Imogen's Double


'Don't get cocky. If you can manage twice it'll be enough.' Imogen looked across at Richard. 'What about you?'

'Yes, no problem.'

'Good. I want a good long fuck when we get there, but I want to play a bit first.'

With that Imogen shuffled down the bed and turned to face Richard, leaning on an elbow planted between his legs, as she grasped his very erect cock in her hand. For a few seconds she seemed to inspect it, rolling his long foreskin back and forth and then stroking along his shaft, but then she leaned over a bit more and took it into her mouth. His gasp of happy surprise came clearly through to the dining room and the two women there smiled conspiratorially.

'Is she trying to take the edge off them because they're young, do you think?' Kelly guessed.

'I think so, and knowing how quickly teenagers can shoot their loads it's probably a good idea.' Helen nodded.

In the bedroom Imogen was busy, her head bobbing up and down on Richard's cock while her hand massaged his balls. She was trying hard to make him come, and from the intense pleasure on his face it was not going to take long. She was conscious of his hand hovering over her head as if he wanted to grab her hair and force her down onto him but daren't. After a few minutes he gave up the idea and instead just rested his hand on her shoulder.

She would have resisted anyway. The feel of the hard swollen head of his cock filling her mouth was one she wanted to enjoy for as long as it took to make him shoot cum down her throat. She shuddered a little at this thought, looking forward to that first spurt and hoping it would be a good mouthful.

On the laptop showing the view from the bottom of the bed Kelly and Helen could see that Imogen was softly scratching Richard's scrotum, her fingernail running lightly from his perineum upwards, while the other showed the result, a red face with clenched teeth and screwed up eyes as he squirmed with pleasure. He had one hand clutching Imogen's shoulder and the other grabbing desperately at the bed sheets, while his hips moved to meet her mouth as it slid down his shaft. Meanwhile Ben looked hungrily over Imogen's back and hoped that it would be his turn next.

Imogen could feel the pressure building in Richard's balls and the little involuntary twitches that made his cock jerk in her mouth. She sucked even harder, wanting to feel his cum spurt into her mouth before she took another load in a different part of her body.

'Oh fuck!'

It was a strange, rather regretful exclamation, but with that Richard pushed up with his hips and his climax exploded into Imogen's mouth, the first spurt almost filling it, making her swallow frantically to make way for more. The next several spurts were as big, but Imogen coped, swallowing everything he could give her, and then milking his rapidly shrinking cock when he had finished to be sure of getting the last wonderful thick droplets of cum.

'Do you think you can match that?' She turned to Ben, leaving Richard sprawled spent and gasping.

'Try me.' He answered with the cockiness of youth.

'Oh, I intend to.' She leaned over him as she had Richard and began to run her hand up and down his shaft. 'But I think maybe I'll just look at you for a bit.'

For a moment Ben didn't understand what she meant, but then a quick expression of disappointment flitted across his face.

'Bet I taste nicer than Richard.' He remarked, trying to persuade Imogen to blow him.

'Do you think so?' Imogen asked with a knowing smile, her fingers sliding along the length of his cock. 'If you're good then perhaps we'll find out.'

A smile settled on his face as the implications sank in, but Imogen kept on stroking his cock, speeding up her action and showing no signs of wanting to blow him. In fact, she wanted to get him as close as possible before sucking him, and this for no other reason than she wanted to see if she could time it right.

Very soon he was as red faced and tense as Richard had been, his eyes closed and his mouth formed into a grimace of concentration. That was the point Imogen was waiting for and she quickly leaned down and closed her mouth over the top of his cock, her head bobbing up and down and carrying on where her hand had left off.

'I'm coming.'

After that single whisper of warning Ben's voice turned into a long drawn out growl that became more of a gasp as he finally threw his head back and jerked forward, the first gush of cum spraying into Imogen's mouth. She moaned her pleasure around his shaft, not so much from the quantity of his cum, but from the force with which it spurted into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat and almost sliding down into her stomach of is own accord. Several other powerful spurts squirted into her mouth, each one greeted with that same approval, before slowly his orgasm subsided and, like Richard before him, he slumped back, wheezing and sweating and looking totally spent.

