyes and rub your clit, darling. I want you to stay warm and wet. Think naughty thoughts for our guest. You are so full of cum... it's overflowing from your perfect pussy."

Obediently, the wife closed her eyes, parted her legs, which were bent at the knees, and rubbed her own clitoris. She was extra careful not to interfere with the cum in her freshly fucked pussy.

"Thank you for coming," he said casually to Daphne, like this was nothing. "You're obviously the cleaning lady."

Daphne smiled coyly. "Figuratively."

"Are you new?" Mr. Thompson was staring fixedly at his wife's pussy while he spoke to Daphne. It was as if he was watching to make sure she followed his instructions.

"To what?"

He looked amused and caressed his wife's stomach. "Let's start with your official job. I don't recall seeing you before. You look young."

By now, the wife had regained her senses, choosing to only look up at the ceiling while enjoying the afterglow of her morning orgasm. Daphne couldn't stop looking at this attractive, mature, naked beauty. She struggled to turn her attention back to the husband and away from the mesmerizing scene between the wife's legs.

"I'm actually 26," Daphne said, feeling flattered.

"Your ponytail gives you a youthful appearance. I mean that as a compliment."

"Thank you, Mr. Thompson."

"Ah, you remember our names," he said, impressed.

"I have a good memory and enjoy paying attention to our guests. And, to answer your question, I've worked for this cruise line a little less than a year. I used to be a hotel receptionist. So I have a bit of experience dealing with all sorts of clients and their needs."

He nodded. "You have the composure for this line of duty."

For a moment, Daphne couldn't figure out what he meant. Did he mean being a cruise attendant, or the other thing...

"Thank you, sir."

"Is this a fetish of yours?"

Daphne instinctively licked her lips. "Let's just say that I'm not as innocent as I look."

"I like that," he said, containing himself.

"Hopefully I'm not too obvious about my interests. It's something I prefer to keep private."

"Likewise. We're extremely discreet as well."

Daphne nodded. "Then we're on the same page."

"Tell me what you think of my wife" he asked, now rubbing the breasts of the other Dr. Thompson.

He tweaked her nipple and she yelped in response. At this point, the wife smiled up at her husband and touched his forearm as he continued to rub her stiff brown nipples. With her other hand, she persistently circled her clit with two fingers.

"She's gorgeous," Daphne said truthfully. "I'm excited for this."

"She needs to hear more. My wife can be a bit apprehensive about these sorts of encounters. But make no mistake, she loves it. Secretly, she craves these types of encounters. Hearing your compliments may help her relax for what's about to come."

Daphne gulped. "Well, I find older women to be... very .... sexy."

"Go on. Tell her more."

Daphne licked her lips. "Your wife looks delicious. To be honest, I love that she's a doctor. Sorry, but I overheard her talking on the phone yesterday. I love that she's so professional and unassuming. She's beautiful in every way. The fact that she's here, naked in bed, with... you know... a special treat between her legs is just amazing."

"Tell me how it makes you feel to see what I've left between my wife's legs."

The husband was very direct and had really taken command of the situation, for the moment.

Daphne blushed. "I think you know."

"Tell me, I insist."

"It makes me feel... wet. My panties are stained right now."

"Show us," he instructed.

At this point, Mrs. Thompson turned her head to get a good look at the room service girl. Their eyes locked and Daphne could see arousal.

Daphne spread her legs as she remained seated and brought her bare feet up to the cushion. She splayed her legs lewdly. Then, she pulled her skirt so that her white panties were visible to the married couple. The captivated audience added fuel to Daphne's fire, and she tugged her panties to the side to reveal her wetness.

Immediately, she knew they liked what they saw. And why wouldn't they? Daphne's pussy was so young and fresh. It glistened with blatant feminine arousal and the scent of her musk permeated the room.

The husband caressed his wife's breasts as they both laid still, studying the young girl and her very wet pussy.

"My wife's nipples are telling me that the sight of your pussy has aroused her."

The wife stopped masturbating and finally spoke, with a pleasant smile on her face. "Understatement of the year. You're a unique girl. On one hand you seem so proper, and on the other, so naughty."

Daphne's back straightened and she pushed her chest forward. "Thank you, Mrs. Thompson."

"We can see and smell your pussy from here," the wife teased.

Daphne blushed. "I can imagine. My body is pretty responsive and this is extremely stimulating."

"We'd like to see what else you're hiding underneath that uniform," said the female Dr. Thompson. "You're a cutie pie."

All this talk of 'pie' was certainly making Daphne hungry; she had her own craving for a special kind of pie.

"It would be a pleasure to remove my outfit."

Daphne stood before the couple and straightened her outfit, even though she was about to get undressed. It was the first time she had ever gotten naked while performing this duty. It was totally unnecessary, but made perfect sense. An already taboo situation was about to become even more kinky.

She peeled off the top layer, then the bottom. While wearing just her undergarments, Daphne paused and looked at the two as they lay on the bed. The husband and wife both stared, as the husband continued to stroke his wife's ample breasts. Daphne wanted to do her best for this loving couple. She took a deep breath as she removed everything. It wasn't meant to be a slow seduction. None of her moves were particularly sexy or interesting. Daphne wasn't a girl who possessed those moves.

What she did possess, however, was honesty. It was clear that she was nervous and shy about sex, even though she offered her 'cleaning services' to select passengers. And that reluctance was attractive to a lot of people, including the Thompsons, who watched with particular interest. It made Daphne's act of baring her body more enticing.

Daphne finally stood before them as a naked young beauty: thin body, large nipples, small breasts, big clit, and a neat ponytail.

"This might be the highlight of our trip," the husband said. "But we need more light to fully appreciate you. And you can have a better look at what you'll be cleaning this morning."

The husband got out of bed, his wet cock dangling, and pulled back the curtain in the dimly lit room. Sunlight shone on their naked bodies. In the light of day, they all had a good look at each other. While Daphne was usually uncomfortable about her body, this was an easy way for them to get better acquainted. Given the unique circumstances, it did put them all on equal footing. The husband returned to the bed and continued to pet his wife.

Daphne could see they both found her attractive; the couple looked at her as they kissed each other with open mouths. Finally, they broke away from each other and a broad smile appeared on their faces.

"You're even prettier in the sunlight," the wife smiled.

Daphne beamed. "Thank you. I feel the same about you."

"And I love your nipples," the wife added lustfully. "They're so robust and suckable."

Daphne was filled with pride. "Thank you, ma'am."

"I could admire them all morning, but we're supposed to be meeting friends at 9:30 for breakfast. Would you mind performing the service now?"

There was a sincere shyness to her request for the very nasty act. As she asked, Daphne couldn't help but notice that Mrs. Thompson pulled hard on one of her own nipples while Mr. Thompson sucked the other. No matter how respectable they were in their everyday lives as medical professionals, this couple was not prude in the bedroom.

Daphne gulped. "Yes, with pleasure."

None of them were ignorant about the next step and they all got in position. The husband propped himself up on the headboard with his knees bent and parted. The wife assumed the same pose, laying in front of her husband. He hooked his arms under her knees, spreading her widely open, for service. Mrs. Thompson was left completely exposed and unable to move, or even wiggle much. Her dish was ready to be served.

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