tagRomanceImpersonating Brianne Ch. 02

Impersonating Brianne Ch. 02


This is the second part of a series entitled "Impersonating Brianne". It picks up a couple of days after the last chapter ended. If you haven't read the first part, I recommend that you do so. Enjoy!


Marissa's heart was pounding. Her stomach fluttered. She fidgeted nervously. And it wasn't because of turbulence or flight anxiety.

Alan was next to her, snoring softly. She watched him sleeping. His face was free of worry and stress. He looked so peaceful. So handsome.

She held his hand, enjoying the warmth of his touch.

Still, she could not reconcile the feelings within her, struggling for control. Their trip was almost over.

A single thought raced through her mind.

What am I going to do?


The next two days in Las Vegas passed quickly.

Wednesday morning, Alan woke up and went back to his seminars. Marissa took the rental car and ran some errands. After a quickie and then lunch, the two were in the exhibition hall, closing a sixty-five thousand dollar deal on some equipment for the restaurant's kitchen. Afterwards, he went back to his meetings, and she went back to the blackjack tables.

The conference had a banquet that night. The pair ate and danced in their own little world, oblivious to everyone around them. After all, their business was done, and they found they were enjoying each other's company more and more.

The last day of the conference began on Thursday morning. While Alan went to the closing sessions, Marissa took the car out again for some final business. After the conference was over, Alan drove her around town and they did touristy things. The visited the shops a Caesars Palace, the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton and went downtown to see Fremont Street.

All the while, they held hands, walked arm in arm and acted like lovers, not like a call girl and her client.

Marissa liked Alan, and she felt that he liked her, too. She was dreading the end of the week because it would force them to address their relationship, something neither of them seemed eager to do.

After their talk about Brianne on Tuesday night, Alan was much more outgoing and even more engaging than he was before. It was as if a giant weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

At first, Marissa felt threatened by Brianne. She didn't like that feeling. To her, it meant that Alan had gotten to her, and that was unsettling. He stirred feelings within her, feelings that she never had the luxury of acknowledging in her line of work.

Marissa had been a call girl for the last few years. Trading her body for money, she didn't allow herself the luxury of emotional investment or personal attachment.

She wasn't in the business because she was a drug addict or had no where else to turn. For her, it was all about the money. Marissa had a college degree, but never found a job that paid as well as working for Laurie. Even after taking the madam's share off the top, Alan was paying her more per day that she had ever made in a week working a regular 9 to 5 job.

And all it had cost was her self-respect.

Something happened that night, as she and Alan talked about his late wife. It started at the beginning of the week, when she got the feeling that he wasn't going to be like her other clients. It seems strange, but there was a certain amount of comfort in her sex life. Not because it was pleasurable, but because it was regular and there were no expectations.

Men had sex with her. She got paid. It was cut and dry. There was no middle ground. No relationship beyond a simple business transaction.

Not with Alan, though.

The more he talked about Brianne, though, the more uncomfortable Marissa felt. Alan was opening up to her. Although she was scared of the way she responded, she felt like she was getting close to him. She realised just how lonely her life was. Not that she had a bad life, but she realised just how much she was missing out on. All for the sake of a few dollars.

Marissa also found herself talking to Alan more. She didn't acknowledge it then, but she was investing herself in him and in their relationship. She was also setting herself up. Both of them knew that initially their relationship was on a timer, but she could never have imagined that she would have to make a heartbreaking decision a week later.

As Alan talked about Brianne, Marissa's feelings changed from jealously and insecurity to warmth. She liked that he recalled little things about her, like what she liked to drink with meals or where she had gone on vacation with her parents when she was little. Marissa liked that he treasured memories. She liked that Alan could tell her what he and Brianne had for dinner on the night they saw Siegfried and Roy when they had come to Las Vegas to be married. She liked that he wasn't afraid of commitment or falling in love.

Now if she could only get past her own aversion to commitments and attachments.

She knew Brianne wasn't going to show up one day and take Alan back. Marissa thought Alan liked her as much as she liked him, once she could admit that to herself. What she didn't know was if she was willing to let him get through the barriers she had spent a lifetime putting up around herself.