'I hope she hasn't worn them out.' Kelly whispered to Helen, instinctively keeping her voice down even from one floor below.

'I doubt it.' Helen shook her head. 'You know what randy young men are like, at it again in next to no time.'

Imogen, of course, did not hear her friends' remarks, but she was thinking much the same thing, and hoping her judgment was correct. It would, she thought, be a disaster if she'd taken all they had to give. And there was another reason behind her actions. She smiled down at the two young men and explained.

'Now, after you do what you've come for, I can always say I've had all three holes used in one session.' She chuckled at their surprise.

'We thought you'd just done that to make things last longer.' Ben told her.

'That too.' Imogen nodded, rolling onto her back. 'Now, how about returning the favour?'

Ben was still trying to get his breath back, but Richard had recovered enough to be interested and moved around to kneel between her outstretched legs, at the same time unknowingly showing his behind and the back of his balls to the two women watching from downstairs.

'God, but he's got a hairy crack!' Kelly giggled softly, gazing at the laptop screen.

'That's okay, isn't it?' Helen asked. 'I don't know about you, but I quite like hairy men.'

'Right now I think I'd settle for any man.' Kelly wriggled in her chair. 'I've not had a good shag since Luke walked out, and this is beginning to get to me.'

'You've not completely gone without.' Helen reminded her. 'You told me you've had your fingers if nothing else.'

'Yeah, but it's not the same is it? You have no idea how much I miss having a good hard cock up me.'

Helen chortled to herself at Kelly's rueful admission and then settled to watch as Richard bent forward to place his mouth over Imogen's pussy, the two cameras affording differing but complimentary views.

He might have been comparatively young, but Richard clearly knew what he was about. At first he simply explored Imogen's folds, running his tongue and lips all around her, probing and licking, nuzzling and nibbling at her until she began to groan with pleasure. Then he sucked her clit into his mouth and lapped at the very tip, his tongue flicking it faster and faster.

'That's so good.' Imogen told him a little breathlessly, looking down the length of her body to watch into his upturned eyes, and smiling as one of them gave a slow and sexy wink.

Beside her Ben was also beginning to show interest again, propping himself on one elbow to watch. Imogen smiled at him, pleased that his cock was already beginning to twitch and unfurl as his urge returned.

She reached out with one arm and pulled him to her, turning her head to kiss him, realising at the same time that this was the first kiss she had given either of them and thinking inconsequentially that she'd never had both sets of her lips kissed at the same time before. She found it a very erotic and slightly kinky sensation, and it lit the fuse for her second orgasm.

It was a quick sharp climax, lacking the long slow build up of a really devastating orgasm, but still making her grip hold of Richard's head with her free hand and to pull Ben closer into a one arm embrace with the other as all of her muscles tensed up. She couldn't kiss Ben at the same time as climaxing, it was too sudden and too intense for that, but she held him tight, gasping quick little exhalations into his ear as she pushed her pussy up to Richard's mouth.

'Phew, that was good.' She exclaimed, releasing her grip on both young men and relaxing back onto the bed before looking at each to find two solid erections looking back at her. 'Now I'm ready for it, what about you two?'

This time she meant the double penetration that she had longed to experience and for which the evening had been arranged, and a smile of excitement spread across her face as both of her partner's nodded their enthusiastic agreement.

'Very ready.' Richard still had the shine of her juices around his mouth.

'Lie down then.' She told him, shuffling out of his way and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Richard lay on his back, the big smile on his face revealing his eagerness, and watched Imogen make herself ready. She reached over to her bedside table, sliding the little drawer open and taking out the lube she had put there earlier.

'Come here a minute.' She instructed Ben, holding the lubricant ready until he came and stood before her.

She squeezed a large blob of lube into her palm and closed her hand over his cock, sliding it up and down the length until she was satisfied that he was covered completely and then reaching for the towel to wipe her hands clean.

'Right.' She climbed back onto the bed to straddle Richard, handing the tube of lubricant to Ben. 'Here goes. Use that on me when I sit on Richard, and make sure I'm really well lubed up, okay?'

Ben nodded in mute excitement and watched as she knelt and guided Richard's cock into her pussy, lowering herself until he was completely inside her. She looked around and nodded at Ben before crouching over Richard, bent double with her anus openly available.

