In a bus with Mom & Sis


Seeing all this was making me horny, I slowly pushed forward. It seemed everyone forgot that I was her son. As I tried to move forward, I was pushed back. I felt like I was in a queue in a theatre ticket counter. Even as I pushed to reach sis, I found myself near mom. Hurriedly I took out my dick and pushed it towards her ass. I thought it was an easy process but try as hard as I could, my dick would not enter my mom's ass. The more I tried, the more I was rejected. I licked her asshole with my tongue then slid my dick into her pussy. It went in smoothly. I felt a tingle pass thru my vein as I realized I was in my mom's pussy -- the same pussy I had widened to come out to this world and now the same pussy, I had widened to reach a new world. Holding her ass, I banged my dick to her pussy. My balls began to smack her. I grabbed her boobs and felt the softness -- the same boobs I had sucked when I was a child but now it was a lustful object to me. I squeezed her nipples, hoping that some milk would flow off. Someone was already pulling me off from her but I held on until I felt my eyes swoon and I exploded in her -- my contribution to her pussy -- the same way my father had done. I waited until the last of the cum oozed off my dick, then pulled it out and rubbed it on her asshole. As soon as I pulled out my dick, I was pulled from all sides for the next person to enter.

My body felt tired yet my mind dissuaded me to stop. I felt my dick rising again as I saw my sister surrounded by men grabbing her all over. One of the men was lying down and she was on him. He was fucking her pussy while another one was in her ass. She looked like a part of the clock machine. The thrust from the dick in her pussy, below would make her rise little, then the person in her ass would thrust forward -- this would propel her mouth to the next dick and then she will sit down to continue the process -- tick tock -- tick tock. In between there were others grabbing her boobs, hair, thighs, calf and even her nose. All trying to get the woman effect on them. I watched the game making me horny again and lightning up for the next fuck.

After some time I moved to my sis. I reached her mouth and put my dick in. She did not realize at first whose dick was in her mouth but when she looked up, she realized and tried to move away. The person fucking her ass was holding her head by the hair and I was pushing my dick deeper, giving no chance for her to pull away. My dick in her mouth was energizing me and I felt my dick grow. I let her suck my dick for some time then moved behind her waiting to get a chance on her ass. I wanted to fuck an ass and who better than my younger sister! I waited patiently for the man fucking her ass to move and then climbed in. Squeezing butt, I widened her ass cheeks. Looking lovingly at her pink asshole, I fingered it. She began to squeak. I put my thumb in and rotated. Having put my thumb in her anal, I was confident that I could put my dick in. I removed my thumb after some more pushes then slowly led my dick and pushed. Again, I found it tight. It was not as easy for a dick to enter as a thumb could. I tried widening her asshole and pushed yet it was tight. I let my dick dangle on her asshole and grabbed her boobs. I squeezed her nipples and pulled them as if milking her boobs. I continued my push but still it averted.

Then suddenly the person in front of her changed. The new comer looked like a Malayalee Negro. He seemed gigantic with his head touching the roof even though he was bending. His dick was long and huge putting my dick to shame. He brought the tip of his dick to her lips then slowly pushed in. Half the way itself, her mouth was full. She began to push back as he moved forward choking her. In her urgency to avoid chocking she forgot all about her ass fucker -- that is me. I was still pushing my dick on her asshole with no hope of entry when this Negro started banging my sister's mouth. She suddenly jumped back the same moment I pushed forward. Surprising her and me, my dick slides in like a knife on butter. The sudden pain in her ass made her move forward making her take his dick fully in her mouth. I heard her gargling sound as I felt the dick enter her throat. Both of us together began to push without caring of her discomfort. I felt my dick devour her ass. I pushed my dick deep and held it, then rotated my dick in her ass without moving my body. I felt my dick touch her clit and round. Her ass was tight and her asshole was clutching my dick and squeezing. It was like a piece of butter milking my dick. The pleasure of my sister's ass was much more than the pussy of my mother. She was choking in between as the Negro pushed his dick deeper in her throat and I rammed her ass. Soon the Negro erupted in her mouth. It was as if a tap opened and the cum overflowed from her mouth. She was all coughing as he moved and she was drowned in his cum. I held on her boobs while she was in her uncomfortable stage and charged at her ass. She tried to stop my dick from ramming her ass by holding back my hip but I did not care. I kept on fucking her ass.

Many more came over her, some in her pussy some on her body and some on her face but I still kept humping her ass. The cum in my mom's pussy was delaying my cum into my sisters ass. After a long time, I felt the eruption come and exploded in her ass. Her ass hole had turned red and throbbing as I mercilessly fucked her ass. I held the skin of my dick and felt the foreskin in her ass pull back. I let my dick leap deeper with the foreskin pulled back feeling the softness of her ass as I sprayed my cum into my sisters ass. I felt the cum flow would never stop as it oozed out through the tiny hole of my dick. I enjoyed the torture of my cum oozing out of my dick slowly into her ass.

After some time I fell off her in a dizzy stage and moved aside giving space to the other people in line. I sat there with my dick still hanging out wondering when this wonderful journey would end or begin again????


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