Imogen's Double


Not lasting quite so well was Richard. He was holding onto her more tightly and Imogen could feel his thrusts becoming a little uncoordinated, his cock head twitching inside her. He was on the verge of coming.

'That's it.' She whispered encouragement in his ear. 'Come inside me. Let me feel you shoot right up me, give me all of it.'

'I'm going to.' He replied urgently, his fingers digging into her back.

'Do it then. Don't hold back. Do it now!'

'Oh god, I'm coming.'

He groaned into her ear and rammed himself hard up her, the head of his cock jerking as the first spurt of his climax flooded into her. He was no longer in control, his thrusts erratic and untimed, so that he pushed in to spurt more cream inside her regardless of Ben's still regular thrusts, the conflicting movements lighting Imogen's fire once more.

But soon his balls were empty and he lay limply under her, gasping for his breath and with his skin shining with sweat, and with his cock slowly deflating inside her.

But even this helped to bring Imogen closer to coming once again. She idea that she had worn out one of her lovers but still had one to go was stimulating her greatly, making her feel dominant and in control. She was sure that she could feel his come inside her, trickling past his shrinking shaft and wetting her slit. Finally he slipped from her, hastened on his way by Ben's increasingly forceful thrusts, and he lay below her with his damp and flaccid cock lying defeated against her stomach. Smiling to herself she tried to dismiss Richard from her thoughts and concentrate on Ben, willing him on to harder and faster thrusts into her rectum.

'Come on Ben.' She urged him, trying to look over her shoulder at him. 'Fuck me harder. Shoot up my arse and you'll make me come again.'

She had an instant and correct feeling that she had probably just shocked her two friends watching from below, but she didn't care, she needed to verbalise her need. And in any case, her encouragement had worked, for Ben was now plunging into her harder and faster, so hard that his belly was audibly slapping against the cheeks of her rounded bottom, and she felt a twinge of concern for her wellbeing. But her new climax was rapidly approaching and she pushed all thoughts of physical damage to once side and surrendered to the sensations.

'I'm gonna come.' Ben groaned a warning, pushing himself as deep as he could get.

'So am I.' Imogen responded, holding herself rigid to take him all inside her.

'It's going to happen.'

Imogen didn't need telling, she could feel his movements slowing but becoming much more potent, his cock being ground every last centimetre into her so that it could release his cream as far into her bowels as humanly possible. She was glad, she wanted him to come deep inside her, to fill her passage so that she could feel it trickling out of her long after they had gone. She pushed back - and exploded into her orgasm.

She had no real idea when Ben actually climaxed, except that it was sometime during the waves of ecstasy that rolled though her one after the other, each powerful enough to obliterate anything beyond that searing, crushing pleasure. All she knew was that when it was done, and she knelt trying to clear her head and gasping for breath, Ben had collapsed behind her and lay panting across her back, his trembling hand draped over her shoulder. That he really had come was evident from both his exhaustion and the rapidly shrivelling cock that she could feel still, just about, lodged in her backside, although she had a vague recollection of his cock bucking and surging inside her. It was wonderful that she and he had come together, but somehow she had wanted to be more aware, more in control when he had released his cream inside her – and there was no way that either of them could dream of repeating the experience this time.

Downstairs Helen and Kelly watched wide eyed as the threesome separated themselves out to lie side by side, shocked but happy at the intensity of what they had witnessed.

'You know.' Kelly began cautiously. 'I get the feeling Imogen might have enjoyed that.'

'You know.' Helen replied with a smile. 'I get the feeling you could possibly be right.'

'And I'll tell you what.' Kelly turned to face Helen, ignoring the screen for the moment. 'I am so fucking randy now you wouldn't believe. Having just watched Imogen get fucked I could do with a good seeing to myself.'

'You and me both. But that's not what we're here for.' Helen shrugged resignedly.

The two women fell silent, wrapped in their own frustrated thoughts.

'Okay, back to the lounge.' Helen interrupted suddenly to indicate the laptops, where she could see that in the bedroom Imogen and her partners were stirring, searching for clothes. 'We were supposed to be in there watching the telly, remember.'

They closed down the laptops and scuttled back to the lounge, to be sitting innocently watching some mundane program when the others returned.

'I can tell by your face that everything went well.' Kelly giggled at Imogen, maintaining the deception.

'Well?' Imogen exclaimed. 'It was absolutely fantastic, and I've got a favour to ask.'

'Oh yes?' Kelly cocked her head questioningly. 'What favour?'

'Would you bring Richard and Ben again? You know, escort them again so that my neighbours don't get suspicious?'

'I see.' Helen laughed. 'Going in for a second bout, eh?'

'Too right. You don't mind, do you?'

'No, of course we don't.' Kelly told her. 'But it's on one condition.'

'What's that?'

'That I can borrow them myself sometime.'

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