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Impossible Lover


Welcome to my third Audio Experience for Women Only!

Directed Erotic Visualisation is an autosuggestion protocol that promotes relaxation, feelings of being desired and general wellbeing as well as sexual tension that in many women will produce one or more fulfilling orgasm.

The Technique which has been developed in a live interactive format is very successful. My first two pre recorded posts of beta experiences on Literotica have been viewed by more than 70,000 and the public and private feedback has been greatly encouraging and very helpful.

I have refreshed, extended and remixed the first two Audio Experiences and they are now available through my website for download. There is more information there on the future availability of Enhanced DEV experiences.

In collaboration with the incomparable WickedVoyce there is also an Audio Experience for Men Only posted on Literotica, in response to the several pleas of 'Me too'.

For now DEV concentrates on Het scenarios; Gay Experiences can be developed if the demand is sufficient, get in touch!

This is a much longer and involving Experience and there is a Text, 'Impossible Lover', to go with it. Please note the text is in a story format and relates to the development of DEV, it is not a 'Script' of the audio.

Read it, listen to the Audio and let me know your thoughts. My e-mail is smotp@aol.com and I promise to respond to all messages where a return address is given.

Thanks to all those who have already contacted me or just left comments, you have contributed to the further development of DEV which I hope you enjoy!

It may help to download the file first and use your PC Media Player Right click on the link and select the save as or save object as option. If you have a weird browser contact me and I will get a copy to you.

Play it back when you are comfortable and relaxed in your 'private place'. You should listen somewhere comfortable and where you will not be disturbed.

Practice the breathing and relaxation technique before listening to the Experience; Breathe in as you count to 3 and hold for 3, then let your breath out as you count to 3 and hold for 3 before repeating the cycle. Each time feel a little more relaxed and focus on recalling your best orgasm!

Relax and get comfortable, play the Imp Lov 1. MP3 sound file and feel the sensations as the voice relaxes you and describes them.

Be prepared to immerse yourself in the audio and see for yourself how it helps you visualise and actually experience the sensations of penetration and slow stroking intercourse. Feel the sensations of tension, pressure and internal contractions; feel the orgasms build and grow until you eventually cum. There should be no need to touch yourself, but hey, do what you feel!

You may need to listen a few times to get the full effects.

My contact details and Web site address are available through my profile page and I really would like you to feed back and let me know how it was for you. Any comments as to the nature of the production of the audio experience are also very welcome.

I hope you enjoy my whispering in your ear and bringing you to pleasure!


* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (19 min/mp3)

* * * * *

Impossible Lover

By Smotp©

"God. Impossible!" Joy gasped. She lay trembling on her bed in the dark, the cell phone now silent on the damp and crumpled sheets. With limp fingers she plucked the earpiece from her ear and lay still, the aftershocks of multiple orgasms still wracking her shuddering body.

Her nightdress was crumpled around her chest above her breasts, uncomfortable under her back and the cooling sweat chill on her naked skin. Under her the sheets were sodden with her cum, the flood of liquid drawn forth from her by his chocolate tones.

"Every time, it never fails. It's just not possible," she was breathing heavily still; the 'warm down' of his last words only recovering her from the brink of blackout and hyperventilation, doing nothing to relax her from the tension of the arching, screaming, agony and ecstasy of his long distance lovemaking.

How can he do it? She thought, easing herself upright on the bed and swinging her feet to the floor. I feel him moving inside me, every vein and ridge of him, stretching me. Her muscles and tendons ached from the passion of the past two hours of intense pleasure. She had lost track of time as orgasm piled on orgasm and her screams and moans blurred into near frenzy beyond her control.

"Ow!" she flinched, "I'm sore." The crumpled sheets dragging across her bottom had caused the stinging of her skin to register where he said the cane would strike.

"I can feel where he thrashed me."

Pulling her nightdress down over sore nipples, bitten by his invisible teeth in the throes of their passion, Joy sat on the edge of the bed thinking back over the few weeks since the very first e-mail she sent him.


It was the writing that attracted her. Sensuous, descriptive erotic prose, that got her hot and wet. She read his stories on a free website, where amateur writers posted their work and readers got to vote and make comments.

