tagIncest/TabooIncest Island Ch. 1

Incest Island Ch. 1



[The continuing adventures of Sherri, Don, their son Robbie, and their incestuous island family]

In our previous story, "Mom's Special Wedding" we met Sherri, a beautiful new bride and the mother of her teenage, Marine Corps son, Robbie, and Don, her handsome, wealthy and admittedly bi new husband. Following a very "orgasmic" wedding during which Sherri seduces her handsome and willing son in the Bride's dressing room, Don is plowing "virgin anal territory" with an equally receptive Darla… Sherri's closest friend, bi-sexual lover, and bridesmaid.

As soon as the wedding was over, Sherri told Robbie that she and Don wanted him to accompany them on their honeymoon and that she had always wanted to fuck two men at the same time. And who better than the two men she loved the most in the world?

Well, how's a young, horney, gung-ho Marine supposed to turn down an invitation like THAT? Ain't gonna happen! Of course, he IS a little bit apprehensive when Don and his sexy mother make it very clear that they BOTH want to get it on with him. Robbie admits to a bit of "bi action" in his young life and although he has never actually fucked another guy - never mind, BEING butt-fucked - well, like they say, "In for penny, in for a pound." Right?

So, when this incestuous triad of bi lovers arrived on Don's family owned island and moved into the ancestral "cottage" that rivaled some of the Newport mansions, the ensuing "Wedding Night" was one never to be forgotten… By ANY of them.

During the trip to the island, Don had confided to Sherri and Rob that his family, too, had a long and proud incestuous history. And so, we continue the saga of Don, Sherri, Rob and their family and friends on "Incest Island" –enjoy-

* * * * *

Sherri was languishing in the early morning sun that was streaming through the huge windows overlooking a garden in full bloom perched above a sandy beach and the brilliant, sun sparkled sea. Pleasantly entangled with the cum-covered and sweaty bodies of her 19 year old son and her husband of a single day and night, she let her mind wander back over the previous day's "activities". She had to giggle as she imagined Darla being ass fucked by her new husband while she, Sherri, was fucking her own son for the first time… And right there in the church too!

Thinking about Darla, Sherri's mind slipped back to the first time she had met the gorgeous, young and oh-so-sexual black woman. She had been driving home after closing her shop for the night when, suddenly her headlights picked up a couple of cars beside the road and 3 or 4 people standing behind them. As soon as she realized that there were a couple of white guys giving a lone black girl a very hard time, Sherri slammed on the brakes and skidded to a halt just a few feet from the two jerks.

"Hi boys," she purred as she stepped out of the car. "Out for a little fun tonight, are we?"

"You got that right, bitch," snarled the larger (and uglier) of the two goons. "You wanta join the party? Always room for one more, I always say. Especially a "looker" like you. I kinda like the idea of eatin' some white pussy… Right after I get done fucking this here black bitch."

"Yeah," panted the little creep. (Sherrie had already christened them in her mind as "Billy Bob" and "Billy Boob"). "We're both gonna fuck both of you… And make you suck our dicks too. Whata think of that, bitch?"

"Not much, really," replied Sherrie calmly (not that she was FEELING all that calm, of course). "But if either of you think you're man enough to take ME on instead of that defenseless girl there, then let's stop screwing around and get on with it. I really don't have all night for this – and I AM horney."

Well, "Billy Bob" had wasted no time in taking Sherrie up on her obvious, (to him), invitation and painfully grabbed and twisted Sherri's breast with his fat, calloused and hair covered hand. But THAT was as close as he ever got to anything even remotely pleasurable at the hands of this, now fully enraged, young woman.

Grabbing his filthy paw in a judo grip, Sherri quickly forced the fat slob to his knees, carefully keeping his ugly body between her and the gape-mouthed fool that just stood there, dumbfounded, watching his buddy getting the shit kicked out of him by a stupid broad.

"Billy Bob's" rising scream of pain ended abruptly in a chocked gurgle as Sherri's boot toe slammed hard and squarely home into his groin. As he rolled onto his side in agony, Sherri spun quickly on her other foot and planted the same boot that had just emasculated fatso, dead-on into "Billy Boob's" adams apple. She hadn't killed him maybe, but like "Billy Bob", this asshole was gonna wish he was dead, when and IF, he woke up.

"Come on!", Sherri yelled at the girl. "Get in the car before these goon's start to breath again. Let's get the hell out of here!"

