tagGroup SexImpulsive Diversion Ch. 02

Impulsive Diversion Ch. 02


Palmer raced down the hall trying to seem somewhat inconspicuous. He had already been caught, he knew that one was for sure. At least Marina didn't see him massaging his shaft while he was watching the girls go at it. He was certain of that. He would have gotten off, too if he would have caught them at the beginning of their love making session. Who WAS this girl, anyway? He was dumbfounded. He had never before met a girl who had such an instant affect on his emotions.

Palmer finally escaped into his room. His breathing was short and full of intensity. "God, damn it!" He cursed at himself. "What is this girl doing to me? I could have a beautiful, succulent, mature blond with huge melons if I wanted to. Instead my body's craving the daughter of my boss." He felt like a demented lunatic and knew he was on dangerous territory.

The curves on her body lingered in his mind; her beautiful crimson lips that he so severely wanted to caress with his mouth and her slightly large breasts that he wanted to savor. Interpreting her face was impossible. She had a stunning face. Her eyes spoke of hidden experiences and had a daring look to them that urged him to want her. Palmer detected that Marina usually got what she wanted and that intrigued him even more. He felt his staff stiffen in his pants. He had to relieve himself before his family jewels became even more discolored.

Just as he was about to unzip his tight Wrangler jeans, he heard a thud. A high pitched squeal echoed through the large house. "What the hell is going on?" Palmer uttered furiously. "Can't a guy get some satisfaction around here without being interrupted?" He jerked the door open irritated that he was even thinking such corrupt thoughts about Marina. He abruptly marched out into the hall.

Marina sat on the sofa in the entertainment room holding her petite foot in her hand as she cursed in agony. She glanced up harshly at Palmer but was too engrossed in her pain to fully recognize his existence.

"What did you do?" Palmer asked suddenly even more short-tempered than when he heard Marina's cry.

Marina was defensive. "It's none of your god damn business," she shouted furiously as she massaged her bruised toe.

The tension in Palmer's face gradually faded. His eyebrows raised sympathetically as he easily strolled over to Marina. "OK, calm down. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so shallow." Palmer lightly seized Marina's foot. Her toe was red and barely swollen. "Poor baby," he said quietly with a small amount of sarcasm in his voice, "Let me get you some ice."

Enraged by his tone of voice, Marina scowled at Palmer. He was making fun of her, she thought. "Don't be going to any trouble for me. I'm fine," she voiced arrogantly. She detested being mocked.

Palmer, irritated by Marina's unpredictable behavior, swung around with a washcloth full of ice. "What is the deal with you, little girl? I'm trying to be nice and you get all pissed off at me. If you were a guy I would've just told you to walk it off, but you're a girl, and girls are more sensitive to pain…" His opinion was interrupted by the loud, sharp yell of a very irate girl.

"I'm not a little girl! You're an asshole," she screamed uncontrollably. Her blue eyes darkened with hostility.

Palmer was taken by surprise as he watched the young woman's temper flare. His annoyance was soon overtaken by a staggering arousal. There is something totally bizarre and immoral about these feelings, he thought. He was disgusted by his uncontrollable desire to throw Marina down on the couch and greedily take her right there in the entertainment room. Palmer licked his full, appealing lips. Everything he was taught about mixing business with pleasure dissolved instantly. He was captured by a combination of hunger and excitement. His erection was so hard it hurt.

Palmer strolled casually over to Marina and sat down on the couch next to her. He attempted to control his troubled mind and lightly placed the wash cloth on Marina's foot. Marina jumped, painfully irritated by the sudden change of temperature. She tried to ignore the discomfort in Palmer's eyes as he sat on the edge of the couch observing her.

Palmer slowly leaned over and caught Marina by surprise as he started nibbling on her desirable lips. "What are you doing?" Marina shoved him back. She wanted Palmer, but she was too busy being upset to even think about intimate relations with him at this time.

"Damn it, Marina, you're such a tease," Palmer expressed, insulted by the sudden blow to his ego. "You give me all kinds of signals that you want me, then you push me away when I try to be with you. I am so tired of dealing with women like you."

Marina jumped up in a huff, suddenly forgetting about the pain that was shooting up her foot. She staggered up the stairs and into her bathroom. She started a bath for herself. It was the only way she could relax and forget about the anger that was built up inside her. She poured bubble bath into the warm running water and closed her eyes as she settled into the bathtub.

Palmer was furious. Girls before her had never turned him down. He didn't know what to think about Marina. Why didn't he just call one of the girls from his book to boost his ego back up? That's what I'll do, he thought. His thoughts were detached when a sleepy-eyed Simone came stumbling down the stairs. Palmer's piercing brown eyes gleamed as a plan formed in his overconfident mind.

"Hey…Simone, right?" Palmer asked trying to sound nonchalant.

"Yeah, that's me," Simone replied ecstatic that he knew her name.

"What's up?"

"Not much." Simone tried to perceive where he was going with this conversation.

He was tired of beating around the bush. He wanted to see if his charm still worked. He strutted arrogantly over to Simone and tried his best to appear gentle and submissive. She seemed so pure and naïve to him. He delicately ran his fingers through her shoulder-length feathery, golden hair and kissed her affectionately on the forehead, then on the lips. She shuddered with delight which led Palmer to believe if he was careful he could get her to do just about anything. He gingerly licked the outline of her lips, made his way to her earlobe, and settled at the nape of her neck where he softly sucked and tasted her delicious innocent flesh.

