tagMind ControlImagine Having Sex with any Woman Ch. 03

Imagine Having Sex with any Woman Ch. 03


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Imagine Having Hot Sex Any Woman #3

The art of concentrating and focusing to use more than 10% of our brain.

Continued from Chapter 2:

Once you master my technique and once you're able to concentrate and focus your brainwaves, it doesn't matter how close or how far away the woman of your desire is. Some people have this innate ability to see, imagine, and visualize others far away and others need practice to even recall and conjure up their next door neighbor. If you're not clearly seeing her, then close your eyes, concentrate, focus, relax, and breathe. Breathe deeply and let it out slowly. Breathing correctly is crucial to you relaxing enough to see her.

"That's so weird that you called," said your one and only love. "Seemingly out of the clear blue, I don't know why but I was just thinking of you."

How many times have you heard that? How many times has that happened to you? Just in the way when you're looking at someone who is facing the other way and as if they saw you looking, they turn around to look at you. How many times has that happened to you? I bet a lot. That's your brainwaves tapping them on the shoulder and bumping around in their head.

Chapter 3:

Now, being that you've already imagined her a thousand times in all manner of undress while masturbating yourself, this should be easy for you. Imagine her wearing clothes. Imagine her totally dressed. Imagine her looking so hot and so sexy with all that she's wearing.

Don't worry about her husband, her boyfriend, or her significant other interfering or being possessively jealous enough to hurt you or kill you. They're gone. They're all gone. They're not there. They're not even in the picture, at least not part of your picture. It's just you and her. They have no idea that you're cerebrally connected with her. They're not part of your imagination unless you want them to be. There's no one here but you and her.

Now imagine her wearing dress pants with a blouse, jeans with a crop top, or a short skirt with a low cut blouse. This is your sexual fantasy and not her sexual fantasy. It's up to you to dress her anyway that you'd like her to be dressed. Go ahead. You may dress her however you'd like to dress her. As long as you continued breathing, relaxing, concentrating, and focusing, it's all up to you.

Put her in a bikini if you'd prefer, a sexy bikini that shows a good part of her breasts and much of her exposed ass cheeks. Only, let's not get her topless of naked, just yet. Why rush things? Enjoy the moment. You have plenty of time to see her without her clothes later.

Besides, unless you've already sent her your brainwaves, unless you're already cerebrally connected with her, the woman you're imagining doesn't even know that you're imagining her. She doesn't have a clue. She doesn't know you're imagining her wearing dress pants and a blouse, jeans and a crop top, a short skirt with a low cut blouse, or even a bikini. She has no idea that you're about to imagine her in her bra and panties, topless, and naked. She has no idea that you're hoping to imagine having sex with her. It's as if you're peeping on her through her mind.

Depending on who you're imagining, someone you know or a stranger, she may not even know who you are. Even when you truly visualize her by concentrating and focusing your thoughts, the woman you're imagining may not even know you're there seeing her. Unless she's as connected to you as you are to her, she may not know that you're looking at her, staring at her, ogling her, spying on her, and watching her in your mind's eye. As if you're peeping in her window, as if you're spying on her, isn't this how you'd prefer seeing her anyway?

Moreover, giving you a little competition, maybe someone else, other men, who had already read this story, are imagining the woman of your lustful desires without her clothes too. Working both ways, maybe someone else, other men, who have already read his story, are imagining your wife, your girlfriend, and/or your significant other without their clothes too. Again, working both ways, maybe your wife, your girlfriend, and/or you significant other, who have already read this story and mastered my mind controlling, brainwave technique, are imagining other men naked while having sex with them. Maybe someone is even imagining you naked while having sex with your naked body.

"Wow! How hot is that?"

Yet, no matter, as if you have a Wi-Fi running from your mind to her brain, you don't need a private line to make a cerebral connection. It's all in your mind. It's all in your head. Nonetheless, even though it's imagined, the more you concentrate, focus, breathe, and relax, the more you'll see of her and the more you'll sexually experience of her as if she's actually there with you in the flesh.

Now that you've imagined her and now that she's standing there in front of you, however you imagined her dressed or undressed, she's as real as you imagine her to be. Tell me. What is she wearing? You decide but tell me how you decided to dress her. Is she dressed casually or is she dressed as if she about the walk the red carpet at the Oscar's? This is your chance to dress her in the way you always wanted to dress your girlfriend, your significant other, or your wife.

