tagInterracial LoveIn Love With An Exotic Dancer Ch. 02

In Love With An Exotic Dancer Ch. 02


Malik ran his hand over the file and opened it........

Malik opened the file and he was greeted with a passport photo of Salina half smiling to the camera. She had her hair pulled back and her face void of any trace of make-up, apart from a touch of gloss on her full lips. Malik's eyes wandered there for a few more seconds. He flipped through the pages and quickly scanned them. He found that Salina was twenty three years of age, she was an only child, she was studying for her masters to become a marriage therapist, she grew up in different foster homes, no criminal records, not even for the tiniest of crimes. Malik also found out that she worked part time at a restaurant called 'Sunshine Dining'.

Malik was anticipating his next move when he got a call, he looked at the caller and he contemplated ignoring it for a few seconds then he just gave up and answered it.

"Hi Bianca?"

"Hey sexy, guess what I'm wearing?" Bianca seductively whispered down the phone.

Malik was tempted to roll his eyes; he was not in the mood to start guessing games.

"Mmmhhhh.... I don't know Bianca, insight me", Malik said with a sigh.

"Why don't you come home and find out, I'm lonely without you Malik. I'm keeping the bed warm for you", Bianca continued in her seductive 'come-get-me' voice. She must have read his mind because she quickly added. "Alima your maid let me in, can you believe I had to wait donkey years to get in because she was out doing errands, see, if you could get a key cut for me I wouldn't have to stand outside for so long like a prostitute waiting for a client".

Malik tightened the grip on his phone. There she goes again, from seductive to whiny; I swear this girl has multiple personalities, Malik quietly thought.

"I'll see you when I get home, night night sexy" Malik quickly added to avoid probing questions about her getting her own key to his house. He seriously needed to dust her off, she was getting too comfortable for his liking, fair enough she's a sex-goddess, she did the most unimaginable things in bed and she had a lovely pair of jugs, even though they were fake. She glosses magazine covers for 'nuts' and 'zoo'. But that was just in his genetic makeup, once a girl gets too clingy, he dusts her off. This one had to go too, before she got the wrong end of the stick.

"See you baby!" Bianca exclaimed.

Bianca put down her phone and tightened her barely there nightgown to cover her nakedness underneath it in anticipation for Malik. She bounced off the bed and smoothed down her shoulder length blonde mane. She dashed for her night bag and reached for her pleasure toy, she has needed this lately since Malik has been working very long hours these past weeks. 'I really hope he's not avoiding me', she wondered. When she met him at an exclusive club just over a year ago, she knew exactly who he was. She knew that there will be a very wealthy first in line heir to the throne prince in attendance and she had dressed to kill. She pulled out all the stops to get his attention. When she laid eyes on him, she knew that instant that he was the most talked about prince. From all the guys she's been with in the past, and to be honest, there has been a lot. She had never seen anyone quiet like Malik. He was so striking that her breath caught in her throat when her sea blues met his emerald greens. In her six inch heels, he towered over her and had a commanding presence about him. She didn't know whether to curtsey, bow or shake his hand, she just stood there, dumbfounded. Malik took her out of her misery and gave her the sexiest smile and extended his hand "Hi I'm Malik". From that day she has stuck to him like glue, and made sure he stuck by her side by giving him the best sex known to man. Malik is the best lover she's ever known and he's up for it almost every day, just hearing his voice over the phone is enough for her to start wanting to do dirty stuff to herself, but these past weeks it's only been once in a while as if he's avoiding her. 'I hope he hasn't found another bitch to mess things up for me', 'I have worked too hard for this', Bianca furiously thought.


"Hey Sal, table three wants two sandwiches and a coffee to go", Bradley ripped off the order from his mini ordering pad and stuck it on the ordering board.

"I'm on it Brad". Salina tucked the few stray hairs away from her face and put her text book aside, the finals were a week away. She knew she had revised sufficiently and she was a bright student, but that did not stop the nerves, these being the last exams she'll ever have to write. Salina quickly prepared the order and placed it on the counter for the other waitresses to take the order to the designated table. Salina looked around, it was morning so the place was not too packed, apart from a few people here and there, but what caught Salina's attention was an overdressed big guy in an expensive looking suit, he was sitting in the back end of the restaurant pretending to be reading a newspaper. Salina just ignored the weird scenario the first time because despite the fact that they hardly got any customers who were so nicely dressed in their restaurant, he maybe wanted a change of environment from his probably exclusive restaurants he frequently went to.

