tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn His Bedroom Ch. 02

In His Bedroom Ch. 02


Note: this is a continuation of 'in his room.' There's incest and reluctance in this one... Beware.... If you like these subjects.... enjoy! Oh and by the way... everyone is 18 and likes it, even if they won't admit it out loud!


I was watching a porn DVD I had found in daddy's stash. It was my normal afternoon to get my jollies off in his room. Not that I wanted my daddy, but being in his room added to the danger and naughtiness of my self-pleasure. I liked that.

The DVD was a role play incest flick, which surprised me, but I had an idea daddy knew about my little game. I was really into the video and was near my release. The girl in the video was too. She was getting slammed by her 'daddy' who just took her 'virginity.'

She was screaming 'daddy,' and I was just screaming, as we both crashed into huge waves of orgasm. My eyes closed somewhere while I was riding my fingers in daddy's chair, my pinky had found its way through my tight little rosebud, my other hand squeezing my nipple, and my thumb applying just the perfect pressure to my clit.

When I opened my eyes, daddy was standing there in front of me. A shocked smile spread across his face.

He wasted no time pulling the sheet off of his bed and draping it over me (my daddy always the gentleman,) before the lecture I knew I was about to get.

Daddy tucked the sheet under and around me effectively cocooning me in the sheet. His eyes were strained with some emotion I had never seen in them before and couldn't decipher, but I was not scared.

Daddy was a tall man. He stood at 6'3", and he was in great shape for his age. His hair was starting to become less dark brown and more grey (I'm sure that was my fault,) and he had a very nice face. I was surprised he didn't have more girlfriends.

"You little slut. I knew you've been playing with that little pussy of yours in here."

I was shocked. My daddy had never talked to me that way and I started to get up from his chair to leave. I couldn't look at him; my eyes searched the floor at my feet as I took the first few steps to walk away.

"Not so fast Gwen. You have some explaining to do," as he said that he grabbed the top of the sheet where it overlapped to pull me back to the middle of the bedroom.

"Don't move missy.." Daddy disappeared into the closet and returned with clothespins and attached one to the top of the sheet to hold it together.

I was relieved that he allowed me to be decent. At first my heart had been pounding and thinking about how much he had been looking at me lately, and the DVD I was just watching. I was scared he was going to forget he was my daddy. If only I knew, he could never forget.

"Gwen do you remember when you were little and I would spank you? How I had to tie your hands so they would not cover your behind? We are about to do that. You must be punished for this. I want you to take off those stockings. I'm going to use them since you opted to be naughty in your father's room wearing them."

'Let the punishment fit the crime,' is what came to mind. I didn't fight him. I was very difficult as a kid about spankings and I knew it was warranted now.

Instead of taking me over his knee in his recliner, he dragged me to the side of his bed near the top. I thought he would sit and spank me there, but I was wrong. Daddy hooked my arms above my head onto a high spot on his ornate wooden headboard.

This was the first moment I dared looking at daddy. His eyes wandered up and down my sheet clad body. There was no way he could see much; however, he seemed to be devising a plan.

He climbed onto the bed behind me and I braced for the impact of his first swat. It didn't come.

"My slutty little princess.... What did you expect would happen if you kept cumming all over daddy's bedroom? Making his cock all hard every time he came home from work and smelled fresh pussy all over the place?"

Oh no! This can't be happening! My daddy wouldn't hurt me. "Daddy, I'm sa.. Sa.. Sorry...." I was started to tear up. "It's just easier in here cause I watch your videos...."

He didn't respond to my apology. He did swat my ass once and I thought it was the start of my punishment. Once he contacted my behind he didn't lift his hand. Instead he followed the curvature of my body up to my pert little breasts and found my nipple. His fingers gently rubbed against it through the sheet.

"DADDY! Stop! Don't touch me like that..."

"Oh little sluts don't get a choice..."

Daddy stepped away from the bed and just admired his handy work making both my nipples come back to life. I was still reeling from my orgasm.

He pressed 'stop' on the VCR and I couldn't understand why until I realized the red light for recording had been on. As he was fiddling with the tape to make it rewind he started explaining.