"I'm not going to wear that? I'll look like a whore. I'll look like a prostitute," said your girlfriend, significant other, or your wife when you gave her that box from Frederick's of Hollywood. "You can see right through this. Everyone can see every part of me. My tits, my pussy, and my ass are totally visible and on display."

### SamanthaJacquelineStephenson ###

Now that you have her there in front of you, kiss her. Go ahead. Don't be shy. Trust me. Why are you so afraid to kiss her? Nothing more than a figment of your over active imagination, she's not real. She's just an image that you've imagined. Yet, the more you concentrate, focus, breathe, and relax the realer she'll be. So, go ahead and kiss her. She's not going to bite you, kick you, or hit you. She's not going to turn her head away or turn you down. It's just a kiss, one lousy, little kiss albeit your first kiss.

If she does anything, she's going to return your kiss. If she does anything, she's going to kiss you with as much sexual passion as you kiss her. Then, once you kiss her, once you part her lips with your tongue, and French kiss her while feeling her through her clothes, she won't mind. Chances are, she'd probably enjoy you touching her and feeling her while kissing her. By then, she'd be all yours to do everything you've always imagined sexually doing with her.

"Wow, that was one Hell of a kiss. You're such a romantic. I saw you close your eyes. I watched you tilt your head as if you were really kissing her."

Isn't this great? Isn't this unbelievable? And to think that you didn't believe me. You doubted me and my claim that you, too, could have hot sex with any woman. You didn't think you could have hot sex with any woman, did you? You thought I was just making this all up to trick you, deceive you, and fool you. Now, you know all that I have said is real for as long as you relax, breath, concentrate, and focus.

The first time this happened to me, I couldn't believe it either. Now, it's your turn. Now that she's here standing before you, you're free to do whatever you'd sexually like to do with her.

Isn't she pretty? Doesn't she smell nice? What perfume is she wearing? You decide. Pick your favorite perfume, splash some on her, and inhale her.

### SamanthaJacquelineStephenson ###

Here we go. Now instead of imagining her fully dressed, imagine her wearing her sexy low cut bra and bikini panties. Being that you love tits and would love to touch, feel, and fondle her breasts while sucking her nipples, maybe you'd prefer imagining her topless. Being that you'd love to lick her, finger her, and fuck her pussy while feeling her naked ass, maybe you'd rather imagine her naked.

Seeing her naked would really be something worth seeing, wouldn't it? Seeing the woman of your dreams in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked without her even knowing that you've seen her without her clothes would be unbelievable, wouldn't it? With the grass always greener on the other side of the fence, you imagining someone else's woman naked and having sex with their woman while perhaps, they imagine your woman naked and having sex with your woman is magical. A miracle of the mind, as long as you believe you can have hot sex with the woman of your dreams, you can.

You're a swinger in your own mind. Yet, just as it's an unbelievable fantasy now, once you master my technique, this may be a fantastic reality one day and every day in the very near future. You may be able to imagine any number of women naked while having sex with them. How would you like to strip naked a different woman every night and have sex with them?

Now, while imagining her fully dressed, let's have some real fun. Imagined slowly undressing her. Slowly. Jesus, slow down. Her clothes aren't on fire. Take your time, otherwise you'll ruin the sexual fantasy. This is your moment to do everything right.

Enjoy the moment. Don't allow your mind to wander. Concentrate on her, just her. Stay focused while unbuttoning one, slow button of her low cut blouse at a time.

Concentrate. Breathe. Relax. Focus. You're about to see the woman of your dreams in her bra and panties. You're about to see the woman of your dreams topless. You're about to see the woman of your dreams naked but only if you concentrate hard enough, stay focused long enough, breathe, and relax. If you don't concentrate, focus, breathe, and relax, you'll be knocked out of your brainwave connection faster than you can say, "Fuck!"

Now imagine undressing her. Imagine yourself slowly stripping off her clothes. Yes, all of them but not all at once. Take your time. Enjoy undressing her. Just undress her without touching her or feeling her.

She's wearing a button blouse. Do you see her buttons? There are five of them. Unbutton her buttons slowly to savor the moment. Slower. Take your time. Enjoy the moment and feel the rush.

