It's a dark and stormy night that promises Laura a chance to unwind after a long week with her flatmates at a club. Laura's a typical mid-twenties UK girl. Good job, a circle of close girlfriends/flatmates and her whole life ahead of her. She is very attractive, tall and statuesque brunette with a flashing smile. Men of all ages cast their eyes on her in appreciation. Her hopes include a husband, kids and a career. She has an active and imaginative sexlife but is not considered by any who know her to be promiscuous or slutty.

There are always other friends and regulars in the club so Laura circulates freely about the place, chatting and dancing. One of her favourite songs plays and so Laura takes to the floor. She has admirers in the club who steal glances as she moves to the music. One does more than steal a glance and watches her intently.

The incubus Lugalbanda watches Laura dance. She is the one! For better or worse the world is about to change. Two sons attained greatness but their lust for women or a woman ultimately led to their end. Gilgamesh's "lord's right" law, oppression and excesses caused his people to beseech the gods for help. When he spurned Ishtar his fate was sealed. Lilin cannot fight gods! And their cambion offspring should know better! Merlin gave all his power to a woman he lusted for. And a darkness descended on the world as the realm that he had engineered fell.

Lust! An emotion Lugalbanda was all too familiar with. Perhaps it was because they were male offspring? A female offspring might be able to balance lust and great power. Yes, a daughter could do it, thinks Lugalbanda. He watches Laura dance. She reminds him of Gilgamesh's mother, Ninsun.

Laura has had a couple of drinks so when she catches the eye of a tall man, in a black wool hat and long pea coat, watching her she gives him a small smile. He laughs and raises his glass to her. Feeling safe in the company of her friends and familiar place, Laura approaches the man.

"Hi, nice coat. My name's Laura. What's yours?" she asks over the club music.

"Thank you! Pleasure to meet you, Laura. My name? My name is Legion." the tall man replies and smiles, "but you may call me Lugal."

"Lugal, that's an interesting name," Laura asks, "Where does it come from?"

"It is an old name in my land from the earliest memories of man and ancient Sumer," the incubus answers.

"Cool, I would love to hear more," Laura says.

"And you will. But not here and now," Lugalbanda tells her. He drains his pint and puts the empty glass on the bar.

Realizing this most interesting man is about to leave, Laura keeps up the conversation. "Where and when then?" she asks. Thinking a nice dinner and some good conversation maybe in the offering.

The incubus disappoints her hope for a date. Lugalbanda reaches out and cups Laura's chin. "Between reality and dream when the storm rages," he promises as he looks her in the eye, "We will continue" The incubus demon smiles evilly, his hand moves from Laura's chin tracing her jawline and neck. "Lovely," Lugalbanda says and turns and leaves.

Laura is surprised. She is not sure what she is surprised the most about, that she approached him so openly and, finding him fascinating, wanted to see and know more of him or that he denied her, touched and left her so suddenly. She isn't usually so forward and men don't usually walk away from her either. Looking perplexed Laura returns to her table and friends.

"Who was that?" they want to know.

"I don't know," she replies, "He said his name was Legion and we some other time."

"Gees, Laura! The way you went up to him, we thought you knew him. Then we thought he was going to have a feel right then and there!" her flatmates laugh.

"He was not going to feel me up!" Laura retorts. Sure at the time he would. "Do you think I would let some stranger cop a' feel?" she asks, a bit testily. Not so sure now that she would have stopped him had he tried. Laura finds herself breathing a bit harder and feeling flushed. Stating, "I need a pee," Laura flees to the ladies room.

Locking herself in a stall, she hikes up her dress, pulls down her panties to her ankles and sits down. Laura doesn't have to pee.

She puts her hand between her legs and runs her fingers through her pussy lips. Laura moans lightly. "God, I'm so wet. How did he do that? Was it his touch? We didn't talk much. Why did he leave? Where did he go? I had control of my drink all night. No way anybody slipped me anything. It's like he put a spell on me. What's happening to me?" thinks Laura. Wantonly she masturbates in the club toilet. Slipping her dress and bra straps from her shoulders, Laura exposes her large breasts. Her nipples are hard buttons as she runs her hand over her breasts. Mercifully, Laura comes quickly and heavily. "Lugal", she whispers as she orgasms. She trembles and her toes curl hard. Laura lifts her wet fingers to her mouth and licks them clean as she comes down from her orgasm.

