In The End


Chapter 1

Scott took another drag of his cigarette, sat back and listened to Chester and Mike squabble over why they might be called a boy band.

"I think it's because of my strikingly good looks." Said Chester.

"I think it's because of your strikingly bad looks." Replied Mike. Chester lightly punched Mike in the arm but missed, his punch carried his body off the chair and fell on the floor laughing, knocking Mikes drink out of his hand.

"Woah easy dude, I love you and all but you're just not my type." Giggled Mike as Chester used Mike's and Brad's knee to help himself up off the beer soaked floor. Scott took a sip of his Malibu on the rocks, as the luxury cruise ship bobbed gently on the coast of Hong Kong.

"Lemme try soma dat." Slurred Chester pointing at Scott's glass.

"What did you say?" Said Scott astounded. He wasn't expecting Chester to go for anything but beer. He had the impression Chester wanted to impress Mike. That he could drink anything else instead of beer.

Scott handed the glass over to Chester and cringed, apprehensive of what might happen if Chester started mixing his drinks. Chester appeared to be ok and then carried on to drink the rest.

"Hey you alcoholic that was mine, you owe me a drink." Shouted Scott as Chester ate the coconut flavoured ice cubes.

Scott suddenly felt very dizzy and ill. He finished his cigarette and excused himself from the group. As he walked away he felt his head explode and his knees buckle underneath him, then he blacked out.

The band watched in horror as the waitresses ran to help him. Someone had already called for the on board doctor as Chester shouted.

Someone please help Scott get a fucking doctor. he screamed. The doctor arrived and co-ordinated the waitresses come trained nurses to help Scott onto a stretcher and into a medical cabin.

"He's still breathing and he still has a pulse but he has a high blood pressure." Said the doctor.

"He's had some alcohol, would that have anything to do with it? And he's bin smoking too. Oh is he going to be alright? What's wrong with him?" shouted Mike as he watched Scott on the bed helplessly.

"I can't tell but his left eye pupil is partially slower reacting compared with his right." He said again

"Well what does that mean?" screamed Chester

"Please try to remain calm sir. What's his name?" He asked

"It's Scott are you deaf?" please help him. He pleaded

"I'm doing the best I can but I am limited to what I can do on the ship, we arrive back in Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon, we'll get security to let you have priority exit which means you can bypass the queuing and get yourself straight to a doctor." Someone nodded their head and ran off.

The next day Scott was awake with a headache, he was given pain killers and was carted off to the nearest hospital.

He was put through an MRI brain scan. All his piercings had to come off including the one on his lip. Chester bit his piercing as they removed each one with some surgical pliers, as if he could feel what Scott was feeling inside, it was like losing a part of you.

Chapter 2

The week before.

It was 8pm and Scott, and the band were on their way to a rock pub called 'the ball and chain' in Kowloon. It was to be the best night in a long time. Scott had not been out for a while due to exams earlier that year and felt that this is the night to get absolutely plastered with his best friend in high school Mike and the rest of the band. Scott wore a very tight sleeveless black top with a large scorpion on the front with baggy trousers and studded wristbands. Chester wore his red tartan trousers and black shoe and a black sleeveless top he wore in his papercut video. Chester had grown out his Mohawk and had shaved it all off for that night.

After a double shot of Malibu on the rocks Scott then went on to have another 4 double shots of Malibu over the course of 2 hours more than he had ever drunk in such a short time and was still going strong. They played Limp bizkit's faith, the mini mosh pit in the pub became very crowded very quickly and Scott being shorter than most of the moshers was getting nudged, elbowed and kicked, Scott was pushed to the floor and strampled on. Mike and Dave punched everyone out of the way to get to Scott and pulled him out.

"You ok dude?" Whispered Mike as he held Scott's bleeding head in his hands.

