tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpregnating Cindy

Impregnating Cindy


It started with an anonymous note:

'Frank, Dan has been seen with your wife. Check it out.'

That was all it said. Did I need any more? Proof of my own, sure.

I work for a large corporate retail conglomerate. I'm VP of Distribution. Dan works in the same company as a regional manager who happens to be based out of the same corporate headquarters for the local chain. He's a boss of smaller bosses, but he wasn't my boss. Dan is a hot-headed Mexican with a lot of piss and vinegar on an upwardly mobile track of well-earned success. We both answer to the VP and Pres, so we are technically equals. However, Dan desires the more glamorous position of corporate headquarter staff, and he'll get it, too. He's that capable.

Debbie is my wife. She's totally unlike Dan's wife (Cindy) and not what I would consider as a target for an extramarital affair. Debbie is considered full-figured. She's busty, due to her weight, hippy and on the thick side but muscular, like a dyke softball player. She's frizzy blonde with brown eyes. Most guys would consider her too fat to look at. Just being honest. Despite her full figure, she's not ugly.

Cindy, on the other hand, is a waif. When God threw together her parts, He basically rolled some bones in blood, got some flesh to stick to them and threw her into the world (to quote an interesting Pearl Jam lyric). Thin as she was, she couldn't be a model, though. Her boobs were small, like a-cup size and she was short. About the same color blonde hair as Debbie with sparkling blue eyes. Much cuter than Debbie.

I know all this because I met her in church. Yes, the bastard Dan and his cute wife are members of our church. We've all had dinner together with another corporate couple and sometimes at church functions.

I really don't want to tell you some story about how turned on I got over my wife rutting with some hot-shot man, because I didn't. Neither did I rush out and beat Dan so that his nose was broken, nor did I rush out and beat Debbie so that her mother wouldn't recognize her face. That's not to say I can't use violence to get a point across, but I wanted to get the point across in a way that wouldn't disappear over time - like a bruise. Personally, violence in return for cheating doesn't equate with me and I don't agree with those sick people who think cheating justifies all kinds of abusive violence, including murder. Fuck them. Maybe it's my church background.

However, I don't believe my pastor would approve of the steps I took to exact my revenge, either. Well, fuck him, too.

My proof was looking at her credit card receipts. There were some unusual ones that couldn't be explained away. Purchases at men's stores that I could not place. I hadn't received any gifts from her lately, but someone had. Also, the most damning of all, two charges to the Three Oaks Motel. I knew that one; it was close to the office.

A lot of pacing went into the development of my strategy. My plan was to become closer to Dan at the office. I engaged him in a lot of chatter to see if I could compile enough details to make my move. The cocksucker played it real cool; I wouldn't have suspected anything. His eyes didn't twinkle knowingly around me, he didn't strut around me like a proud rooster, and he didn't make any kind of comment about my wife, at all. When I told him my wife really liked him and suggested we should get the families together, he didn't bat an eyelash. That told me he was happy screwing my wife and was going to keep it quiet so that he could keep on ramming his dick into her.


A few things fell into place for me, about enough that I thought I had a shot at doing something. First, Dan mentioned that he was trying to finish putting up his new kitchen cabinets before next week. Second, next week the company was sending him on a two-week long training course in Nevada. Third, our pastor spoke recently of being neighbors to each other and that the men should be willing at all times to help our neighbor's wives accomplish menial tasks. It was part of a sacrifice message that got quite a few of us men to grin secretly to each other over the implications to a dirty mind. Yes, our protestant denomination issued a nation-wide decree on that about fifteen years ago. We laugh every time it comes up in a message.

I waited with expectation as the end of the week approached. I asked Dan if he was going to let Cindy put shelf paper in the cabinets he was almost finished installing. He waved a hand at me like he was more concerned with getting the shelves done than papering them. Good. Friday, I wondered if Debbie would be so bold... but it didn't happen Friday.

On Sunday morning she took a call.

"Frank, dear?" She called with a worried voice.

"Yup," I answered from the utility room workbench. I was fiddling with a hinge and not really doing anything. Just waiting.

"My Aunt Laura went in for emergency hand surgery. She needs me to come help her for a couple weeks and I told her I'd come."

"Oh, is it serious?"

"I think she said staph infection."

"Ouch." I fiddled with the hinge some more, elated.

