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In Praise of Older Women


An older man falling for younger women is legendary. In truth, a large part of the attraction is biological. Deep down in the man's genes, something tells him that this woman can reproduce. He can get all the evidence he needs by just looking at her. Her thick hair, not yet tainted by dye. Her smooth skin, not lined by years of laughing or disappointment, damaged by the sun or puffy under the eyes from sleepless night caring for an ill child or parent. Her legs not streaked with veins from working all day standing or simply age. Her tight body not yet affected by the strain of child bearing or the ravages of gravity.

Even heavy girls still look good when they're young. All of these outward signs of beauty, vitality and youth can be attributed to younger women's mission to find a man to propagate the human race. This age, let's say young women of 21 to 35, is generally their peek. The attraction by men is understandable, human nature.

By the same token, why is it that women frequently find strong men, aggressive men and men in uniform attractive? Big, strong, good hunter, provider. Uniform, protector, hero, patriot. Yes, soldiers, cops and firemen are chick magnets.

A beautiful young woman has a power that's undeniable. I mean real POWER. It's shocking what a man will do to curry the favor of a lovely young thing. Even a very successful, world-wise man. He'll do things that in business, sports or any other aspect of his life would be unthinkable. Use his time, money and energy to please her. Act in ways that make his friends cringe, if he has time for his friends any more. Place his family and all he holds dear on a back burner as though he's a puppet on a string.

A gorgeous young woman can, if she is savvy or trained enough, have nearly anything she wants in life. She can get it from a young man her age and nothing but potential all the way to a wealthy man who has everything, except the one thing he wants most: the love of something strikingly beautiful. It can make him feel better than everyone else, the envy of other men. Even women look at him differently. What does he have that attracts this beautiful woman? Must be SOMETHING.

Nothing makes an older man feel younger than a beautiful girl on his arm. Athletes, businessmen, movie stars and musicians, they all attract beautiful women with their money and prestige, it's one of the perks of the occupation.

And the sex. If a woman is beautiful and sexual...my God. Her power increases tenfold. What is sexual? In my view, a sexual woman is someone who is aware of her sex appeal, knows how to use it, and honestly likes or even loves sex. Think of your favorite female celebrity, porn star or model.

Now think of how sexy they'd be in religious garb (watch it now!) or a prison outfit with no makeup or hairdo. See, it's not just looks. A sexual women knows how to make the most of her looks AND attitude to attract men like bees to honey.

If you take this all to mean that I think that older women are something to be ignored or discarded, you've come to the wrong article. I am just explaining what young women have that's so appealing. I think even older women would agree. Please keep in mind that when I say older I don't mean ELDERLY, I mean older than in her twenties or early thirties, all the way to late 50s or even early sixties.

Let's talk non-sexual for a minute. I know, I know, it's so unlike me. Just give me a moment, I'll be talking about blowjobs and serious fucking any minute.

Girls are fun and cute. But a woman has had some life experience. She knows what she likes, and it's not usually Burger King for a date. She can talk about a movie in terms of plot and substance, not just "he's so cute." She can cook a good meal and usually has a few that are outstanding. She knows how to dress casually and formally, and doesn't have to ask you 50 times if she looks alright. She's got patience. She doesn't play head games, and won't allow them to be played on her.

A girl is fun to be with, but a woman can be really good company. Great to talk to, challenging. A women can be good with adults AND children. She's been there, done that. Things don't freak her out. You ask her for a favor, she returns with results, not excuses. A mature, sexy, confident women is a truly beautiful thing. A world apart from a perky little girl - not that there's anything wrong with them.

And don't get me wrong. A mature woman can fun, sassy and absolutely adorable. That's not a territory populated solely by girls. Not by a long shot. But they have the maturity and composure to handle it when things go bad, and that kind of support is priceless.

As for the sex with an older women...

OK, first the bad news. If a girl is not all that interested in sex to begin with, the chances of that changing simply because she grows older are slim. I hope this truth doesn't hurt, but it IS honest. She may possibly become more interested in sex, but her lack of experience at trying things is a serious drawback, unless of course she's read ALL of my how-to articles!

Or, it may go the other way, and her interest in sex may flag even further - a disaster. I would be willing to bet that, admittedly or not, this situation in the reason for many a split as a man in his forties - a man like me - realizes that it's never going to get better.

But the good news is that if a woman was indeed interested in sex when she was younger, then her desire may very well deepen or even increase just at the time her experience is far greater then it was when she was a teen or younger woman. Some combination, huh?

