In Memorium...Aunt Jane

byGrey Eagle 286©

Ginger leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Damn, she is really great at that, she really loves that black cock." I looked at Ginger and saw she had her skirt pulled up and was rapidly fingering herself. Jane did appear to be worshiping that huge cock. I closed my eyes, it didn't help much, I could still hear Jane slurping and mewing in her joy of her actions. I whispered to Ginger that I had to pee and would be right back. I washed my face in cold water and sat on the side of my old bed for several minutes. I returned and watched Mr. Willy fucking my wife. He was totally different than he had been with Ginger.

Jane moaned with each stroke of the massive cock in and out of her pussy. This was as large, or larger, than I had ever seen her take. I could see very clearly her pussy tightly stretched around the slick black log that looked like a well lubricated piston as it plunged in and out of her. I couldn't help it, I hated seeing how much she was loving what he was doing to her. I turned my head and I guess Ginger saw the tears running down my cheeks. She said, "Are you OK Mr. John?" I glanced at the bed and saw Jane buck Mr. Willy off of her, she was at my side very quickly. Ginger said, "He just started silently crying. I wouldn't let him watch you fuck again, he loves you too damned much."

Jane motioned to Ginger, "Go in there and learn how to please him and he will react very positively. I need to care for my sweet husband. I really hate I hurt him. I thought he could handle that now." She led me to my old bed room. She pulled me on the bed with her and held me tightly in her arms, "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, there is nothing to talk about, I know what I saw."

"Please tell me what you think you saw. We need to get this out in the open, let me start by asking you a few questions, OK?"

"Yeah! Go ahead."

"Sweetie, what was the purpose of my going to bed with Mr. Willy?"

"I guess you were trying to find out why he was so uninterested in making love to Ginger."

"That's right, Dear, and that is what I was trying to do. I did find out, Honey, the man is sort of jaded. He has fucked so much it takes work to turn him on."

"Jane, I have seen you with many other men, I have never seen you worship a cock like that before. Not any other guy's cock and certainly not mine. That goes for when he was fucking you too. I have seen you enjoy many men, but none like you enjoyed him. Am I wrong?"

"No, not entirely! I will not lie to you. He is a wonderful lover with a magnificent cock. He is probably the best lover I have ever had as far as his cock goes. He never went down on me so I don't know how good he is at that. All of that means nothing at all in how I feel about you, he is a very damned good living dildo. John, you are my only love and if you think about it you will know it is true."

I never saw her with another black man. I know she still saw them, she was very careful and I never saw a trace of them.

Our sex life was still fantastic. Jane slowed down a little; she insisted we make love at least twice a day. She think she still enjoyed Theo once or twice a week and she often asked to use a porn star or two. I had gotten over my jealousy and loved to watch her have sex with other men. Sometimes I was in the bed with her and her lover, other times I watched through the mirror. She was completely different with other men. She was a demanding insatiable bitch with others; while with me she was sweet, loving and patient, insuring I had cum before she did.

We had twenty beautiful years together this time. Jane died of a heart attack and I wanted to die too! Nothing interested me. I mourned hard for a year. One day, a year after her death, Theo asked to see me. He seemed agitated, I told him to relax and tell me his problem. He looked at me and said, "Mr. John, Ah made a promise to Miz Jane many times. She wanted one thing, she said you were to mourn her for one year, then you were to have a full and happy life. She said my job is to co-ordinate with Tasha to keep you supplied with new fresh young ladies at all times."

He said Jane wanted that for me and that it was time to start. He took me to the studio and we watched the actors perform. He said any or all the girls were available to me for my pleasure.

I watched and was not interested in any of them until I saw a pretty little girl named Betty, who appeared to be about 18 years old. She seemed to know everyone and was very friendly. She was sweet innocent looking girl. I had checked her birth certificate and knew she was 25 years old. She sat by me and asked some good questions about things I asked to have changed in the show. I explained my reasoning and she said she thought I was right. We talked and I explained that most men loved to see sexy girls in garter belts, stockings and high heels. Fully dressed girls showing a little tit or ass were more of a turn on than a totally nude girl. Little Betty agreed with me.

I directed a scene where the white female lead was dressed in a lovely gray business suit. She is seduced by a very muscular black man who is extremely well hung. Her lover removes her jacket, she is wearing a pretty gray blouse. He helps her take off the blouse. They kiss open mouthed, tongues playing. He unzips her skirt and slips it down to reveal her gray lingerie; gray bra, gray panties, gray garter belt, gray stockings with very high heeled gray pumps. The bra is a shelf bra supporting her breasts while not covering the upper half or the nipples. His mouth closes over one nipple, sucking it between his thick lips. His hand cups the other breast and flicks the nipple with his finger. She moans and he licks his way to her pussy.

The camera zooms in and his tongue lapping at her clit fills the whole screen. Her screams are louder now. He picks up the woman now and carries her to her desk where he seats her on the desk. He pulls the chair over and spreads her legs wide so he can feast on her pussy from between her legs. She rubs her breasts and moans loudly. He stands and drops his pants revealing a huge black cock. The camera zooms in again for an ultra close shot of the big black cock forcing its way between the little pink lips of her pussy.

I glanced down at Betty beside me and saw she was masturbating while she watched the actors. I leaned over and whispered, "Does that always turn you on?"

She smiled up at me, "Yes it does but it would feel better if you did this for me."

I grinned, "Wait until this is over and I'll be glad to help you relieve the pressures you feel."

She giggled up at me, "Do you have some place we can go?"

"Yes, it's only a few minutes away."

"Do we have to wait? I'm very hot right now."

I looked at Theo and caught his eye. I mouthed, 'get the car.' He nodded and I gave him a few seconds head start before I took her small hand and led her to the outside door. She followed and I opened the car door for her. When we were seated the car pulled away and she snuggled up to me, pulling my head down for a sexy kiss. I liked it. There would be more to like later, I knew Jane would be pleased.

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In Memorium?

it's "In Memoriam", you ignorant fuck.

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