"Do you think you can hold everything together here without me for a couple weeks?"

Ha. She picks an aunt we don't ever see, and the recovery just happens to be two weeks. Yeah, right. She was heading to Nevada, guaranteed. "Sure, honey. Don't bother about me."

"Oh, thank you." She smiled.

You're welcome, dear, I thought to myself. Just try to remember to come home after you've had two weeks of constant cock. "Just be careful on the drive."

She gave me a kiss and went to pack.

I followed her after a few minutes. When I heard her go into the bathroom and shut the door, I checked out her suitcase. I'm glad she wasn't in the room or she might have figured out that I knew things. Her suitcase was full of her most revealing clothes. What would she need crotchless panties for at Aunt Laura's?

Monday I called in sick. I hit the local DIY center and picked up a mess of shelf paper. I knew Cindy liked pink, so I picked out some with pink roses. I knocked on her door at a little after nine in the morning. Cindy answered wearing what looked like her housework clothes. She had on a white blouse that was rolled up and knotted just below her small boobs. Nice fitting khaki shorts with loose leg cuffs completed it, and she had her blonde hair back in a ponytail.

"Frank!" She smiled.

"Hi! Dan wanted to surprise you with some paper and asked for me to help out since he had the course to attend." I smiled and shrugged.

"Oh, well..." She looked down at herself and back into the house.

"You know Dan; when he wants something done, it better be now." I rolled my eyes. "Anyway, I'm here to help you in the name of neighborly sacrifice and all that."

"Oh, well, okay. Yes, I know Dan. Don't want to disappoint him." She mocked severity, but I knew she was a little afraid of him and his hot head.

This was too easy. So far.

We had coffee first and I made certain that she noticed me smiling at her. I paid her several compliments and mimicked her posture. That was an old hypnosis/body language trick that triggered sympathy in another person's subconscious. When I got to compliments about her looks, she blushed. But I made sure not to overdo it.

We began the project and worked at it until lunch when we took a break. I offered to go grab us something and she agreed. On the way back with some deli sandwiches, I stopped by and picked up some cider at the liquor store. Ever had alcoholic cider? It's good and light enough to have several before you realize you're addicted to the taste.

She asked about the cider and I told her it was an old world product that was barely alcoholic. She tried it and liked it. I lifted my bottle in an obvious fashion each time and Dan's little twenty-eight year old wife fell for it, matching me drink for drink. I made sure to finish the bottle before I finished the sandwich so that I could open us another. She didn't eat all her meal but she did have a second bottle.

That's all it would take, but I would make sure we drank another during the papering.

After the third bottle, and while she was up on a chair to spread some paper on the top shelf, I saw her lose her balance. She wouldn't have fallen, but I steadied her anyway by placing my hands on her thighs, right below the hem of the shorts. I held my hands there to make sure she was steady.

"Hey, you be careful there, Cindy," I said to keep her mind off my hands that were still on her legs. I gave them a light squeeze and a quick rub.

"Uhh, I think I'm a little dizzy, and my back is sore."

"Oh dear, I'm sorry." I backed up. "Come down from there."

She turned and looked down, but I stepped forward to block her. I reached my hands to her waist and helped her down. I set her down very close to me and looked into her eyes for a few seconds.

"I know just the thing for that. Turn around."

She blinked but turned.

I proceeded to give her a massage that worked her shoulders and back muscles. I paid extra attention to her neck muscles. She hummed happily.

"You have a knot back here that needs to be worked out. Come over to the couch." I led her to the couch and sat her down. I got behind her and worked at her again. "Lay down."

She looked back at me with the first questioning look I had seen all day.

"Don't worry, I'll have that knot out in no time."

She laid face down reluctantly.

I gave her a good massage. When she relaxed and started humming with pleasure, I slid my hands under her blouse at her back. She stopped humming and froze, but didn't say anything. When I didn't make any more threatening moves, she relaxed again. I got up onto the couch and straddled her butt as I rubbed her back muscles. When I switched to fingernail action, she moaned.

Then I got off.

"Oh..." Disappointment was all over her face.

"You know what would really do the trick is your hot tub. We could pop another cider and relax for a bit before getting back to work?"

"I don't know..." Cindy looked indecisive.

"Fifteen minutes in the hot tub with another cider and a tiny bit more massage and you'll be good as new."

