tagIncest/TabooI'm in Love with Gentry Ch. 13-17

I'm in Love with Gentry Ch. 13-17


Chapter 13

I would have liked to gone back to bed that morning and had real sex with Gen. I mean, what we had done up to that point was awesome and it was sex and, holy cow, I had some incredible orgasms, but the idea of having my dock inside Gen's pussy just became an obsession with me. I had never before known that experience so, of course, I had no idea what it would be like, but I had an imagination . . . and I imagined that it would be incredible.

Instead, we got out of the shower, dried ourselves, and went downstairs to have breakfast. We were naked but neither of us cared. After having several orgasms, I could actually be around Gen without getting a boner. Well . . . I didn't get a boner for a little while and then I started to get aroused again. I wondered if I could ever get enough sex with Gen. And, we hadn't even had real sex yet.

After breakfast, Gen announced that she was going to the mall with Shelley and she'd probably be gone all day. It suddenly occurred to me that being in love -- or being in heat -- didn't mean that you spent every waking moment together.

Gen got dressed and then told me that Shelley would be arriving soon.

"So, should I put some clothes on?" I teased Gen.

"Only if you don't want the entire town talkin' about us!" she replied.

Gen looked at me like maybe she wasn't sure if I really wanted other people to know. "Hey, I know we've gotta keep it a secret, but . . . part of me wants to get on the roof and scream to the world that I'm in love with Gen!."

"Al, that's a sweet thought but they'd probably lock us up for a long time."

"I know, sweetie. I'll get dressed. I won't tell anyone. It's our secret."

I put on some clothes and decided I might as well go hang out with one of my friends for the day. When Shelley arrived, she mentioned that her brother Dave was home so I gave him a call. We hung out at his house and talked about college and competitions. Dave also ran track and was on the team at his school.

I was there, having a good time with Dave, but I was kinda not there. I kept thinking about Gen and how I wanted to be with her. I had never been so obsessed with a girl and it was so difficult not talking to anybody about it.

Gen didn't get home until after Mom was home. It would have been too suspicious to suggest that Gen spend another night in my bedroom, so we didn't. I wanted her next to me, but I couldn't have her; not then. Chapter 14

Gen started acting like she wanted to slow down a bit. The next day we were alone at the pool. We were naked, as we usually were, and soaking up some sun.

"Al, I'm gonna see Dr. Armstrong next week and start the birth control, so I haven't changed my mind, but . . ."

"But what?" I asked.

"Well . . . if we start playin' around with each other too much, I'm afraid we'll end up doin' it before I'm on the pill, and that could be disastrous. I mean, it would be great to do it with you, but if I got pregnant, the folks would kick us both out of the house. No college for either one of us, no place to go, it would be like our life was over."

"Yeah, I know what you're sayin', but . . .."

"Al, I want to watch you play with yourself while I play with myself. Let's do it together!"

I think Gen was trying to get my mind off my miseries but, what the hell, watching Gen play with herself would be kinda hot, so I said "Let's go for it!"

I got some suntan oil and greased up my pole. I was looking straight at Gen's pussy the entire time. She had her middle finger on her clit and she was rubbing in little circles.

"Al, your dick looks so hard, I can't wait to have it in me." Then, she started moaning softly, rhythmically, seductively, in a crescendo that told me her orgasm was approaching.

"Gen, I wanna cum in your pussy so bad. I wanna stick my dick in you 'til it won't go any deeper and I wanna feel your hot titties against me when you cum." I could feel the manly juices boiling up in me.

"Al, I'm gonna cum . . . uh . . . so hard . . . I need you!" Gen's body was stiff and her back arched so that it lifted off of the lounge. Her pussy was wet and swollen and I could smell her pussy juice.

Her orgasm put me over the edge and I started spurting my seed. "Oh . . . fuck . . . I want you!"

As my arousal subsided, we both lay there quietly. My breathing returned to normal and I was the first to speak.

"That was good, but it wasn't as good as havin' you do it to me."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Al, I'm not tryin' to torture you with this thing, but . . . gettin' knocked up would be horrible now. It's not that I wouldn't wanna . . ."

"What?" I asked with an inquisitive voice.

"Well, Al, I love you, and I know you love me, so it's not like I wouldn't ever wanna have a baby with you, if we could, but . . . just not now."