The invitation at the end of his stories had tempted her:

'I try to answer every comment with a valid e-mail address, please let me know what you think?'

It had nagged at her.

She wanted to tell him she loved what he wrote, tell him his words made her feel good. She wanted to ask him about his stories and about why he wrote them.

"I loved your story, it was exciting, thank you," was all she wrote and sent to the feedback address.

His reply made her tremble.

"Thank you so much for your interest I am glad you enjoyed it. What did you like the most about it and the least, what would you change?"

He asked her opinion. Not many people bothered to ask her what she thought. She was just Joy, good old Joy, invisible Joy.

This person whose words made her womb ache and her pussy get wet wanted to know what she thought of his writing. This was impossible. People just didn't ask her opinion. She took her courage and poured it into a reply. Bold language unusually so for her; that was okay because he was not a real person just some words on her screen. She described her fantasies and her desires, things she had never told anyone else. Things she had read about in other books and stories, things that made her excited but never dreamt would be hers to experience. It was okay though, he was half a world away, she was safe, wasn't she?

Her e-mails were very frank, she had never ever shared such deeply private thoughts or her emotions with anyone, nor even her husband. Their correspondence went on for some time and she took to calling him Sir and he called her My Dear it made her feel like a little girl again, he seemed so worldly compared to her.


From: Joyseeker@XX To: Sir@XX Subject: Re Fantasies

Good Morning Sir

The issue of bondage: My partner and I have talked about it and have even gone so far as to tie my wrists together with one of my scarves. How to describe the feeling of helplessness? It's exciting and scary at the same time. I new he wouldn't hurt me but I also knew that I was giving him complete control over me. I think I'm a closet submissive. I like the thought of my man calling the shots.

We have even discussed me being blindfolded, so I wouldn't know what he was going to do to me (that idea made me wet). I like the idea of surrendering my will to his. Letting him take control and do whatever (within reason) to me.

The surrendering is what turns me on about bondage. Thoughts of being tied naked to an old fashioned four poster bed, vulnerable to whatever a "Dom" might want to do to me, makes me excited; allowing them access to all of me, my breasts, nipples and my exposed pussy.

I imagined a Dom would "talk" to me in a firm and commanding voice. He would tell me of his likes and dislikes. He would run his hands slowly up and down my legs massaging them with oil. As he moved to my pussy, he would spread my lips and run one or two fingers up and down to feel how excited I was. He might tell me what a naughty wench I was and that he was going to punish me. Tell me how he was going to keep me excited without letting me cum (now that would be punishment).

Yours if you will



Joy undressed in the bathroom and adjusted the shower to a soft warm rain that caressed her skin. She used a soft sponge and fragrant gel to lather away the excesses of her passion and recalled how they had swapped fragments of story ideas. How he encouraged her and she grew more inventive until their e-mail exchanges were too slow for her. She wanted more, to be spontaneous and have him react to her.

So she asked if he would Instant Message her.

That first time had been so intense.

Soaping her breasts and stomach she whispered to herself.

"Got sooo wet."

Joy remembered how his words had flowed across the screen, evocative and exciting like his stories. He had lead her down the road to an orgasm just through their Instant Messenger exchanges.

The other times were just as good. Then there was an opportunity to go one step further and it escalated from words on a screen.