"But, what about my car? And my books and stuff?" questioned the obviously terrified, (and not just a little pissed off), young girl.

"Fuck the car and the other stuff. We'll come back for them later… After we've called the cops to roust those bastards."

"You're right… Fuck it! Let's go"… And as she headed for the passenger's side of Sherri's Camaro, she "casually" ground her heal, first into "Billy Boob's" testicles, then, just as casually, smeared "Billy Bob's" bulbous nose all over his acne pitted face. Settling into the soft leather seat of the car she was pleased to note that neither of the two shitheads were able to utter even a whimper.

"Where too?" Sherri asked; the Camaro's tires leaving a smoking trail of smoke and rubber as she accelerated onto the highway.

"I'm not sure," replied the girl. "There's a convenience story about a mile up the road. You could drop me there and I can call my brother to come pick me up. But I hate to do that! He's going to raise holy hell with me for running out of gas on my way home from school and getting myself in that situation back there. He'll KILL me… I just know he will!"

"Well, don't worry about it," said Sherri. "We're not going to 'drop you off' anywhere! After a scare like that we need to get you home where you're safe".

I'm 'Sherri', by the way. 'Sherri Bankstan'. I run that little dress shop back in town and I'm pleased to meet you," said Sherri, holding her hand out to the beautiful, young black girl, (woman, really… She must be at least 18 or 19 thought Sherri).

"I'm please to meet you too," replied the girl. "And grateful, too, to say the least. God! You were magnificent! Zena ain't got nothin' on YOU lady. Man did you blow those honkies away. I don't mind telling you, I was scarred shitless! When I saw those scumbags climb out of that truck and realized there was no way I could get away from them, I just knew I was in deep doodoo". Then you come screeching in like Wonder Woman and annihilate those cocksuckers with two swift kicks to the balls… Well, actually, I kicked the skinny guy's nuts, but you 'bout took his head off! Where'd you learn to fight like that?"

"Oh, I'm sorry… My name's Darla… Darla Pinkney. I'm a sophomore at the college and I was on my way home from school and just flat forgot to get gas. Chet's just gonna have a fit! He's a senior and he's always accusing me of being a 'mental lightweight' when it comes to the car. And he say's I 'babble' a lot too." She smiled shyly as she realized that she was still holding Sherri's offered hand in both of her own.

Sherri gave the girl's hand a quick squeeze and returned her attention to the road ahead. "Where would you like me to take you?" she asked. "Do you live near here?"

"Yeah… Chet and I share an apartment not too far from school. You can grab a left at the light and it's two blocks down on the right. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I just remembered that Chet didn't have any classes tonight and he was going out with some of his buddies. So he wouldn't have been home to come get me anyway. That would have been a long walk even if those creeps hadn't shown up when they did."

"Why don't you come up for a minute?" asked Darla, as Sherri parked the car in front of the apartment complex. "I can fix us a drink or something. It's the least I can do to show my appreciation and I don't know about you, but I certainly need a big strong one! – 'drink' that is," she laughed.

"Sure! Why not?" replied Sherri. "I was just going to go home, take a hot bath and curl up with a good book anyway."

"Well, I can't offer you a hot bath but a shower would sure be nice," sighed Darla as she swung her long, shapely legs out of the car. I don't suppose YOU need one though… You hardly worked up a sweat putting those guy's lights out. Where'd you learn to fight like that, anyway?" she asked again.

"Oh, I grew up in a military family and both my brother and my father made damn sure I knew how to take care of myself. They kept after me until I earned a Black Belt in several of the martial arts. God! I miss them. Dad died when I was a teenager and Jerry's plane crashed during an air show a few years later," said Sherri, as she accepted the tall, icy drink Darla handed her and settled into a corner of the big couch. Christ! I don't know why I'm telling you all this. I'm not usually so verbose with someone I've just met, but you are a very easy person to talk to."

"Yeah, everyone tells me that," giggled Darla. "I guess it's 'cause I like to talk so much. Hey! Should we call the cops and tell 'em where to pick up those two bozos…May they rot in hell?"

"Nah, let 'em go." If they're dead, we'll know about it soon enough, and if not, I don't think they're going to be trying anything like that again for awhile. I doubt they're even going to be able to walk for a few days, never mind trying to assault another pretty girl like you."

