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Impregnating Mom


It had been a very difficult time for my mom after my father died. Not that financially we were struggling, we had a pretty good savings by my father which helped us through his absence.

The will was a lot and I was still young so my mother remarried a guy, he was a relative and owed favors to my dad so eventually he married her so that the money could be protected and there would be a man in the house. This was so that the outsiders wouldn't take advantage of my mom.

This guy Varun was younger than my mom and was unmarried till he did marry my mom. He was unemployed and wanted to start his own business. My father had helped him get loans from the bank and set up shop. But it was his misfortune that he lost everything. he would stay in our guest house only. The failure had effected him and he wouldn't talk a lot.

He was my mothers choice when everyone pressurized her to get married so that she would have company and security as Varun was harmless and he was known. He was asked about he marriage, he just nodded. It seemed like it didn't matter to him. He was lost in his own world. Finally my mom and Varun got married. I went off to the hostel to continue my studies.

I would come back for holidays and my mom would be happy to see me. My mom was still gorgeous

In the night I slept in my room, Varun in the study and my mom in her room. I was cordial to Varun as I felt bad for him. he was stuck with us for the rest of his life. I never saw him talk too much to my mom or be with her. He was just 10 years older than me at 29. There was a time when we used to plat together.

Finally I came back home after my graduation. Things were pretty normal. Life was going smooth. I would stay at home till I got the call for my first job.

It was during that time that one day my mom was in a pensive mood. I asked her a couple of times but she just said she had a head ache. I let it be for the time being but after a few days still the same mood. So I sat down with her in her room and told her to tell me everything. First she didn't say anything but after a bit of coaxing she told me. She said Varun suddenly wanted to have a child. He had told her that he didn't have anything in this world. Varun had spent all his life with us and if things would have been normal would have had a wife and kids. It did make sense that he craved for a family.

My mother explained all this and but she was not sure she would be able to get pregnant at that age. I told her she wasn't so old, that wasn't the troubling factor. The thing was she was worried about what I might think and if it would change the way we were. I was a bit shocked to hear all this but when I thought of it the whole night it didn't seem so bad. After all Varun also deserved some kind of a life and we owed it to him.

The next day my mom said she will divorce Varun so that he could start his own life and get married. I knew that wasn't possible due to Varun's condition and so late in life who would want to get married to a person in his state. I told my mom not to worry and that it would be alright with me if Varun stayed with us and stared life. At least he will be of the family.

My mom told me that Varun and she never had a physical relation and it would be her first after my father. I was surprised that my mom was so open about it. She said to give her a couple of days to really get ready for it. She told me to tell Varun that she had agreed, it would be awkward for her to tell him she said. So I went to Varun's room he was sitting on the bed. I told him that it was good he wanted to start his own family and that he had my mom's consent. He didn't react so much but just nodded and told me thanks.

After a couple of days my mom called me and said that she was ready and that night she would want it to be the night to get impregnated. She said she was ovulating. I was getting aroused by all this talk and to know all the intimate things about my mom.

I was becoming so much of a part of the whole thing that it felt as if I had the right to see everything that would take place. I relayed the message to Varun and told him he would have to sleep in my mom's room that night and for another 4-5 days till the job is done.

That night my mom dressed up a bit, she was serving us dinner in a red sari with a black blouse. Varun also seemed to notice how sexy she looked. he was smiling at her. He was staring so much at her breasts which showed out from beneath. The sari was wrapped tight around her waist showing all the curves and bulges. Her ass bulged out tapering into her legs.

It was nerves wrecking to see her that way and to imagine what all Varun was going to get. It was driving me crazy thinking all that that was going to transpire between my mom and him. Finally dinner was over and I went to sit in front of the TV. My mother put away the dishes and went in her room. Varun was at the table. My mom called me and told me to send Varun inside. She was feeling shy like a new bride.

I asked Varun to go into my mom's room, it is kind of awkward trying to tell a man to go and have sex with my mom. But I was so much into it that I didn't realize it that I was sending Varun to fuck my mom and to make her pregnant.

My mom's bedroom is kind of big with the actual bedroom divided into a sitting and then the big bed. The bed is placed at an L and there are 2 couches facing each other in the sitting. After Varun went in, I just felt I should check if everything was alright. I went to the door and found it unlocked. I wondered if I should really go in, I was both horny and anxious.

Still thinking i just moved in silently without opening the door too much. Varun and my mom were near the bed, I sat on the couch facing them. At that angle I could see everything but I was hidden partially by the opposite facing couch and the L shape of the room.

Varun was sitting on the bed facing my mom who was standing in front of him. My mom removed the upper part of the sari and let it fall to the floor. Her blouse was bare now with her stomach also showing. Varun caught her hand and made her sit beside him. For a guy who didn't talk much he did really take a lot of initiative. They were now in a position where they were facing me but both were looking at each other. Even if they would have looked at the cross angle they would have seen only my head and till my eyes. I had eased down on the couch.