"Wow, you thought about us havin' a baby?" I was flattered and also stunned. I know it's stupid but I hadn't really considered the possibility of having a child with Gen.

"Al, when a girl is in love and she has sex with her boyfriend, she thinks about babies bein' a possibility . . . or at least she should be thinkin' 'bout that. You know, we're still real young now, but, eventually, yeah, I think I would wanna be a mother. And, if I spend the rest of my life with you, then you'd be the daddy. . . . But we need to do that later."

"Yeah, I know, Gen, I understand, but . . . honey, I just wanna cum in you. I need to be inside you."

"Okay . . . Al, I think I can help you . . . and me, too. Right now, Mom's gonna be home in less than 30 minutes, so we don't have time for anything now. And this is Friday, so we won't have a chance to do anything tomorrow or the next day, 'cause Mom and Dad'll be home all day. And Mom'll be home Monday, 'cause that's when Aunt Susie's comin'. But . . . Monday night, I'll be 'sentenced' to spendin' the night in your bedroom and . . . if you're a really good boy between now and then . . . I'll let you stick it in me back here."

As she was uttering the last sentence, Gen rolled over on her stomach and reach back with her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart. I had a brief glance at her pink pucker and I immediately thought about how tight it would be. My dick was instantly hard again and I wasn't sure that it wouldn't stay that way for the next three days.

Chapter 15

Saturday and Sunday lasted forever and ever. The only opportunity to do anything came from the fact that the bathroom we shared was between our bedrooms; it was what some people call a Jack and Jill bathroom. There was no doorway from the hall into the bathroom, just a door from my bedroom and a door from her bedroom.

Gen was almost paranoid about our folks catching us, so she didn't want to just have both of us disappear into the bathroom for awhile. If we had both bedroom doors locked, it would look too suspicious; that's what Gen said. I guess she was right, but I was still horny.

The compromise was that we could both go in the bathroom and she would play with herself while I watched and then I would play with myself while she watched. It was still pretty hot to watch Gen with a vibrator in her pussy but seeing it just made me want more. And jerking off while she watched was kinda hot, too, but . . . I wanted more. After she masturbated, Gen told me I was just way too horny for my own good, then she stuck her index finger in her pussy before she stuck the same finger in my mouth. Did I mention that she drove me insane?

Monday finally arrived and I knew that something would be happening with Gen and me that night. Aunt Susie got to our house around 2:00 PM. Susie was a younger version of Mom, about 10 years younger. Susie was about 30 years old and very fit. She was about 5'4", 120 pounds, blonde hair (though I wasn't sure that she was a natural blonde), green eyes, and what I guessed was about 34C boobs. She was very attractive -- not glamorous like a movie star, but pretty like she had been runner-up for homecoming queen or something. She was witty and didn't talk down to Gen and me; she treated us more like we were her peers and it was very flattering. She had never married and I guess it was because she liked 'playing the field.'

We all sat in the family room for a few hours talking and telling stories. Mom told Aunt Susie that she'd be staying in Gen's room.

"Oh, Gen, it's been a long time since I had a roommate. I hope I don't snore too loud for you," Susie said.

"Oh, Susie, Gen only has a single bed in her room and the room isn't big enough for us to put the inflatable mattress on the floor in there, so we're gonna put it in Al's room and Gen can sleep in there."

"Oh . . . you don't mind, do you, Gen? Cause if you do, I think I wouldn't mind sharin' a room with Al!" Susie teased Gen with a sly smile on her face. To me, it wasn't obvious whether she was teasing or coyly expression some suspicions.

"Well, if you'd ever heard Al snorin', you might not say that, but . . . I'm such a sound sleeper, nothin' keeps me awake, so . . . I'll manage," Gen replied, diplomatically trying to sweep Susie's innuendo under the rug. "And, if it does bother me, I'll send Al down to your room, unless you were just jokin' about that."

"That's alright, dear. You just keep him in his room where he belongs," Susie replied.

We got Susie settled into Gen's room and she unpacked her bags. She had brought a few gifts for us, including two bottles of wine which she suggested that we have with the dinner Mom had prepared.

Gen and I weren't accustomed to drinking but we were eager to be included and be treated like adults. Mom was a little reluctant to let us have the wine, but Dad and Susie said it should be okay because we weren't going anywhere after dinner.

