tagIncest/TabooIncest with My 55 Year Old Mother Ch. 03

Incest with My 55 Year Old Mother Ch. 03


Sister Proves Mom Was Awake

Ok, I agreed with some comments. I have made some changes. Mom is only 55 and looks younger, Son is 35 and looks his age. Sister is 30.

This was my first attempt at writing this. I hope you will think this one is better. I am finishing up the ride back home.


It seemed like my mom and I had been visiting my sister forever. We had only been there for five days. In two more days, mom and I would start out trip back home. I couldn't wait.

All the while being here at my sister's house I keep thinking about when I fucked my mother on the way down. I started out just wanting to see what her tits looked like, but that wasn't enough. It's a good thing my mom is a sound sleeper.

My mom is fifty five years old. She doesn't look a day over forty five. A good looking forty five.

All the time visiting my sister, all I could do was replay in my mind fucking mom. She was the best piece of ass I have ever had. A few times while down here I wanted to sneak in her room while she was sleep and fuck her again. I didn't want to push my luck.

She was every tired when we stayed in the hotel from the drive. I figured because of being that tired, that's why she never woke up. It might not be the same here. I can't wait until we stop at a hotel again. I'll make sure we get a room with only one bed again.

I'd like to get a blow job. I checked the net The research showed if a guy just put his dick in their mouth, they would start sucking on it and never wake up as long as he didn't try to ram it in her. This was good news.

While down here mom hasn't acted any different toward me. She doesn't realize she got fucked by her son.

One night after her shower she put on the same nightgown she wore in the hotel room. I kept picturing in my head, me unbuttoning her gown then looking at her naked body.

As I was thinking about her gown, mom stood in front of me and asked if all of the buttons were buttoned right. It was strange her asking me that. I looked at the front of her gown and told her it was.

She then said to me, "I like this gown because it is so easy to unbutton it. The top two buttons were undone. As mom told me this she unbuttoned third button, to show me how easy it was. I felt my dick start to get hard.

Mom said good night to me and my sister Kay and went to bed.

After she left the room my sister asked," What was that all about"?

I must have got a surprise look on my face, because when she looked at me she said,

"What aren't you telling me, Billy?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Don't give me that, I know when something is up."

I never could lie to my sister. All the time we grew up together, I never got away with lying to her. I wondered to myself what she would do if I told her I fucked our mother.

We have always told each other everything. We'd always been close.

"Come on Billy, tell me. By the look on your face, this information is going to be good..

"I can't tell you sis, really. If I told you I really don't know how you would act."

She smiled, " Then there is nothing I don't know. Come on. Spit it out. Don't worry, no matter what it is, I won't think bad of you."

" OK, you better get ready for this one.' Her eyes got real wide. She wasn't even blinking. Five days ago, I fucked our mother." Her jaw dropped opened.

" You're kidding? I don't believe you. If you had fucked mom, she would have told me by now."

She can't tell you because she was asleep the whole time I fucked her." She doesn't know my dick was ever in her."

" She would have to know. No woman can sleep though someone fucking them. They would wake up."

" Not if the guy was careful, and I was very careful."

"What did you do?"

I told my sister how it all started by just wanting to see mom's tits. I told her it all started when I unbuttoned her gown.

" No way." She said. "Wait a minute." Sis got up and left the room.

About five minute, I heard my sister call out my name from her bedroom.

"Billy, would you come in here a second?'

I got up out of the chair and walked down the hallway toward her bedroom. The door was closed so I knocked on it.

"Come in," I heard Kay say.

I opened the door and started to walk in. I noticed she had the bedroom light turned down low, just like I told her about the light in the hotel room.

I looked to my right. My sister was lying on one side of the bed. She had changed clothes and now was wearing a short nightgown that buttoned up the front. I noticed right away the two top buttons were undone just like moms in the hotel room.

"What are you doing?, I asked her.

"There is no way mom could have been asleep while you undone her gown and fucked her. I am going to prove it."

"What do you mean?

"I want you to do to me what you did to mom. I want you to do it in the same order. I don't want you to leave nothing out. Its how I can prove mom wasn't asleep."

"It isn't the same me showing you what I did."

" I don't want you to show it to me, I want you to do it to me."

"Everything?" I asked.

"Everything, even the way you were dressed. Think about this Billy. If mom was awake pretending she was asleep she let you fuck her. Her own son. I have to know. Maybe she did sleep though it. The only way to know for sure is for you to do to me everything you did you her, I mean everything."

"Think about what you're saying sis. I fucked our mom. To prove if she was asleep or not I would have to fuck you also.