As soon as you unbutton one button, look to see what you can see of her before unbuttoning the next button. What do you see? Tell me. Do you see the tops of her breasts? Do you see her cleavage? Do you see her sexy, low cut bra?

Let's help your imagination along by thinking of her in color instead of in black and white. What color is her blouse? Is it white, yellow, pink, blue, green, multi-colored, striped, checked, plaid, or a pattern of some sort?

Imagine her standing in front of you with her arms by her side while waiting for you to reach out and touch her, feel her, and fondle her through her clothes. As if she's a mannequin in a department store, she's looking at you, just you, while waiting for you to undress her. She's smiling at you while waiting for you to unbutton her blouse. With her not thinking of anyone else but you, her smile is just for you.

Now, imagine unbuttoning her blouse and exposing the tops of her breasts, her long line of sexy cleavage, and the top of her sexy, low cut her bra to your horny but grateful eyes. Go ahead. Do it. Slowly unbutton her blouse as if she gave you permission to unbutton her blouse and undress her. Unbutton one slow button of her blouse at a time while looking to see what each unbuttoned button reveals.

This is your sexual fantasy and not her sexual fantasy. Who knows? Maybe she already had a sexual fantasy about undressing you too. Maybe she's already stripped you naked and now it's your turn to strip her naked too.

Now that her blouse is unbuttoned, remove her blouse and don't even bother folding it. Just toss it on the bed or on the floor. It doesn't matter. It's not a real blouse, just an imaginary one.

Touch her for you to discern that she's real. Feel her skin. Touch her shoulder, her arm, and/or her back. Doesn't her skin feel soft? Now, imagine unbuttoning her dress pants, her tight jeans, or her short skirt and removing them to expose her panties.

Oh, my God. If it wasn't enough that you conjured her up and summoned her to you, if it wasn't enough you seeing her in her bra, now you're seeing her in her panties too. You must be so sexually excited seeing her in her bra and panties. Finally, you're seeing the woman of your dreams in her underwear.

Tell me. What color panties is she wearing? Pastel? Printed? Multi-colored? Stripped. Printed. What style panties is she wearing? Bikini? Thong? Full cut? Briefs? Hipsters? Boy shorts? You decide whatever you'd like her to wear.

While you're looking at her in her bra and panties, what else can you see? Look more closely. Go ahead. It's okay to stare. What do you see? Tell me.

Do you see her pussy mound? Do you see her pussy slit and her camel toe? Do you see any pubic hair peeking out from the sides of her panties? How hot is that seeing your dream woman in her sexy, low cut bra and revealing, sheer, bikini panties?

### SamanthaJacquelineStephenson ###

You did it. Congratulations. I'm so proud of you. You imagined her. There's your dream woman standing before you in her in her sexy bra and panties. Tell me what you see.

What color bra and panties do you imagine her wearing? And don't say white or black. Those aren't even colors. White and black are good for cars but not for bras and panties. Be more creative, especially when imagining her sexy bras and her skin tight panties.

"She's wearing light blue matching bra and panties," said Bob.

Now take a step back and look at her, really look at her. Look more closely at her. That's right. You imagined her. As if you're a warlock, a magician, or a wizard, you created her by conjuring her up to stand before you. She's here in her bra and panties because of you, only you and no one else.

While regulating your breathing and relaxing, she's all yours for as long as you can continue to concentrate hard enough and focus long enough to keep her there with you. Whatever you imagine her doing, she'll do. Think of her as your sexual slave. Think of her as your animated Japanese robot, the new version that comes with artificial intelligence. You may do whatever you'd like to do with her. Just as you're sexually up for that, she is too.

The more you focus and the more you concentrate on keeping her there with you, the more fun you'll have with her. Think of her as if you've hypnotized her. Think of her as if you put a spell on her. Think of her as if you're in complete control of her and have mesmerized her with not only your thoughts but also with your cock.

Speaking of cock, being that you've gone this far with your sexual fantasy, imagine yourself having a bigger, thicker, and harder cock. What the Hell? Why not? No one will know. It's just between us. I'd never tell anyone that the size of your cock is not real and something that's just in your mind.

Why not go all the way? Why not imagine yourself having a big, thick, black cock? Would you like that? Would you like to know what it feels like to be a well, endowed black man? Go ahead and imagine yourself as a white man with a black cock, it's okay. It doesn't matter. This is your sexual fantasy and our little secret, actually our big secret.