The second time Salina got a bit wary as the following day, the same guy came again, he sat in the same spot and ordered the same food, and he left late in the afternoon when her shift and Bradley's shift was about to end. The third time Salina voiced her suspicions to Bradley; he laughed it off and joked that the guy was probably addicted to their bangers and mashed potatoes. The fourth day, the guy did not turn up and neither did he on the fifth day. Salina was assured that the weird looking guy in the suit had left, and she was relieved for her and Bradley's safety.


"Your highness, Bruno's here to see you", Raom buzzed over the phone.

"Send him in Raom".

"Bruno, what do you have for me?" Malik asked leaning back in his chair whilst signalling for Bruno to take a seat.

"Everything's here your highness..... I mean Malik", "She works at a restaurant called sunshine dining, and she comes in at 8:30am and leaves at 4:30pm, here are some pictures I took of her leaving work with her work mate" "Oh, and they have the best bangers and mash known to man", Bruno gave a lop sided grin as if enjoying himself in his own little food haven.

Malik shuffled through the pictures, but he stopped on one, one with Salina laughing, her head thrown back on the headrest in a car on the passenger's side, with her work mate smiling in the driver's seat. He guessed this guy was the source of her laughter, all of a sudden he did not like this guy, he wished he was the one making Salina laugh like that. Malik shoved the pictures back in the envelope and thanked Bruno for his services and tipped him. Malik decided that he really had to meet this girl and get her out of his system; she was invading his every thought when he was awake as if it's not bad enough she was invading his dreams too when asleep. What was so special about this girl?

Malik leaned back in his chair and gently massaged his temples, all this evidence of his target presumably having a boyfriend might make things tougher than he had previously thought, and to pile it on, this morning was not very eventful either. Malik knew that Bianca was never going to be an easy one to get rid of, especially she'd gotten used to being around him for awhile. She called him all names under the sun she could think of, she chucked stuff at him and swore that it was not the last he'll be hearing from her. She had to be lifted off his property by his security.

Malik sighed and briefly shut his eyes; he had to think strategically to get Salina. First he was going to have to meet her, woo her and then get her out of his system in as short a time as possible so she won't become clingy like Bianca. He had to quench his lust for her.


"Shaz!! This is too loud, I can't hear myself think!!" Salina was trying to talk as loud as she could over the loud club music and noise, to no avail.

"What was that?! I can't hear you" Sharon screamed right back.

Salina pulled Sharon to the nearest ladies toilet. As soon as the doors shut behind them, it was like entering another world, a world of tranquillity. Salina looked around and spotted a comfy leather sofa on the far side of the room. Salina was surprised that a toilet, let alone one in a club could have a very comfortable leather sofa, but then again this was no ordinary club, it was a popular club among the elite, all the famous faces and London's well to do were found there.

Sharon had snagged an invite from her latest boyfriend and had conveyed a message to him that a friend might like to come too and it might be an opportunity for him to meet her dearest friend. Salina had been trying to pry information from Sharon about who this boyfriend of hers was to invite her to such an exclusive club for the past two days, but her lips were sealed. Salina tried listing all the famous hot shots she could think of and even some of Sharon's famous exes. But still Sharon would not let up. This invite was such a surprise to Salina; she was informed two days ago that they will be going to an exclusive club to celebrate her finishing her exams and her resignation from the exotic dancing scene.

Salina looked over at Sharon rummaging through her clutch bag looking for lip gloss; this girl cannot survive without her gloss.

"Shaz, I really don't understand what we are doing here. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the thought, but a quiet night with you snuggled on my sofa eating cheese balls, popcorn and watching a movie would have been more than enough, it's not too late you know, we ca....."

"Sal? Shush" "How many times in however long I have known you have you ever gone out with abandon and just enjoyed life?"


