In Uniform... In Mom


We bathed together after we'd eaten breakfast. Then softly caressed each other as we lay entwined in the soapy suds. Then we toweled each other dry before mom, giggling, ran ahead of me back into the bedroom.

"Try it on honey," my mother said when I arrived in the bedroom.


"Please...for mommy, you're my Marine now," my mother pled.

"The last time I tried it on I looked like a clown," I answered as I looked at the dress Marine uniform mom held in her hand. "It was way too big," I laughed as I remembered the day four or five years before when I'd snuck into mom's room and found dad's old uniform in a plastic garment bag at the back of her closet. Of how I'd tried it on and then wondered if I'd ever grow into the man my dad had been.

"You've grown Bobby, it won't be too big for you now," mom promised softly as she slipped her free hand under the towel around my waist and grasped my penis in her palm.


"Everywhere," she insisted as the blood rushed into my penis as her fingers caressed me. My towel fell from my hips and pooled around my feet.

I took the pants from her, then, after stepping into them, let her help me pull them up. I stood silently as mom tucked my now throbbing prick inside the material and slowly pulled up the zipper. Then she helped me with the dress blouse.

"It's even a bit chest, my thighs," I exclaimed wonderingly as I stretched my body inside the tight uniform.

"Tight here too," mom murmured in my ear as her hand slowly traced my penis through the cloth.

"I'm not dad...I'll never be," I said softly as we stood locked in an embrace.

"You're my lover... my son... my husband...."

"But," I tried to interpose as I stared back into my mother's eyes.

"I love you Bobby," my mother responded, then brought her lips to mine.

"I want you to have sex with mommy while you're wearing daddy's uniform," she begged as she lowered the zipper on my pants and pulled me out. "Over here," she directed as she led me to the bed where she positioned herself on her hands and knees on the bed so that she faced the large wall mirror. "I want to watch."

"Like this?" I asked as I mounted her from behind, pushing my throbbing shaft into her already moist channel. I grabbed her breasts and pulled her back each time I made a hard deep thrust inside her.

"Harder...harder baby...fuck me Jack," she ordered as her eyes captured mine in the mirror. She'd called me by my father's name. I squeezed her breasts with my left hand as I moved my right to her bum.

Thrust...squeezed...slapped...thrust again, deep, hard...pulled a nipple...slapped her firm butt....thrust again...then caressingly moved my hand possessively over her ass and explored her anal crack. Then thrust my penis into her again as I pushed a finger deep up into her bum.

"You're so handsome in your uniform honey... fuck your wife... I've missed you honey... so much...fuck me Jack... oh god, you're so big Jack... so big... you've never been so big," my mother cried out, the whole time with her eyes locked on mine in the mirror.

I came quickly, my cock bucking wildly inside mom's tight sleeve, emptying itself.

"I want your baby Jack... I want you to put another baby inside of me," mom urged as my cock spurted.

"I'm not daddy," I groaned as I watched mom in the mirror.

"You are today Bobby. You're two men today...two men for mommy, you're daddy too," my mother answered.

I finally pulled out my sticky penis, then once free let the softening shaft lie between the cheeks of her ass. Slowly I grasped it and pumped one last drop of thick cream from its length and then watched as it dropped onto her butt and slithered down over its roundness.

Then I rolled my mother onto her back and positioned myself so that I was kneeling between her widely spread legs. "You're mine now... you're Bobby's, you're my'll always be mine," I promised fiercely.

My mother lowered her hands to her pouting red vulva and spread her lower lips even wider. I watched as my seed oozed out of her. "You're only my third man...ever," she said softly as her eyes found mine, a clear challenge in her eyes.

"Just three...but," I started and then suddenly understood. Mom never could have gone without a man all those years. "GRANDPA?" I asked but then knew I was right without hearing her answer as a hundred memories of events I'd never understood growing up suddenly crystallized in my brain.

"Your grandmother had died two years before. Then your daddy didn't come back from Africa."

"Both of you were alone," I supplied as thousands of pieces of the jigsaw puzzle continued to click together in my mind.

" this together. I was only twenty...I had a young" There was an unasked plea in her eyes that I try to understand what she'd done.

"You still needed sex...both of you," I agreed.

"It was wrong, I know it was Bobby. It wasn't your grandpa's fault. I was the guilty one," my mom admitted. "I'd lie in bed at night...dreaming of your father...still loving him Bobby...but"

"You were still so beautiful," I said as I moved a hand down onto her mons.

"We were both so sad in those days Bobby. We'd both lost so much. If it hadn't been for you, if we hadn't had you bringing a little joy into our lives I don't know what would have become of us."

"What happened?"

"I was in bed one night...dreaming of your I did every night...touching myself,"

"Like this?" I interrupted as I took her hand in mine and guided it over her sex.

"Yes...I was wet...I wanted it so badly," my mother groaned as both our hands moved over her. "I got out of bed, naked, then walked to your grandfathers room. It was hot...he was lying naked on his back asleep...his penis was hard, full, reaching upward in the moonlight," mom explained as she remembered.

"I slid onto the bed next to him then gently touched his cock."

"Was Grandpa big? His penis? When he was hard?"

"Fat Bobby...shorter than your dads but fatter. Thick like yours. You have the best of both of them," mom added.

"My cock's bigger?"

"Uh huh. Then I moved over your grandpa...sat astride him for a second lightly caressing him before I slowly lowered myself down onto it."

"He was still asleep? You put his penis inside yourself and he was sleeping?"

" this bed. It had been almost one year since I'd slept with your father...since I'd had sex."

