tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIn the Nude by Lady Grey Ch. 01

In the Nude by Lady Grey Ch. 01


Neither of us were too happy about our move north, but we both realised that it was the only thing we could do in the circumstances. I had been made redundant and with little prospects of a job down here in the south, moving up north was the only answer. For one thing, the cost of living was cheaper in the north, and so were houses, but it did mean leaving our friends.

The first thing we decided on once we had settled in was to kick start our social life. We joined a local fitness club, and it was after a discussion from somebody we met up with there that we both went along to an open night at a local semi professional drama group. The group had its own small theatre with seating for around two hundred, and they put on both amateur and professional shows. At the evening, we were made very welcome, and on the strength of this, decided to join.

Amanda was the actress in our family, and I was quite happy to settle for a life back stage putting my hands to props, lighting, and sound, or just be there helping out as a stage hand. Amanda was a very outgoing sort of person and was soon well accepted into the group, playing the leading or supporting female roles with equal relish. We both enjoyed the social life offered in the drama group: the barbeques, walks and treasure hunts in the summer, and then there was the dinner parties and social gatherings when the night drew darker.

Most of the members of the group were couples, but there were two single guys and three single women. One of the single guys, Rodger, a long time member of the group, usually played the male leads. He was very good. The problem was he knew it, and tended to be a bit over the top sometimes.

I knew he fancied Amanda, and would chat with her at every opportunity, but she assured me that as far as she was concerned, there was nothing in it. I did often get slight pangs of jealousy when they had intimate scenes together.

Afterwards, she would laugh. If I made a comment, she would kiss me and say, "We are only acting, you know."

I knew that the group was working on a shoestring budget. The professional productions we did were expensive to stage, and if we did not sell most of the tickets, we were only breaking even. Our own productions were costly to put on also, and even though everyone helped by supplying their own costumes and helping with props for the productions, we continually seemed to need more and more money. We raised some through table top sales and other events, and we did get a small grant from the local council, but when we met up for the annual general meeting, we found out just how bad things were.

The message was a blunt one. If we did not get more money in, we would have to close down before the next annual meeting. What we needed were more bums on seats; we never played to a full house. Everyone looked glum as the chairman asked for ideas. The usual ones like raising the admission cost and upping our membership fees came from the floor. But it was Bill, a new member who had joined us a few months ago, who came up with a most interesting and controversial idea.

Bill had spent some time in the professional theatre, and he said that one thing that always filled seats were sex and nudity. "Put a warning on your show poster that there are scenes of nudity in the production," he said with a smile "and you will fill the theatre, and not with just the perverts; you will obviously get your share of them, but you also will get the curious ones and the guys who come along with their wives who wouldn't normally go to a normal production."

Everyone at the meeting looked at each other, and when the discussions started, some members said we shouldn't pander to the baser tastes by putting on productions to titillate and thrill. Mike, who usually produced our shows, pointed out that there were many high quality productions available where nudity was called for such as The Graduate by Paul Simon and Peter Shaffer's play Equus. Then Joanne, one of the single girls in the group, raised a point, asking if there were actors among the group who would be willing to appear naked on stage.

Again, everyone looked at each other.

John, the chairman, smiled. "I think that's a very good point Joanne has raised. Are there members among us who would be willing to appear naked on stage?"

People looked around the room. Rodger had his hand up; so did Joanne who had posed the question, and to my surprise, so did my wife, Amanda. There were also two more, a married couple, Ted and Samantha.

John nodded as he counted the raised hands. "Well," he said, "we could certainly put on a production. I suggest that as it was Bill's idea, he get together with Mike and a couple of others and come up with some ideas." After more discussion, the meeting broke up.

It was not until we were on our way home that I was able to bring up the subject of Amanda's offer to appear in the productions where nudity was required. She grinned when I brought it up.

"I didn't think you'd mind. I know how you like showing me off."