We finally ate around 7 o'clock and Mom's lasagna was fantastic. Mom didn't drink that much wine so it was shared by Dad, Susie, Gen and me. It seems like Susie didn't actually drink that much, either, and I wondered if she was wanting to see us under the influence but, I didn't care. I figured that if Gen was a bit tipsy, things in the bedroom might be a bit easier.

I was feeling a bit lightheaded myself. I normally take a shower in the morning but with Susie in the house and Mom and Dad showering, too, I figured the hot water wouldn't last. So, after dinner, I suggested that I was going to go take a shower. Gen said that sounded like a good idea, too. I think she was afraid that if she stayed around the others, they'd see that she was a little bit smashed.

"I'll be up in a minute," Gen said as I headed up the stairs towards my bedroom. I was undressing in the bedroom when Gen entered.

Chapter 16

"Did you lock the bathroom door into my bedroom?" Gen asked as she locked my bedroom door behind her.

"Of course," I replied.

"Well, they think I'm in here waitin' on you to finish a shower, both the doors are locked, and they're downstairs yackin' non-stop, so . . . how 'bout a shower together?" she asked.

"Yeah!" I responded with obvious enthusiasm in my voice.

"Al, you've gotta be the horniest guy I've ever known," Gen said. She was not complaining as this was her idea.

My underwear hit the floor and I was naked in front of my sister. I had a boner and I wanted to stick in some part of her body and cum.

"Do you need some help?" I inquired, hoping for an affirmative answer.

"Well, let's see . . .." Gen was wearing a tee shirt and she started pulling it up. When she got it up under her armpits, it seemed like she was having a little difficulty.

"Okay, sit down on the bed and I'll help you," I told her.

"Okay," was her reply as she immediately did what I requested. I pulled the tee shirt over her head. Gen was wearing a simple bra that lifted her small breasts and gave her a slight amount of cleavage that had me turned on.

"Lay back," I said as I gently pushed her back onto the mattress. "Now, lift up a little," I said as I began to pull her shorts down. Gen's matching bikini panty was not transparent but I could see a cameltoe through the fabric.

"Looks like somebody's a little wet," I said as I stared at her crotch. "Okay, now roll over so I can unfasten your bra."

Again, she immediately replied. I wasted no time in releasing her boobs from their confines. She lifted up and pulled the bra straps down her arms, then she fell back into the mattress.

"Are you gonna pass out?" I inquired. I was afraid that maybe nothing was gonna happen that night and I was way too horny to be comfortable with waiting.

"No, I'm just very relaxed. Al, I know what I said we would do tonight, and I want us to do that, but . . . you gotta understand that I've never done anythin' like this before and . . . it's a little scary, so . . . please go slow and . . . if I say stop, please stop whatever you're doin'. Okay?"

"Gen, I love you, and . . . it's true that I'm pretty horny now, but . . . I still love you and I don't wanna do anything to hurt you, so . . . just relax and everything will be just fine," I tried to reassure her. "Now, climb up on the bed so you're completely on the mattress."

As soon as she got repositioned on the bed, I placed my fingers under the elastic of her panties and started pulling them down. She lifted her hips to make the job easier and I had her panties on the floor within a few seconds.

I climbed up on the bed and straddled her knees with mine, then I leaned forward so that I could kiss the back of her neck and her ear. As I leaned forward, my hard dick came to rest on the crack of her ass and started pushing against her buns.

"You're not tryin' to stick it in me right now, are you?" she asked.

"No, sweety, I just wanna kiss on you first."

"Okay," she said with a more relaxed tone of voice.

I kissed her shoulders and the base of her neck and then I kissed her in the middle of her back, right on top of her spine. I lifted up so I could kiss her a little lower and then I started scooting back so that I could continue downward with my kisses.

"Al, you're so good to me," Gen said. "Keep goin'."

I took that to mean that she sensed where I was headed and she approved of my travel plans, so I continued kissing down to the small of her back. When I got there, I paused to lick around both sides of her back and down to where her butt crack began.

"Hmmm," she moaned softly.

I could smell the earthy aroma of her aroused pussy and I assumed that Gen, as much as me, needed to have some sexual relief. Her moan made me even hornier and I scooted a few inches lower. I placed my hands on her butt cheeks and slowly pulled them apart until I could see Gen's anal orifice.

