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Impossibility Fantasized


When I went to bed with them, they got rough immediately. The brunette I'd been making out with slapped me, and said "I'll bet you like it rough, bitch" and Cho slapped my ass, hard. When I turned to protest, Marie grabbed my face and slapped it again. "Pay attention," she said, and opened my mouth with hers again, while her hand slipped up my shirt. Cho slid her hands down my ass, and up my skirt. My eyes had shut, but popped open as she ripped them off with one quick motion. Marie pulled my shirt off me, tearing the fabric at the seams. Together they ripped my skirt to shreds, snapped the clasp on my bra and threw it on the bed. I was naked in seconds, and afraid and aroused. My nipples hardened suddenly, cool air and embarrassment and feeling dominated...and the centre of attention. Marie continued to kiss me, her tongue hot and writhing in my mouth, as she stared into my eyes. Cho grabbed my crotch, and began rubbing it, none too gently. "We got a lot of fuckin' to do, so we better get started" she growled, and Marie made some low noise in her throat, and squeezed my breasts with her hands, hard. I choked, and moved or tried to move, but Cho moved up against me, her breasts flattened against my back, something in her skirt hard against my ass, as Marie moved in against my front. She broke our kiss and slapped me again, twice, three times, a succession of quick hard slaps punctuated by one word: "bitch." She grabbed my face, and with her other hand twisted my right nipple. "Ahhh god, you're hurting me stop it stop it" I said, and she shoved her hand in my mouth, gagging me, and twisted my other nipple. The pain was intense, and sharp, and Cho continued to quickly frig my labia, prying the lips apart with her fingers, her lips at my neck now.

Marie sat back, and said "time for games is over, hon." She pulled off her top, revealing a beautiful rack. Jeez, she had the kind of tits that just make women wanna kill her, and naturally. She pulled the ridiculous loincloth she called her mini off with her left hand, and out of her panties spilled the biggest cock I'd ever seen in my life. The lace sagged under the weight – ten inches, easily, and thick. It was uncut. And precum had already started leaking from it. And it wasn't even completely hard. I was repelled, and fascinated, and jealous, and in awe, and totally excited. I don't think I believed it would fit in me, anywhere, any way. Marie grabbed my head by the hair, and shoved me into it, face first, and for ten seconds it was a blur in my face as she ground me into her crotch. It smelled distinctly of pussy, and when she pulled me off, she pulled her cock and balls up and revealed the labia right below. "How, uh, what..." I managed before she thrust my face into her pussy. She was wet, and tasted like hot salty flesh, a little sharp, a hint of lemon, and still the musty flavour of precum.

"Get that fuckin' tongue in there and do some work" she grunted out of gritted teeth. I pushed my tongue into her, wriggling it up and down and sliding it in and out in what I hoped would please her. Cho's fingers had succeeded in getting me a little wet, but she was so rough! She had already started to push both fingers inside me, and I wasn't ready yet, but she was insisting, constant, her other hand flicking and fondling my clit. I bucked my hips, and she took her hands out from between my legs to spank me, hard, two slaps one after the other on each ass cheek. "Just for that," she yelled, "I'm gonna fuck yer ass first!"

"Hey Marie," she said, "Trade, I got her wet enough for ya."

And with that, they flipped me around, a casual toss that threw me and spun me around. They ducked my legs and arms adroitly, quick blurred motions and Cho grabbed my arms. Marie held my legs, spread-eagled, and began thrusting her hips forward. Her cock, now rock hard and erect, an 11 inch length probing hard for my pussy, nosed against my clit. Cho pulled off her party dress over her pretty little tits, the ones she'd flashed me in the girls' bathroom, promising me I could play with them if I let her friend join us. She wasn't wearing underwear, and she too had a rock hard cock staring me in the face.

"That's right, baby, get a good look. This is going in your ass."

It was a 9 inch club; her impossible cock had the biggest head and the thickest base I could imagine and still be human. The veins alone were stupendous, but incongruously her tiny balls barely concealed a pretty pouting little cunt. Cho grabbed my head, shoved it into her crotch, grinding my lips and mouth and nose and cheeks and chin, covering me with her wetness. The scent was overpoweringly female, like she was just about to go on the rag. I stuck my tongue out, opened my mouth, and her flesh pressed against me and into me. Marie's dick, now sliding up and down my pussy lips, pressing slowly deeper, and I moaned. Oh, the speed! The pain, still a little ache in my nipples, the sheer helplessness, the depravity.