Her feelings came to a head early Friday morning.

On Thursday, after driving downtown and making a few dollars off the blackjack tables at the Golden Nugget, she and Alan stopped to see the water show at the Bellagio on Thursday night.

With soft romantic music playing through strategically-placed speakers, she leaned back into Alan's arms. He held her tenderly. Neither said a word. His embrace was comforting. Secure.

Even amidst the crowd gathered to see the show, she felt like they were alone. She was losing herself to his charm. Afterwards, she drew out a pocked-sized digital camera and had a passerby take a picture of them together, with the lights and water sprays of the Bellagio behind them.

This was something Alan and Brianne had not done on their previous trip to Las Vegas; the Bellagio hadn't been built then. Along with some of the other pictures she had taken throughout the day, these were the first of their memories together.

They went back to their room at the Luxor and made love under the moonlight that shone through the windows.

When she awoke, the sun was coming up. Alan must have gotten up in the middle of the night because the curtains were closed. His naked body was spooned up against hers. His arm was around her. She could feel his shallow breath on the back of her neck.

Realising where she was, she seemed to be fully awake instantly. Her heart started to pound.

She wanted to sit up, but instead tried to calm herself. A couple of deep breaths later, her pulse was down and she no longer had the urge to get up and leave her lover.

Instead she rolled Alan on to his back. He started snoring softly.

Her hand ran along his jawbone and down his neck.

"What have you done to me, Alan?" Marissa whispered.

She watched his chest rise and fall.

"I can't stand sleeping with someone touching me, but when you hold me, I never want you to let me go." Her voice was soft.

This was the first time they had woken up together. All week, Alan had to get up early and be in meetings and seminars first thing in the morning while she slept in. With the conference over, she had him all to herself.

She reached down between her legs and felt the warm semen that was slowly leaking out of her, left over from the night before. Alan had convinced her to break one of her call girl rules: Never let a john cum in anything other than a condom.

Just the feeling of the slippery fluid gave her chills. The memories of the orgasms she had with Alan made her toes tingle.

"Why do you have to be such a nice guy?" Marissa said quietly, even knowing that Alan wouldn't respond. "Why couldn't you be just another jackass client? I wouldn't feel bad about taking your money then."

And I wouldn't have to break your heart. The words were on her lips but she couldn't bring herself to say them aloud, even if Alan couldn't hear her. Or my own.

Alan stirred slightly and she hurriedly brushed the tears out of her eyes. She leaned over and kissed him. A sleepy smile was on his lips.

She gently kissed her way down his body, giving Alan the kind of good morning greeting every guy likes.

A short time later, the two were in the shower, each washing the other's body. They playfully groped and tickled each other under the warm water.

"So what's the plan tonight?" Marissa asked.

Although his smile was sincere, his laugh was a little hollow. There was a distant look in his eye. This would have been his anniversary and Marissa couldn't blame him for being a little distracted.

"It's a surprise." He slapped her gently across the backside.

"Don't start that if you're not going to finish it," she warned him with a sly wink.

"Marissa," he started. There was a look in his eyes that made her shiver with anticipated pleasure. "If I were ten years younger, you would be begging me for mercy."

"I never beg," she replied with a huff of mock indignation.

Alan smiled gently and pulled her close. His lips were warm. As the water poured over their bodies, she folded into his embrace. The feeling of his body pressed against hers sent a chill down her spine.

With a sigh, he pulled back and released her. Then, Alan opened the glass door to the stand-up shower. Marissa let out a disappointed sigh of her own and turned off the water. Alan handed her a towel and the two dried off.

"Why don't you go order us some breakfast," Alan suggested as he hunted around for his electric razor.

"What do you want?"

"Surprise me."

Marissa wrapped her hair in a towel and then slipped into one of the Luxor's soft bathrobes.

She went through the bedroom and stopped in her tracks when she opened the door to the outer room.

There were flowers everywhere.