"I don't have a problem with that," Kay answered. "It fact it's the only way to prove it. Look at it this way, all you are going to be doing is fucking a younger mom. Me and mom have the same build. The only different is I'm twenty five years younger." Sis rose up on her bed. Don't you like what you see.

I did. Sis was small like mom. She weighed the same as mom. She had the same build.

The more I though about it the more sense it made. If mom had pretended to be asleep, it would be that much easier to fuck her again on the return trip.

"OK, I got to know"

I left my sisters bedroom. I went in the room I was using. I found the same underwear and put them on.

When I opened my sister's bedroom door, I saw she was lying on her back in her bed.

I took the cover off sis and just pulled up the sheet. I crawled in her bed and lay down next to her.

"Ok, sis this is how it happened. Mom was lying on the bed just like you are. I reached over..."

"Wait, stop. Don't tell me what you did. Do exactly to me what you did to our mother. If I think what you are doing would wake her up, I'll stop you. Then we will know she was faking.

I understood now "Sis, You don't think it can happen so you're sure we won't get to the fucking stage of this test.? Right?'

"Right, she answered, "I know I'm safe, because I know you will have to do something to me that would have waked mom up."

"Then the test is over, right," I said with disappointment in my voice.

"Right, by you knowing this, I know you will be real careful just like you were with mom, so you can try to fuck me. Sorry Bro. Makes it real, doesn't it?

"Yea" I answered thinking the minute I try to touch her tit, the test in over.

"Are you ready," I asked Kay.

"Ready" she answered. I watched her close her eyes.

I looked over at my sister. I turned my body side ways. Slowly and very gently I unbuttoned the first button. She didn't move. I reach down and undid another button. Still nothing. When I unbuttoned the third button, I had my sister's gown unbuttoned to just right above her belly button. So far so good. I realized if I can pull this off, I am going to get to at least see my sister's tits.

I slowly raised her gown up until I could see her left tit. It looked like moms, but was shape more perfect. I folded the top over. I reached over and folded over the other side of her gown. I raised my head. I could see both of my sister's tits. My God she had perfect tits. They were perfect. A younger version of moms.

The moment of truth. It was time to touch my sister's tit. Well I thought to myself, at least I will get a quick feel of her tit. I raised my hand over her tit and very slowly cup her whole tit. I waited . Nothing. I started fondling her tit. This was great. My sister was still pretending to be asleep.

After about two minutes I told sis that was when mom rolled over on her side. Sis without saying a word rolled over on her side. I rose up on the sheet. I pulled it off sis. I looked at her. Her gown was lower that moms had been. So I told her how mom's gown was. Without saying anything again she raised her gown up to her hip. I could just see the bottom part of her panties. They were white and shinny, just like moms. I ran my hand up and down my sister's bare leg. She didn't move.

I took a hold of her gown and raised it above her hips. Like mom, I could now see her entire panties covered ass. My sister had a great ass. My ran my hand from her leg up to her ass. My hand was now resting on my sister's ass over her panties.

I knew my next move would probable end this test. I moved my hand slowly up her ass until my finger tips was at the top of her panties. Slowly I slid my finger under her underwear. My hand was now resting on my sister's bare ass. Like mom's ass my fingers felt the crack of her ass. My little finger bushed against her ass hole. I move my hand lower until I could feel my little finger on her pussy lips. Her panties stopped me from going further. I pulled my hand out.

I took a hold of my sister's panties and started pulling them down. I only got one side down. The other side was trapped under her ass. My plan worked before, so I did the same thing. I put my other hand under Kay's ass and waited. Just like mom she raised her ass enough for me to pull her panties down below her ass. I carefully removed her panties. Still Kay has showed me no reaction. Maybe she has fallen asleep .

I took off my underwear and positioned myself right at my sister's ass. I figure this is going to be when she jumps out of bed.

I slowly moved the head of my dick at Kay's entrance. The head of my dick touch her pussy lips. No reaction, I was surprised. I'm beginning to think mom was asleep. I pushed the head in a little. It went in easily. I stopped. Unlike mom, my sister's pussy was already wet. I pushed in further. About half of my dick was in her. She was even tighter that mom. I felt my sister move her ass toward me. It made my dick go deeper into her. Unlike mom I could feel her moving her ass to get my dick deeper in her. I didn't care. I was going to fuck my baby sister. I pushed in her more. I heard Kay moan. I bottomed out on sis. I couldn't" get my dick in as deep as I had it in mom. I still had maybe around three inches to go. I could feel the head of my dick hitting the back wall of her pussy. I pulled out, and then pushed my dick back in her. Unlike mom every time I thrusted into her, she pushed her ass up to meet me. I was fucking my sister and she was fucking me back. I started pounding her as hard as I could. I could feel her pushing against me every time I pounded into her. She was meeting every thrust into her. I started pulling out of her. She broke her silence and said," What are you doing?"

