Impregnating Cindy


I started fucking her again, slowly. She moaned and writhed under me as I thrust my cock into her over and over and over again.

"Mmmmm ohhh..." she moaned happily. Her lithe little body began bucking under me.

I quickened my pace a little and her sopping pussy started making some nice, wet sounds. She clutched me to her and fucked me back, stroke for stroke. She began to pant and gasp. I knew she was close to orgasm. I leaned down a little and nibbled one of her nipples. That did it. She bucked against me in convulsions and quivered in orgasmic release.


I slowed a little but made my thrusts stronger. Each stroke pulled all the way to the head and then slid all the way down to my balls. Cindy's body jerked slowly to the fuck.

"Okay, Frank, mmmm... I think we uhnnn should stop now... uhhhnnn... mmmm..."

"Okay, baby, just a little more and we'll stop. It sure feels good, don't it?"

"Yes... mmm... uhhnnn... we'll have to stop... ohhhh.... no birth control... mmmm..."

Yep, don't I know it. Dan had revealed that little tidbit last week to me. My thrusts became more forceful and Cindy responded with pleasure. Her moans got louder and she clutched me feverishly. I could feel the tingle start in my balls and down in my feet. It was going to be a monster.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked her.

"Mmm, no... yes... uhmmmm...."

I tried to keep a steady pace, but I was over the edge. My thrusts became stronger and deeper.

"You should.... ahhhh.... pull..."

I slammed my cock into her four times, really hard. Cindy cried out in pain and pleasure as I buried my expanding cock as far as it would go up her pussy. I reached bottom but pressed harder. Cindy's hips ground against mine even as she tried to say "no" again. I looked up and into her eyes as a convulsion rippled up my butt and back and ejected the first blast of sperm deep into her. Her eyes flew wide open as I continued to convulse. The convulsions were strong, and each one shot a hot glob of sperm into her womb.

"Ohhhh my god... ohhhh.... ahhh...... nooooooo!" Cindy whipped her head from side to side, the lust conflicting with the desire to remain true to her husband.

I kept pumping sperm into Dan's blonde little wife until I was drained.

After that was a time of heated argument and crying. She wanted to know what she was going to do, how it had happened, what Dan was going to think.

My answers weren't gentle. "Dan isn't going to find out about this because you know what will happen if he does."

Dan was a hot head. He would beat Cindy mercilessly. He would beat her until she was unrecognizable if he didn't beat her until she died. Cindy was his possession. Once she crossed that line with me, she gave Dan the excuse to murder her if he wanted. No, she wouldn't tell him. I didn't tell her that Dan was doing my wife. Neither did I tell her that I intended to make her pregnant. I wanted Dan to have to raise my child. What I told her was that I would be staying until just before Dan returned.

And that is exactly what happened. I stayed with Cindy and fucked her every single day on their marriage bed. Sometimes I fucked her twice and the day before I left, I fucked her three times. She fucked willingly on the fear that if she didn't, I would tell Dan and her life would be over. After two days of fucking, she started enjoying it again. Dan's little wife turned into a great slut and every fuck ended with me shooting all the sperm I could into her.

If she doesn't get pregnant off of two weeks of constant fucking and sperm injections, then I'll just have to go back and keep trying.

The bastard is going to have to raise my kid. Now... what to do about Debbie?

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