tagErotic CouplingsIn Over My Hedge Ch. 01

In Over My Hedge Ch. 01


You hadn't always been a wild girl, in fact you always saw yourself as conservative. But things certainly come into perspective very quickly when you're sucking a co-worker off behind a hedgerow, as college students pass by unknowingly, going about their business. This all started one summer in collage when you had landed that landscaping job over the summer, it wasn't your fault that they also hired the guy you had been crushing on for a semester.

It was your second year in college and as a typical poor student you decided to apply for a job on campus. Campus jobs where hard to come by so when your phone rang and a deep male voice asked you to come in for an interview you decided to stack the deck in your favor. You knew you had been gifted with good looks, so most of the time you kept it simple and didn't worry too much.

That day however you got up an extra hour early to do your hair, letting your lush auburn hair flow down in soft curls and framing your lovely face perfectly. Your make-up was perfect and you picked out tight fitted dress pants, which framed your ass perfectly. You admired yourself in the mirror, before putting on a black push-up bra and a white dress shirt which you purposely left the top buttons undone to show a nice amount of cleavage.

Even still you were nervous, as you waited in the interview room you wished you could excuse yourself to the bathroom to rub one out. Masturbating had always soothed your nerves, a handy tip around exam time. Letting your hands fall into your lap, you discreetly tested the waters. The dress pants were thin enough that you could press your panties into your pussy and stimulate yourself ever so slightly.

Desperate for attention you decided to start unzipping your dress pants and get in for real. But you didn't get very far when the door opened a moment later and a voice asked "Miss Skylark?" "Yes that's me!" you answered trying to mask your surprise and fighting your blushing reflex at almost being caught red handed.

Even still you nailed the interview, mostly because the interviewer was a thirty something guy who could barely keep his eyes in his head and his hard-on in his pants. The attention was nice, and he wasn't too bad looking himself, you kept it flirty, even after getting the job. The pent up sexual frustration however was too much, you decided to go finish what you started.

Ducking down the halls of an administrative offices you found yourself leaned up against the wall of a broom closet, dress pants and matching panties hiked down to your knees fingering yourself with delight. It felt so good to be able to run your fingers against your clit, probing between your pussy lips and finger fucking yourself. You didn't last long, your orgasm sending you to the floor of the closet.

Licking your fingers clean and relishing the taste for a moment, before hiking up your pants and heading back out into the hallway. In the back of your mind hoping that no one notices the smell you your sex, which seems so strong right now.

You started the following week, bright eyed and eager. Jason your supervisor, the man who had interviewed you explained your duties. You would be working to maintain the campus grounds, with other students who had applied. Doing landscaping, planting flowers, trimming hedges and mowing the grass. It was easy work, and it gave you lots of time to work on your tan. What you had not expected however was to be working alongside Derrick.

You first laid eyes on him in social psychology last semester, He was a striking figure one that set your imagination ablaze. With dark hair and strong features he had drawn a lot of attention from the other girls in class. He was tall, lean and muscular, you knew because after a couple months sitting behind him gave you plenty of time to check him out.

He was a mixed martial arts fighter, at least that's what you had overheard eavesdropping, which explained the occasional bruise he would come into class with. As well as explained what gave him such a tight firm ass, strong legs and corded muscular arms.

The guy had been the object of many misdirected psychology study sessions which took you from the boring textbook, to being sprawled naked on your bed fingering your wet pussy till sweet release. However in the entire semester together, you had never managed to even speak to him before. He was an active participant in lectures, always speaking in a solid confident tone, whereas you had always been shy in speaking up.

Now face to face you found yourself lost in those surprisingly deep eyes, they almost seemed to be constantly shifting from light brown to green and back. "Hi I'm Derrick, it's nice to meet you" he smiled and offered his hand and you caught his eyes glancing downward for a split second to take in your body. You were pleased you had worn something sexy at least, Light blue tank top over a racing back top and cut off booty shorts. Taking his hand shakily you managed to force out a reply "Hi, I'm Faye."

"Jason asked me to show you around so, I'll be partnering with you for now." Derrick explained as he led you out of the admin building and across the campus square. "So first things first we check in with Jason and get the days task, then we grab our gear from the utility shed" following behind him you took the time to stare blatantly at his cute butt. While you crossed the square and rounding the corner past the greenhouse, pointing out a small green shack which you had never noticed before.

Opening it up revealed every type of gardening implement imagined, you didn't have any idea what half of them even did. "Yeah, there is a lot of crap in here. He laughed reading your expression. Don't worry we don't use most of it, this is however a nice place to duck out of sight if you need a break or need to check your phone. Just don't smoke in here, Jason has the nose of a bloodhound and locks the shed at night so he will notice if someone has."

"Oh I don't smoke" you added.