I felt a little self conscious over this remark because she was right. Amanda was an extremely attractive woman and I had always been proud of her. I actively encouraged her to wear clothes that showed off her figure, especially her breasts, two of her best points. It had always excited me to see the way other guys looked at her.

"Showing you off is one thing," I said, "but you appearing naked in public is another."

She smiled. "But it's not really in public, is it? It's on the stage."

We drove the rest of the way home in silence. I don't really know why I was complaining. It had always been a secret fantasy of mine to see Amanda naked in front of other people. Unknown to her, I had for quite a while enjoyed browsing internet sites that catered to people with similar tastes.

On our arrival home, Amanda prepared a light supper, and we watched some TV before making our way up to bed. Amanda was in the bathroom as I undressed and slipped into bed. To my surprise and delight, she emerged totally naked. Most nights she wore a nightdress, but when she was feeling especially horny, she came to bed naked.

We had been together for over twelve years, but I never got tired of looking at her naked body. It still excited me: her breasts still firm, D cups, with rich brown areoles and perky nipples that rose erect quickly when stimulated; her tummy now showing a slight curve that led the eyes down to her delightfully raised mons pubis where a slight vee of neatly trimmed hair led your eyes down further to the shaded cleft of her pussy lips, those pussy lips that had for years given me so many pleasures.

Amanda stood at the bottom of the bed, a slight smile on her face. "Do you think I will draw in the extra punters when I appear on stage like this?"

I felt myself getting warm just at the thought, and I could feel my cock beginning to rise to the occasion. In my mind's eye, I could imagine her center stage with every eye in the house staring at her adorable body. A slight shiver went through me. She walked around the bed and slipped in beside me. I felt the touch of her naked flesh on mine.

"I think if the word gets around that you are appearing naked, we will have to think about building a bigger theatre."

She smiled, putting her arms around my neck and drawing me towards her. I felt her breasts against my chest. She leaned close. "You say the nicest things, darling." Then I felt one hand slip under the covers and I groaned as her fingers wrapped around my erect cock. "I hope this is all for me."

I nodded as I pushed her gently down onto her back. I leaned over and kissed her nipples, gently drawing them into my mouth. She groaned and thrust her body against me, pushing my cock against the lips of her pussy. She spread them and positioned me, allowing me to slip easily inside her, feeling the warm wetness engulf me. I groaned as her vaginal muscles contracted around my invading cock and she gripped me tightly.

We lay together, fucking tenderly. We had learned a lot about each other over the years: how to give and how to receive pleasure. We now only rushed things in extreme circumstances, preferring the long, leisurely approach that brought us both slowly and enjoyably to a very pleasurable and satisfying conclusion.

It was a couple of weeks later. Bill and Mike had come up with a play. They had stayed clear of the well known ones. They were costly to stage and so had selected a new play by an up and coming young playwright called Stephen Westbury. His play, 'Intimacy,' was about a love triangle between three young executives who worked for a law firm. I sat in on the reading.

It was a three person play, two men and one woman. As usual, everyone got a chance to try for the parts, and in the end, Mike decide that Marcia, the female role, would be played by Amanda. In the play, she is married to one of the two men. Steven was to be played by John, a new member to the group. He played the part of her husband, a successful but a rather boring guy. But she was infatuated by a new rising young executive who had just joined their company named Alex. This part was to be played by Rodger. The story was her dilemma: to stay with the security of Steven or leave him for the excitement but uncertain future with Alex.

There were three intimate scenes in the play: one where Alex makes love to Marcia in his office, a very intimate scene that takes place in the bedroom of Alex's apartment, and a final scene with both guys when Steven arrives home unexpectedly and catches the two lovers in a very compromising position. I felt quite hot when I glanced through the script and imagined just what it would be like to watch Amanda performing the scenes before an audience.

Apparently, according to what I heard from Amanda, rehearsals went well, as I did not see much of them as I was working back stage preparing scenery and props. The first time things came together was at the first technical rehearsal. Once the stage was set, there was only one other change in the first act and only two changes in the second. I sat out front with other members of the group and the stage crew and watched the performance.

