tagRomanceIn Love with a Superstar Ch. 02

In Love with a Superstar Ch. 02


"Sarah?" shouted the voice, "Sarah, you in there?"

It was Bruce!

She ran to the door to see his smiling face pressed against the glass. She opened the door and saw that he had unbuttoned the jacket to show his broad torso covered in a blue denim shirt and the crash helmet and both panniers by his feet.

"Was it ever hard to find you!" he laughed.

"You scared the life out if me!" she chided him, her heart still pounding "You never told me you had a bike! I thought you were my stalker dressed up like that!"

"I did try to ring," he said, "but it seems you don't have your phone with you." He nodded towards the car but did have the good sense to look suitably chastened and she pulled him in to the hall and hugged him.

"Oh I'm so pleased it's you," she beamed like a happy child, "but you weren't due until tomorrow?"

"Cathy decided that she didn't want a weekend in the country so she's staying with my parents."

"She's OK with me... Isn't she?" Sarah said,

"Oh yes most definitely, but my little girl knows exactly which side her bread's buttered and if she stays with Nanny and Gramps, she can stay up late, watch what she likes on TV, eat all the sweets she wants and still get pocket money, Soooooo..." he smiled, "you just got me!

Plus it meant I could leave the car and dig the ol' bike out of their garage. Been months since I ridden this little beauty," he looked proudly over his shoulder at the huge BMW motorcycle, its engine almost the same size as the one in her car.

"And I'm very pleased too!" she beamed again, "Come on up and you can unpack." He lifted the cases in the house and shut the door behind him.

As he unzipped the last of his motorcycle jacket, she jogged upstairs still conscious of the towel that barely covered her modesty.

She pulled it up slightly and tucked it tighter as Bruce came into the room with his bag.

"Freshly made bed and you in just a towel look," he laughed, "You've even made the tea," he sidled up to her with a huge grin looking at the extra cup by the Teasmaid, "Go on - you were expecting me weren't you,"

For an answer, she reached her arms up around his neck and kissed him passionately.

She felt him tug lightly at the back of the towel, and it unravelled slowly, the cold of the leather making her start slightly as it touched on her bare midriff.

"You're trousers are cold," she said when they broke for air.

"Soon sort that out," he sat heavily on the bed and undid the myriad if zips and buckles holding the boots and trouser in place. He stripped from the rest of his clothes and fell back on the bed. He held out his hands for her to come to him and she did so, taking the opportunity to rub her naked body fully along the length of his, enjoying the tautness of his muscles and the rough texture of his body hair against her soft breasts, tummy and thighs.

Finally she was face to face with him, "Hello," she whispered.

"Hello," he whispered back and soon they were locked together in a passion born of almost a week's celibacy.

While she would ordinarily have said that it would have been a pretty tough call to improve on their lovemaking of that first Monday but that night he turned it on! During their first lovemaking session she had been allowed to make all the moves, but on that night he was most definitely in charge. She tried to push him around a little bit but still found herself following his lead; by the time she finally fell into an exhausted slumber she had counted at least four separate orgasms, two of which were multiple. Shit but he was a fantastic lover.

After she had stripped him, he had flipped her over and slid down over her and became the third person to give her oral sex.

Fuck, he did do just that - she tried to push him away at the end of her second come but he would have none of it, clamping her thighs in place with his long strong arms as he feasted on her. While she had heard about her G-spot and A-zone and was pretty sure she knew where they were, Bruce found them. Fuck but he found them.

They tried a whole mess of positions finishing with her face down in her pillows and blushing for the hundredth time during that long night of perfect sex as his long penis pushed into her from behind and against the portion of rough skin inside her that he'd already stimulated the hell out of.

She came round slowly hearing someone downstairs thinking it to be Bruce going off the run he'd spoken of the night before. She hoped that he'd hurry back, she just couldn't get enough of that man and her libido knew it. She dozed thinking about leaping on him when he got back no matter how hot, sweaty and tired he might be.

The curtains snapped open, and the Crockery rattled as a tray was placed on Sarah's Bedside table, she rolled over ready to fling the duvet to one side.

"Morning sleepy!" a well recognised female voice burst out, and Sarah forced her eyes to focus on her older sister Caroline!

"Caz," she sat up pulling the bedcovers up over her nakedness, "I didn't realise you were..."