Now imagine that you can make your dream woman do sexually anything that you'd like her to do. Sexually anything. Absolutely, sexually anything. She'll do whatever you imagine her doing. Go ahead. Give it a try. Have her bark like a dog.

"Woof! Woof!"

Have her jump up and down while bouncing her tits inside of her bra. Have her do jumping jacks. Have her do a handstand. No, don't ask her to remove her bra and panties. Not yet. What's the rush? We have plenty of time for that. Take your time. Enjoy the moment. The longer you wait to see her topless and/or naked the more excited you'll be.

Seriously, if you had your dream woman in this position and could make her do anything, what would you have her do to you? Would you have her kiss you? Touch you? Feel you? Fondle you? Stroke you? Suck you? Fuck you? This is too good to believe but this is as real as you continue to imagine it is. You may never have to leave your house again to get laid.

### SamanthaJacquelineStephenson ###

Tell me. What do you imagine her sexually doing to your naked body? Would you want her to give you a hand job where you cum all over her hand? Would you want her to kneel before you, suck you, and allow you to cum in her mouth? Would you want her to allow you to give her a cum bath with you cumming all over her face, in her hair, and across her naked breasts? Imagine your cum dripping from her hair, her eyebrows, her nose, her lips, and her chin. So much cum, you ejaculated so much cum. You really gave her quite the cum bath.

"Oh, my God, how hot is that? Imaging her being attached to someone. Imagine her being someone else's girlfriend, significant other, or wife? How hot is giving someone else's girlfriend, significant other, or wife a cum bath. Now, every time you see them together at the mall, in their car, or at a restaurant you'll always envision her sitting there with your cum dripping from her face."

Forget the cum bath, what about you fucking her? Be honest, isn't that is what this is all about, you making love to her before fucking her. Wouldn't you like to be in bed naked with her? Wouldn't you like to be on top of her pounding her pussy with your erect prick? Wouldn't you love to have her sitting on your cock while she fucks you? Wouldn't you love to see her big tits bouncing up and down and side to side while she waves her hands in the air as if she's in a rodeo riding a bucking horse?

"Who's the man? You're the man, Bob. This is your sexual fantasy."

Tell me. I want to know. Would you want to fuck her in the missionary position or doggie style? Would you rather be on the top or on the bottom? If she's on the bottom, imagine fucking her hard, so hard that her big, naked breasts are bouncing up and down and swaying from side-to-side. If she's on the top, imagine her sitting on your cock. Imagined her bouncing on your stiff prick. Imagine her tits bouncing up and down and swaying from side-to-side while she humps you just as hard as you hump her.

Imagine the sounds she'd make. Imagine her screams of pleasure. Imagine the sexual sounds and sexy noises she'd make while you're making love to her before you're fucking her, really fucking her. Oh, yeah. Imagine pounding her pussy. Really pounding her pussy until she cums long and hard.

"Bob! Oh, Bob. I'm cumming," said your dream woman. "Don't stop. Please don't stop. I'm cumming. Fuck me! Fuck me, Bob! I'm cumming. Fuck me harder. Fuck me faster. I'm cumming Bob. I'm cumming."

Imagine the sounds and facial expressions she'd make while having a vaginal orgasm. I bet you'd love to give her an orgasm with your fingers, your tongue, and your cock. Someone as beautiful and as sexy as she is deserving of having multiple orgasms, don't you agree? How many times do you think you could finger her, eat her, lick her, and fuck the woman of your dreams in the course of one day? If she was my woman, I'd never let her out of bed other than to use the toilet, take a shower, and eat. For as long as you can imagine her, Bob, she's your personal, private, sexual prisoner.

"Stop! No more. Wait. Please stop. I beg you. I can't possibly have another orgasm. Six orgasms in one day is plenty enough for me," said your dream woman while looking at you as if you're her sexual God. "Oh, my God, Bob. You're insatiable and I love that you are."

Do you think she does anal? If she does, would you want her to give you anal sex? Would you like to fuck your dream woman in her ass? Do you imagine fucking her from behind? Can you just see yourself fucking her ass while fondling her breasts and fingering her nipples? Can you imagine the screams she'd make while your ramming her big, black prick in her tight, white ass?

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