"That's right. Never. Live vicariously for once Sal. Every time you are either in your books, juggling two jobs or by the end of it you're just too tired to go out. This time around there's no excuse". Sharon smiled at Salina in the mirrors whilst applying her lip gloss.

Salina got up and tried pulling her dress down, it was a mid-thigh satin tube dress, salmon pink in colour with cups for cleavage at the front. Salina liked the dress because it was comfortable, despite being too short for her liking, but it was far safer than some of the other dresses Sharon pulled out in the shops for them to try on. She finished the outfit with black stilettos and a black clutch bag and some pearl studs on her ears and a pearl bracelet. She walked up to the mirror to stand next to Sharon and started spraying her perfume, and rearranging her hair that fell loose in layers, frankly, she would rather be laying down with a character novel or watching 'The Weakest Link', but Sharon was right, she needed to go out there and embrace life, plus she didn't want to be a party pooper and disappoint Sharon, after all Sharon went all out for her and invited her here, the least she could do was show her gratitude.

"Babe? You look gorgeous! Stop scrutinising yourself like that, Sal, you biting your lip always means you're thinking too much, you're so easy to read". Sharon laughed her whole heartedly laugh, her laugh has always been so infectious. They both started laughing like naughty school kids. They were so much alike, yet so different. Sharon was the loud one of the two and stood five feet eight inches while Salina was the quiet one when you first met her and she stood five feet five inches. Sharon had blonde hair in a pixie hair cut and Salina had her hair in layers and hers was jet black. Two very different peas in a pod.

"Are you done babe?" Sharon asked.

"Almost done hun". Salina quickly checked her lip gloss and they stepped out into the deafening room.


"She's to die for Malik, she's just perfect" Akil excitedly informed his friend for the millionth time that night.

"I bet she is Akil" Malik lazily smiled as he downed his drink. His eyes scanned downwards at the dance floor as the music blared through the speakers. The top section he was sitting in was giving him good access to all the eye candy he could feast his eyes on, but tonight was not his night, he did not want to come out tonight. He would have rather stayed at home and watched programmes Alima recorded for him of that mean old lady who's always rude to her contestants, he can't remember the name of the show but he always watches it when he's visiting England.

Malik felt as if whenever he scanned the dance floor, he was looking for someone, as if he expected her to materialise right on the dance floor, he was seriously loosing the plot. It's been almost two weeks since he last saw her, apart from the occasional snap shots of her since then, from Bruno. There goes again, why does he think he can see her on the dance floor, when she's probably at home knackered and asleep, she had her last exam this afternoon and she resigned from her exotic dancing a few days back. And this club was a members club.... He seriously needed to catch up on sleep instead of staying up all night touching himself to images of her. He silently chuckled and shook his head.

"Malik? Are you listening to me?" Akil asked looking a bit concerned for his friend who was chuckling to himself.

"Yeah. I'm good Akil, so when am I going to meet this mysterious lady of yours whom you've been bleeding my ears for?" Malik asked slapping his friend on the back as they stood and grabbed their drinks to stand and get a better view of the dance floor. Akil's eyes roamed the slightly packed dance floor and scanned the area for his mysterious lady.

"There she is" Akil pointed to a slim blonde with a pixie haircut dancing next to a friend....

"Malik, don't you think she's hot........" As Akil continued talking Malik could not hear anything else after spotting her, his Salina. Malik seemed to be mesmerised, she was swaying to the rhythm, her hips and her small waist swaying from side to side, and her hands thrown up in the air whilst she lightly dipped and kept swaying, she looked like an Egyptian belly dancer. She then held her friends' hands as they sang the lyrics and they started giggling. He was not losing the plot after all, it really was her. As if on cue the girl with the pixie haircut looked up and she waved at Akil and gave him a wide grin.

"I'll be right back Malik" Akil was going down the steps and beckoning them over. By the time they arrived at their table, Malik was seated trying to play it cool. As soon as they arrived, he stood as the introductions were made.

"Sharon, meet my friend Malik. Malik meet my girlfriend Sharon" as soon as the name Malik was mentioned, Sharon knew who Malik was, she was so thrilled she was meeting a real life prince, she was trying to convey her discovery to Salina telepathically, but it sure as heck wasn't working, as Salina looked oblivious. But she did seem to be stealing a few glances at Malik, and so was he, is this chemistry Sharon was sensing? She sure hoped so.