Transcript of Instant Message session # X

Joyseeker: Good Evening Sir. I was hoping you would come on-line. Sir: Hello My Dear. I was sleepless and thinking of you. Joyseeker: I thought about you today too. Sir: Yes I saw! Your e-mail was extremely hot. Joyseeker: I told you I am mischievous. Sir: You had my cock so hard that I literally could not get up from my desk. Joyseeker: Oh my, I wish I could have been there to take care of it. Would you have liked that? Sir: I can not think of anything better than to have you on your knees before me, my cock between your lips with you looking up into my eyes. Joyseeker: Me kneeling between your legs, sucking your cock deep into my mouth and throat, while you try to work. Sir: I keep trying not to look for your e-mails but I find it difficult not to. You told me you do not like the sensation of seed in your mouth so where would you have liked me to cum? Joyseeker: I would be naked from the waist up and you would cum on my breasts, then you would rub your cum on my lips and make me taste you. No matter how much I squirm don't take no from me. I want to be taken, even a little roughly. I want to pleasure you. You're tall and I'm petite, it would be very interesting how we would fit. Sir: No matter I am very hard and you are there under me I slowly ease myself into your ass and say... Sir: Take me slave. All of me, now I am going to make you feel it this time, make you feel my cock as I fuck you! Joyseeker: Yes Sir, but you are so thick. Please I beg go slowly. I want to take all of you deep inside of me. Sir: With those last words I would push hard into you and you would stifle your scream. My hands on your shoulders are pressing you to my office desk as I slide all myself into you and hold. Joyseeker: I am noisy or so I've been told. Sir: Your whimpering is pitiful as the pain of my thrusts makes you have a tear in your eye Joyseeker: The pleasure/pain would be wonderful. Sir: I gag you with my hand and pull your head up so that your back is arched under me as I am now penetrating you very deeply. You can feel my thighs move against yours as we mate and you are clenching me inside you, feel the pressure on you pussy walls. Joyseeker: I can only imagine how good that would feel. I'm playing with my nipples, which ache; I wish you could be sucking on them. You have no idea how wet I am right this minute. I want your cum. Sir: Then you shall have it! I am nearly there and thrusting so hard that I am making you gasp and grunt as the force beats air from your lungs. One last thrust and I am so deep into you that you can feel my balls against your pussy and the pulsation of my cock as the sperm floods into you. Joyseeker: Yes, the force of your thrusts feels so good. Knowing I am giving you pleasure. Thank you. That was wonderful. Sir: I have not finished with you yet you have not cum! Joyseeker: I am so hot and excited. Your words have made me cum. Sir: Then I am satisfied. Joyseeker: I've never been this wet before. There is a wet spot on my chair. Sir: I want to taste your honey My Sweet, lick your juices and drink them to trickle down my throat. What do they taste like My Dear? Joyseeker: Peppery and salty too. My juice is clear to look at. Sir: Ahhh. I thought you would taste spicy. Then I will suck you dry with my tongue moving along your labia and dipping into you to drink them. Joyseeker: You have no idea how much I would like that. Now I really wish we could meet. Did you think we would have this "cyber" relationship when we started emailing each other: You make me feel safe and free at the same time. I would be willing to try anything you ask. Our talks are liberating to me. Your words excite and give me pleasure. Sir: For now I am with you in your mind and you are in mine. That is as deeply in each other as many couple would ever wish to achieve? Joyseeker: You make me feel special. To hear your voice would be something. Sir: It has crossed my mind to phone you but I thought that would be too much for you? Joyseeker: I know you would make me melt. Yes, I like that idea. Can you call a cell phone from where you are? Sir: I can try. Joyseeker: here goes, my cell phone number is 1-52X-37X-5555. Joyseeker: remember the time difference. Sir: Well we have something to look forward to. I suggest we arrange a time. I will need to think about that carefully so as to be able to speak uninterrupted. I will e-mail a time. Joyseeker: I'm glad you came on-line tonight. I'll be looking for your email. Good Night My Dear Sir. Sir: Good night My Dear Joy we will 'talk' again and perhaps I shall also hear your voice before too long. Joyseeker: Bye


The phone the other end was ringing, the ring tone just a little strange to his ear. Calling overseas was like that. Some countries sounded like their phone networks were still steam powered. Calling the US was, well it was just strange.

The tense anticipation felt like the proverbial iron butterfly, tramping up and down his spine and dancing in his stomach.

Would she pick up the phone?

What would she say?

This was all so new to him, he had never felt such power over another, she was his first sub.

The cell phone rang again and the tension was now so tight in his gut that he wanted to hang up, throw up, stop this foolishness.


A woman's voice, cautious, uncertain, hopeful sounded distantly in his ear.

"My Dear Joy, how good to hear your sweet voice at last," he said and it was.

"Oh my! Oh goodness me. Ah. Ah you called, it's you. Your there."

Her voice was breathless and flustered her breathing erratic and she sounded as though she was hyperventilating.

"Calm down Joy, breathe. Relax. It's strange to be talking to you at last."