She pursed her lips.

"I'd be a bad neighbor if I didn't offer, but if you want to go back to working, we can get right to it." I started to walk to the kitchen.

"No, I think a rest in the tub first sounds good." She stood and beckoned to me. "Come upstairs and I'll get you some trunks."

Fifteen minutes later we were climbing into the hot tub. We each held a cider and avoided looking at each other as we got in. Propriety and all that, you know. But I peeked a few times. She was wearing her only swimsuit she had said. It was a bright yellow two piece that barely covered anything. She was so skinny that her hip bones stuck out. I like a little more meat than that, but better bones than my cow of a wife.

What would possess Dan to fuck my wife? Did he have something for full figured women? Why did he marry Cindy if he did?

We gulped our ciders and chatted. I made sure to keep Cindy laughing so she was loose and at ease. When we finished that third bottle, I motioned her over for her massage.

"Come sit here in front of me and I'll make sure your back doesn't bother you any more today."

She sat between my legs with her back to me without hesitation. I worked her over for a bit but scooted closer every so often. Eventually, my chest touched her back and I worked on her shoulders. She leaned her head back against me and I leaned my head down to nuzzle her neck. Her skin was hot and her eyes closed. Steam rose around us as I ran my hands over her skin. When I inhaled and exhaled into her ear, she pressed back against me.

It was time.

I trailed my fingers around her shoulders to the area above her small breasts. I brought my hands together, fingertips on her skin and trailed down between them, but not touching them. I trailed my fingers all the way down to her stomach. She breathed in deeply and gasped. Her body quivered against mine. I separated my hands and traced the flare of her hips down to her thighs. I rested my palms on her thighs, about four inches from her crotch.

"Time to get back to work," I said.

She moaned in frustration.

We got out and I followed her upstairs. I paused at the guest room and watched her backside sway as she headed for the master bedroom. I silently followed and then tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around right into my arms. I didn't give her a chance; I planted a kiss on her before she could say anything.

She put up half a struggle for about four seconds, but then gave up and kissed me back. When I broke the kiss, she was gasping.

"Oh, Frank, we can't..."

I reached down between her legs and hooked a finger into her bikini bottoms. She gasped in shock as I felt her folds.

"Frank!" She squirmed, but my finger was sliding up into her. She was soaked.

"A little excited, huh?" I smiled. "Let me work my finger magic on that."

I pushed her back to their bed.

"I don't think this is a good idea..." Her eyes closed as I hooked my finger up and rubbed at her g-spot.

I laid her back on the bed and knelt over her.

"I can't do this. I'm married..."

I leaned down and kissed her again while working my finger over and into her pussy. She moaned and squirmed in lust. I traced my other hand over her boobs and she raised her chest up towards me.

"We can't..."

"Don't worry, I'll stop after a few seconds. Just enjoy it and we'll stop." I gently worked her pussy.

"Mmm oh god..." Her hips bucked up at me and she squirmed harder.

I leaned down again and kissed her while removing my fingers from her. She whimpered but then struggled a little as I started tugging down her bikini bottoms.

"Oh no, I can't. We can't."

I moved her easily and slid the bottoms off.

"Oh my god, Frank, no..."

When I touched her again, her thighs tried to stay shut. I probed her clit and pushed down. Her hips resumed bucking and she whimpered again.

"Don't worry, just a little play and I'll stop. I won't go any farther than you tell me, okay?" I smiled and kissed her again before she could respond.

The kiss and probing worked its magic. Her legs parted and I regained access to her pussy. She was sopping wet. Even Debbie had never been this soaked. I scooted down and lowered my mouth to her wide open pussy. When my tongue touched her, she grabbed my head.

"Ohhh! Ohhh, Frank! Ohmygod, Frank!" Her hips gyrated as I licked and nibbled. "No, we have to stop..."

"Just a little more. This won't hurt anyone and I'll stop as soon as you say, okay?" I went back to licking.

She bucked and squirmed and moaned in pleasure. I used the opportunity to remove my shorts without her knowing. I was rock hard. I licked and then inserted a finger to work her g-spot. Her moaning got louder and her hips started quivering.

Not yet. I needed her desperate. I moved up while keeping a finger in her and went back to kissing her.