They covered the coffee table and the desk. Daises. Roses. Carnations. Tulips. Bouquets were on every end table and stand, even on the floor. On the couch, there was a basket full of chocolates and other goodies next to a carefully-wrapped present and a card with her name on it.

Her hands trembling, she opened the card to find Alan's neat print.


I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me this week.

It's more than the deal you made with TGR or the help you've given me with the restaurant.

Brianne has been on my mind a lot lately. You are the first person I have talked to about her since she died. She was taken from me without warning and my heart is still broken. I can't live in the past and I know that, but she was the center of my life for so long. You've helped me realise that there is life after loss.

I'm sorry if I've made you feel uncomfortable when I talk about her, but you're always willing to listen and you are so easy for me to talk to.

You are a special woman and have done more for me than I ever could have asked.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Marissa set the card down and unwrapped the present. In a simple wooden picture frame, she found a picture of her and Alan from the night before. They were standing in front of the Bellagio. They both had goofy grins on their faces. His arms were around her, holding her close.

"You bastard." Her voice was barely audible.

She turned and looked back over her shoulder. Through her tears, she could barely see Alan standing in the doorway, grinning sheepishly.

Her blood boiled with anger. Not at Alan. At herself. For becoming so jaded. For giving up hope. She was angry with fate for bringing this man into her life as a paying client. She cursed the day she gave up being a woman and became a whore. All her pent up emotions came boiling to the surface.

Marissa stared at Alan for a moment. Time seemed to stop.

She threw the card and picture down on the couch and stalked towards Alan.

Marissa threw herself into his arms. Hunger consumed her. It wasn't just sexual desire. With Alan, she felt loved and wanted. Not for her body. Not for her talents in the bedroom. Simply for being herself.

Alan wasn't fully prepared for her assault and staggered back a step or two. Marissa was all over him. She took his face in her hands and she kissed him hard, even as he wrapped his arms around her.

He backpedaled until he bumped into the bed. Marissa put her feet on the floor and her hands tore at his bathrobe. Then she flung her own across the room.

She gave him a savage push and Alan fell back on the bed.

Marissa jumped on top of him, her naked body hot with desire. She bit his neck and collarbone.

His hands squeezed her breasts.

Their eyes locked together.

"I am sooooooooo going to fuck your brains out," Marissa vowed.

Alan's only response was a knowing smile. There was a hint of sadness in his eyes, but he blinked that away quickly. His gaze transfixed her. Something passed between them. Something inexplicable. Something that shook Marissa to her very core.

She leaned down and kissed Alan.





As Alan's hands roamed her body, Marissa let him up long enough so he could move to the center of the unmade bed. Then, she took his hands and pinned them down. He put up a token struggle, but otherwise willingly met his fate.

They continued to kiss. Marissa pressed her body against his. Alan's cock was hard, brought to attention by his lover's eagerness.

Marissa started to grind her pussy against him and soon felt the head of his cock against the entrance to her sex.

She let out a long sigh as Alan entered her. She threw her head back as his length penetrated her.

They both gasped when he hit bottom.

Still holding his hands, Marissa impaled herself on Alan.

Any semblance of control she had was long gone. Lust consumed her. Desire clouded her thoughts.

Up and down she bounced.

Her hips moved back and forth. Her clit rubbed against him.

Alan's sex filled her up.

He tried to move his hands, but Marissa still held him down.

She was out of control.

Her toes started to tingle.

Their teeth knocked together with wet, slobbery kisses.

Up and down.

Alan didn't move as Marissa rode him. His cock stood straight up in the air as her pussy enveloped it.

He couldn't speak because Marissa's tongue was in his mouth.

Marissa closed her eyes.

Up and down.

Faster. Harder.

She sat up, releasing his hands. They went to her breasts and Alan squeezed them. Marissa cried out.

Her hands closed over his. She needed to steady herself.

He felt perfect inside her.

A dangerous thought raced through her mind. I never want to be with anyone else ever again.

Marissa squeezed her eyes shut as the tears began to flow. Overcome with desire, she let out a gasp and brought herself down hard on Alan.