"No neither did I," said her sister. "It was a tough week, and Dave has gone to The Millennium Stadium with his mates to see some Rugby competition, so I finished off some marking I had to do last night, and left at six this morning." Caroline sat on the bed taking in the room, "just wanted some fresh air and greenery; Oh and it's my oil bill too, did you really have to turn the heating on, it is June."

Sarah tried to figure what her sister was on about, the rumble of the combination boiler answered the question. She looked across the room to the ottoman and her usual nightdress still folded where she had left it the evening before, the second pillow showing signs of use, a large pile of clothes in a heap; Caroline's eyes seemed to follow hers. Thank God she'd opened the windows or the smell would have given the...

"So you finally learned to ride a motorbike I see, you must have more money than..." Caroline's voice trailed off as the bedroom door opened and a steaming, glistening wet, millionaire, heartthrob movie star walked in fresh from his post-run shower, a towel wrapped discretely around his waist, and his wonderfully tanned musculature picked out by the early sun's rays while silvered drops of water trickled through the dark hair on his perfect pectorals.

"Hi," he said, rubbing at his dark wet hair with a second towel, not even slightly phased.

Caroline's mouth hung open. She knew this semi-naked man, very well it seemed and here he was in her sister's bedroom...

The room was very quiet...

"Caz, this is Bruce Young, Bruce this is my sister Caroline," Caroline still sat, her mouth open, "Close your mouth Sis, there's a train coming."

Caroline snapped into consciousness and seemed at once to take in the situation, Sarah without a nightdress, the bed that two had slept in, the naked... superstar?

Bruce changed hands with the towel he was drying his hair with and leaned forward extending his hand. Caroline started out of her trance and took his hand.

"Look, I err..." she stammered, and turned to Sarah then to Bruce, "Sorry Darling I didn't know... I'll... err... go home and come down next weekend."

"No don't be silly, it took you two hours to get here!" Sarah said sitting up slightly, "It's as much your house as mine, you won't know we're here. Bruce?"

"Not at all, after all I'm the guest," he smiled reassuringly at his audience, "Tell you what, seeing as I'm the interloper here how about I get breakfast?" he walked to where his case was and picked it up before exiting. Caroline stared after him open mouthed still, going so far as to stare at his bottom. Sarah spotted her admiring glances.

"Oi!" she giggled, bashing her sister playfully, "Take your dirty eyes off, he's mine for the weekend!"

Caroline put her hand over her mouth and gasped, "Where did you find HIM?" she shrieked in an almost hysterical whisper.

They both giggled with the shared excitement of it all.

Sarah sipped from her cup and explained how Bruce had come to be doing Community Service at her school, and Caroline complained that he had probably smashed up hotel rooms close to the school she taught at, and that it wasn't fair.

Bruce came back into the room, a black T-shirt wrapped around his torso and his long legs emphasised by the Levi's he wore. He smiled.

"Caroline says that it isn't fair," said Sarah laughing and sipping tea, "she wants to know why you never got into trouble in her town."

"I never actually got into trouble in your town if you remember," he said with a slight edge to his voice, hanging his wet towels over the radiator, "Besides, do you teach Drama Caroline?"

"No," said Caroline expansively, "I teach a proper subject."

"Yes," sneered Sarah, "Another English Teacher!"

"Aha! Salt of the Earth us English Teachers, the noblest profession, this tea mine?" Sarah nodded, and Bruce raised his cup in a toast, "To the most noble order of the conjugated verb," Caroline raised her cup to return the salute, "Nature's finest and most put-upon creature, the poor comprehensive English teacher! Your health madam."

"And yours Sir," Caroline responded.

"You're a bunch of snobs!" snorted Sarah.

"Huh," giggled Bruce with a hand over his face nodding towards Sarah, "Drama!"

Breakfast was taken at the kitchen table and was prepared by Bruce as promised. Sarah had wondered what he'd had in the other of his panniers and why it was now under the stairs by the kitchen door. It turned out that the night before he'd unloaded the pannier contents into the fridge. It had held a cardboard box from Fortnum and Mason, and contained thick rashers of Gloucestershire bacon, fat butter-laden Scottish Kippers, huge sausages, chops, fresh eggs, saucer-sized mushrooms, beef tomatoes, thick Scottish marmalade and fresh crusty bread.

All of which he grilled, fried or toasted to perfection as he chatted about being back into teaching with the now much less star-struck Caroline, adding mugs of fragrant Earl Grey tea while Sarah showered and dressed upstairs.

