In the Woods


He placed his hands on each side of her ass and moved his mouth to her pussy. She pushed back as his lips touched her slit. He buried his tongue deep inside while she moved her hips forward then back.

"Fuck me, fuck me now," she commanded, the desire for his cock too much to bear. He ran his hands over his ass before ascending slightly and placing the head of his hot and hard cock against the opening of her pussy. She forced her hips back, causing his cock to push past her outer labia.

Toni inhaled as the heat from his penis intensified her lust and desire. She ground her ass against his pubic bone before he placed his hands on her hips and began to withdraw his cock.

"Fuck me hard you bastard," she demanded.

"Yes," was all he answered before he began to pump his tool into her. She panted and moaned as he quickly moved in and out. The sound of wetness filled the air as she grabbed hard onto the grass, keeping her hips high and her ass to him.

"Take it, baby," he said over the sound of his balls hitting her pubic mound.

"God yes, give it to me," she panted as she felt her desire for him grow with each movement. She wanted to explode but she held off, wanting to share the passion with him.

"Oh my God, baby," he exhaled out, "I am going to cum."

She could feel his cock become hotter, a sign he was close. "Give it to me, baby," she cried as she let her lust overwhelm her body. The first surges of her orgasm caused her knees to buckle. Sam caught her and held on as he felt his balls tighten.

"God, yes!" he cried as he felt his own orgasm begin. Sam's hot cum filled his lover with each stroke. Toni bucked her hips with each hard squirt of his hot juice into her. Barely able to stay on her knees, she pushed against his body, getting every drop of his love juice.

"Oh my God, he has to know what he's doing," Michelle said as she and Dawn watched the man fuck the woman with wild passion. She absent-mindedly was feeling her breasts with her fingers, causing her already aroused body to become more heated. She let one hand travel over her stomach and touch her thigh. She adjusted herself on the towel, sitting and spreading her legs as she watched the couple. She cooed quietly as she gently touched her wet lips.

"Fuck, yes," Dawn said as she watched. She too adjusted herself, sitting on the towel to better see what was happening. Unlike Michelle, Dawn knew what she was doing. She purposely ran two fingers over her very wet slit before making small circles on her clit. She inhaled deeply as waves of a quick occurring orgasm began to come over her body.

Michelle slipped two fingers inside her pussy as she watched the sexual action. Slowly, she moved them in and out, feeling the pleasure waves of an orgasm being. With her other hand, she began to tug at her breast, pulling her nipple, the pleasurable pain sending her over the edge.

"Oh yes," she exhaled out as she leaned her back and began to move her fingers in and out of her now soaked pussy faster. With her breathing heavy and labored, she began to squeeze her nipple harder as she threw her head forward. "God, yes," she said as her orgasm rushed over her like a wave of pure hot lust.

"Fuck, yes," Dawn rushed out as she heard her friend's orgasm. She circled her clit faster as her breathing became labored. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her own pleasure. As she heard Michelle cry out, she felt the hot wave of lust rush flow through her body. She fell back, her fingers never leaving her clit. Dawn moaned loudly as she enjoyed the delight.

"Oh Sam," Toni moaned as she fell onto the blanket, her energy spent.

"Baby, I love you," Sam said as he slipped out of her and fell onto the blanket beside her.

"I love you, too," she added as she kissed his lips.

"Wow," Michelle said as she came to her senses, realizing what she had witnessed and done. "Dawn, let's go" she said as she nudged her friend. Dawn sat up quickly, looked at the couple, now nuzzling in their post-lovemaking glow.

"Come on, let's get out of here before they see us," she said as she scrambled to her feet. She stumbled a bit as she tired to walk and take her towel into her hand.

"God that would be too embarrassing," Michelle added as she began to run back to her aunt's cabin. They two women giggled like school girls as they thought of what they did.

"I can't believe I did that," Michelle said as she walked past their lounge chairs.

"I need a shower," Dawn said as she flung her towel onto the porch railing.

"Me too," Michelle uttered as she dropped her towel onto the porch and opened the back door.

When they were in the cabin and the door was closed, Michelle and Dawn looked in silence at each other before bursting out in laughter.

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