"Yeah just gota splitting heading, can I have some water please?" Scott asked as a drop of blood trickled down the side of his face. It seeped onto Mike's hands but he didn't seem to mind, but Scott felt it run down and touched it with his finger tips. Scott pulled Mike's warm comforting hands off his face unwillingly and ran to the loos to clean himself up. Chester had dunken himself into a stupor and was unable to move

At 2am everyone was too tired to mosh and wanted to go home,

Back at in the hotel room everyone stunk of cigarettes smoke and alcohol. So everyone went back into their apartments to wash before collapsing in their beds. Mike, Chester and Scott slept in one room. Brad and rob in another and Brad and Dave in their's. After his shower Scott was too tired to walk all the way to the bed so he collapsed on the sofa by the en-suite bathroom door. After Mike had a shower he got dressed and smiled as he watched Scott's chest rise and sink with every breath, slumped on the sofa. He slowly cradled Scott and placed him on the double bed. Chester had to sleep on the sofa bed that night, Mike decided to look after Scott that night. Mike climbed in on the other side and slipped away into a dream land.

Chapter 3


"I'm afraid I have some bad news for you Scott." Said the doctor as he brought up the results from the scans.

It revealed an egg yolk size mass in the right hemisphere of Scott's brain.

Scott felt himself well up inside and nearly exploded with fear as well as anger and hatred towards the mass. All these emotions could be felt by Chester as he put his hands on Scott's shoulders. Is seemed as if Scott had involuntarily channelled the emotions to Chester. A tear ran down his swollen face.. Scott tried hard to suppress his tears to show that he wasn't scared when really he was petrified that his life was on the line.

"I'm afraid that you're going to have to take it easy for a while. According to this region here." He circles the mass shown on the scans. The doctor went on.

"It appears that there seems to be a bleed in or around the mass. Any strenuous activity could make things worse."

"What do you mean?" Scott asked.

"You must stop doing any exercises you should refrain from going out in this heat too. You should also stop driving. As well as no alcohol or stimulants such as caffeine." Said the doctor.

'Shit.' Scott thought as he felt his heart sink to a new low.

His favourite past times had been taken away from him all because of an egg yolk.

'FUCK.' He cursed under his breath

"That means I wont get to see Mike and Chester in London in 3 weeks time."

"Good thing I already have a tan." Said Scott to Chester and Mike trying to look on the funny side.

Scott was too scared to even walk as they left the doctors office feeling very low and very scared as they new it was very real.

It would have been possible to walk back to the hotel in ten minutes but decided to take the taxi away from the blistering heat.

Chapter 4

The rest of the holiday plans to go shopping and moshing around Hong Kong was cancelled. During the day Scott stayed in his hotel bored out of his mind or surf the net chatting to his friends online. Or listen to mum cry over the phone when he phoned her. At night when the sun was gone, everyone decided it would be good for Scott to let him out instead of keeping him indoors.

It has been a few days since he found out about the mass in his brain, still apprehensive about walking around and sleeping Scott was still laughing with the guys to keep his spirits up. It was easy for him remain positive because he had been doing that his whole life but staying happy at the same time was much harder. He didn't know long it was going to last. Nevertheless he kept himself to himself as he didn't want to appear weak to his best friend. He knew this was mentally unhealthy and wrote in a journal as a way of releasing his emotions rather than to keep it inside.

That night Scott was taken out to a chilled out buffet in a posh hotel. It was an oriental buffet at the harbour plaza. As Scott walked in he could smell the herbs and spices. The limes the coconuts and the curries all delicately blended which wafted up his nostrils fill his insides with hunger. The lads were shown to their seats along with Scott.

Scott was first up to get a plate full of food. There was spicey fish, thai bbq chicken, seafood curries, and meat satays and sushi and desserts.

Scott was also advised by the doctors not to have any spicey foods as this could make him too hot and therefore affecting the blood flow in or around the mass. Scott was already being restricted from being his normal active self and now he has to stop eating his favourite foods. The linkin park song 'crawling' started blaring inside his head.

Crawling in my skin

These wound they will not heal

Fear is how I fall

As the words ran through his head he knew he shouldn't be scared because if he was then the mass in his head would win. Scott thought of its presence as a sort of test, to test if Scott was able to cope with the situation.

There's something inside me

that pulls beneath the surface

consuming confusing

Scott felt his blood boil and his head throb with every heart beat at the thought of the mass inside his head. It felt like it was taking over his life.

Being his usual stubborn self, Scott was determined to get through this unscathed, he was going to pass this test but he still had to be careful.

Snapping out of his anger Scott went on to fetch another 3 helpings of food from the buffet counter during the rest of the evening to help keep his mind of things.