Sherri was suddenly aware that Darla was, indeed, a beautiful young woman with high, perky breasts that just seemed to invite her lingering gaze. "My God!" she thought. "What's come over me? I just rescued this gorgeous bit of femininity from an almost certain rape and now I'm having lustful thoughts about her myself… Shame on me! I hope she can't read my lascivious mind. She'll boot me out of here on my butt… Or run screaming for the cops after all."

Sherri certainly didn't consider herself to be a lesbian by any means… Or even bi-sexual, for that matter. But she had to admit that she did enjoy looking at other women's bodies and had often masturbated while fantasizing about making love with another woman. But she'd never had the opportunity to experience the reality of it and would have died of embarrassment if this extremely attractive girl even suspected her lustful thoughts.

But strangely enough, Darla WAS reading her mind… Or, at least, she was picking up the sexual "vibes" that Sherri was struggling with at the moment. "Oh, my!" Darla thought. "Maybe it's just the adrenalin from the attack, but I'm getting horney as hell… I wonder? But no, she's probably straight as hell and would run like a deer if she knew I was sexually attracted to her."

Darla, unlike Sherri, was decidedly and unashamedly, bi-sexual and enjoyed making love with a woman with almost the same intensity as she did with a guy (well, almost...especially with her brother, Chet)! "But, I'd better not let THAT slip out," she thought. "That'd really blow her mind… A 'sapho', incestuous SLUT, is what she'd think. And she'd probably regret saving my black ass (or pussy, as the case may be) from the 'fate worse than death'".

"God! I'm so fucking melodramatic," she thought. "Must be all those acting classes I'm taking. I'm sure she hasn't a clue that I'd love to suck those big, beautiful tits and eat out her honey dripping pussy. On the other hand, 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained'! Right? Besides, I do owe her my life… And she DOES turn me on!"

"Sherri, I hope you won't be offended," she offered, "But I need something a bit more relaxing than this drink. Would you care to share a 'doobie' with me?"

"A doobie?… What's that? Sounds interesting," Sherri replied.

"You know, grass, weed, dope… A joint by any other name," smiled Darla, as she reached for the dope box to light one.

"Oh, I wouldn't be offended in the least. It's been quite awhile since I got high… I've almost forgotten how it makes me feel," sighed Sherri.

"Well, we'll just have to 'refresh' those memories, then – won't we?" Darla said, as she inhaled deeply from the joint and passed it to Sherrie.

"Do you like to 'shotgun' it?, asked Darla, with a totally innocent grin on her face. "I usually do it with guys, but girls sure can get off on it too."

"I don't know," admitted Sherri. "Why don't you demonstrate?"

"Of course, My Lady"… "Anything my 'Shining Knight' desires." Darla took a deep toke on the joint, held the sweet smoke for a couple of seconds, then leaned over to Sherri and pressed her luscious lips to Sherri's and let her probing tongue open a path deeply into Sherri's warm and reciprocating mouth. Then she began to slowly exhale the intoxicating smoke into Sherri's mouth and down into her lungs.

"Ooeee! That IS nice," sighed Sherri, coming up for air. "That's a whole different trip isn't it?"

"Yeah," grinned Darla. "Makes ME horney as hell… And Chet's not here to help take me care of that little problem.

"What?, exclaimed Sherri. "You mean you fuck your own brother?"

"Only when I can," said Darla, still with that 'shit eatn' grin on her beautiful, sensuous and still tingling lips. "Wait 'til you meet him! You'll want to fuck him too. He's a stone cold fox… Even if he IS my big brother. Does that bother you?" she asked.

"Oh, it 'bothers' me alright! But not in the way you might think. I told you earlier about my Dad and my brother Jerry. What I didn't tell you was that they were both even more generous in their teaching me the sexual pleasures of life than in teaching me self defense. They were both my lovers from the time Jerry and I were just kids. It started first with Jerry and I just exploring each others bodies and playing around with each other. But it didn't take long before we were fucking each other silly every chance we got. And we made damn sure we had PLENTY of opportunities," she laughed.

"Of course Dad knew what was going on between us, but he never said anything or in any way objected or interfered. Mom had split for 'parts unknown' some years earlier and Dad had raised us kids with nothing but love and absolute devotion to our care and well being. We could not have asked for a better parent in any way. He WAS very conscientious in our sex education and training, even very early on. We knew all about child birth and contraception almost from the time we learned our ABC's. Dad was sexually, very liberal. He always taught us to approach everything with the attitude of: 'Hey, if it feels good and causes no one any harm, then why not go for it… You'll never know how much you might like anything if you don't at least try it once it's offered to you. Jerry and I certainly took his advice to heart."