"Uhhmm, Akil, this is my friend Salina. Salina this is Akil" they shook hands and said their pleasantries. "Malik, errrmm.... Do you mind if I call you that?", "no please, I don't mind, that's fine by me".

Salina was wondering, 'that's his name after all, why would he mind... Sharon can be blonde sometimes'.

"Malik, this is my best friend Salina. Salina this is Malik". Malik extended his hand and shook her hand and he gave her the sexiest smile. Malik was thinking that she is even more stunning in person and her hand felt so delicate and warm, he wouldn't mind his hand being glued to her like this for eternity.

Salina has seen sexy men in her life, but this man was beyond sexy, it was not helping that he had to smile at her like that, why was her heart beating so fast? She was trying to assess how old he was, seeing that Sharon said that his friend Akil was twenty six, he looked around the same age. His eyes really drew her in, she could not tell what colour they were from the flashing lights, his lips were perfect, they were not too full and not too thin, and the bottom lip was slightly fuller than the top lip. Oh my goodness was I still holding on to his hand or was it the other way round....?

Salina gently let go of his hand and they all sat around the mini table on the comfy leather sofas, they all chatted for a while whilst having a couple of drinks. Salina observed that Malik and Akil's friendship was like hers and Sharon's friendship. Akil seemed to be very animated and talkative, whilst on the other hand, Malik seemed quiet reserved and seemed to be laid back.

"Guys, we're just hitting the dance floor for a few minutes, are you cool Sal?" Sharon bent down and asked Salina the last part. "Yeah I'm good hun" Salina replied, she quickly gave Sharon a peck on the cheek to assure her that she was fine. Sharon left for the dance floor with Akil in tow.

Malik shifted a little closer to Salina on the sofa. Mmmhhh..., he smells good, Salina thought.

"We can follow them on the dance floor if you want?" Malik said.

"Oh, I'm good thanks, I'm still recovering from my previous dance" Salina said whilst smiling at Malik.

"You've got very good dancing skills, I saw you earlier on the dance floor" Malik said, trying to sound normal, as if the mere thought of her dancing on the dance floor earlier on was not making him imagine her in different sexual positions at that moment.

"Why thank you Malik, I can show you more of my dance moves later on" was it her speaking or was she strangely invaded by some seductress? She guessed the few drinks she had earlier plus the one she was nursing must have made her tongue a little light. She's usually the shy type; she's always been, even after a couple of drinks. She guessed she was feeling comfortable around Malik. She did take quite a while warming up to people, but with Malik, she felt as if she had known him for a long time, hence the loose tongue.

"Is that a promise?" Malik was now whispering in her ear, his voice went down an octave.

Gosh, how to get out of this one, Salina silently thought.

"Malik darling, didn't know I would find you here..."

Salina looked up and was faced with one of the most stunning women she had ever seen. She looked as if she had just walked out of a celebrity air brushed magazine, because she seemed flawless, from her creamy skin, shoulder length blonde hair, large breasts and the shortest dress Salina had ever seen on anyone, she was sure that if the woman took a step her goodies will be on display for everyone to see. Thank god she looked up when the woman was already standing in front of her and Malik. Salina glanced at Malik and he seemed visibly irritated.

"Of course you didn't know you would find me here Bianca. What can I do for you?" Malik said.

"Was just walking past and I spotted you and I thought I should come over and say hi, it's only polite since you've been shagging me for almost a year now, so I thought I would be cordial and come up first and say hello. Is she any better Malik? Does she know how to..."

"Bianca? Enough. Please leave us be" Malik slightly raised his voice.

"I'll leave you be Malik, for now. Just remember that if you get fed up of that," she inclined her head towards Salina, "my door is always open" she said with a wink and walked away. She didn't want to cause so much commotion as she had already spotted Malik's bodyguards who had unceremoniously carried her out of his house screaming and kicking a few days back. She would have murdered that bitch next to Malik if the bodyguards were not in sight. She knew Malik would be here, and she had been observing him the whole night, but when he leaned in and was whispering something in that bitch's ear, she had had enough of it and walked up to them.

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