tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIn the Nude by Lady Grey Ch. 02

In the Nude by Lady Grey Ch. 02


The last few weeks had been a roller coaster of emotions, ever since I had agreed to appear naked in the next production we were staging at our local theater group. By the way, my name's Amanda and hopefully you will have already read the story from Jim's point of view. At first I was a little concerned that Jim might object, but I got that one out of the way early by suggesting to him that it was only acting and that some parts demanded that the actress appear naked on stage.

The other thing that did surprise me a little was that he did not press any objections, and if I had not known him better, I might have thought that he actually liked the idea. I remembered the night when we had first discussed the project and I was one of the people who had agreed to appear naked. In bed that night I was surprised by the forcefulness of his love making. Was it the thought of me appearing naked that had caused this? Whatever it was, I was not going to complain.

It was a couple of weeks later, and at last the next play was decided on. I was pleased when I was offered the part of Marcia, one of the three actors in the play about a love triangle. But when I read the script I wondered if I had bitten off a little more than I could chew. In the play there was one very intimate scene in the first act and two totally nude scenes in the second act. This included a final scene where I would be totally naked on stage for several minutes. Rodger Grant, the drama company's leading male actor, had been given the part of Alex, my lover, and a new member of the group, John, was to play the part of Steven, my husband.

Rehearsals went well and Jim was always interested to know how things had gone. We did not see a lot of each other at rehearsals as he was part of the stage crew. He was always busy in the workshop helping with the set construction and sorting out the props and other things.

The one thing I did discover was that the closer it got to the production, the more ardent he became with his love making, although I had to assure him several times that whatever happened on stage was not reality. Reality was what we had and our love for each other.

The other thing that did concern me slightly was Rodger's obvious affection for me; he had made his intentions clear although there was no response on my side. He had been like this ever since I joined the group, and I had always treated it as a bit of a laugh, although I must admit I was somewhat embarrassed by it at times. But really, he wasn't my type, and anyway, I was madly in love with Jim. But I was somewhat concerned about the rather intimate scenes we were going to play together and hoped he wouldn't take advantage of the situation.

Mike and Bill were good directors and worked us very hard. Bill, whose idea it had been to put on the play, was a little concerned about the naked scenes. He did not want them to be blatant displays of nakedness, and worked on the lighting to make the scenes more erotic.

The closer we got to the production date, the more effort Mike wanted. As actors, we had hardly touched each other before, but now that we had stopped reading from the scripts, we were free to perform. In the second scene of the first act I was to be seduced by Alex, my lover, in his office. We were to kiss and caress and Alex had to handle my breast. It was quite a strange sensation the first time we did it, and I was a little surprised that I actually felt my nipples respond to his touch.

The scene continued with Rodger easing my skirt up, and just as the lights go down, to begin to remove my panties. I remember the first time I felt his hands on my naked flesh. I could not suppress a shiver of excitement that went through me. When we broke for the interval, Bill came over and inquired how I was.

"No problem as far as I'm concerned."

"Do you feel happy with that scene?"

I nodded. "Reasonably, but it's a bit strange having a guy who's not my husband take my knickers off."

He laughed. "I guess it is. We will have to watch the lighting there. It could be slightly embarrassing for you if the lighting engineer misses his cue. Might be a good idea if you were to wear something under your panties, like a thong, maybe. It wouldn't be seen, would it?"

I nodded, but I smiled to myself. He was worried about me showing too much as Alex removed my panties, while in the last act, I was going to be completely naked twice. After the break, we went through act one again, and by the end of the evening, Mike said he was reasonably happy with the result.

I was as usual feeling a little horny as we drove home that evening. What with Rodger caressing my breast and removing my panties, I was impatient to get to bed. Jim went up before me, and when I got there, he was already in bed.

I quickly took a shower and was about to slip into my nightdress when I had the urge to walk into the bedroom naked. I knew that would give Jim the sign that I was in need of a little lovemaking.

I slipped into bed and snuggled up to him, feeling the strength of his naked body against mine. My hand searched for his cock. It was already becoming erect and I slowly ran my hand along its length. "I badly need this tonight," I whispered in his ear.

He didn't disappoint me. He rolled me onto my back and I welcomed him between my legs. I guided him between the outer lips of my pussy and then lay back as his slid easily into me. "You are a little wet tonight," he commented. "I guess the play's getting to you."

I smiled. "If it does, I will always be able to rely on you to resolve the situation."

I groaned as he slowly began pistoning into me. My fingers raked his back, and suddenly my mind went to act two of the play where I was in bed with Rodger. How would I feel with Rodger between my legs and a couple of hundred or so people watching me? I almost orgasmed at the thought and thrust my body up to meet Jim's.

Afterwards as we lay relaxing with Jim gently stroking his hand over my breast, I turned to him. "I do love you, my darling, and whatever I have to do on stage will make no difference." Deep within me I hoped I wasn't lying.

Two days later, I was back on stage going over act two. The sofa and the bed had been brought on stage, and Bill went through the scene with us. We were to enter the room hand in hand.

