Imagine There's Still Love Ch. 07


They cuddled until she slept, leaving Jon to lie awake and listen to her breathing. And as he spooned to her back, he was left wondering what was happening to them. There were so many parts of their new sex life that were beyond what he had dreamed about. There was so much pleasure to be had, so much satisfaction to be experienced, but there were also things to be afraid of. The other men she used to make him jealous? The humiliation? The exhibitionism? His passion for another woman? It was exciting to be sure, but he was afraid of it too.

Work on Thursday started early and was a fervent sprint to the finish. There were only about two hundred times during the day when he seriously considered canceling his Friday off, but each time Angela was able to talk him down and assure him that they could manage without him. She found time to contact each of his golf buddies and arrange a 10:30AM tee time for Sunday morning at the country club, and then badgered him into leaving work by six.

When Jon got home that evening, all of the women were waiting for him. All of the women but Lucy, that is.

"Hello Slave," Carol said immediately as he entered the house.

"Hello Mistress," he quickly answered as he looked nervously around for his wife.

"There is a note from your Goddess on the kitchen counter," she said with a gesture of her hand, "but the ladies would each like to welcome you first."

This was interesting. He nodded, set his briefcase down, and stepped forward. Rose kissed him deeply and removed his coat. Judith almost inhaled his mouth and removed his tie. It became obvious what the welcoming entailed. After each of the women had a number of opportunities to remove an article of his clothing and assault him in some way, and Jon stood naked in the living room except for the device on his straining penis, Carol motioned to the kitchen.

Jon stepped in through the swinging doors and picked up the note. His heart sunk just a bit as he began to read it.

Hi Baby,

I have 'girlfriend duty' with one of the boys in the neighborhood

tonight, and probably tomorrow night as well. Since I have school

tomorrow, I plan on being home at a reasonable hour unless other

needs a-RISE! (if you know what I mean?) Carol will explain

your schedule for the next two days. I so love that my friends can

enjoy you, but I find it difficult to observe some of your service to

them, and I think they have more fun if I am not around. I do not

enjoy the jealousy the way you do, so you may not see much of me

until the collaring. I love you very much. Make me proud giving

yourself to my friends.

Love G!

He had been afraid she would not be there again while the women had their way with him. It was thrilling to have this commanding harem take charge of him the way they did, but a lot of the enjoyment was lost in the knowledge that Lucy was not a part of his play and that he was not a part of hers. The most important part of the whole idea of the sexual experiences with others needed to be that he and Lucy shared it with each other. That part of the dynamic was not going the way he wanted.

Well, that was not true. The sex he and Lucy had shared lately was beyond his wildest dreams. He could not ask for more than that, could he? He had to admit that he really enjoyed the outcome. The problem was how hard it was for him to get there. What he really had to make her understand was that although she enjoyed seeing his jealousy, he did not really enjoy it at all. It ripped him apart inside to imagine what might be going on with whatever 'girlfriend duty' might mean. He stood looking at the note, fighting the pain, wondering one more time about the yellow brick road he was on, or if the visions of Oz that he had been experiencing were worth staying the course.

"Are you ready Slave?" Carol asked in her Mistress voice as she stepped up beside him.

He crumpled the note up in his fist and tossed it across the room, nodded gently at the floor as he turned to her.

"Yes Mistress," he whispered.

"What's the matter Jon?" Carol asked, her voice suddenly soft and caring.

The sound of her voice, and the sudden softness of her expression, brought about the same sense of fondness he had experienced the night before. He tried to guard his heart against the feelings for Carol that were building inside of him, but it was a very real challenge for him. His mind was in turmoil once more, a whole new problem. It could not be love he felt for her. Could it? He loved only Lucy. He was sure if it. What he was feeling had to be something else. It had to be the complicated mental aspects of the dominant and submissive nature of their relationship that was confusing him. That had to be it.

"I'm just confused, Mistress," he said.

"Thinking about your Goddess...or are you thinking about yourself?" she asked.

Her words struck him like a slap across the face, cascading his thoughts in a whole new quandary. What was he feeling, and who was he thinking about? She was right. This was not supposed to be about him. This was supposed to be about...who? It was supposed to be about the one he was serving. He was confused about a lot of things, but not about that. He might decide to step off the path at some point, but if he was going to keep walking then he was going to do the job right.

"Thinking about you, Mistress," he said as he turned to her.

She smiled and caressed his face.

"That's nice. I know that some of this is very hard for you, isn't it Slave?"

"Yes it is," he replied.

"Does anything worth having or doing come easy? Shouldn't great pleasure require some kind of sacrifice...maybe even a great sacrifice?"

It was like a light going on his head. He felt inspired suddenly, and perhaps more than a little foolish that he needed to be reminded of such a simple truth. He also felt as though he understood her better, and it felt nice to have some part of him belong to her. It was good to completely belong where he was at that moment, doing what he was doing, and with whom. Jon quickly kissed her on the cheek.