After a filling dinner the gang went for a walk outside onto the pier where the breeze was warm and humid. The view of Hong Kong island and this city lights were beautiful as they twinkled on the sea surface in the moonlight sky.

"I could sit here for hours. I just wish I could enjoy it more." Scott said to Chester as they were leaning on the pier barrier.

"Don't worry, it'll be over soon." Said Chester as he put his arms around him.

"Time to go dreamer." Said Mike as he gently pulled Scott away from the barrier.

That night Scott slept more easily believing that things will get better.

Chapter 5

The next day joe started packing his and helped with Scott's bags so he could leave Hong Kong and head back home in England. Linkin Park would have to go back to America to finish their tour.

The holiday was over. Scott was relieved. Although he loved Hong Kong with all his heart he knew he could not stay. Most of his friends were in England and they meant more to him other than his family. He knew that as soon as he was home he'd feel a lot better.

Scott went to see the local doctor for the last time before flying off.

"If you really are flying back to England, let me tell you this. Do not what ever you do tell anyone that you have this mass in your head ok?" He said firmly.

"Why is that?" Scott replied.

"With your condition the captain of the plane would never let you fly until you are well. There is a small chance that you could worsen your condition due to the change in cabin pressure, and it's a risk that the captain will not take."

"Well it's a risk I'm willing to take." Said Scott firmly.

"Good luck to you young man." Said the doctor as he shook Scott by the hand.

"And thank you for your help doctor". Said Scott as he shook his hand back.

Scott and the band were taken to the sir port via taxi they didn't want to attract media attention for Scott's sake, as the excitement would be lethal for Scott.

They all got on the plane as the band could fly to England as a stop over before changing planes to fly back to America.

Chapter 6

As the plane touched London tarmac there was a look of utter relief on Scott's face. He had started to feel an ache in his right leg and suspected it was a minor clot. He jumped out of his seat and started to shake and rub his leg to get rid of the clot. He quickly drank some water to hopeful thin the blood a little to help the blood go round easier.

Getting off the plane was another weight off Scott's shoulders. He felt he could relax more easily after a tense flight, worried that the cabin pressure would make him bleed inside again.

Dad was waiting at the 'arrival' gates. Mum got JJ to push the trolley as she ran to Scott. As she collided into him, Mum burst into tears, evidently relieved to see her son again after this weeks situation. And for the first time ever Scott saw his dad cry. For a week mum had felt helpless knowing that while she was in England her son was on holiday with his friends. But at last she was reunited. And she knew that Scott was in good hands while abroad.

Scott holding back the tears went over to dad and gave him a huge father/son hug.

"You ok son?" Dad asked Scott.

"Yeah getting there. I'm scared dad." Said Scott still hugging.

"We all are but just hang in there, I will do everything it takes to make you better." dad said reassuringly, but Scott could only think of one thing that would make him feel better, his friends the band. Scott hugged everyone and waved before the boys went off to the departure lounge.

As dad drove home Scott thought about going home to his CDs and the music that had kept him going through the years, he did not take any with him to Hong Kong as he thought he'd be too busy to listen to Linkin Park, plus he didn't want his cds to be damaged and anyway spending a holiday with the lads was better than listening to the cds any day.

Chapter 7

A week after the family were reunited Scott was given a bed in hospital. There they were going to keep observations on Scott. Which included more scans.

Upon arrival Scott was lead into a bay within a ward where it had 3 other men occupying the other beds and one empty one, which was meant for him.

Mum and dad stayed for a couple of hours and waited for Scott to get settled in. the nurse came in to do Scott's observations: his blood pressure and temperature was taken.

Later mum and dad left the hospital and Scott was left alone with the tv by his bed.

"What are you ere for?" Said the young lad sleeping opposite Scott.

"I think I have a brain tumour." Said Scott.

"What's your name?" Asked the lad

"It's Scott. You're Byron right?" Scott asked

"Yeah how the hell did you know that?" Byron asked with an almost scared expression on his face.

"It's written on the end of your bed." Smiled Scott as he pointed. Byron laughed. And just then a wave of familiarity washed over Scott. He couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"So what are you here for?" Asked Scott back.