Rodger was to offer me a drink, and we would sit talking; then we would begin to tenderly kiss and caress. Rodger didn't need telling twice. He pulled me to him and our lips met. Then his hands were on my breasts again. My nipples responded immediately to his touch.

"It's at this point you begin to undress each other," Mike said, "but we won't carry on with that. I just want to get through the movements." I could feel that Rodger was a little disappointed, but he smiled and turned to listen to Mike.

"You slowly undress each other until you are both down to your underwear."

"How far do you want me to go?" I asked.

"Well, I think it might be better if Rodger were to remove your bra if you feel okay about that. It will leave less for later. Then I want you to get up and kiss tenderly."

Rodger pulled me to my feet and we kissed again. I could see he was enjoying this, and I must admit it wasn't too unpleasant.

"Then you will walk through into the bedroom," Mike continued. "Amanda, you will stand with your back to the audience and watch Rodger get into the bed, pull the covers up, then remove his shorts. He then turns back the covers for you. You then slip off your panties and get in bed beside him. You lie side by side for a moment, and then Rodger will maneuver himself into a position between your legs, and at this stage I want a slow blackout."

Bill was listening to Mike. He nodded and made some notes. "Shall we walk through it?" he said. Following Mikes instructions, we walked through the scene mimicking the undressing, and I slipped into bed beside Rodger for that first time. It seemed very strange that I was in bed with another man. Rodger then eased himself up and positioned himself over me. I parted my legs and he settled between them. I was startled to feel that he was erect and his hardness was rubbing against my pussy.

My God! In the real scene, I thought to myself, we are both naked! His cock will be almost in my pussy, and we have to do it every night for a month. Was this something I could really do? Would it be too much for Jim? All these thoughts went through my head as Rodger gently rubbed his bulge up against my pussy.

We did act two and that wasn't too bad with not too much contact. I knew I would be completely naked with Rodger on the sofa when Steven came in and caught us, and I would have to remain naked for several minutes after that. By the time the rehearsal was over, I was feeling incredibly horny, and refused Rodger's offer for drinks in the bar.

Jim was waiting for me. He smiled and asked me how things had gone.

"Quite well," I said taking his hand, "But now I need to go home."

"Not stopping for a drink?" he asked, looking a little surprised.

"Not tonight, darling. We do really need to get home." He shrugged, said good night to everyone, then we went out to the car. Before he had a chance to start it, I grabbed for him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him towards me. I kissed him hungrily. "I do love you, my darling," I said, "and I need to feel you here." I took his hand and thrust it up under my skirt and up against the thin material of my panties.

He grinned. "You feel a little damp," he said as he eased the thin material aside.

I groaned as his finger touched the tender flesh of my pussy. I clung to him tightly as his finger slipped inside me and began a slow pumping movement. I couldn't believe how quickly I came. I can't remember ever being as hot as I was that night. "Take me home quickly, darling," I whispered in his ear.

Later that night after an intense bout of lovemaking, we lay in each others arms. "If this is what you are going to be like after rehearsals," he said, "what will you be like when you get down to the real thing?" I shuddered at the thought.

The longer we rehearsed the play, the more ardent our lovemaking became. I was even beginning to enjoy Rodger's caresses as the first night approached.

I knew that dress rehearsal would be the first time that I would have to appear naked on stage. I was a little concerned as I knew that everyone in the group would be there, and even maybe some friends of members.

The night before I made sure that Jim knew just how much I loved him. The sex was hot and humid. And we shagged until we fell asleep in each others arms.

As there were only the three of us in the play, I had a dressing room to myself. Liz, the make up lady, came in and did her bit making me look good.

"You going to be okay tonight?" She asked.

I nodded. "I think so. It will be a new experience." I smiled

"I don't think I could do it, not in front of an audience," she said, "but they were right about the ticket sales. They are a lot bigger than normal before a first night."

"Well at least we have got that part right. Now it's up to me."

She smiled and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "Well, break a leg," she said with a grin as she left the room."

When she had gone, I undressed. When I was naked, I looked at myself in the dressing table mirror. I felt myself feeling warm. In just over an hour, I would be like this on stage. I shuddered slightly. What had I let myself in for? I slipped into my first outfit not forgetting the thong under my panties that Bill had suggested. Then I sat and browsed through the script. I knew my part well, but I needed something to do. I sipped on a glass of wine from a bottle that Mike had put in my room. I shouldn't drink too much; I needed a clear head. There was a rap on the door and Bill's head appeared around it. "Ten minutes," he said. I nodded.

The first act went well. Mike let it run through. There was a hushed expectant silence in the theater when it came to the part where Rodger removed my panties, but the lighting cue went well and he had them just over my hips when the lights faded. As the curtains closed, the panties fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. There was a polite round of applause from the small audience.

Mike asked us to remain on stage while he went through a couple of points, but he said he was pleased with how things had gone. I went back to my dressing room and quickly poured myself a large glass of wine.

Liz came in. "Well, that went well." She checked my make up. "You're fine," she said. "I'll see you between the scenes of the next act. You might get mussed up in the bed scene."