"Well good for you, me either but it's also a nice spot to duck into if you need to hide well I'll show you the smoking spot anyway if you ever need to train someone" he smiled stealing a glance at your cleavage. Leading you down the hedges toward the main courtyard, the same hedges you past by almost every day as you crossed campus only you were now the other side the hedge, a second row rose up and ran parallel, entering he revealed a small alcove which is out of sight of most everything on campus while still being only a meter or two away from the busiest pathways between the library and the arts building.

"Neat" you voice as you examine the secret little spot. "Anyways that wraps up the tour, let's get to work Jason wants us to make a new flowerbed in front of the Engineering complex." A Quick trip to the utility shed and the greenhouse had us both hard at work in front of the E-complex Derrick shoveling topsoil and you on your knees planting a mix of colorful flowers. He was really nice to work with he seemed tireless and kept a string of jokes to pass the time. Most of which was jabs directed at himself, It was a surprising considered how serious he had been in class.

It was a dream, watching Derrick exert those powerful muscles nearby while you got to watch out of the corner of your eye, letting the fragrance of the flowers fill the air. You also had your choice pick of dandelions as you weeded the gardens. The situation and this Guy was pushing all the right buttons and just exuded sex appeal right now, and you wanted nothing more to take him back to the shed and have your way with him. The warmth between your legs was more than noticeable to you, but without any idea of how he might react, you held off...for now.

For all you knew he would reject you, humiliate you and you'd lose the job. It wasn't a chance you were willing to take, so did nothing. Things between you two had been flirty during that first day and stayed that way the rest of the week, you even caught him stealing a glance down your tank top when you bent over to plant flowers. The constant teasing did nothing to help, it only intensified the aching desire in your crotch.

You began taking quick breaks as Derrick had suggested, not to use your phone or to sleep thou. You would sneak away to the secluded spot behind the hedges for a few moment to stick a hand down under your booty shorts and beneath your panties. Letting yourself enjoy a finger inside yourself for a minute or two. This because almost a daily ritual taking in the show Derrick offered, then sneaking off to quickly finger yourself, and then going home soaking wet and finishing yourself off.

That was until the day you got caught.

It was a normal day at work, you had gone to the hidden alcove and was enjoying the feeling of your slick fingers slipping inside your wet pussy when a voice dragged you violently back to reality.

"Hi Faye, having fun again I see? It was Derrick, stepping into the alcove grinning broadly "I, um, this isn't." You sputter trying to come up with some explanation. "It's okay Faye, I won't tell anyone" He seemed way too relaxed, you suspected this wasn't his first time discovering what you were doing. Just the first time he confronted you, He seemed to be working himself up to say something until he looked you right in the eyes and grinned "I thought perhaps we could have fun together."

That's when you took in the lust in his eyes and more importantly the sizable bulge in his shorts. Without thinking you step towards him and close the distance, your hand reaching out and groping his hard-on. He was large indeed, and eager by the way he shivered at your touch."Mmm... I'd like that Derrick."

Without even bothering to check if anyone else was around, you went to your knees. Lust guided your hands as you jerked down his shorts and let his member swing out. Nice long and hard you hugged it to your face for a moment in a fit of inexplicable cocklove. Kissing the shaft and licking its length, Derrick was shaved and tasted clean, he tasted great, only ever so slightly salty. Parting your lips, you slowly took the head of his cock in your mouth. Derrick shuddered and jerked uncontrollably. Suckling and licking it, you slid in further, making it almost halfway down his shaft before it poked the back of your throat. Ignoring the gag reflex, this wasn't your first rodeo after all. You began sucking and using your mouth to milk he tasty shaft. Pulling back to the head and taking what you could back it in as if you literally attempted to fuck him with your mouth.

Derrick was doing all he could to just keep quiet on hand holding your head, the other against a solid branch in the hedge to steady himself. Your fingers now came into play, sticking them inside yourself and getting them nice and wet, before diverting one hand away to rub yours wetness down his shaft and balls. Giving you a spicy hint of your own pussy as you blew him. You had already gotten yourself started when Derrick had confronted you.

It was all so sudden and erotic, and with the imminent risk of discovery you didn't take long to finger yourself off. It was a quick but hard, and you stopped blowing Derrick as your body spasmed in ecstasy.

Derrick however still refused to climax, now free of the distraction you focus yourself on sucking off this stubborn cock. Using both hands and your talented lips you managed to send him over the edge, sending a warm tide of stick cum. Something about that moment made you feel like a champion Cocksucker and you were determined to enjoy your reward, sucking furiously you swallowed it up greedily.

Releasing Derrick he roughly tugged shorts up, and leaned heavily against the hedge. As you "Holy shit, Faye that was amazing." Derrick managed to sputter after a moment. "Guess I can't turn you into to Jason now can I?" Smiling devilishly, grinning back at him you reply "I'll make you a deal, you don't mention this to anyone and we can have more fun on our breaks." The smile derrick gave you at that was rewarded with one of your own, licking your lips. This job just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

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