In the Woods


The sun's rays felt great against her skin as she walked from the cabin to the back porch. Dressed only in a towel, in her hands she held a book, suntan lotion, and a large glass of iced tea. This was the first day of her vacation, a vacation long overdue.

Michelle Young was a success-driven mother of three. Though her husband's employment was sufficient for the family, she still wanted to work. And in this context, she was gainfully employed as an executive assistant for a local graphics company. But driven by unnatural needs to succeed and for approval, Michelle never allowed herself any time away, only taking the weekends off because the office was closed. It was her husband that suggested she take a week off and just go to her aunt's cabin.

Situated a half mile from the nearest camp or home, the cabin was a two-story wooden A- frame structure. Michelle's aunt had it built five years ago as a retreat. Her stressful work as editor for a local newspaper demanded it. She had it equipped with all the amenities of modern life: electricity, satellite dish, washer, dryer, and hot tub. It was built next to a spring and streams fed private lake, one feature Michelle's aunt greatly loved.

"I love this isolation," a voice said to Michelle as the door closed. "This will give me the opportunity to sunbathe naked," the other woman said, similarly dressed in just a towel.

"You and me both," quipped Michelle to her friend, Dawn Lawrence. Dawn was a senior graphics designer for the same company. Though they've known each other just a few months, Michelle and Dawn have become close, close enough that when Michelle finally decided to take a week's vacation, she asked dawn to accompany her. Dawn, with a great smile, never hesitated and agreed, saying it would be wonderful to get away from her husband and children for a while.

The women walked without care to the lounge chairs Michelle's aunt had recently purchased. They placed the lotion, books, and drinks on the accompanying plastic tables, removed their towels and placed them on the lounge chairs before sitting. Michelle looked over at her friend and smile, noticing Dawn's curves and smooth skin.

Dawn Lawrence's body belied her 38 years. Curvaceous and soft, her 5 feet, 3 inch frame turned more than a few heads as she walked down the street. Her smile was warm and welcoming. Her eyes were a light brown, as was her hair. She kept her long hair in a ponytail which accentuated her high cheek bones. And her breasts, rising and falling with each breath, were full, her nipples dark and large, were erect from the cooling breeze that welcomed Dawn and Michelle as they dropped their towels.

"Thank God I remembered to bring the high SPF number lotion today," Dawn giggled out as she began to enjoy the hot sunshine. Slowly, as if teasing her friend, she poured the lotion onto her body, making sure some of the white substance landed on her nipples. Rubbing it in, she garnered a moment of excitement as she glanced over to Michelle and saw her staring intently. Her gaze never left Dawn's hand as she touched her breast,

"Whoa, the sun is hot," Michelle said in an attempt to bring herself back to reality. Yes, the sun's rays were hot, but that was not the source of the heat. Surprisingly, she was excited by the sight of her friend. And to her horror, Michelle saw that Dawn knew it, and was teasing.

"Yes it is," Dawn commented as she laughed internally. She knew her friend was checking her out and was flattered by the attention. Though she was not sexually attracted to women, Dawn still loved to be looked at by people, whether it is by a man or a woman. She looked at her friend and saw that a blush was coming to her face. Dawn took that moment to observe Michelle's body.

Michelle Young was a 34-year-old workaholic, there was no denying it. But nature was kind to her, especially after giving birth to three children. Standing 5 feet, 6 inches and topped by light brown hair, Michelle still could boast of a smallish figure, though to her liking, she had too wide of hips, too large an ass, and too small breasts. Her nipples, sensitive since puberty, became erect to both the breeze and to the sight of Dawn.

"I'm sure we can get a good jump on our tans today," Michelle said, trying to bring herself to her senses. She was turned on by the sight of Dawn's naked body, and she did not know how to handle it. Yes, she was a voyeur: she loved to watch her neighbors use their hot tub for late night nude rendezvous. But this was beyond anything she's ever felt before.

"Yes, I think so," Dawn agreed. She knew teasing Michelle was making her friend uncomfortable and decided to stop. She wiped off the excess lotion onto the towel and took a sip of her iced tea before she picked up her romance novel and began to read. Michelle sighed softly, hoping Dawn would not notice. Dawn didn't.