I know I wasn't wet enough, though I was excited, my heart racing, my vagina relaxing and lubricating. But Marie thrust her cock into me, a quick shallow movement that pushed the thick head an inch forward, an inch I wasn't ready for and didn't want yet.

"Aaaaaa, fuck damn iuhgh" I managed as I briefly threw my face back from Cho's delicious vag, before she stuck her fingers in my mouth, and then began jamming her cock into it. My eyes flew really open, I instinctively tried to shut my jaws and she slapped me with her other hand. "Fuck, no, you're gonna get this in that little slut mouth of yours, it's gonna open up your fucking little cunt of a throat," she raved, and pushed that insane head past my teeth and onto my tongue. I gagged, and she slapped me again, and pushed her cock further.

I was making noises, muffled by her dick, and some of that was due to Marie, sliding in and out, her cock must have been drooling precum because it didn't hurt as much as I thought, but then she slammed forward again, pushing another punishing inch or two into me. I tried moving my hips, but she immediately grabbed me by the waist, and with a howled "Tally ho!" plunged into almost the depth of me. I screamed, and gagged, as Cho shoved more cock into my craw, the head squeezing my tongue against the bottom of my mouth, the girth of her cranking my jaw wider and wider. I was beginning to see stars, I hadn't breathed in so long, when she squeezed my nostrils shut with one hand.

I panicked, writhing and bucking, but they kept me from moving anywhere. I tried biting down, and maybe it was the wide open position but it seemed I could get no leverage. I felt weak, and just when I thought I was going to pass out or vomit, she pulled it out. I coughed, and gagged, and breathed, and spat, and then yelled. Marie pulled out almost all the way, and then slammed back into me. Cho slid her cock back into my open mouth, stopping any noise but a muffled "mmmmmkkk."

She jammed it back against my throat, stretching my jaw even further than before, and my throat spasmed as she pushed against and past my uvula. "Ahhhh," she sighed, "that's what I like, throat jobs."

My eyes, crying for a minute now, looked up at her imploring her to do something, I don't know what, stop, or keep going. I couldn't tell. The pain and the fear made me sick and want to run away and hide and cry but I also wanted them to show me what it was like, this degrading sex they seemed to want and enjoy so much. I like sex. I love sex. I've had some really good partners. Eric. He and I were like magic. Rana. Some of that was love but there was chemistry too. Angela, briefly, the inebriation and sorrow and ineptitude making for more laughter but also some shocking naughty excitement too.

Maybe they knew. They didn't talk about feelings much, just directions to swallow, or open up, or to shut up, or make some noise, or to cum. Again, and again, and again.

Marie fucked me, her cock pushing even further in, shallow quick thrusts designed to get the full length of her in...and she was stretching me and filling me. Quickly I was feeling more and more pleasure from each stroke, each millimetre deeper until her head began banging into my cervix, even the slight discomfort from that making me hotter. Cho fucked my mouth with small movements, first, grinning down at me. Then she banged her crotch into my face with a brutal thrust, her fantastic prick sliding into my throat, past all my defenses. She held me there, for eternal seconds, before pulling out. She knelt down, and kissed me, her tongue hot in my mouth, where her cock had just been. She closed her eyes, and put her hands on my face, and when she pulled away, she licked her lips. She was tasting her own precum, and loving it.

She opened her eyes, watching me pant as Marie pounded inside. She spat in my face, and again, and again, and then slapped me. Hard. Another slap. She slapped my breasts, hanging down, moving with the momentum of Marie's hips against mine. "Is that all?" she asked, "or do you want more?"

"Yes", I whispered, panted, "oh yes, I want more."

She stood up, and placed her cock in front of me, at lip level. I opened my mouth and gave her head.

I used all my skill. I opened my jaw as wide as I could; I relaxed my throat, I moved my tongue, but it wasn't enough. I couldn't ram it in like she could. That was what I wanted. I pulled her out of me, and looked up. She looked down, and almost tenderly said, "That's ok. I can do it for you."

She fucked my throat. Raw. The power in her hips, her hands – my head was held almost motionless, and she drove herself into me deep. My throat expanded as inch after inch poured in, stretching me, cutting off any air, filling me with a sensation I'd never ever thought to experience before. The dirty feeling, like I was something to be used, and knowing we both agreed on it, made me hot, made me shiver; it made my pussy start to throb to each increasing wild thrust from Marie.