Meanwhile Varun was running his hands on my moms thick thigh. I could make out the size as his hands roamed on her thighs. My mom had put her hand around his neck and was playing with his nape. Varun's hand would come up and feel her smooth stomach that was showing. He was just lightly caressing the bare flesh. My mom knew he was feeling a bit uneasy so she took his hand and placed it on her breast. Varun got his encouragement. He squeezed her blouse covered boob, going over and over the both of them.

He was so excited that he didn't even realize the uneasy position he was in. My mom pulled back a bit and opened the front buttons on her blouse. Varun waited patiently till she had unhooked her bra. He stared with open mouth at her big boobs and hard pointy areolas. The nipples had puckered up, my mom was getting aroused too. Varun bent his head and took her nipple in his mouth, my mom closed her eyes as soon as she felt his mouth on her flesh. Varun sucked her nipple hard, sometimes licking her rest of the tit and sometimes squeezing them both and alternatively licking both.

My mom with her tits covered in saliva motioned Varun to stop. Reluctantly he let go of her nipple with a plop. She stood up and removed the hanging blouse and bra. she waited for a while till Varun had his eyeful of her beauty. she then slowly unwrapped her sari. Me being behind her couldn't see Varun's reaction but I guess he must have been in heaven, or just yet waiting for it. she removed her sari and untied the chord to her petticoat. Slowly she let it fall to the ground with her sari. She was now in only her black panty.

My mom's ass looked so luscious, big but still firm. the panty couldn't cover, it was too small. My mom stood in front of Varun as he ran his hands over her breasts till down on her stomach to her thighs. he then put his fingers into her panty waistband and slowly peeled them from her narrow waist over her big buttocks. Once a little over the big fleshy globes then came off easily. My mom held onto Varun's shoulders as he put his hand between her legs. I could also see her pussy lips as he caressed them. he put his hands around her ass and pulled her closer till his face was buried into her belly. He just held her that way while his hands caressed her ass cheeks.

My mom sat again next to Varun on to the bed, she caught his hand and pulled him up. Now it was his turn to get undressed. He started unbuttoning his shirt while my mom unzipped and dropped his pants down. I think she was stoking his cock over his underpants as he was sighing heavily. she pulled his underwear down and let it join his pants, Varun then stepped out of both. he was standing naked in front of my mom. The way he groaned I knew she had taken his cock into her mouth. though I couldn't see her sucking, the way she held his ass and pulled him into her, she sure was giving him a real good blowjob.

Varun after two three minutes pulled out from her mouth. He didn't want to cum in her mouth, understandably so. I was shocked that my mom who would stay in the house her whole life would be such a liberal as to suck cock.

Varun was really excited by now and like a small kid just got on his knees between my mom's fat thighs and got to work. he just moved the black panties aside and began licking her, biting her pussy. My mom would flinch suddenly and then moan again. I could hear him slurping away, but I couldn't see with his head between her thighs. After a while my mom pulled him up. She got down from the bed and wiped his face which was dripping with her juices.

My mom climbed up the bed and lay on her back. she spread herself wide to accommodate Varun between her thighs. he got on too and sat at her feet, looking at her open sex. I could also see her wet red swollen pussy. her pussy mound looked so huge. Varun pulled a pillow and stuck into beneath her big ass. this way now my mom's pussy was raised up. Just waiting to be used. Varun ran his hands on her thighs, rubbing her pussy lips and then again feeling her thighs. My mom had raised her knees and was lying all open for him. She told him to come near and Varun slowly crawled over her. he lowered himself on her, lying on her stomach, crushing her boobs. His hard cock was rubbing at her cunt lips, wetting it.

My mom put her hand in the middle and made Varun raise up a bit. She held his cock in her hand and rubbed it between her pussy lips, getting it all wet. She then placed his cock head at the entrance of her cunt. She knew Varun would want to ram into her so she caught his waist and slowly let him ease into her. I could see Varun's big cock slowly parting her lips and entering her. My mom closed her eyes and had just caught her breath. When Varun had sunk all the way in she exhaled. he stayed there for a moment and then started a slow in and out motion. My mom raised her legs high to give him more penetration. His cock was covered in her gooey juices. My mom's cunt stretched out as Varun increased his speed. She was moaning loudly now. As moments assed Varun banged her harder. He had his hands under her ass, holding on to her meaty ass flesh as he rammed his cock into her.

I could see Varun's sweaty back and ass as he pistoned his cock in and out from my mom's fuck hole. It was a terrific sight seeing my mom giving herself to a man. Her raised legs and Varun in between was so erotic, even if i would have touched my cock I would cum. Varun meanwhile had reached his peak, he caught my mom's ass harder and for a final time just stuck to her cunt. he was cumming, my mom was cumming too. Varun raised his head and grunted as he pumped is seeds into my mom's womb. My mom was clutching on to him as she shuddered beneath his weight. They were both sweating. I waited for a while just looking at my mom lying with her legs raised so as to avoid all the sperms from flowing out and Varun lying next to her. He had spewed so much cum that it was oozing out from her cunt.

I secretly wished she wouldn't get pregnant his time so I would get to watch more of it. I didn't know who wanted me to watch them Varun or my mom. The door was open.

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