She felt his hips push upward.

Her hands clasped Alan tighter.

With one final cry, the room started to spin. The head of Alan's cock was flaring inside her.

The tingling in her toes spread to her whole body.

She felt lightheaded.

And then she seemed to explode.

Waves of pleasure wracked Marissa's body. She continued to grind her hips against her lover.

It seemed as if the orgasm would never end.

There were flashes in the corners of her eyes. Her hypersensitive nipples were pressed flat against Alan's palms.

Her pussy flooded with nectar, mixing with Alan's exertions.

Alan tried to steady her, but she collapsed anyway.

Into the safety and comfort of his loving embrace.


"How did you get all those flowers into the room?" Marissa asked. She couldn't see Alan, but she knew he was right next to her.

"You're a heavy sleeper," he replied, a touch of amusement in his voice.

Only around you, she thought. In truth, Marissa was a very light sleeper, but there was something about Alan that put her off guard.

"And what about the picture?"

"I . . . uh, took the memory card out of your camera and had the photo shop on the main floor make me a print," Alan said. "I hope you don't mind."

"They were open in the middle of the night?"

"The service desk is always open. Especially when you drop the name of a favoured guest, Miss High Roller."

That caused Marissa to chuckle.

The hands on her body moved down from her shoulders to the middle of her back.

She assumed that the woman giving Alan a massage on the next table over was doing just as good a job because he moaned with pleasure after she hit just the right spot.

Once she recovered consciousness from their earlier frenetic sex, Marissa and Alan shared a room service breakfast and then went down to the spa.

They were getting the royal treatment. She didn't know how much the afternoon was costing Alan, but she made a mental note to see if her friend—and Luxor pit boss—Taylor could get at least part of the spa bill comped to her. After all, she had wagered a fair amount of money in their casino and that had to count for something, right? At least she was ahead for the week.

The two had some time in the sauna, then a skin treatment and a full body massage, complete with hot stones and aromatherapy. Marissa had never felt so relaxed.

Alan was never far from her. They held hands when they could, but she took great comfort in knowing he was always nearby.

Once they had been worked over by the masseuses, Alan checked the clock on the wall as Marissa pulled a bathrobe around her body. It was close to 3:30.

He slipped into a bathrobe of his own and then went over to the door. Two young women with Luxor nametags were waiting outside. They came into the room behind Alan. He leaned over and gave Marissa quick kiss on the cheek.

"I'll be back to pick you up at six," he said. "Girls, take good care of her."

Tonight was their big date.

Before Marissa could respond, he was gone. The two introduced themselves as Patty and Kyra. They led Marissa to another part of the salon. The next two hours were taken up with a manicure and pedicure, and then it was off to do her hair.

After a thorough wash, Patty asked how she wanted it styled.

"Did Alan say anything to you about it?" Marissa asked.

"No," the other girl replied. "He just said to give you the full treatment, so I guess we can do anything you want."

Marissa thought about the pictures she had seen of Brianne and how she might have worn her hair.

That is what Alan wants, isn't it? Marissa thought. A date with his wife?

She thought long and hard for a minute. I'm not her. I told him as much the other night. But he was so happy when they were together. Shouldn't I do that much for him?

"Surprise me," Marissa said, not wanting to be the one to make that decision.

Patty spun her around, so she couldn't see the mirror.

The stylist was chatty and engaging. She even trimmed a little off and evened the layers out.

Then Patty really went to work. With pins and hairspray, Marissa's hair was pulled back. She wove some baby's breath into the curls.

After a few minutes, Kyra came back and began putting makeup on Marissa.

"We're almost out of time," she said apologetically. "I'm sorry to rush you."

Marissa felt like she was 17 again and going to the prom.

Without letting Marissa see herself, Patty and Kyra led Marissa to another room. On a stand was a flowing ballroom dress. It was an elegant deep blue, low-cut but not too much. There was a pair of white, elbow-length gloves that went with it and some matching heels.

Thinking back to the day she and Alan met, Marissa realised this is what he had her measured for. Is it hers?

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