The performance went well and the actors knew most of their lines. Amanda and Rodger, who were playing the part of Marcia and Alex, were as usual almost word perfect. They finished the first scene and I hurried to get back stage to change for the second scene, then headed back out front to watch.

I got the first signs of the action to come in the part where Marcia comes into Alex's office. After some lines, Alex gets up from his desk and comes around to where Amanda is standing. They look at each other for a moment; then Alex pulls Amanda into his arms and they kiss passionately. He forces Amanda up against his desk and his hands slide slowly up her body and squeezes her breasts.

I felt myself getting warm at the sight of another man squeezing Amanda's breasts. One of Alex's hands continued to caress her while the other now moved back down her body and gripped her short skirt, slowly drawing it up her legs. After it passed the tops of her stockings, he stopped and his hands caressed the exposed flesh of her thighs. Then he proceeded to ease the skirt higher, the whiteness of her exposed skin standing out under the bright stage lights. By now the skirt was almost around her waist.

I, along with everyone else watching, could now see the thin bands of her black suspenders as they crossed the expose whiteness of her flesh and clipped onto the stockings. With the skirt being almost around her waist, you could also see her black panties. Alex hooked a finger in the panties and slowly began to ease them down.

I had to place a hand over my lap to prevent the people around me seeing the flagpole that was now tenting my pants. Luckily for me, that moment the lights went out and the curtains closed for the end of Act one.

Amanda came through the curtains. She looked a little flushed, but her clothes were at least back in place. She came over and sat down beside me. "What do you think so far?"

"You were all very good," I admitted, "and you were exceptional as usual, my darling."

She smiled and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, squeezing my leg. She then took a coffee from the tray offered to her by one of the stage hands.

As we sipped the coffee, I looked at her. "Does he actually take your panties off?" I asked her quietly.

She smiled, and shook her head slowly. "He only pulls them down so far; depends on how soon the lights dim, but I do have a thong on underneath."

I smiled at her. "I was just wondering."

After the coffee break, they played the other scenes through. I saw some of the action, but we were kept quite busy in the second act. As this was a technical rehearsal, they were not in costume. I would have to wait for tomorrow night and the dress rehearsal. Or in Amanda's case, the undress rehearsal.

We drove home in silence, and we did not speak until we entered the house. Amanda looked at me. "Is there a problem? You have seemed different since we spoke during the interval."

I shrugged. "I'm sorry, but I am beginning to have second thoughts. Nothing serious, but watching Rodger and you at the end of the scene one--I have to admit, I was actually turned on by it."

She smiled and came over and kissed me lightly on the lips. "And so you should be, my darling. That's the whole idea, realism."

"It's not that," I said with a slight shrug. "I've heard about these guys who have fantasies about seeing their wives with other men. I did not think it would apply to me. It's not quite the same, it being in a theatre production. Over the year, I have seen you kiss many of the men, and it never affected me, but tonight it was different."

Amanda put her arms around my shoulders. "Don't worry, it's only play acting. You know it's you who I love, not Rodger." She ran her hand down my back and squeezed my bottom. "Just get yourself upstairs and I will show you who the man in my life is." She was true to her word.

Afterwards, we lay holding hands, the covers thrown back to allow us to cool down, "There's not only you who's having second thoughts, you know."

I turned over on my side and looked at her. "You are?" I asked, a little surprised.

She nodded. "I know I was enthusiastic about it at first, appearing naked, but now the first night is only two days away. Well, I'm just wondering how I'm gong to feel, especially tomorrow at dress rehearsal."

I looked at her. "What's so special about tomorrow?"

"Well, it's just that I know everybody. The actual production is different. I know there will be some people in the audience who know me, but tomorrow everyone will."

I smiled and squeezed her hand. It was comforting to realise that she had some worries about what she was doing. I kissed her lightly on the cheek and ran my hand up to her breast, cupping it. I noticed the nipple was hard again. I gently manipulated it between my fingers. "You will be fine; just go ahead and knock them dead."