As the friends sunned and read their romance novels, a few yards away a couple spread a few blankets and set up a picnic lunch. Out of the stereotypical wicker basket, the man pulled out some small china plates, a pair of knives, a pair of forks, two flute glasses, some chicken, several linen napkins, a loaf of French bread, and a bunch of grapes. The woman smiled as the man, her lover, pulled off a grape and playfully ran it across her lips before allowing her to take it in her mouth. He blushed as she leaned into him and ran her hand up the length of his leg, resting her hand on his groin.

"Oh dear," she whispered as she felt his positive reaction to her touch. "Is this for me?" she asked teasingly, her hand gently rubbing the fabric of his shorts. He was speechless, not knowing whether to tell her the truth, that he wanted to make mad passionate love and forget about lunch, or to lie, to tell her that was his normal size.

"What do you think?" he asked with an evil grin. She giggled and cupped his groin.

"I think this is just for me," she said.

"You could be right," he said to tease her.

"Aw, don't tease me," she countered, a touch of baby talk in her tone. He giggled, kissed her softly on the forehead and reached into the basket.

"Care for some wine, my love?" he asked as he released the cork. She smiled, thanked him, and stopped cupping him. She took up her glass, which he filled halfway and smiled seductively as she sipped the red liquid. He smiled and turned his head away from her when some dribbled from lips and down to her blouse.

"Damn," she muttered as she placed the glass down and reached for a napkin. The man smiled and suggested she take of the blouse. He would take it to the small private lake and remove the stain as best he could. She laughed.

"Any excuse to see me in my bra," the woman giggled out. He sat and blushed: he was caught.

"Yes, darling. You know me too well," he said, knowing he could not lie. "Now off with it before the stain is permanent."

"Okay, okay," she said as she untucked the white shirt and began to unbutton. He smiled as he watched her quietly and swiftly unbuttoned the blouse and handed it over to him, sitting on the blankets in her bra and skirt. No matter how many times he has seen her in just a bra, he never tires of the sight.

"I'll be right back," he said as he stood just before rushing off into the woods in the direction of the lake. She smiled, shook her head, and giggled, mumbling to herself she fell for his wiles once more.

Toni Lester was a 38-year-old English teacher. Standing 5 feet, 4 inches, she first turned his head when she walked into the bookstore where he was signing his latest book. Whether it was her smile, her big blue sparkling eyes, her rather nice breasts that first garnered his attention, Toni did not care. All she knew is that she now had a lover. A lover that made her forget she was married. She had a lover that made her the center of the universe, a lover that made her feel loved, wanted, and like she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

He smiled as he made the short trip to the lake to wash off the wine. She was correct, he did love to see her in a bra, and he never grew tired of it. A giggle began in his throat as he reached the water. Although married and a successful writer, Sam Pettijohn was still giddy as a teenager whenever Toni and he were together. Through the last five months of their relationship, he has never had any regrets and has only looked forward to each and every time they were to meet.

The water was cold, meaning that he did have a good chance to remove most of the wine before it had a chance to stain. As he knelt on the back and ran the blouse through the spring-fed waters, Sam heard a twig break from somewhere behind. He quickly turned and saw a doe and fawn run on a deer path. He smiled as he watched mother and child stop momentarily to observe him before they continued their way down the well-used animal trail. Back to work, he thought to himself. He knew the quicker he was finished, the quicker he would be able to see Toni wearing her bra.

Toni loved being out in the sun. So much so, she quickly accepted Sam's invitation for a picnic lunch this morning, even though she was at work preparing to teach a summer literature class. Luckily she had an associate who was very willing to cover for her or she would have had to miss out on the sun and breeze. She kicked off her shoes and relaxed. She sighed heavily as she looked around and saw nature's beauty. As she closed her eyes to allow her other senses to enjoy summer's glory, a thought raced through her mind. A naughty thought.

Toni sat up and grinned evilly as she unhooked her bra. She thought momentarily of the consequences if a stranger had come upon her before she let the undergarment fall onto the blanket. Toni looked around cautiously before she stood. Reaching around, she began to unzip her skirt. She laughed as she thought of his reaction to her upon his return. Toni stepped out of the fallen skirt and worked her thumbs under her pantihose's waistband. Without reservation or pangs of guilt, she quickly pushed the undergarment down toward her knees. She stopped and raised one leg, pulling off the hosiery. She repeated it for the other leg.