The only thing she could muster from all the intensity building up inside her was a soft sigh. Her whole body was awakened. All the years of holding back her needs for intimacy with a man erupted into a destructive weakness. She felt an urgency to be with him; her libido was on fire. She no longer cared about her morals. She lost control, ripped at his shirt, and feasted on him.

He stopped her just long enough to pull her into his room where they began to tear at each other hungrily. Their passion was at its height. He roughly unbuttoned her silk shirt and pulled at her modest bra. His mouth tasted her soft pink tips, which made his appetite even more massive. Her hands shook with enjoyment and anxiousness as she quickly unbuttoned his tight jeans.

He felt a relief as she freed his manhood. His erection hardened even more as she gently massaged his rocks. The feelings of torture and ecstasy were becoming unbearable to Palmer.

"Simone, I need you right now," Palmer expressed. His deep voice shook as he tried to control his urge to throw her on the bed and rip her apart. These girls are making me go insane, he thought. He had never wanted or needed satisfaction that badly before.

He transformed into a predacious animal and acted as if he was pouncing on his prey. He pulled up her plaid skirt and practically mutilated her plain black panties as he tugged them off her. His boxers vanished swiftly as if he were never wearing them in the first place.

"OK. I'll let you have me." She replied as she trembled in fear and astonishment. She gasped for air as she was penetrated violently by his very effective swollen penis. She cried in agony as he hit her opening forcefully and captured the last of her pureness.

The alarm in her sea green eyes was unmistakable, and he began to move more moderately as he stroked her hair tenderly. He tried to remind himself that he wasn't dealing with an experienced girl. "It's ok, baby," he said calmly trying to soothe her fear. He knew he let the longing to satisfy his hunger stand in the way of fulfilling her needs.

She cried out once again in panic as she began to realize what she was offering to someone she had only met a couple days before.

"Shh," he quieted her. "It's OK, the scary part is over, honey. Trust me."

She finally relaxed and began to feel a breathtaking sense of bliss. She moaned a deep, substantial satisfied moan. Her whole disposition changed in a heartbeat. "More…oh…YES…Fuck me hard," she screamed with delight.

His movement became energetic as he thrust his hard cock deeper and faster in her remarkably wet slit. His rhythm became offbeat when he opened his eyes and realized he was staring at a very desirous and extremely exasperated blue-eyed beauty. She observed him with a blend of curiosity and rage, flipped her hair back boldly, and walked silently fuming out of the room.

Simone opened her eyes as Palmer jumped off of her unexpectedly. "What's going on?" she asked depressed that he had quit so soon. She wasn't experienced but she knew he hadn't cum yet.

He hastily pulled his boxers on as he was running out of the room. He caught Marina's arm and swung her around forcing her to look at him. "What?" she asked impatiently.

"What was I supposed to do? It's not like we're married…or even dating, for that matter." He was extraordinarily irritated by the situation.

"I said it once, and I'll say it again, you…are an ass." She glared at him. She was disturbed by the fact that she was extremely aroused by the situation. She couldn't decide if she was angry with him for having her best friend or enraged because they did it without her, behind her back.

Palmer walked into the kitchen. He was shocked at the fact that he felt he knew Marina after just a few days of knowing her. She was way too much like him.

She puzzled over her overwhelming thoughts as he moved around in the kitchen and made his way back over to her.

"Here, drink this." He shoved a shot glass full of Jack Daniels at her.

She downed it appreciatively. "More," she uttered.

He gazed at her astonished by her need to drown her emotions in alcohol, but felt obliged to carry out her demand. After a few more shots, she lost control of her hidden desires and began to attack him with her mouth. He was amazed at how her true character came out so unsuppressed when she drank. How could anyone be so self-conscious and so conceited at the same time, he wondered.

Simone timidly walked into the entertainment room and was suddenly aroused by the view she saw in front of her. She held back the urge to join in because of her bashful nature, but was soon arrested by Marina.

Marina became the dominant of the three as she ordered them to take all their clothes off. She rebelliously jerked her own clothing off and ran naked up the stairs and into her room. She seized the object she was looking for and dashed back down the stairs to find Palmer plunging his lustful erection into Simone's ravishing pussy.

"Stand up," she yelled forcefully. Palmer and Simone obeyed. They instantly became stimulated. There stood a gorgeously naked Marina with a handful of rope. She held it up for them to get a better glimpse . "Tie her up," Marina growled at Palmer.

After Simone had been securely fastened, Marina bent down and savored Simone's luscious juices once again. Palmer shoved his fingers deeply into Marina's opening. She shrieked with joy. He pulled his drenched fingers out and lightly licked them with gratification.

"I want you behind me," Marina screamed. Palmer followed her command as he softly immersed his shaft into her backside. He reached around and stroked Marina's mounds as she rubbed her clit.

Simone pulled at the ropes and squealed with delight. Her body was enlivened as Marina harshly flicked her tongue on Simone's clit. Their actions became vigorous as they all moaned with exhilaration. Their bodies became a series of bucking and thrusting until they all peaked. They were all filled with tremendous delight as they lay there breathless and drained.

"Oh, my god." Marina was the first one to speak. "I hope Daddy never comes home."

"I don't think I will ever be able to be satisfied by any other woman again," Palmer sighed. "You're my girls."

Simone said nothing, but a smile filled with contentment was plastered on her lovely face.

"I wonder what's going to happen next," Marina marveled at the thought.

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