'I'm ready.' She told him.

Ben squeezed some lube onto two fingers and then, rather tentatively, began to spread it around her anus, being extra careful not to touch Richard's cock as it disappeared into her pussy. He had never touched a man's cock and had no real wish to start now.

'Oh yes, that's right.' She told him. 'Now push some inside me.'

Ben looked at her bottom and carefully placed a fingertip at her rear entrance, pushing and screwing slightly until it went in.

'That's it. Wiggle it around and make sure I'm really slippery.'

He pressed a little more, feeling his finger slide inside her and, to his dismay, feeling the shaft of Richard's cock through the thin walls separating Imogen's two passages. That was something he hadn't considered when he's agreed to do this thing, and he wondered if he really could push his cock in there, knowing that he would feel another cock lying alongside it.

He wiggled his finger round as she had requested, coating Imogen inside and out and feeling Richard thrust involuntarily as he did so. Quickly he pulled his finger out and moved in behind her, his knees straddling Richard's thighs. He was torn between his desire to try something so kinky and his natural reluctance to be so closely involved with another man. Still, he reassured himself, there was something female between the two, no matter how thin the membranes were. He presented the tip of his cock to her anus and pressed gently.

'Yes.' Imogen gave her consent, pressing back a little against him as much as Richard's presence would allow.

Imogen's sphincter was instinctively trying to keep him out, and he had to push a lot harder than he had expected before it relented and let him pass, the head of his cock entering Imogen's rectum suddenly and effortlessly once the resistance from that little muscle was overcome. She let out a little strangled gasp as if of pain. He stopped himself from thrusting straight into her and paused with his cock just inside her, waiting for her consent to continue.

'All right?' He asked.

She glanced back over her shoulder. 'Yes, fine. I'm not used to this, just give me a moment.'

All three of them remained still until Imogen nodded. 'I'm fine now. Push all the way in, but take it slowly.'

The instruction was primarily aimed at Ben, but Richard also pushed up, burying himself deep inside her at the same time, until both cocks were entirely inside the two holes. Imogen gasped and then gave a little moan of total enjoyment.

'Fuck, I've wanted this for so long.'

'Is it nice?' Richard asked, his mouth close to her ear.

'Better than I ever believed. Jesus, I feel so full.'

For a few seconds they remained in tableau, none of them moving but just enjoying the sensations instead.

'Hold still, I just need to do it myself for a minute.' Imogen instructed her lovers, and began rocking back and forth slowly so that both cocks slid in and out of her.

'It's beautiful.' She whispered, casting a glance at the camera beside the bed to let her audience know how she felt.

'Have you ever done it?' Kelly asked Helen, unable to take her eyes from the erotic images on the laptops.

Helen shook her head. 'I've done anal, but I've never tried two at once.'

'I've not even done that.' Kelly shrugged sadly, and then shot a quick sidelong glance at Helen. 'But looking at that, I might just give it a go.'

Helen smiled without speaking as they watched Imogen swaying back and forth, not quite able to see her penetrated holes from the angles of the two cameras, but able to see enough to imagine the sensations themselves. Ben was knelt behind her over Richard, nearly squatting on his haunches to be at the right level and holding onto her hips to guide her, while Imogen herself had hooked her hands under Richard's arms and was gripping onto his shoulders to keep herself in place, letting Richard wrap his arms around her and hold her that way. Helen watched her friend and smiled again, happy that Imogen was experiencing her fantasy at last.

Imogen was going a little faster as she became accustomed to having the two men inside her and more certain that she wouldn't come to any harm, but the effort of moving in such an unusual position was beginning to tell on her leg muscles. Secure now, she wanted the men to do the work.

'Now you fuck me.' She told them, stopping her movements and kneeling in anticipation. 'You can fuck me like this as hard as you like.'

Ben immediately started to thrust hard into her, gripping tightly onto her hips he plunged his cock deep into her rectum, ramming his pubes up against her bottom and making her squeal with delighted surprise.

'Oh yes.' She told them contentedly. 'That's it. Right up me.'