"Are you totally sure your manager never smashed up a hotel room in my area?" said Caroline as she wiped bread around her now empty plate.

"Positive," he grinned sipping his tea and watching her enjoyment.

"I don't suppose he will be by any chance? Second or third week in August would be good for me... Ow!" She made out that Sarah had kicked her under the table. Bruce just laughed.

"Is it the Championship final your Husband has gone to see in Cardiff?" said Bruce as Caroline poured more tea.

"Yes," said Caroline, "He's a really big fan."

"I had been offered a couple of tickets for the final but had a far better offer for the weekend," he said with a cheeky smile. Sarah felt herself blushing again.

"I suppose we'll have to do the washing up, no dishwasher here I'm afraid,"

Even there they were saved much of the job. It had all been either grilled, or cooked in the same huge frying pan. The grill had been covered in foil and they lifted it out to find it clean beneath. And at his instruction the pan had been wiped with a damp cloth and left for its next usage.

The three plates, cups and cutlery were quickly cleaned and dispatched to their appropriate cupboards and drawers - all before 10 'clock.

"So," said Bruce, "are you two delightful ladies going to show me the town?"

"Hmm," said Caroline, "Problem is there really isn't one."


"Well," said Sarah, "There's Worcester, Shrewsbury, Stratford in the other direction, depends what you want to see."

"Don't want to see Stratford, that's for sure," he said, "Only finished there 6 weeks ago, doubt if the bed is cold yet."

"Oh Stratford!" breathed Caroline with the sudden remembrance of his real job, "what were you doing?"

"Twelfth Night, I..." he bellowed extending a hand a striking a very camp pose, "was Orsino, most noble Duke of Illyria." He slumped down onto one of the chairs around the kitchen table, "Aaaaah, if music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may stricken and so die..."

All of this was carried out with the very worst affected 'Old Luvvie' accent, and he slumped dramatically across the wooden table.

"Oh, fantastic," said Caroline without much conviction, "Can see why they gave you the Olivier."

"Only nominated so far Sweetie, only nominated," he whispered, then added in his 'luvvie' voice, "Did it come across Darling?"

"I felt like I was in downtown Illyria," said Sarah, "Wherever that is."

"Why, a Bawcock such as I that can bang out a Triplex Galliard like the best of them, I do baulk at thy lack of literary Geography, why..."

"So, where is it smartarse?" said Sarah.


"And the other English Teacher?"

"I'm with the Bawcock," said Caroline.

"Anyway, what next?" said Bruce, "Far too nice a day to stay in."

They drove in Caroline's car out and about rural Shropshire enjoying the air and the fantastic countryside stopping for lunch in a tiny Pub, and quite making the landlady's day with the amount of money they spent. The Landlady didn't even give the movie star a second glance.

They talked about motorbikes and Sarah confessed her long held desire from her teens to ride one.

"You'll need the kit," said Bruce sinking the last of his pint.

"What, just for one ride?"

"Mine won't fit you."

"You can say that again," said Caz, "I doubt if her feet would touch the ground even if she could sit on the thing."

"We'll go to the nearest biggish town and get some, just a lid and some leathers, nothing to go mad with, my treat seeing as you are putting me up for the weekend."

The biggish town selected was Oswestry. They found a shop that along with selling large Japanese and German motorcycles also sold all the accessories. Soon, Sarah was trying on black leather jackets, trousers and matching boots and gloves, much against her will and Bruce's promises to just buy her a helmet.

The trousers and jacket she felt were cut awfully tight, and but for Caroline's and Bruce's insistence that they looked fantastic, she would have chosen differently. Lastly came a black, full-faced crash helmet.

"Your turn Caroline," said Bruce.

"What?" she said, "I don't want to ride a motorbike..." Bruce hushed her voice.

"Just humour me Caroline," he said with a smile "the boy at the counter is watching all of us, when we get back to the cottage you can burn it, or sell it in a car boot sale, or more intelligently take it home and like your sister buy a motorcycle. Only right now it's important that I buy stuff for you too." He grinned at them both, "It's alright," he smiled, "It's a movie star thing, just smile and look like you adore me, it'll be fine."

The sisters looked at each other, grinned soppily and sighed, one in time with the other, heads inclined towards the other.

"You don't have to take the piss," he said.