Not sure if she feels any relief from her emotions, Laura puts herself in order. Exiting the stall she brushes her thick hair, redoes her lipstick and gives her bosom an adjust. Looking at herself appreciatively in the mirror, Laura says to her reflection, "Slut, where did you come from?"

The rest of the night is spent mostly on the dance floor. Laura dances with an energy and movements that surprise her friends. After a work week and a night of drinks and dancing her friends are knackered but Laura practically dances in the rain after the club closes.

Laying naked on her bed, Laura googles Lugal on he phone. She is pleasantly surprised to find it is indeed an ancient Sumerian civilization name. At least her stranger wasn't feeding her a cheap pickup line. Lugal means literally "big man" in ancient Sumer. Laura smiles at that note and hopes it's true. Apparently a Lugalbanda was a famous person in ancient times. She bookmarks the pages and places her phone down.

Laura gets up and locks her door, wanting privacy. Reaching in to her nightstand table she pulls out her ladies best friend. Her choice of dildo is quite large and realistic looking. Big man in Sumer, eh? At the moment Laura wants a big man in her. Not even questioning why she is so horny, Laura puts the large cock to use. Much later, she rolls over and falls asleep.

A flash of lightning lights the room. Lugalbanda comes from the shadow created by his storm. Taloned feet and spurred legs with horns and wings the storm demon stands over Laura's bed half filling the room. Reaching out a large clawed hand he pulls away her bedcovers. His erection is as long as half a full grown mans arm with a fist sized gland.

Laura lays on her side curled up, her sex revealed. Lugalbanda leans his muzzled face close and takes in her scent. He takes in her scent through flared nostrils and open mouth. A forked tongue flicks out to lightly brush Laura's pussy lips. She stirs and moans. The demon moves his muzzle up to Laura's face. Leaning close he exhales and growls low. Laura inhales deeply, her eyes begin to move rapidly under her closed lids. She stretches out and rolls on her back.


Laura is only slightly surprised to find her mystery man sitting on the edge of her bed. That she is naked and totally exposed to his view doesn't even cross her mind. She does notice his erection. He is a big man she happily realizes.

"Hi, how are you?" Laura casually asks, "What brings you here?"

Lugalbanda reaches out to trace her and neck. His hand does not stop there but continues down to caress Laura's breasts before moving to between her legs. Laura's legs part slightly to allow him access. His hand softly caresses her pussy and clit.

"I come to make you an offer. An offer to fill your dreams. Success, riches, fame, children, power! To do with as you will. You could be a higher than a queen," Lugal promises. He slips a finger inside Laura as he speaks.

"And I thought you just wanted to fuck me!" Laura wantonly replies as she moves her hips to grind against her lover's hand.


The incubus fucks Laura with a taloned finger. He leans over her, his forked cat rough tongue licks at Laura's breasts and face then it hisses in her ear.


Lugalbanda leans over kisses her breasts and face then whispers in Laura's ear, "I want to do more than fuck you. I want to lift you up. I want to raise you to the level of a demi-goddess! I am Lugalbanda. I am Lilu." His finger and hand fuck and rub her cunt hard. Laura moans and trembles under his touch. As she reaches out to grip her lover's cock, Laura hears one of her flatmates stub her toe on the way to the loo.


Laura snaps awake, momentarily unable to move or breathe as if a weight was on her chest. Outside a crash of thunder and stroke of lightning rattles the walls and casts distorted shadows in her room. Laura sits up with a start.

"No!" she exclaims, reaching out to the dark. She pants and moans. A knock at and rattle of her locked bedroom door brings some clarity to her thoughts.

"Laura, are you ok?" asks her awake roommate through the door.

Laura looks about her in the dark. A weaker lightning stroke lights the room enough for Laura to see she is alone. "Yes, yes. I'm fine. It was a dream," she replies, "It was just a dream and the storm." She searches for the bedcovers in the dark. Finding them on the floor in one pile, she reaches out and grabs the comforter. Scrunching up under the cover, Laura tries to recall the dream. But like many dreams the recall of it eludes her.

Laying there, she recognizes the just fucked feeling. Her hands reaches to her pussy. It is a little sore and soaking wet. All curled up, Laura softly and slowly rubs her wet pussy and clit. She falls in to an exhausted dreamless sleep with her hand between her legs. In the moment of falling asleep, Laura whispers, "Lugal."

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