In The Family Way


A story of pure fantasy.

It was a typical Friday night. I got off work and went home to my dingy apartment for a night in lingerie. This was my life since my marriage broke down. My wife was not interested in sex any more and during one of our fights I said the only way I would get into her panties was if I was wearing them. She pulled out a pair and had me put them on. She rubbed me through the soft material until I exploded. Then she said wash them out and get the hell out.

So here I am clean shaven huge glue on chest and a vaginal panty that I could penetrate with my flesh like dildo. I had my favorite bra and panties on with a white sheer peignoir and robe. My white thigh high stocking were capped off with a pair of pink maribo slippers. My makeup and wig were the crowning glory in this ensemble.

I was watching tranny porn on the computer when I heard a knock at the door. Oh crap no one ever stops by who could it be. I thought if I ignored it they would go away. They were insistent. I finally decided to peep and see who it was. Through the peep hole I saw a little old lady who looked like she just came off the street.

In a bold move I thought I would open the door freak her out and she would leave. When I opened the door she just looked at me with a smile and asked if I could spare a warm coffee for an old woman. She seemed harmless and wasn't freaked out by a man dressed like a woman so I said sure.

I went about making her a coffee all the while she sat at my table just staring at me. After placing a cup in front of her I said you do know I'm a man right. She said yes she knew it before she even knocked. I thought how I had never gone out dressed like this and my blinds are always closed. She explained that she was no ordinary old women but a witch of sorts.

I asked her to to come sit in my living room while she had her coffee. She explained that she had been following my progress since my divorce and wanted to help me. I said sure and just how do you plan to do that? She said if you trust me you will sit back on the couch with your eyes closed and open your mind. I figured her to be a bit spiny but decided to humor her.

I leaned back with my stocking clad legs crossed and closed my eyes. There was a bright flash that I could see through my closed eyes. I thought what is she taking pictures or something. Then everything went black for a minute.

When my senses returned I was no longer in my apartment but in a really nice apartment on my hands and knees on the bed. I looked down to see I was naked. My full pregnant belly was rubbing the sheets as my milk laden breasts swung from the pounding I was taking. Wait a minute how did I become pregnant and in a woman's body and why did the cock plowing me from behind feel so good. All of a sudden the owner of the unknown penis in my pussy announce he was about to come. I just grunted which he took as a sign to let go. I felt the prick inside me begin to twitch and then spurt after spurt of his seed was filling me up. Once he was spent he pulled out and wiped his drained dick on my ass and said thanks maybe we can do this again before the baby comes. I just fell forward on the bed crushing my tits and belly into the sheets. My unknown lover pulled his pants on and was gone.

I laid there for a minute then realized I had to pee real bad. I found a robe and waddled to the bathroom. After sitting for an eternity I was finally done. I folded up some toilet paper and began to wipe myself. The sensation when I brushed my clitoris sent shivers down my spine. I just had to explore this some more but my legs were falling asleep so I moved back to the bed. I began to touch my new body. running my hands over my swollen belly pulling on my engorged nipples finally resting my hand on my neatly trimmed mound. In a matter of minutes I was flopping around on the bed in the throws of my first female orgasm. I must of went to sleep because when I opened my eyes it was morning. I thought to myself what a dream. When I went to sit up I realized it was no dream. There I was with big milky tits and a baby bump you couldn't miss.

I got up put on the robe and went to see if I could find something to eat. There in the kitchen sipping coffee was the old lady from last night. I stammered how, why who. She said sit down and I'll explain. I was now a freelance computer programmer who worked from home. I apparently was quite well paid judging by the surroundings. She went on to explain that the woman's body I was now in had contemplated suicide since becoming pregnant. The old witch said the woman was now in my body and free of her burdens.

The old woman said go shower and dress while I make breakfast and I'll explain more while we eat. Again I waddled to the bathroom to freshen up. Once in the bathroom I removed the robe and looked at myself in the mirror. I'm going to be a mommy. I then noticed the cum encrusted on my ass and decided to jump in the shower. I resisted the urge to play some more because I needed to know more from the old woman.

Positive feedback and I will continue the story.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/19/17

Nice Story

I enjoyed this start. I have a few questions I hope your story will answer. Why was the woman thinking of suicide? Can you describe her life a bit? What happens with her in the male body?

I also wishmore...

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