Oh god. I had never been brought that close that fast. No one; not even lying in bed with a vibrator; no quick fuck in an alley. In another ten thrusts, five in my mouth and five in my cunt, it happened. I came. I could feel it just ripple all over my body in four short waves, and I gagged on Cho's cock, and spasmed all over Marie's cock. She didn't stop. Cho didn't stop. Marie fucked me faster, yelling, "Oh that is the shit, when you come like that all over my cock, fuck yeah," and Cho began fucking my face faster, her eyes and mouth tightly closed as she got closer to an orgasm I hadn't seen coming either.

She pushed herself into me deep, and hollered. I could feel her cock throbbing, a little offbeat with her hips twitching and then wave after wave of hot cum starting spilling and spurting down my throat. She emptied some of her load, and pulled out and came on my face for three hot thick spurts and then stuffed it back into my mouth for another four or five hot globs on my tongue. Salty, and sharp, and very bitter, and so much! Coating my mouth, I swallowed a lot, and sticky and cooling all over my face

Cho pulled away, her cock still hard, and licked the rest off of my face. She kissed me, and shared her cum with me, back and forth, before we swallowed equal portions. Marie pulled out and swept in front of me, her massive dick throbbing straight out in front of her. She pushed her crotch at me and I opened my mouth, took her inside, smiling as her hands took position on the back and sides of my head. As she slid it over my tongue, into my throat, and down my throat, I got a full tasting of the depths of my pussy, juices all the way down it. It was amazing, and she pushed until it felt like she was at the base of my throat, her cock bending somehow although in every position it still felt like a hot rock statue. She fucked me like that, for half a minute, and I blacked out, and took a breath of air, and she pushed it back inside me, again deep into my throat. I swallowed, and the motion brought about an explosion of cum straight into my esophagus, I swear, and just blast after blast of that spunk. She pulled her cock out of my throat and let it fill my mouth, and her jism kept coming. I gagged, I had so much of it in me, throat and mouth, and still she kept spurting more. It spilled out the side of my mouth, dribbling obscenely and spurting out, onto my chin and then dripping in runnels onto my breasts, my tummy, my thighs, pooling in my crotch. She pulled her cock out and came in my face, all over my hastily shut eyes, my forehead, my cheeks, my mouth, and then she pushed me back and came all over my tits.

While I was lying there, Cho lay down, pulled apart my legs, and buried her face in my labia. Soft and loose and quivering from the fucking, and she pushes her tongue in and wriggles it up and down, and already I'm hot and gasping "oh god Cho please". Her tongue is on my clit now and then she is moaning. I look up and Marie is behind her, her cock between her ass cheeks, and now she's lowering it and pushing it inside Cho. She cries out, and pushes her mouth onto my mound, and her tongue is now frantically lashing my clit. I can barely see through all the cum still all over my face, my eyelids. I wipe it off, licking my fingers. Cho sticks her fingers back inside me, making quick little screeches here and there. Marie is panting, her head thrown back, as she pounds into her cousin, her friend, her lover. Cho's finger wiggles inside me, and begin pressing up into my cunt, against some part of me that is sensitive and swollen.

"Oh no," I say "I don't squirt and I don't like it" but she says "too bad, bitch" and clamps down with her arm and begins frigging me with a speed and ferocity I can't believe. It's painful and it's intense and in seconds I am suddenly about to pee and cum and then the orgasm hits and my leg shakes and my pussy squirts what feels like a massive amount of fluid into Cho's open mouth. And I keep squirting and coming and I am howling with laughter and delight and pleasure and now I am squirting all over Cho's face and I can feel myself getting soaked. She throws my legs up high and I squirt into the air and it falls back down on me like rain against my breasts and stomach and thighs and groin. Cho takes her fingers out slowly, and trails them against my lips as my lower body trembles and convulses, and she slides them below my cunt and rubs my ass once, the little pucker teased by finger tips before she lowers her face into it and stabs her tongue into me. I'm all wet all over and it's all the lube she needs to probe me. She licks me. She tongues me, stretching my sphincter and teasing me with little deeper darts.

This is so good, and I know what she wants. It's not possible, in a million years, that she'll get herself into me, and I am desperately afraid she won't try.

Now she pushes her self off, and back again she is pushing her fingers into me, but now my asshole, sliding them in, two at a time, past a knuckle, deeper, another knuckle, and the pleasure at getting invaded here is intense and unbelievable and what I've never wanted and always wanted and never had and shunned and pushed away and am finally getting. Suddenly it doesn't matter, none of it, and I see myself with clarity.