The summer's hot breeze rushed across Toni's smooth, soft skin as she stood in her panties. Biting her bottom lip, still a bit shy, she inhaled deeply and pushed down her underwear. When she reached her knees, she stood up and shook them down. Playfully she took one leg then kicked them into the air with the other. She giggled as she caught them. Naked as the day she was born, Toni Lester was surprised, surprised this man, Sam Pettijohn, has made her perform acts, erotic acts, that she never before thought.

And she was happy he did this to her.

"What are you doing?" a shocked Sam asked as he returned, her blouse more or less cleaned. He dropped it on the blanket and stared at the vision in front. She lay on the blanket, her soft white body exposed to the sun and to his eyes.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked as she adjusted to give him a clear, unobstructed view of her smooth, shaven pussy. He stared more, a little drool coming to the right side of his mouth. "What's the matter, baby? Cat got your tongue?"

For a brief moment, Sam stood there, unable to speak. The blood was coursing through his body, excited by the sight of the naked woman before him. "I want my tongue to hold the cat," he devilishly answered as she slowly sank to his knees at her feet. She squirmed as he touched her thigh and crawled his way up her body.

Michelle finished her iced tea. She looked to her friend, and seeing Dawn had also finished, offered to refill hers as well. Dawn put her book down for a moment and smiled. She handed Michelle her glass and thanked her. Michelle smiled and turned with the two glasses. Slyly, Dawn watched Michelle walk to the cabin, her ass, so soft and naked, swaying with each step.

Dawn was not bisexual, though she did like to see other naked women. It was just their softness, she reminded herself each time she was excited seeing another woman strip, whether it was at the gym, in a dressing room, or like this, sunbathing. She could feel a wetness begin between her thighs, and she tried her best to ignore the feeling. She resumed her reading, but the romance novel made that almost impossible. She closed the book, closed her eyes, and relaxed. She let her hands softly, slowly fall down her body, over her hardening nipples, to her thighs. Dawn was just raising her hands her legs and spreading her thighs when the clanking of ice cubes against glass roused her.

"Good nap?" Michelle asked playfully as she watched her coworker jump to reality. Dawn blushed when she realized Michelle saw what she was doing. Speechless, all she could answer with was a quick nod of the head.

Turning her head slightly, Michelle thought she heard something. "Did you hear something?" she asked Dawn as she quickly placed the drinks on the tables and reached for her towel.

"Yes," Dawn answered as she stood and wrapped her towel around her body. "What is it?" the graphics designer asked as she looked to her friend for guidance.

"I'm not sure, sounds like someone is walking close," Michelle answered as they walked toward the house. Something in the back of her mind caused Dawn to stop and search the area for the source of the noise.

"Dawn, come here," Michelle said from the porch. "You don't know what is there," she added with more force. Dawn ignored her and walked cautiously to the beginning of a path. "Where does this go?" she asked Michelle as she pointed to the path.

"To an open meadow that we've used for picnics," Michelle answered.

"Hey, think someone is having one?" Dawn asked, tightening her towel and walking down the path.

"Maybe," Michelle answered as she quickly ran to join her friend. Her towel fell as she stepped onto the path, landing in some weeds.

"Come on," Dawn said as she turned to look for her friend. Noticing Michelle lost her towel, Dawn walked back to help her friend put the towel back around Michelle's 34-year-old body. Fighting the urge to feel a breast, Dawn suggested they walk quietly. "Never know what is ahead," she said as the two came close to the edge of the meadow.

"What are you doing?" Michelle asked as she walked Dawn, who had stopped just short of the meadow.

"Look," Dawn answered as she pointed to a blanket in the middle of the meadow. Michelle looked and her eyes opened wide. "Oh my god," she whispered breathlessly as she looked upon the scene.

A man, 5 feet, 9 inches when standing, his hair black with a hint of gray, and eyes as brown as chocolate, was laying across a woman, a naked woman. As they were kissing, she wrapped her legs around him. Dawn and Michelle could tell the woman was excited by this, because she was grinding her body against his.

"God that is so hot," Michelle whispered to her friend.

"Yes, it is," Dawn breathlessly answered.