"About a week ago, I decided I was tired of wondering why my room always smelled like pussy, and that I wanted to KNOW why. I wired up a camera that connected not only to the Wi-Fi as a 'nanny cam,' but also to the VCR to record when I started it remotely."

"I've been rewarded every day this week. Daddy's been able to take care of his throbbing cock better since then. There was a question that came to mind once I saw you for myself."

"Did my baby want daddy as much as daddy wants his little slutty princess? So I planted the DVD you were watching today."

The video had stopped rewinding and he hit 'play.'

I was scared of where this was leading at a very rapid pace, so I decided to try to redeem myself. "No daddy... honest. It was just more naughty and dangerous in here."

And I saw myself slowly rubbing my nipples. They started straining harder against the fabric of the sheet. Daddy wasn't watching the TV; he was watching the response my body had as my knees weakened.

My daddy stood in front of me observing my obvious renewed arousal. He put his hands on my stomach and slowly moved them up my body to the tips of my peaks, rubbing them like I did in the video. My arms were starting to hurt over my head, because I was fighting at the stockings holding them in place. I needed to stop my daddy. It felt too good, and I knew it was wrong.

"We're coming to the place I decided watching on screen wasn't enough anymore and I left the office early..."

On screen I was getting close to climax and slowed down to enjoy the video.

"See princess, I know you want me. I know you do because you stopped to enjoy the video. Normally you just get through your climax and turn off the video."

"Daddy no, I just wanted to stay on edge this time...." My argument was weak at best.

He used the extra clothes pins to clamp on my nipples through the sheet. I was shocked and let out a little gasp. It hurt so good.

I chanced another look at my daddy and I saw the huge bulge in his work slacks which stopped my upward eye movement in its tracks.

"That's right Baby Girl... See what your slutty little escapades do to your daddy's dick?" He pressed his cock against my leg and I could feel its hardness on me. My pussy started to gush with excitement. No... I didn't want this but my body betrayed my mind.

His hand cupped my mound hard through the sheet. His fingers found their way through the sheets to rub my over-stimulated little clit. I squirmed against him, involuntarily against the erection straining in his pants.

"I can feel your wetness through the sheet. Only a cock loving slut would be that wet just by feeling one pressed against her thigh. I thought you were my innocent princess. I'm so disappointed in you."

The tears in my eyes renewed themselves hearing my daddy's disappointment, "I am daddy. I swear! I just got off! It's still wet, that's all."

"We'll see princess, we'll see."

I got lost in the feeling that was building in my pussy. I had never been touched by anyone this way. I forgot what was happening to me and let my head lull back and started to enjoy myself.

Daddy noticed. I heard him let out a chuckle and when my feet left the floor I snapped out of the trance. The sheet still kept my nearly naked form off of my daddy's clothed body but it didn't seem like enough.

With my legs splayed on either side of his, he began thrusting toward my sex in earnest. He was so close to me now. His mouth seized my neck and his chest brushed the clothes pins restimulating my already hard nipples.

My mind lost control of my body all together at this point. I wanted my daddy to fuck me, but I would never say it.

"You fucking slut! I knew you were lying about letting boys fuck you! You love having daddy's cock pressing against that little cunt of yours. How many boys Gwen?! How many?!"

"None daddy! I swear!"

"You're fucking lying!" He ripped the sheet off my body and dropped to his knees between my legs. "You're dripping wet, and your juices are running almost to your knees. Good girls who have never had dick don't get wet for it like this... Especially not for their daddy's dick."

A tongue slipped from my knee to my thigh. I couldn't hold in the moan that escaped my lips. My legs quivered and daddy slipped his pointer finger into my dripping pussy lips. His other hand reached up to tweak a now bare and clothes pin-less and sore nipple.

Slowly he slid his finger in and out of my hole, and twisted my nipple. I could feel the pressure building in my lower abdomen again. I knew I would cum soon. "Daddy please stop, I'll never play with myself in your room again."

I heard myself screaming on the TV with the earlier violent climax I had brought myself to. It was going on forever, and it was do erotic to see myself in the height of release.