"Yeah," breathed Darla excitedly. "But what about your Dad. You said HE was your lover too, didn't you? Tell me about the first time you fucked your father. I want all the 'juicy' details, Hear? My pussy's starting to drip just thinking about it. I DO love fucking older men." She laughed.

Darla, after a couple more "shotguns" between her and the older woman, had slid down on the couch so that she was reclining with her head on Sherri's warm and inviting lap. Sherri's short skirt had ridden higher on her beautiful, golden tanned thighs and Darla could smell the sweet musky scent wafting through the sheer fabric of her silk panties and she breathed deeply of the intoxicating deliciousness of it.

"Come on now!" objected Sherrie. "He was NOT an 'older man'… He died quite young as a matter of fact. Besides, I think you'd fuck just about anything decent, wouldn't you, you horney little bitch you?" She said this with a grin and a pinch to Darla's now exposed belly. Her halter top had performed the same feat that Sherri's skirt had and had now worked it's way up until the lower half of her lovely black breasts were exposed. And the most comfortable position for one of Sherri's hands was to rest it on that soft, inviting expanse of flesh. The fingers of her other hand began to gently trace the outlines of Darla's face and over those luscious, full lips.

"My God, I'm really getting turned on to this girl. I've NEVER felt like this before. It must be the dope… That's some wicked shit she's got there. And she certainly seems to be attracted to me too… I don't think it's an 'accident' that she keeps pressing her head tighter against my crotch… And I don't believe her top climbed that high all by itself, either," she giggled to herself.

"So, you want to hear about the first time I fucked my father, huh? Okay, lets see where to begin…:

"As I said, Dad was very liberal about most everything or anything that had to do with sex and relationships. We were very casual about nudity around the house and rarely did any of us wear much of anything when there weren't others around. But Dad never did anything explicitly sexual with us kids for the longest time. Oh, he'd touch us gently and fondle our genitals sometimes when we'd cuddle in his lap, but that was about all. So, we grew up without any shame or embarrassment regarding sex. We were taught that it was okay to be a responsible sexual human being and that it was a very pleasurable and enjoyable activity. Or should be, at any rate."

"You mean he played with Jerry too?" I love to see two guys getting it on together," giggled Darla. "Especially when I'm right in the thick of things, so to speak."

"Are you going to let me tell this story, or are you just gonna chatter all night?" And Darla got another pinch to her belly… This one a bit more intense than the previous one. When she squirmed as if the pinch had hurt, Sherri began to rub the spot gently and gradually worked her hands up the girl's lithe, young body and began to stroke the now fully exposed ebony melons.

"Well, anyway, Jerry and I kept wondering if Dad was ever going to approach either or both of us sexually. We talked about it a lot, since we were both turned on by the thought of fucking our own father. We loved our Dad, as you can tell, and we were sexually attracted to him as well. Of course, we knew, intellectually anyway, that having sex with your father or mother was incest and very much against the law. But shoot! We'd been 'committing incest' for years and could not, for the life of us, see ANYTHING wrong with it. But we also understood that Dad's 'liberalism' might not extend as far as fucking his own daughter and son … So, we decided we were going to have to seduce HIM and set about making a plan to accomplish just that."

"Jerry's eighteenth birthday was coming up in a few days and Dad had already promised him that we would make it a very special birthday. (WE decided it was going to be more 'special' than he could imagine.) He had made reservations at one of the finest restaurants in town and as we left the house to go to dinner, Dad casually said to Jerry, 'Why don't we take your car?' and handed him the keys to a brand new Mustang hidden in the garage. I think Jerry was as excited about the new car as he was about our plans for concluding the evening…"

"When we got back to the house after a wonderful and laugh filled dinner, Dad had another surprise for us. 'I think you kids are old enough to share a glass of champaign with your old man. Why don't you guys get ready for bed and we'll have the wine in front of the fire in the den?'"

"Jerry and I discussed the situation as we went up to change. 'I think HE'S got 'seduction' planes of his own," whispered Jerry.

"I think you're right," I answered. "And I don't know about you, but I'm damn sure going to take advantage of it if I can!"

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