I look at her, and she leans over and kisses me, and slides her fingers in to the palm. "Cum in me," I tell her, frantically kissing her face, "cum inside me please, god c'mon just give it to me, I'll do anything you want, just fuck me"

She slides out a little and pushes back with the other two fingers, a sharp stretching quickly making me afraid again. "Anything?"


She laughs, and pulls her fingers out and shoves them against my lips. "Lick," she says.

I open my lips and close my eyes. She knows how to degrade me. It's unhygienic, and gross, and nasty, and dirty. I can smell my own shit faintly on her fingers, and a slight sense that might be my cum. And she pushes her fingers into my mouth and I taste myself, anew. Flavour. Yeah, it's gross. And it's everything you think it is, but it did it for me. Does it for me. I'm wet again and gagging and crying and sobbing and spreading my legs, pulling my knees back to my shoulders, licking frantically my own internal miasma off of her digits, still warm from my ass. Cho's cock gets navigated into position, and she pushes into me. No ceremony, warning, messing around. Just sodomy.

Inch. Stretch. Pause. Withdraw. Insert. Stretch. Strrrrrrrrreeettttccchhh. Oh, don't tear, don't rip, oh please not that, it'll hurt so much, it does, it does hurt so much, oh my god why does no one tell you it will hurt so much. Deeper, oh god, it feels like my ass is tearing, I am gagging and trying to make noise. Deeper. Fuck, I am so full. Deeper.

She's fucking me now. In, out, in out. Deeper with ever thrust, wider with every thrust, tighter with every thrust. I am so full of cock now, and Marie comes over to stuff me more. Her cock is straight from Cho's pussy and it is engorged, near a foot in length now, and she fucks my throat with it. Now I taste pussy and ass and cum and cock and it is a length that I feel from my lips to somewhere near the base of my throat.

Cho is yelling incomprehensible things to me, pounding deep into me, and finally she gets to this magic depth and her balls slap against me and my lower body is a massive raw nerve attuned to the 9 inches of blood and skin tearing me apart. I put my hand on her tits, those tiny little dark nipples hard like rocks, I squeeze. Marie screws my face raw, and Cho is pounding now fit to split my pelvis open. The pleasure is like fire running in my veins, the sheer agony in my ass a rod of horny goodness spearing me.

I flutter my hand on my clit, convinced I can somehow hope to satisfy myself in time for Cho's near eruption. Marie lets up on me, my spit drooling out the sides of my lips as her prick comes out. She looks at Cho, who has her hand behind her, moving fast. She throws her head back, whines "oh shit, oh fucking good, ah comin' come", and thrusts into me and collapses on me, and her hips move as her flood moves into me, wave at a time. She pants and with each breath I feel that enormous dick throb and emit more cum in my insides. She slides out and cum pours out and out of her dick all over my asshole. Cho moves up, coming on my bed and arms and chest and then on my throat and face and then on my lips and I reach up to suck her cock. More shit. I can see it smeared on her cock, and I smell it and taste it. Cum. Overwhelming, as it pumps into my mouth down my throat. I take it all and swallow and fill my throat with her cock, fresh and dirty from my ass, and I lick my own shit-pussy juices off of it and I love it. I can't get enough. Oh, the come keeps coming.

She pulls out and comes again on my face, pushes her dick again past my lips, my aching jaw wrenching back to accommodate what must be 3 or 4 inches wide of the thing. And Marie enters me, her dick in my ass, so tender and sore. Oh god, it's unbelievable, the sensation of being stuffed, jesus christ that cock is so long. It keeps going and going and as she fills me I wonder just what part of my body is she inside any more. Is it still my ass, or is she now in my colon? I feel some weird muscles tense and then with a little grunt she is past and now her balls finally touch my ass cheeks. I am being reorganized, internally, as what normally bends is straightened by Marie's rod. When she pulls out I feel myself re-align, but she's back, and I move again. The pleasure mixes with the lack of air and I get light-headed. Cho pulls her cock out of my mouth and slaps me with it. She's still hard. I don't get how she does it. No one stays hard like that after coming like that.

Marie flips me over and Cho slides under me. She puts her cock at the lips of my pussy and brings my hips down. I feel the immense head tear me open, I scream "NO NO NO CHO NO!" but she pushes harder and is grunting with the effort. I cannot move. Marie pins me with her hands and cock inside. Cho groans with frustration, and relaxes. Her cock is too big for my pussy.

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