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Ma'am felt i had been trained well enough to be taken out in public. I picked Her up and drove to the industrial side of town. Here in an old warehouse behind a blue door was a discreet club. This club was open to the BDSM/swingers lifestyle. I was to be introduced to the community.

I had helped Ma'am dress earlier. She chose a lacy bra that accented Her large breast, a loose blouse of creamy white,Her crotchless pantyhose,and a short skirt. She wore Her short boots that i had shined for Her. I felt proud and horny. She looked so sexy and She was wearing the shoes i had shined. The crotchless pantyhose made me hopeful i would get to please Her tonight. Maybe i could show the community how well She had trained me in pleasing Her. I was giddy.

I carried the toy bag. I opened the door for Her and watched Her sexy ass go in before me. Since i was new, She vouched for me and i paid the entrance fee for U/us both. The room was large and dim. I saw a St. Andrew's Cross, several spanking benches, a rope bed, a Spider Web, a whipping post,and a stock. I was like a kid in a toy store. I wanted to run to each piece of equipment and touch it to make sure it was real. The other side of the room had several chairs,couches,and tables. A large screen showed porno films. A live band played off in the distance. Light rock music drifted through the air with a heavy bass. The bass helped to keep rhythm for the Dom/Dommes as they played their subs on the equipment.

"Uhmp uhmp" She cleared Her throat and got my attention.

I blushed at forgetting myself. I dropped to my knees. I removed my collar Ma'am had given me during training and bowing my head offered up to Her the collar. She took the collar and fastened it around my neck. My dick hardened.

SMACK across the face.

"I know you are new to the club,but let's not forget your training. I will turn around and leave rather than be embarrassed." She warned me.

"YES Ma'am" i replied.

She walked off and i followed. W/we toured the dungeon area watching various scenes. I saw mostly female submissives and strong sexy Doms. There were a few subby bois with their hot Doms. I seemed to be the only male sub with a Domme. Lucky me! Ma'am seemed to enjoy the whipping scene. The Dom was "painting" a picture on the subs back with His single tail. He was very talented. I hoped it would soon be my turn to be beaten by my Domme.

W/we had spent alot of time together. She had trained me in BDSM and in pleasing Her sexually. I felt O/our relationship was growing. I was thinking about asking Her to make O/our relationship known in the vanilla world. I had found the perfect woman. The woman i could spend the rest of my life with. W/we liked the same music,food,movies,etc. Not to mention BDSM. I was smiling ear to ear.

"The equipment is too busy right now. Besides i have other plans for you tonight." She cooed.

W/we walked over to the couches. She sat on the couch with me at Her feet. The short skirt rode up and i could see Her stocking covered thighs. I got excited knowing that just a little farther up was Her sexy,tasty,pussy. She kicked me and told me to get Her a drink. I found the bar and got Her a drink. My throat was dry from the excitement but She hadn't told me to get one for me so i just got the one. I brought it to Her and presented it as i had been taught.

"Are you thirsty? you may get a drink" She told me.

I headed back to the bar but got called back.

"Where do you think your going? the subs trough is over there. And i think you need to crawl." She scolded me.

I looked in the direction she pointed and saw a large metal trough with a couple of woman lapping up water like dogs. I blushed but crawled to the trough and got a drink of water. I crawled back to Her feet humbled.

W/we watched the porno on the screen but i noticed Ma'am was looking around at the people. I saw Her face light up with glee. She was looking at a man in a chair about ten feet away with his back to us. I was a little jealous. She is my Domme.

"Do you see that man over there? The one in the chair. Go ask him if his name is Hank. If it is,ask him to come here. Be polite and respectful as i taught you." she told me.

I crawled over to him and bowed as She had taught me. When He acknowledged me i relayed Her question and request. He walked over to Her as i crawled behind. They exchanged warm greetings and kisses. I blushed as everyone was watching. He sit next to Her and chatted. One hand was on Her knee the other around Her waist. They started whispering and giggled.

"Slut. This is Hank. He is a real man unlike you. He has a dick unlike that little Veinna sausage you have. Tonight i will be fucked properly and you will watch and maybe learn something. Hank stand up and let this slut get you ready" She said.

Hank stood his crotch in my face. I unzipped His pants. I unbuttoned His pants. The monster that popped out shocked me. Soft it was longer and thicker than i ever was. It looked like something out of a porno film. I was just starring open mouthed. He grabbed my head and pushed His dick into my open mouth. It filled my mouth even though it was soft. As it got harder less and less would fit in my mouth. He face fucked my mouth gagging me. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about all the people watching me get pounded by this huge cock. I opened my eyes and looked at Ma'am. She was rubbing her pussy watching the scene.

"Don't waste that sweet cum on that tiny dicked whore. I want to feel you squirt all of it in me." She told him.

She got up and bent over me. She had Her arms on my shoulders. Her head next to mine. Her ass up in the air towards Him. Her skirt up around Her waist with Her cunt exposed for Him. He lined up His massive pole with Her wet cunt. She grunted as He started to work the same dick in Her cunt that had been in my mouth earlier. She bit on my earlobe. I could hear Her whimper as He sunk deeper and deeper. I felt Her push down on my shoulders with each push. I started to cry quietly. The woman i considered my Domme was being fuck right in front of me by a man with a dick i could never compete with.

"Aw Yes now this is a real fuck. Not like your silly attempts. Oh Hank fuck me fuck me. I needed this. You are filling me like i really want to be filled. Harder. I have a good support here. Pound it into me." She yells.

A small group circles us to see Her get fucked and me humiliated. My dick was sticking straight out. I almost cum without touching it. She stiffens and He stops pounding. He is filling Her with His cum. They stay in position resting. He pulls out with a popping sound and collapses on the couch. She leans on me and catches Her breath.

"Lay down my pet" She rasp

I lay on the floor and She covers my face with Her well fucked pussy. I'm then told to "lick Her clean and don't miss a drop of this sweet creampie." I lick and suck. I am surprised at the large amount of cum that fills my mouth. I gulp and lock my lips on Her hole to get more. I lick Her until She cums twice more. Each time more cum comes out. I feel my cock explode. I came thinking of sucking up their mixed cum.

She gets up and sits on the couch resting.

"boy you ain't done yet. Come clean up my cock" Hank bellows.

I obey. I lick up one side of His huge cock and down the other. I move to His shaved balls with His direction licking up a few drops of stray cum. I then hug Ma'am's leg and pout. thinking about the night's events. I was full of mixed emotions.

"There, there my pet. you are now not just my sub but also my cuckold. I know you liked it as i saw you came. You knew you have a little cock. You didn't expect Me to never have a real dick again did you? You will always be my cuck. You will clean up after a real man fucks me. You will service Him as He wishes. You will take care of my needs around the house and anything else i need. Men like Hank will take care of my needs sexually and you will take care of all my other needs. Okay?" She told me.

I looked up at Her and smiled feeling loved and exactly in the right spot.

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