"You're so tight my slutty little princess, but I don't feel and evidence you're a virgin in this tight little hole... Look at you on the TV... You're squirting all over daddy's favorite recliner."

I didn't realize I had made such a mess. I was too thrown by my daddy seeing me. "I'm sorry I made a mess daddy."

"You'll make it up to me." His outstretched tongue went for my button as his finger still went in and out of my sex. I could feel it; I was going to cum all over his face.

My knees went weak and my hips squirmed against his finger and face. I was holding back, because I didn't want to let my daddy make me cum. It was wrong.

"You are going to cum all over your daddy aren't you whore? This will not end well for you if you make daddy's face messy with your pussy juices."

He kept lapping at my clit, his finger in my most intimate place, and his free hand working my nipples. As long as he didn't suck or nibble my clit I could hold out. I knew it. When I rub myself I have to put a good amount of pressure for a release if I was trying to edge.

That moment I was glad I practiced circling the edge of release. I was determined not to cum on daddy.

I had to concentrate very hard on my breathing to keep myself from my orgasm... Until daddy pulled my nub into his mouth. It was like he read my mind, and I had to redouble my efforts.

His hand left my nipple which helped me hold back, but what was he going to do with it? I couldn't wonder long as he started to apply very light suction to my clit with his mouth.

"Ohhhh no daddy, no no no." I moaned out. I meant to stay silent but the sound escaped my lips before I could help it.

I looked down at my daddy and saw his handsome face buried in my hairless pussy. He was beautiful. I started to lose control watching him work on my body.

He shifted and his pants were slid down to his thighs. I couldn't see past his head but I felt a shaking coming from his body, and his hand was still missing. He was stroking his cock while he ate his little girl's pussy to near orgasm!

"You make daddy so horny little girl. I've had to beat my dick twice a day since your 18th birthday to keep my hands off of you. I couldn't help it after watching you play with that beautiful little pussy in my chair though. You knew I'd catch you eventually."

I couldn't answer in any way but a moan. I meant to say 'no,' but the words never formed.

Daddy stopped shaking and his finger slipped out of my sex, but it was immediately replaced by another finger. I felt a soggy digit rubbing against my rosebud, and I knew what he planned.

When his finger shoved hard into my ass, he sucked hard on my throbbing clit and sped his pace with his fingers. I couldn't stop the enormous building orgasm that came shuddering through my body at that moment.

My pussy was convulsing on his finger and my juices flowed out and down his chin and chest. I had never cum so hard in my life.

"You naughty little slut! I told you not to make a mess of daddy's face so you made a mess of daddy's chin AND chest with your little whore juices!" His fingers and face were removed from my holes and he slapped my mound hard.

He started to rise from his knees, and as he stood his throbbing erection came into full view. It looked too big for me to take. "You're going to have to clean up daddy's chest and neck with that sexy little mouth of yours."

He adjusted his huge daddy dick up to rest in the front of my slit as he pressed his neck to my face. I started to lick my juices off of my daddy.

"Slow down Baby Girl. It's no rush. Clean daddy up nice and slow." He whispered in my ear and gave it a little flick with his tongue.

I wiggled at the contact of his tongue with my ear and his cock almost fell between my legs. He made a grunting sound and thrust harder against my groin and nibbled my ear.

When his teeth made contact with my lobe, I jumped. The movement was just enough to unwedge his cock from between us and centered between my legs at the entrance of my maidenhood.

"See slut? You want me to fuck you like the little whore you are." As he whispered in my ear he nibbled again, making me push onto his erection a little bit more, just enough for his cockhead to enter my passage.

"Oh Baby Girl! You're so tight! You want to take daddy's cock all the way, don't you?"

I hadn't been thinking about what was going on, and his question caught me off guard. "Mmmm yes... I mean No daddy! It's wrong!"

"Your slutty little cunt lips say otherwise!" He grabbed my behind, and lifted me to better his angle in between my legs. "Just tell daddy to make you feel good and I'll lower this sexy little body and impale you with my cock."

Tears started welling in my eyes. I knew I couldn't stop him from taking me but I pled one last time, "daddy no. Please... I've never been with a man before! Please stop! Please let me go."