The following evening it seemed that everyone was in for the dress rehearsal, and I think some members had even brought their friends along. I kissed Amanda and hugged her when we got to the theatre. "Okay, darling, break a leg." She smiled at me and made her way to the dressing room while I joined the rest of the crew back stage. There were two scene changes in the first act and three in the second. But we had practiced well, and I think everyone knew what they were doing. I was standing behind the curtain studying my clip board and checking that everything was in the place it should be when Bill, the producer, came on stage.

"Everything ready?" he asked.

I nodded, glancing around the set. "I think so. I can't see they have missed anything."

He smiled. "How is Amanda feeling? I thought she looked a little nervous when I saw her in the dressing room."

I shrugged. "She has some concerns, and I guess she just wants to get this first night over."

Bill nodded. "I knew she would, but she's a trouper, and I know she will pull it off." I smiled at the double meaning, and he laughed. "Sorry about that."

I went out and sat at the back of the theatre and watched the first scene before helping with the setting up for the second. When it came to the end of the scene, I watched the expressions on the faces of the members as Rodger caressed her breasts and then slowly began to remove her panties. There was a moment of hushed silence as the lights dimmed before the applause.

While everybody else got some refreshments, I and the rest of the stage crew were busy on stage setting up for act two. The first set was Alex's apartment. I had checked the time at technical last night and it was taking us about twenty minutes to set this. Then we had a complete change again for the final act which took place in Marcia's and Steven's kitchen. The biggest job was removing the double bed and taking down the dividing wall. For the first scene of the second act, the stage had been divided into two rooms, a lounge and a bedroom, and then for the final scene, we replaced the bed with a sofa, and after removing the wall, changed everything like curtains and pictures to make it look like a different place. Mick, the set designer, had done a good job with reversible doors, and other objects, like a sideboard, we just turned around and it became a kitchen unit. Some other items just needed to be turned around.

Bill, who was helping Mike produce the show, stood just off stage watching and thanked me when we completed the first change in record time. He pointed to a tray of drinks he had brought with him. "Hand those out to everyone in the crew. They have done a great job."

I told the crew where the drinks were, then grabbed a beer and made my way out to the back of the theatre again. I was not surprised to feel my dick twitching. There in the darkness, I slipped my hand in my pocket and discovered I already had a semi erection.

The stage lights went up as the curtains opened for the second act. Rodger and Amanda walked on stage. They had been out on their first date. Rodger took her coat and hung it up. Then he offered her a drink. "I can't stay long," she commented as she sat down on the sofa. "I ought to try to be home before Steven."

Then there was quite a long dialogue between the pair of them as they discussed the triangle that they were in and what they could do about it. Marcia said she did not want to upset Steven, but she knew their relationship was coming to an end. Alex, who had been standing for much of the act, came over and sat beside Marcia. He took the glass out of her hand and took her in his arms and they kissed passionately. I knew from reading the script that this was quite an erotic scene, and I felt myself getting warm just at the thought of what was about to happen.

As the pair got more heated, Alex began undoing Marcia's clothes and she was urgently doing the same to him. Her skirt and blouse were the first to go. Then as she ripped at his shirt and began unfastening his belt, he reached around her and unclasped her bra. It fell loose but did not come off. It hung there by the thin straps over her shoulders, just concealing her breasts. Alex eased himself up from the sofa to remove his pants after first taking off his shoes and socks. Now, with just his boxers on, he sat down beside Amanda and looked at her. She smiled, leaned forward, and kissed him as he reached over and slowly removed her bra.

By this time my cock was tenting my pants and I was struggling to ease it into a position where it was slightly more comfortable. It was not too long before the end of the scene and I would have to go up on stage and help to reset it.

Rodgers hands reached out and began to caress Amanda's breasts. Even from this distance, I could clearly see her nipples were erect. I almost came on the spot when I saw Rodger squeeze them between his fingers.

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