I told her this was the time I laid mom on her back, opened up her gown the rest of the way, ate her out, then fucked the shit out of her.

Kay quickly sat up and reached down and started unbuttoning her gown. "What are you doing? That's not how it happened."

"Kay looked up at me. "Fuck the test. I want you to stick your cock back in me and fuck the shit out of me. She looked down." I can't believe how it is. It's the biggest cock I have ever seen. I want all of it in me. My husband's dick is not even half the size of yours. I didn't know what I was missing until you stuck it in me.

Sis finished unbuttoning her gown and took it off. She reached down and pulled her panties off, then threw them on the floor. I looked at her pussy. It was shaved just like mom's was. I reached over and cupped her pussy in my hand.

My sister laid back on the bed. "Fuck the fondling Billy; I want that cock in me now. All of it, I don't care how you do it but I better see all of it buried in my cunt." She spread her legs wide and raised her knees. She was ready. I moved between her legs and guided the head of my dick in her. I pushed in. I watch my dick sink deeper into my sister. I looked up and sis was staring wide eye at my dick.

"More, she said, more. I want more of it in me." I looked and saw I have about three or four inches left to go. I pushed in hard. My sister started shaking. I watched her as she had her orgasm. While she was having her orgasm, I felt her pussy walls open up even more. I pushed in harder. Two more inches went in her. I felt my dick hit the back wall of her cunt. "I can't get any more of it in, "I told her.

Oh, God, she kept saying over and over again. Fuck if you can't. I want all of it. Fuck me brother; fuck me as hard as you want to. Drive it in hard and force the rest of it in me! I pulled out almost all the way, and then slammed my dick back into her; she started to scream from another orgasm. She gripped a pillow and put it in front of her face. I started pushing in and out of her as fast and as hard as I could. Each time I sank into her I felt my dick keep going deeper. I was pumping her cunt hard. As hard as I could. She was still screaming, but she kept the pillow over her mouth so she wouldn't wake up mom. I looked down as I plump back into her. I saw my dick sink all the way in her.

"It's all in I told her. She pulled the pillow away from her face and looked at my dick.

"Fuck, don't talk, fuck me. Fuck me harder. Throw that cock of yours against the back of my cunt. I can feel you hitting the back of my cunt. Pound it brother, fuck the shit out of me. Fuck my brains out like you fucked mom's brains out..

I used all of my muscles fucking my sister. I have never drove so hard in a woman pussy. My sister was fucking me back as hard as she could. She really wanted all of me cock in her. More important I wasn't afraid of hurting her. I drove in her over and over again.

I felt my orgasm start. I shot load after load of cum in her. She gabbed me ass on both sides and pulled me deeper into her. I was pounding her so hard I thought I would drive my dick all the way though her. I didn't think I had that much cum in me after all the cum I shot in my mom.

After empting my load I pulled out and lay down next to her. She was still trying to catch her breath.

Oh my God Billy, I didn't know what it was like to get fucked until now. I'm never going to be the same. You're even bigger than my fake dick I use when my husband is on a trip.

"Are you sure you were able to get your whole cock in mom?" You're much bigger than most men.

"Yea, she took it all, and it didn't even wake her up."

She turned her head and said. Even if you fucked mom half as hard as you just fucked me, there is no way she could sleep though it. No woman could sleep with your cock in them. I never in my life have had more than one orgasm at a time, I don't even know how many I had when you were fucking me.

Kay rolled over toward me. "God, Billy why you didn't tell me this the first day you came here.?"


"We could have been fucking all of this time. Now I only have two more days for you to fuck me." "Are you really going to fuck mom again when you drive her back home."

"Yea, if she lets me."

"Don't worry about that, mom is going to fuck you alright; .There is no way she would want to miss out on that cock of yours. That is if she knows you fucked her. I don't know how any woman could have you fuck them without screaming or moaning out of her head. She would have to have a lot of control. But think about this Billy. Either way, on your drive back, you get to fuck her. If she was asleep, she'd be asleep again when you do her. If she pretends to sleep, that means she wants you to fuck her again, so you see you get to fuck her no matter what.

Sis looked down at my dick. She reached out a got a hold of it. "Look,: she said I can barely get my fingers around it. Looks like I have to get it ready for another fuck. She lowered head head and started sucking on my dick. She was right, it didn't take long.

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Much more realistic to match the correct age to the mom. Lucky sister.

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