"Oh my, I've never done this sort of thing before."

"Relax, take it easy. We're just talking on the phone."

"I know but you're real, not just my imagination."

"I should hope so!"

The sensation of talking, a human voice responding, two-way dialogue in place of fumbling excited fingers mistyping words, was exhilarating, intoxicating, arousing.

The reactions were real time and there were the added dimensions of pitch, intonation and best of all the breathing and the sensually inarticulate sounds of her pleasure.

He reflected on the experiences he had now had, how Cybersex requires a very active imagination and ties one to the keyboard. Phone sex needs less imagination and liberates one from the tyranny of the written word, removes the awkwardness of fumbling fingers that misspell. It has everything but physical touch, he thought.

But he had an idea to overcome that limitation too.

He asked her to get comfortable and relax.

Then it began, hours of pure safe pleasure, orgasm after orgasm. He felt potent and powerful as their long distance experiences grew ever more incredible and she grew ever more adventurous. Their roles of Dominant and Submissive became more defined. She now called him Master and he called her his Slave, they thought of each other as mates and explored each others deepest fantasies, unlocking dark recesses that neither had known they had.


Transcript of Experience # XX from his notes.

"What are you wearing Joy?"

"Dark slacks, one of my new, low cut tops and a new cream lace bra that gives me a cleavage Master."

"Good, well done my dear little Slave. Now your hands are my hands and I need you to be nude. Undress my dear and lie on the bed with your legs and arms spread wide."

"Yes Master."

He heard the sounds of breathing and movement, then,

"I'm naked Master as you said."

"Just relax and breathe deeply; all your sensations inside and out are heightened. You will feel everything with three fold intensity."

His voice was calm, measured and reassuring.

"Feel comfortable and safe, warm and relaxed. The tingling all over your body flows along your nerves to a glowing ball of sensual, sexual sensation in your centre, your core, your womb."


"Relax Joy, breathe in and out. You are not to cum yet."

"As we count down together that sensation of erotic pleasure will grow, the glowing ball in your core will become brighter and warmer, not burning but the sensation of approaching orgasm will become stronger."

"Oh Sir."

"Relax, breathe. You are not cumming, not yet.

As we count down together the sensation of approaching orgasm will grow, become stronger until we reach 1 and you will feel as though you are about to cum. The feeling will remain at that level, on the brink of cumming but no more. All your senses will feel every sensation much more strongly but you are not cumming yet.

20, 19 ....3, 2, 1 feel the sensual pressure throughout your body and listen to my voice."

"Ooh it feels sooo good."

"Hold the sensation Joy, listen to my voice."

His voice changed, became more commanding.

"I am standing by the bed and I lean over to kiss you, my mouth covering yours, my soft lips parting yours and my tongue probing between to swirl around the base of your tongue."


"I am going to blind fold you Joy. I have a leather blindfold and I slide my hand under your head to snap it around your eyes. Your eyes are heavy, unable to open with the cool leather pressing on your eyelids.

You are naked, spread on the bed and unable to see what I am doing or about to do to you Joy."

"Ohhh my."

"I take firm hold of your left wrist and pull it above your shoulder. I kiss your wrist and wrap the coarse rope around it, twisting it tight. Feel the rope bite as I twist it tight and pull, wrapping the end around the bedpost, stretching your arm taut."

"Unghh Sir!"

"Now the other, feel the bite and tension, feel the pain in your shoulders as I pull the ropes tight. Does that hurt?"

"A little Sir, yes"

"Then I shall pull them a little tighter!"

"Ungh, it hurts Sir!"


I am holding a leather flogger, with a bound handle a foot long and as thick as a police nightstick, it would stretch you as it slid into you. Each of the flat leather thongs is tipped with a knot that will sting as it strikes you."


"Listen to my voice and feel all the sensations I describe. When you hear my voice speak the word 'swish' you will feel the sensation of the flogger striking the part of your body I name and each knot will sting and leave a mark."

"Ohhh God."

"Your thighs; swish."

"Ohhhoww, nooo."

"Your stomach: swish."

"Ohh Ohh God."

... elements of the experience omitted ...

Session timed at 89 minutes.


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