Ben pulled back, withdrawing his cock until he was tantalisingly close to coming out altogether, and then thrust it right back in, once again slamming himself against her. Meanwhile Richard lay still with his cock deep inside her pussy, waiting for Ben to establish a regular rhythm so that he could join in, and at the same time taking illicit enjoyment at feeling his friend's cock sliding past his through the thin walls between Imogen's twin passages. Then, as soon as Ben had settled into a regular pattern he began to thrust upwards, stabbing little thrusts into Imogen's pussy, the angle and depth governed by her position above him but enough to make him grin with enjoyment.

For Imogen the difference between her two lovers was making her feel ecstatic. Long hard pushes from Ben, so deep into her rectum that she wondered how long his cock had become, and short sharp jolts from Richard from underneath, the angle of which caused his cock to bang wonderfully on the walls of her vagina, his timing almost always catching Ben's cock as it slid past. She had dreamed of this for years, of having two men filling her, fucking her together, and it had so been worth the wait. She felt a fleeting regret that she didn't have a third cock to suck on, but then she shook the idea from her mind, propped herself up on her elbows and just let herself be fucked.

It didn't take long for the two cocks to work their magic, and soon Imogen felt the smouldering heat of a second orgasm begin to build.

'Don't stop.' She gasped. 'What ever you do, don't stop. I think I'm going to come.'

There was no 'think' about it. Her orgasm grew rapidly nearer and stronger, until, with a long animalistic wail, Imogen climaxed again. But even as her climax created chaos in her mind, she couldn't help but notice that this was no ordinary orgasm. It was deeper, much more intense and very sudden. Almost as if it had detonated from the tip of Ben's cock right inside her bowels and the pleasure had swept outwards like the pressure wave of an explosion, coursing along the pathways of her nervous system until it reached her extremities, making her curl her toes and clench her fingers, only for her to find that, just as that wave dies away, a new one flooded through her from inside her pelvis. Wave after fabulous wave went through her and her body went into spasm, jerking backwards as each wave hit, her muscles fighting each other so that her normally soft arms and legs were rigid with tension.

A cry from Richard made her realise that she had bitten unknowingly into him deeply enough to leave bright red tooth marks just at the base of his neck, the sharp noise penetrating the fuzz of her brain enough for her to mumble an apology even as she tensed from yet another wave of ecstasy.

'I've come.' She panted as her orgasm finally died away. 'And that was fucking fantastic.'

The two men slowed their movements until they came to a regretful halt, leaving their cocks buried inside her for the moment, but expecting to have to wait before they could continue – if they could continue.

'No!' Imogen exclaimed. 'Don't stop.'

Ben began to thrust again, but slowly.

'Keep going, hard.' She told them. 'Don't stop until you come. I want to feel you shoot your loads into me. And I think I might get there again yet.'

'But we thought you'd finished.' Richard told her in some confusion.

'Doesn't matter.' She assured him. 'I don't care. I want you both to come inside me and I'll keep going until you do.'

Ben nodded at Richard from over her shoulder, and they began once more to plunge into her, returning easily to the rhythm they had used before.

'Oh, that is so fucking sexy.'

Nobody, maybe not even Imogen herself, was sure if she meant either one or possibly both of the cocks inside her. Every time they thrust into her she let out a little groan, not of pain but of pure fulfilment. Her hands were still hooked under Richard's shoulders and she set herself now just to let them fuck her to a climax, her body still throbbing beautifully and contentedly from her own orgasm. Maybe she would come again, and maybe she wouldn't. It didn't matter now; all she needed to complete the experience was to feel their spunk pumping into her.

They were still keeping in time, Richard fucking up into her pussy with his short sharp thrusts and Ben still sliding deep into her rectum with long steady pushes, and now that she had come she was able to appreciate the difference. Most especially she was able to enjoy Ben fucking her arse. She had never tried it before and had expected it to be something to tolerate rather than enjoy, but the sensation was wonderful, different but wonderful, not uncomfortable in the slightest. And as for feeling two cocks inside her at once, that was beyond words. It simply magnified the sensations generated by each man, letting each compliment and build on the other. She was more than content to let them fuck her until her arse finally became too sore, and she was surprised her enjoyment of anal sex was lasting so well.

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