Why might this happen, you ask? Or is it just a fantasy of mine? First, yes of course it's a fantasy of mine. An attractive, mature sex-starved female looking at me as the solution to her problem, like a lion looks at an antelope as a night at Outback Steak House? Yeah, I'd say it's a fantasy - so would half of Hollywood.

But in this case in can be real. I can not count - literally can not count - the feedback letters I've received from women whose husbands have lost interest in sex, at least with them. Just lost interest. Leaving them high and dry (pardon the pun) just at the time they want sex most. It's sad, really. And not too great for the confidence or self-esteem, I'd wager.

No woman should have to beg her husband for sex, just as no man should have to plead with his wife. What can she say? "Please, find me attractive, want sex as much as I do, want to keep the feeling alive, try different things, make it fun. Don't you realize that I can be a lot more than I am? That I can be that wild chick you want, if you'd let me? That I think about sex all day when I'm at work, or you're at work, and then I'm let down every night when we roll over and go to sleep? That I never thought it would be this way at this stage in my life? That of all the men I could have had I chose you, and now you're no longer interested just when I need affirmation of my attractiveness most?"

This is not a feeling restricted to women, men feel it, too. But, this article is about women.

I get emails about my stories from younger women all the time - love them. Aside from a few who are wise beyond their years, they usually say thanks for the tips, they wanted to make sure they were doing it right. They sometimes ask me questions or make comments such as, "Do all girls swallow?" "I suck his penis and he says it feels good but he doesn't cum, why?" "Do all guys lick their balls touched or licked?" "Touch his asshole, are you sure?"

The emails I get from older women are the ones that make me squirm in my chair, barely able to type out a quick "thanks." They're the ones who give ME tips. They tell me how much they love to suck their man's cock, how they love to suck his balls, rub him all over, make him purr with delight. They advise me how to eat pussy not just like a champ, but like an emperor! Talk about getting advice from the source. I have found that with few exceptions it is the older women, not the younger ones, who have sex on the brain...a lot.

God, I wish you folks could see some of these emails. They're the reason I'm writing this story, what inspired and informed me. When I perform medical writing, every claim must be sourced, annotated. Believe me, every claim I've made in this story is sourced.

I've received emails from women who tell me, in testicle-aching detail, about the things they'd like to do to their husbands and sometimes have done, with little or no response or appreciation. Things that would make me crawl across the carpet and kiss their feet for. Not literally...well, maybe literally. It's hard to imagine a man saying, "You bought that at Victoria's Secret? How much?" Instead of "Wow! Come here!" A man saying, "No, I don't want to watch you masturbate in front of me, you can do that when you're alone." Instead of "Would it turn me on to watch you look into my eyes, rub your pussy and moan until you cum? Is Bill Gates rich?" How about this one - no kidding. "Why would I want to fuck your ass while you've got a perfectly good pussy?" Oh, I don't know. Why would you want to win a trip to Hawaii when the Jersey shore is so close?

Some of my favorite emails are from women who finally disengaged from their partner, for reasons not simply sexual, and began a relationship with a new, more appreciative lover. Now they're living their fantasies, fucking in new ways and new places. Receiving the oral sex they've always dreamed of and becoming a cum factory. Unleashing the wonton sexual beast their former partner allowed to remain hidden, or perhaps put into hiding in the first place.

Some of these women have found younger men. They like the idea of a guy cumming three or fours times. An hour. Younger men can be so appreciative of older woman. And they should be.

But others have found that men who have been around the block a few times more, older men if I may painfully use the phrase, have even more to offer.

When we're sitting behind you, rubbing your shoulders and nuzzling your neck as you sip your wine and listen to the soft music. When we reach around you and caress your breasts in our hands, flicking our thumbs across your nipples until they stick out into space on their own. Experienced hands move down, gently rubbing your belly as the moisture builds within you, whispering into your ear how lovely you are, moving faster towards the sensations that will make you shiver...again and again.

You know we're not some young boy just aching to cum. We're men, grown men, delighting in the feelings we're producing within you. Aching to make YOU cum. We'll get to our needs later.

Ladies, be proud, be patient. Tell your man exactly what you want and how you want it. Tell them what you want done and what you want to do. Do not suffer in silence, do not suffer at all, please. You are appreciated. Because if you're not, you certainly can be. You're not alone. I can't possibly be the only man that feels this way. If I am...it's a big country out there, I'd better get busy...

I hoped you enjoyed reading my story. As always I write from the heart. I appreciate your votes, but even more, the kind words and emails you send me. Please, keep them up.

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