They both sighed again.

Soon Caroline was decked out in similar leathers to her sister. They were both of a similar size and frame and Caroline looked just as sexy as Sarah had a few minutes before.

"Excuse me," said a young voice, "I know you must get asked this all the time but... are you Bruce Young?" Bruce sighed.

"You see," Bruce said, "Yes, I am," Bruce had obviously noticed the mobile phone the young lad was obviously holding, "Have you taken any pictures of me?"

"No sir," said the young Saturday boy, perhaps bearing in mind Bruce's public persona, "Actually I was hoping one of your lady friends would take a picture of you and me, if that's alright,"

"Yeah I should think so." He smiled softly and the young man relaxed a bit. Sarah took the picture and handed the man his phone back.

He took it with a smile and a "no one's going to believe this."

Bruce discreetly handed across a credit card for the largest sale the boy had had in his career.

They piled the bags and boxes into the boot of Caroline's car and headed out into the country again.

After another fantastic meal in a Country pub, and both women headed for the bathroom.

"For fuck's sake Baby Sister!" hissed Caroline, "he is fucking gorgeous!"

"Yeah," said Sarah, "he is a bit isn't he!"


"Well what?"

"Where... where is this going to go?" Caroline all but shook her sister in her excitement.

"I don't know," she said, "on Monday we share our one week anniversary, so a little too early to be picking out bridesmaid dresses."

"One... week?"


"But you two are just... so into each other, you do all that 'couple' stuff, I mean... The way he looks at you."

"What can I say," said Sarah, "I'm gorgeous and let's face it," they both washed their hands, "big movie star like him? He deserves the best."

Caroline laughed at her sister and put a hand on her shoulder,

"I'm guessing that he... and you... are..."

"Hell yeah," said Sarah over the noise of the hot air hand dryer, "the night of our first date," she paused, "coming to think of it we haven't actually had our first date yet, I went to his place, he's come to mine and... well..."

"Are you making, shall we say, beautiful music?"

"Beautiful music? Shit, Caz - the man is a fucking virtuoso!"

They walked back out into the pub arm in arm and laughing.

They made their way back to the cottage, and even though she tried, Sarah could not dissuade her sister from going home.

"Oh come on Sarah," Caroline laughed edging to the door with her bag, "do you want me to spell it out? How many times have you had a gorgeous movie star all to yourself before Hmm? I was never a gooseberry when we lived at home and I'm not going to start being one now." She pecked a small kiss on her sisters' cheek. "You stay here and have a fantastic time with your virtuoso... until tomorrow at least, while I go home and, I think, I might have a look through the Yellow Pages for motorcycle training now I have all of this gear."

"Only if you're sure."

"Of course I am, I'll be home by ten, don't be silly. See you Bruce!" she shouted back into the house, and he appeared at the kitchen door with a wave.

"See you soon Caz!" he said with a very genuine smile.

"I hope so," she walked across and kissed his cheek "I've had a great time and somehow I don't think Dave or Class 9 are going to believe this! And I promise I'll look up motorbike lessons!"

She stepped out of the door as Bruce slipped back into the kitchen and the coffee he was making.

Caroline stopped at the door and looked back towards the kitchen for a moment. She stepped closer and, conscious of Bruce in the kitchen, reached forward and undid the top two buttons on Sarah's blouse, spreading the edges and revealing cleavage. "There," she whispered, "That's better. You have fun now..." Caroline's face pulled into a still-disbelieving grimace, "you lucky bitch!"

With a giggle, she pulled the door shut and Sarah heard the thump of the car boot and the rumble of Caroline's engine as she pulled out of the drive onto the long lane.

Caroline's last action had made her toes curl, and an idea came into her head, and she quickly undid the button on her jeans.

"So," said Sarah, "Now my sister has gone, what shall we do for the rest of the evening?"

Bruce put the last of the crockery back into the cupboard, and lifted his tray of coffee, "I have a few ideas but..." he turned with a shocked if rather pleased look on his face.

Sarah was stood, with one hand on her hip and the other arm resting above her head on the doorframe, her long dark, slightly curly hair pulled free of its band, wearing nothing but her black heels (albeit the pair she normally wore to school), a pair of tiny black lace string panties and the black leather motorcycle jacket zipped halfway to expose her fine cleavage. She smiled, sighed slightly and crossed her legs and folded her arms with just a hint of impatience.

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