I have never in my life wanted to fuck a hole so badly as I wanted to fuck her ass right at that moment. First, I was relieved that her asshole was clean (I had kinda worried about that) and, then, I was so turned on looking at it. It was pink and puckered and the hole in the middle looked like a tiny vagina; it was just like a tiny slit that went up and down, vertically. I felt a tightness in my balls and a pressure that demanded to be released. But . . . this was my sister and this was the girl who I loved and I didn't want to rush anything to hurt her . . . and I didn't want to rush anything and screw up my chance to have my dick in Gen's ass.

I blew my warm breath at her anus and moved my lips closer. As my lips touched her butt cheeks, I began licking on one side of her pucker and then on the other. After a few seconds, Gen started thrusting her ass towards my face as if she was eager to have my tongue at the very center of what I called the south welcome center.

When I finally thought I had teased her enough, I stuck my tongue directly on her pink rose and pushed in as hard as I could.

"Oh my gawd!" she muttered softly. "Hmmm . . . hmmm." She began moaning softly.

I started trying to push my hand underneath her and she lifted up to give me access to her pussy. My right hand soon found her clit and began rubbing little circles around its base while I continued to lick on her ass.

"That . . . feels . . . so . . . good," she managed to say with great effort. "Don't stop!"

"Get up on your knees like when you play with yourself," I said.

"Only if you'll keep doin' that," she responded. Without waiting for my answer, she got up on her knees and then lowered her shoulders back down to the mattress.

I continued playing with her clit while I licked on her ass for a few seconds and then I placed my left middle finger at the top of her butt crack and began sliding it down towards her anus. When my finger reached her asshole, her moans got louder.

"Stick it in me," she demanded.

I began pushing the tip of my finger against her anus and it soon relaxed enough to allow my finger passage. I stopped licking and began thrusting my middle finger in and out of her back door while I diddled her clit relentlessly.

"I wish I could suck on your nipples at the same time," I said. I knew Gen enough to understand that dirty talk got her aroused even more. "When my finger comes out, my dick's goin' in," I declared.

Gen's moaning started getting louder and I was starting to get concerned about somebody else hearing us. "Gen, you can't be so loud," I warned her as I continued playing with her on the front and back.

"I can't fuckin' help it," she responded.

"Maybe we should get in the shower so it'll cover up the noise," I suggested.

"I don't wanna stop . . ." she started to explain,

"But I don't wanna get busted," I instantly replied.

I got off the bed and pulled her up to a sitting position. "Let's get in the shower an' finish what we started!" I said.

Gen smiled at me and stood. She entered the bathroom and I heard the shower start. "It'll be warm in just a minute and then we'll get in and finish."

Fortunately, the shower was a separate shower stall and not just a shower head above a bathtub. It was big enough for two people, although we had never before shared a shower. Gen reached in and felt the water warming up, so she got in. I didn't need an invitation and I followed behind her.

I reached up and turned the shower head so that it wouldn't spray us much, not directly anyway. I grabbed the bar of soap and worked up a lather in my hands. "Spread your feet apart a little and bend over at the waist," I directed.

When Gen was in position, I reached down and started "washing" her ass. I moved my right hand all over one cheek and then the other, allowing my fingers to reach the depth of her ass crack and to trace lightly across her puckered entrance. Each time my fingertip reached her anus, she moaned.

"Oh, yeah, do me there!" she demanded.

I brought the fingertip of my middle finger to rest on her orifice. I began to press in and I felt her pushing back, trying to hasten my violation of her most private entrance. What I was doing felt absolutely wicked. I knew that if my Dad walked in the bathroom at that instant, he would have shot me; if my Mom had walked in, she would have fainted. Consequences didn't matter. I was overcome with lust. Gen wanted me to fuck her in the ass and I was determined to do it. I had watched enough porn to know that finger fucking her ass would loosen her up and make it easier for me to get my dick in her back door.

"Gen, play with your clit while I finger your ass. You'll probably cum like a bomb explodin' in ya!"

Gen had her arms against the shower wall to maintain her balance but she moved her right arm and put her hand between her legs. I could feel the movement in her body as she started to diddle her clit.

"Oh, fuck, Al. I don't know if I can wait another month. I want you do bad!" Gen exclaimed.

"Tell me what you want, Gen. You know I wanna fuck you right now but only if you wanna do it!"

"Do me back there, Al!" Gen pleaded.

I knew what she meant but I thought her resolve might not last much longer, so I asked, "Tell me what you want, Gen," hoping to get a different answer.

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