"What did it feel like?" I couldn't help asking.

"It felt so slid into my vagina... like this," mom answered as her fingers closed around my again hard cock and pulled it to her gate and then inside.

"Like this?" I asked as I thrust every inch inside my waiting mother.

"I was quiet... gentle... soft as I moved up and down. I came Bobby. And your grandpa was still asleep. He finally woke after I'd been riding him for minutes...woke just as his sperm was splashing inside me," mom said as she lifted her hips to meet my every thrust. "He had thick, creamy was different from your father's."

"What'd he say?" I gasped out as I felt my own orgasm nearing.

"He didn't recognize me at first. Oh god when he did he went crazy...tried to throw me off but I fought him Bobby... I continued to ride his still hard shaft. He came a second time. Then we talked the rest of he night...I told him I couldn't live without sex...that if we couldn't do it I'd have to leave...have to find someone else. He held me in his arms Bobby, we were both crying."

"I went and got you. Told him you needed a father. And that I needed a husband... a lover..."

"He argued all was wrong...we couldn't....but then just as dawn came up I took your grandfather's penis into my mouth...he let me... I sucked him Bobby...then he made love to me... gently... after that he was never able to stop... I didn't let him... soon we didn't want to."

"All those years? And I never figured it out?" I asked even as I thought of the clues they'd given me but which had sailed over my head. I continued to pump my cock inside of mom as we spoke, the image of grandpa making love to mom somehow adding even more excitement to our act.

"We tried to be careful when you got older."


"When your grandpa was dying he asked me to wait for you, he said you'd be next, that you were the only man who could take his place."

"WHAT? Gramps wanted me to sleep with you?"

"He said you had a big cock...that you were the perfect man for me...that you were the only person who could satisfy me...that I needed someone I could love...I've been dreaming of you for months Bobby... lying in this bed waiting...touching myself..."

"Why didn't you say something...we could have been doing this for..." I demanded just as I felt her first orgasmic spasms rhythmically clench and release my cockhead deep inside her.

"Put a baby inside me....put a baby in mommy....yes...yes Bobby," she cried as my creamy seed spurted again into her womb.

We had a late dinner that night. The table was laid with a set of China that has been in mom's family for a hundred years. Our best silver. Crystal stemware that we kept filled with wine throughout.

I wore Dad's old uniform. Mom was dressed in her fanciest dress. I knew that the eyes that watched me so adoringly all dinner were registering two men -- that for that night I was both father and son, both husband and lover.

We took pictures... lots of pictures... repeatedly resetting the timer on our digital camera as we posed arm in arm in front of the crystal laden table. A marine and his new bride!

And then we started to take other pictures. And videos. In the bedroom. Secret records that were for only our eyes.

Sunday, 11:30 a.m. March 16th 2008

Gramdpa's old dress uniform was hanging on the door when I awoke the next morning and found myself alone in bed. Mom arrived two minutes later carrying a fully laden tray. She was naked. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and simmering bacon filled the room.

I could see that she was nervous as she set our breakfasts down on the mattress. Her eyes darted to grandpa's uniform and then back to me. "I thought maybe... you don't have to Bobby... it's just that," she stammered.

"I want to."

"You do?" I could see the relief wash over her eyes.

"I loved grandpa."

"I know you did. Daddy loved you so much," my mother said as she sat next to me on the bed.

We ate breakfast first. In fact it turned out to be a long breakfast. It was made so when mom playfully dipped her finger into the jar of raspberry jam and then proceeded to spread the sticky red goo all over my penis and balls. And then she proceeded to lick me clean. Which prompted my penis to produce a thick cream for her coffee.

I reciprocated with my tongue and some strategically placed honey!

And of course we had to bathe before we could get dressed. Which again took longer than usual. Is there anything better in the world than lying back against the end of a bath tub filled with soapy bubbles and having the woman you love leaning back against you? Of running your hands over her slippery body?

So it was close to two thirty in the afternoon before mom had a chance to help me into my grandfathers dress uniform.

"You look so handsome in your uniform Daddy. I love you so much Daddy," she whispered as she moved into my arms.

"I love you Cindy, my beautiful little Cindy, my lovely daughter," I answered as I pulled her against me. I'd never called her by her first name like that before.

"I've missed you so much daddy," my mother cooed as she pressed her curves into me. We kissed. I felt my grandfather's presence in the room. I knew mom did too.

"Make love to her for me Bobby... for all of us," I suddenly heard in my grandfather's deep voice echoing inside my head.

"Yes grandpa," I whispered back.

"Daddy?" my mother questioned as she looked into my arms.

"I'm here honey... daddy's here," I said as I engulfed my daughter... my wife... my mother ... my lover...the woman who was going to bear my children.

"Jack too?"

"Yes, I'm here too," I answered for my dad...


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by Anonymous

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by calibamma12/17/17

No sharing the mother!

You will never get more than a 1 💫 allowing the mother to be shared with another family member with me. I hate it when the writer allow anyone other than the son to get the pussy...

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by ErotFan12/16/17

Very lyrical

Mom was a highly disturbed and sexually charged woman. This story played it out well. It could use a sequel, tho'.

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by Anonymous11/07/17

Old and New Memories

This was a very melancholy story of former loves and a current love also.
Memories often control lots of our lives and loves.
As humans, I feel that we need continuity in our lives and that we look tomore...

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by Anonymous07/13/17

Well written story

I like your writing style and quality. While I am aroused by mother son incest stories, not so much with this one. It's the taboo aspect that arouses me, I guess. Your story was the opposite of a taboomore...

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