"No, I think maybe..." She was stopped by the kiss. Her return kiss was hot and aggressive.

I scooted up between her knees and withdrew my finger. I gripped my cock and put the head against her folds. I used my hand to rub it all over her clit.

She broke the kiss and looked down. "Oh my god, Frank! We can't! No!"

I rubbed her clit with the head of my cock and used my other hand to lift her top off her breasts.


"It's just a little play; it's harmless. I can tell you like it and I'm just trying to make you feel good. We'll stop in a minute, okay? Don't worry."

She moaned in frustration.

"Does it feel good, Cindy?" I needed her to be saying "yes" to me.

"Mmm, yes, but..."

"Can you feel the heat?"


"Do you like your pussy being touched?"


I rubbed my cock down a little so that it briefly teased her folds and then back up to her clit. "Do you like that, Cindy?"

"Yes, oh yes..." Her hips were squirming all over the bed now.

I moved my cock back down and pressed a little at her opening. She responded by grabbing my shoulders and pulling me. Her hips thrust upward at me and my cock was poised at her opening, just nestled inside her folds. We held that position until her hips began to shake. She whimpered again. I moved my cock back to her clit. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on.

"Frank, I think we should maybe stop..."

I froze. My cock not moving against her clit. "Do you really want me to stop? Doesn't this feel good?"


What had she answered to? Both?

"Would you like me to tease you just a little more before we stop?" I moved my cock against her clit and down to her opening before she could answer.

She moaned louder this time.

I pressed again at her opening and the head of my cock pushed into her folds and right up against her opening.

"Ohhhh my god.... unhhhhh...." Cindy gyrated beneath me. Her breathing was ragged.

"Do you like the feel of it there?"

"Oh, yes!" Her hips bucked up and my head pushed hard at her opening. She kept them raised, her pussy keeping a tense pressure on my cock, until her hips started to shake.

"Okay, Cindy, we'll stop in a moment, I promise. Just a little more." The position was perfect. Her hips were raised and my cock was aimed and pressed right up to her wide open pussy. It was lined up perfectly. Just a little push and it would pop inside, surely. But I pulled back.

She whimpered and panted. I figured the time was as right as it was going to get.

I worked my cock over her clit again as she began making angry whimpers. I was teasing her into a frenzy. Dan's wife sure liked to have my cock all over her. I moved it back down and rubbed her opening. She gasped and raised her hips again. It was as clear an invitation to fuck as it could be without her asking. I gently pressed my cock at her opening, giving it that tense pleasure like before. She squirmed and opened her legs wider. Instead of teasing her there, I pushed. With a gentle movement, the head of my cock slipped into her pussy.

"Ohhh! Unhhhhh...." She locked her hips in place, savoring the feel and then realized what was happening. "Frank! No!"

She squirmed down to try to get me out, but I pushed forward.

"We can't do this! I'm married to Dan!" She squirmed harder.

"I know, I know. I'll pull out in a second. We're okay." I kissed her again as we were frozen with my cock about a half inch in her. I broke the kiss a few seconds later. "See? I'm barely in there. It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes, but..."

I pulled out but maintained contact with her clit.

"Unhh... oh my god... Frank... thank you. We can't do this..."

I rubbed it around her opening again as she relaxed and then I gave a really hard shove. My cock sunk into her pussy about halfway. Three inches of my hungry flesh was buried in the most heavenly feeling pussy I have ever felt.

"Fra... Ohhhhh ohhhh ohhhhhh!" Cindy wailed in pleasure.

I angled my cock and worked it slowly around inside her while keeping a steady push pressure going. I was slowly sinking more and more of my rock hard erection into her.

"Noooooo!" She screamed out as I smoothly slid all the way into her hot little pussy. I buried myself to my balls and hugged her. She squirmed under me frantically. "Frank, no!"

"Just a little more and we'll stop, for sure. Just a little won't hurt anyone, will it? Does it feel good in there?" I started slowly thrusting in and out of her.

"Ye... Frank we have to stop! We can't do this! What about Dan and Debbie?"

I stopped thrusting and started to pull out. Cindy got quiet, but her eyes were closed. Halfway out I stopped and she resumed breathing. I leaned down to kiss her. She kissed me back with a ferocity that surprised me. When I pushed back in, she moaned in lust. Whatever she was saying, she wanted to be fucked.

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