"You're right. Thanks Carol," he said. "I needed that."

"You're welcome Jon. Any time you need to talk...the nurse is always in for you. And...I have a surprise."

Carol held the small key up on a gold chain around her neck.

"Your Mistress and Goddess have decided that you will be released for the entire week-end. You are free to have as many orgasms as you many as you can anyway. You are not allowed to masturbate of course, and the girls have all agreed to make every effort to not let you cum if they can help it, but I do know that accidents can and do happen on occasion when a healthy man like you is being ass-fucked or having his cock sucked on. The Orajel and three rubbers with cotton will be applied before any and all penetration, of course. I'm sure there will be a great deal of oral service, if you know what I mean?"

There was a moment of other body awareness for Jon, like he was two people inside of himself at the same time. It was funny, and also so arousing, to be talking about the freedom and control of his sex like this with Carol as though they were planning a week-end vacation with each other.

"I know what you mean," he answered with a chuckle.

"Good. Now let's get your plastic sleeve off of you...your plastic pussy, as Lucy likes to call it."

Jon felt his face flush as she grabbed hold of his device with one hand and took the gold chain from her neck with the other. He was not sure if he felt the embarrassment more from being handled that way or from the vulgar words that were used to describe the device he was forced to wear. She seemed quite capable as she quickly dispatched the tube and retainer, and there was an immediate reaction as his erection started to stand out proudly.

"That was quick," Carol chuckled.

"I've always been pretty quick that way," Jon replied.

"So I've been told. That's the main reason Lucy makes you wear it, you know? She says you have a really hard time keeping your hands off.

"That's true."

"Well, the girls and I will make every effort to help you with that this week-end. Now why don't you follow mw into the living room?"

Jon followed obediently behind her, then blushed again when the other ladies cheered loudly as he and Carol joined them.

"So here is how the week-end will go," Carol explained in a loud voice to get everyone's attention. "For the rest of the night...until midnight that is...we will share one of those group dates from the Bachelor only in reverse."

All of the ladies laughed and cheered again until Carol raised her hand, holding up a deck of cards. Slowly they quieted down again.

"We're going to draw cards for some personal time with Jon tonight. High card gets ten minutes with him, then he returns for five minutes with the group. If you want to take him in the bedroom you can, but you have to have him back within the ten minutes. Agreed?"

The ladies nodded and shrugged agreement and chattered amongst themselves.

"What if one of us gets lucky all the time?" Jackie asked.

"The winner each time is excluded from the next draw." Carol answered.

The ladies seemed to nod in agreement again.

"So from now until midnight we will share him like this...we rotate with him ten minutes at a time. If you win you can share him if you want, but after ten minutes he will be brought back to the group.

She waited until the gaggle quieted down again.

"At Midnight we will have a final drawing. The lady to draw the high card gets him from midnight until six AM, with the understanding that he gets to sleep for three of those hours during that time. You get to sleep with him of course. The second high card gets him from six until noon, with the same understanding that he gets to sleep for three hours. The next lady gets from noon until six tomorrow, and the last lady gets him from six until midnight. Now you are free to stay for the whole time, or leave and come back for your time's up to you. Any questions?"

"What do you get?" asked Rose.

"I get him from Midnight tomorrow until time for his collaring on Saturday."

"Why do you get him for so long?"

"Because I am the Mistress," she replied confidently.

They chattered again, but they all agreed to the plan.

If the arrangement seemed to satisfy all of them, it was infinitely better for Jon. It seemed far easier than what he had endured the previous week-end. He was getting more and more into the kind of sub-space mentally that his service to them required, and it sounded like he was going to be promised more sleep than he got last time as well. He was certain that he knew what each woman specifically was going to want from him, and he stilled his mind on those tasks for ten minutes at a time for the next five hours. There were more questions about the six hour stints with each of them, and he could not organize his mind around that until he saw who got what time slot.

Certainly it was going to be a busy next two days, but he was beginning to forget everything else but his service and get his mind around what he must do.

There was one huge elephant in the room, however. Carol got him last. She got him for more than eighteen hours straight. She was the one who had all of the experience, and he had already learned that she could have some very cruel kinks to her dominance. A part of him loved her, but a part of him was more afraid of her than all of the others combined.

Carrie drew a queen first, and quickly and silently took Jon by the hand and led him into the extra bedroom. He expected her to want to visit a little bit, but she quickly grabbed his face and kissed him long and hard for almost thirty seconds. When she abruptly pulled away and bent to push her panties to the floor he just stared silently at her. Spinning around and pulling her dress up, she leaned against the side of the bed.

"I know we have been friends for a long time Jon," she exclaimed, "but right now I really need ten minutes of your tongue on my cunt and ass."

Jon lowered himself to his knees, reaching his arms around the thick legs of one of his wife's oldest friends as he stuck out his tongue and pulled himself into the crevice between the cheeks of her ass.

Perhaps it was going to be a much longer night than he had expected.

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