"Oh my God, baby," Toni whispered to her lover. "I need you," she added as she felt his going appreciation of her naked body. His kisses where hot, they were passionate. But she needed more. "Come on baby," she said as she unwrapped her legs and put her hands on his shoulders.

Sam could take the hint. He stopped kissing her and began to trail his lips on her body. She moaned as he kissed her neck. She moaned louder as he trailed his tongue from her neck to her breasts. He took them in his hands and looked at them for a moment.

"So beautiful," he said before he placed his mouth on the left breast. She forced her chest into his mouth and placed her fingers in his hair.

"Suck them," she breathlessly commanded as he took it in his mouth. She began to moan as he sucked on her breast and ran his tongue across her nipple. She wrapped her legs around him as he placed a hand on her inner thigh.

"Oh my God," she whispered breathlessly as she felt his fingers move ever so slowly toward her wetness. She released her leg grip on him and welcomed his touch. She leaned her head back as her gently touched her labia. Toni slightly pushed her hips forward to meet his touch.

"I want you," Sam whispered as he released his mouth from her breast and removed his hand from her wetness. She stared at him, her lower lip quivering as he stood and began to remove his clothes.

Toni smiled and adjusted herself as Sam slowly took off his shirt. As the hair on his chest became visible, her breathing became labored. She squirmed and slowly ran your hands over her body.

"Come on, baby," she whispered as she ran a hand over her left breast, making her nipple extend to its limit. He looked down as she placed her left hand over her clean-shaven pussy. Sam watched as she ran a finger through her swollen, red labia and pushed her hips forward. He then stopped disrobing as she pushed a finger into her wetness. "Hurry, baby," she moaned as she accepted freely her finger.

Sam flipped off his sneakers and quickly pushed his pants to the ground. He placed his thumbs under the boxer brief waistband as he stepped out of his fallen pants. He grinned evilly as he teasingly pushed down on his underwear.

"Oh my," Toni said as her eyes saw his penis, engorged with blood with excitement.

"Oh my God," Michelle whispered as she watched the man take off his underwear, exposing his hardening cock. She was transfixed on it. Though she has seen others bigger, wider, this one struck her as the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. Michelle forgot about the world and stared at the man. She forgot about her struggle with her towel, she allowed it to fell to the ground.

"Yes," Dawn said as she watched the man drop onto his knees and kissed the woman's calf. She grinned knowingly as he kissed his way up her leg. "This is going to be good," she said to Michelle.

"Yes, it certainly is," Michelle answered as she became once more aware of her surrounds. She smiled at her friend as she realized she was naked again, but made no effort to cover herself. She moved her towel to a level piece of land and sat. Dawn took off her towel, placed it next to her friend, and sat.

"Oh God," Toni moaned as Sam's kisses reached her inner thigh. She reached down with her hands and placed them in his hair. She could not take his slow pace and wanted him to be kissing and licking her wetness. Toni tugged on his hair, and Sam got the hint.

"Impatient, my love?" he asked coyly as he leaned into her. He could feel the heat rise from her smooth, shaven pussy. He could see that she was excited, he could see the moisture come from her slit. He felt the heat of her passion, her desire for him.

"Oh," she exhaled out as his warm lips touched her labia. She ran her fingers through his hair as he licked the wetness from around her slit and tasted her sweetness. Sam placed his hands on her butt and squeezed gently. She pushed her hips forward in an effort to get him to put his tongue inside. He giggled as he realized what she wanted.

"Oh God yes, baby," she cried out as he plunged his tongue deep inside. Toni arched her back and grabbed at the grass before she forced her hips forward. Her clit, swollen from her desire and lust, touched his face, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

"God, baby, do it," she exalted as she let go of the grass and grabbed his head. She forced him to stay inside of her, making him tongue fuck her. "Do it, baby," she cried as she felt more waves of pleasure build. "Go, I love you so much."

Toni grabbed her ass harder and pushed himself against her hands and began to suck on her lips. The sweet tasting salt juices that surrounded the pink flesh made him suck harder: he loved her taste. Teasingly he played with her blood engorged clit, flicking his tongue over the button once or twice between long periods of sucking her labia.

Without a word uttered, Sam backed away to allow Toni to get off her back and onto her knees. He smiled wide as his face was inches for her smooth butt. Playfully he kissed it before her once more gave her wetness attention.

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