"I was in the party in the park in Reading and suddenly I got these weird hallucinations and then I blacked out and apparently started fitting." He replied. Scott felt sorry for him. As Byron was confined to his bed due to his condition.

"Really? what caused it?" Asked Scott again.

"Dunno yet they're still trying to find out." Said Byron

"Yeah same here, and until they know exactly what it is they can't do anything." He replied

Scott felt comforted with the fact that he had something in common with a complete stranger. Just like when he visits Linkin Park's message board along with everyone else.

"I'll be dead before they know it." Said Scott jokingly, Byron laughed again.

Byron wasn't bad looking. Late 20's, Short scruffy dark brown hair brown eyes and a smile like marti pellow. Lightly tanned.

Scott chatted and laughed with his new fixation till dinner time at 5.

"Oh my god what have I done to deserve this? if what ever I have doesn't kill me first this definitely would. Hospital food is fucking crap." Giggled Byron.

'He has the same sense of humour as me.' Thought Scott. just then some doctors came in to see Scott.

"Hello Scott, I'm mr blau how are you?" Said the doctor looking like he was on his way to a surgery in his green tunic and trousers.

I'm fine I guess a little bit dizzy but ok. He replied.

"Ok could you take your glasses off for us for a second please?" He asked. Scott did as he was asked. Mr blau shone a bright light from a little torch into his eye and he appeared to be testing Scott's pupil dilation reactions. Then he did the same for the other eye. Scott could see the reflection of his own electric red blood veins.

"They're ok. Could you squeeze my fingers as tightly as possibly please." He asked as he held out his fingers like he was in a western gun dual. Scott squeezed his fingers.

"Woah ok they're fine." Said Mr Blau as he rubbed his fingers.

"That's from play fighting with me mates in America." Said Scott. Mr Blau went on to test Scott for any weaknesses in his limbs.

"Could you push my hands apart? Now push them together. Could you lift your leg up while I push down? Now force it back down while I pull on it. Ok it seems like everything's fine. Oh by the way you have a ct scan tomorrow morning and then you have an angiogram in the afternoon but we'll give you the details tomorrow ok? Enjoy your meal Scott."

'He was very thorough.' Thought Scott as he left. Scott cringed at the plate of sloppy mash potatoes and crunchy peas and soggy carrots. But he was hungry so he ate it anyway.

Byron saw the look on his face and laughed again. They both seemed to click as if they had known each other for ages.

Byron winked at Scott.

"What was that for?" Giggled Scott as he warily spooned his first mouthful of his runny mash.

No reason I just kinda like you I guess. He said rather not shy like. The other two men in the ward stared at Scott like a disease. Scott stuck his tongue out as if he didn't care. Byron giggled again and Scott blushed. Byron flicked his tongue at Scott and pulled his cheesy grin before putting his face down again to eat. Scott shook his head in amazement, he so wanted to know more about this lad. He knew so little about him as he hardly spoke, all he knew was that they had the same sense of humour and that he liked him.

Chapter 8

"I'm afraid I have some good news and some bad news for you Scott." Scott's heart sank and started racing as he prepared himself for the worst.

"Ok bad news first then." Scott said as he took a deep breath.

"The results from the scans have shown that you do in fact have a tumour in the right hemisphere of your brain. Now I have discussed this with dr kerr and have booked an operation for you in 2 weeks. the good news is that the bleeding has stopped and will clear on it's own accord."

"In 2 weeks don't you have anything sooner." Scott said with dismay.

"I'm sorry but we are very busy. We don't want the tumour in your brain as much as you do but there is a waiting list."

For the rest of the day Scott sat on his bed. Byron had been allowed out of bed today and came over to comfort Scott, which made him feel a bit better.

Scott's mother and father came to visit that evening after dinner and Scott told them the news. Rachel broke down again and cried on dad's shoulders. Scott felt helpless. He couldn't do a thing to rid himself of the tumour and to wait 2 weeks for it to be removed was just ridiculous but there was nothing anyone could do.

Later that evening Scott texted his best friend Drew and told her everything. Drew phoned him as soon as she got the text message and cried over the phone.

"Well is there a chance you're going to be ok?" She cried.

"I dunno yet, I just feel so alone so I don't think I could let myself go yet though, I'm too young to die." Replied Scott bravely.

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