"I don't believe it slut! Your pussy is drooling for this cock like it's had cock before!" He started to push into me, and I screamed in pain.

"No daddy! It hurts!"

"Good Baby Girl. I'm glad you weren't lying about being a virgin." He started to pull out of my virgin hole and I thought it was over. "But you were still being naughty in daddy's room making daddy's cock hard every time he came home from work."

And he pushed back in just far enough to tear a little more of my hymen apart.

"Daddy stop! It hurts so bad! I want to stop!"

He started to pull back again, and I was rushed with a feeling of relief. It was short lived. He slammed his cock fully into me this time and I screamed and writhed in pain, but his hands held me impaled on his cock. I couldn't move.

He held me there until I dropped my head to my shoulders, tears streaming down my face. He waited until I started breathing again.

My hands were still above my head, but all I wanted to do was push off of him.

Daddy's dick started pulling slowly out of my tight sloppy pussy until just the head was left, and then he slammed back into me. I screamed again.

This time I felt a new pain. I felt his cockhead pressing against my cervix. It felt like he slammed right through it and into his daughter's womb.

"I'm glad I got you before some other little boy could take my Baby Girl's flower." He was breathing hard trying to control himself with his cock buried deep into his own offspring's most intimate place.

As he started slowly thrusting his daddy dick in and out of my pussy, he used his grip on my behind to move me to meet his thrusts. My nipple found his mouth and he sucked and nibbled my already raw buds.

The pain was going away and I threw my head back and started to moan, enjoying the feelings I was starting to get.

"If my little girl will promise to be a good little slut and keep fucking her daddy's cock, I'll untie your hands...."

I had forgotten I was getting fucked by my daddy again. "Oh no daddy, what did you do?"

"I made you mine. Your pussy is mine and no one else's now. Doesn't it feel good princess? Look down and watch daddy's cock slide in and out of your perfect little slutty pussy."

I looked down and I moaned. Shocked I could take his huge cock and how good it was starting to feel. I had to admit, if he wasn't my daddy I wouldn't be confused at all. "Okay daddy I promise. My arms hurt so badly."

"Good girl." He reached behind me and pulled the restraints from the bedpost but didn't untie them. "I want you to lay back and let daddy fuck you right, My slutty little princess."

My daddy immediately went to pounding my pussy standing at the edge of his bed when I laid back. He started to lift my legs to his shoulders so he could penetrate me deeper. His tool was stabbing me painfully in my womb. Regardless of the pain I was well on my way to yet another release.

"Oh daddy! I'm going to cum again on you. Please don't be mad at me!" I pled with him knowing there were 2 more holes he could punish me with and I still just wanted this to be over.

"Oh slutty little girl, daddy wants you to now. You've been very good through all of this. Cum on my big daddy dick so I can cum in that little pussy and own you fully." His thumb went to assaulting my clit, and I knew it wasn't going to be long before my cunt muscles were milking his cock for all they were worth.

"Daddy please! I'm ready to cum! You're hurting the back of my pussy!" I needed the release, and my daddy started thrusting his hips into me faster and harder.

"Oh baby girl! I can't hold back anymore. You better cum on daddy's cock or else you won't be able to." He pushed his thumb harder into my button. That was all I needed, and I was screaming and grinding into his huge tool, impaling myself as hard as I could. "Gweny! Your beautiful little cunt is milking daddy's big cock! Take all of Daddy's seed! AHHH!"

Feeling the first ropes of his inscestual seed hit the walls of my cervix threw me even farther over the edge of control. I totally lost my mind on my father's dick and pulled him in as tight as I could with my legs. My hips bucked and writhed as my pussy walls milked his seed out off his cock.

"OH fuck Baby Girl! I'm still coming in my little Gwen!" When the last ropes of my daddy's seed spilled into my vagina he collapsed on my chest, flicking my nipples with his tongue getting aftershock shutters on his deflating member.

He chuckled, obviously proud of his triumph over his innocent daughter, and said "One day daddy will find you a suitable man, but until then this pussy is mine to fuck and whoever I say to fuck."

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