I offered her a glass of wine and she accepted, and we chatted as I changed for the next act. I undressed and slipped into my underwear and then into the smart skirt and blouse that I wore for the next scene.

"I bet Rodger is looking forward to the next act," Liz said. "He's never made any bones about the fact that he is keen on you even though he knows how much you love Jim."

I looked at her and shrugged. "Well, he might fantasize about tonight, but that's as far as he will get. He knows I don't have any feelings for him. I like the guy, but not in that way." "Tell me that later when he's undressed you and played with your tits," she said with a grin.

I looked at her and shook my head. "You're all alike; it's just acting you know."

She drank down the rest of the wine. "I'll get back to my seat. I think we are just about ready to start".

It suddenly dawned on me what I was about to do. How was I going to feel when Rodger undressed me and stroked my breasts? I shivered a little as the thought of it struck me. It was the first time I had thought of it that way. What would I feel like with Rodger not only caressing my breasts, but with a room full of people out there watching us?

Bill knocked on the door. "Five minutes," he called. I quickly filled up my glass and drank it down. Well, it was too late to worry about it now.

The start of the second act didn't go as well as the first act had gone. I guess we were both a little nervous about what was about to happen. I sipped on the drink that Rodger had given me and sat down on the sofa. I noticed Rodger staring at my breasts, and I realised that my nipples were erect and straining against my blouse. I can tell you by the time it came for us to begin to undress each other, I was feeling myself getting horny. He expertly removed my blouse and skirt, and I did a good job ripping off his shirt. When I leaned forward to unbuckle his belt, I felt him reach around and unfasten my bra. Then he eased himself up from the sofa and quickly removed his pants along with his shoes and socks.

When he sat down again, he looked at me. I smiled at him and leaned forward and kissed him as he reached forward and slowly slipped my bra down my arms. It fell away and I knew my breasts were revealed to everyone.

He looked at them for a moment and then he reached out and cupped them in his hands. I bit down on my lip, trying desperately to stop myself from crying out. As his fingers trailed over my nipples, they seemed harder than I had ever known them. We took each other in our arms and kissed in a long, sensuous kiss.

We broke apart and Rodger got to his feet. He held out his hand and pulled me up. Then he led me through to the bedroom. I stood with my back to the audience as he went around and slipped under the covers. I could see him removing his shorts. Then he held them out and dropped them beside the bed. That was my cue to remove my panties. I ease them over my hips and allowed them to drop to the floor. Then I moved over to the bed and slipped in beside him.

When our bodies first touched under the sheets, it was as if I were mildly electrocuted. Rodger leaned up on his elbow and looked down at me. He smiled. I eased my legs apart as he moved over between them. I don't know if I were pleased or not to find that he still had a pair of shorts on, but as he sank between my open thighs, I could feel the hardness of his erection pressing against my naked pussy. When he started to move on top of me, I had to grip the sheets to stop from crying out. Luckily for me, at that moment the lights went out.

As the curtains closed, Rodger slipped out of the bed and made a hasty exit. I quickly wrapped a sheet around me and made my way to my dressing room. I had only minutes before I was back on stage again. Luckily for me I had no change to make as I was only wearing my bath robe in the last scene.

Liz was waiting for me and she quickly got to work on my hair and make up. "I think you found that a little more exciting than you thought," she said. "Your nips were sticking out like chapel hat-pegs."

I knew she was right and we were only in dress rehearsal. I had to go on doing this for another four weeks. "Oh, shit!" I thought to myself. "Just what have I got myself into."

After Liz had left, I was just about to slip into my bath robe when I realised that my thighs and pussy lips were damp with my juices. I wiped myself carefully and resisted the urge to slip a couple of fingers in as I applied some talc and hoped it wasn't going to happen again, realizing that I would be naked for the biggest part of the next scene.

I knew that this would be the scene where I would be exposed the most. Not only was I going to be completely naked for part of it, but also it was now daylight. In the bedroom scene, the lights had been lower, but in this scene there was no such relief. The bright light would only help to expose every part of me, and as there was a lot of movement in the scene, it would not be possible to conceal anything from the audience. Every intimate square inch of my body would be revealed to the audience and to my fellow actors on stage.

I was still feeling hot and horny when I came onto the stage at the beginning of the last act, and suddenly, after what had happened in the last scene, I found myself looking forward to what was about to happen. When Rodger did at last slip off my robe, there was a gasp from the audience. I sat there for a moment waiting for him to touch me, to caress my breasts. He took my hand and we moved over to the sofa. I felt his body pressing against mine. He was getting more adventurous now, caressing me openly, teasing my once more erect nipples. I was almost disappointed when John made his entry and we had to pull apart.

It felt strangely exciting to be completely naked up here on the stage standing before all my friends and fellow club members, and I somewhat reluctantly pulled my robe back on when the time came for John to throw it at me. The play ended amid wild applause. I knew it was going to be a success. But tomorrow I would have to do it all over again in front of a theater full of strangers. I felt myself getting wet at the thought.

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