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Independence Day


The only thing better than a three day weekend, is when the kids have camp, the wife has to work on Monday, and you don't! Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but on occasions like this when I have the house to myself, I get to indulge my craving for golden showers.

I've always loved the feeling of being pissed on, and have had many wet sex relationships in the past. Unfortunately, the woman who stole my heart and coaxed me to the altar wants no part of peeing on me, let alone letting me pee on her. So, like the old cliche goes, 'when the cats away, the mice will play', and that's exactly what I intended to do.

The morning started with an 18-hole round of golf. It was really hot today, and so I drank two 16-oz Gatorades and a 32-oz bottle of water on the course. After golf, I had two beers with lunch, so I was well on my way to a full bladder as I climbed in the car for the ride home.

I planned my golf outfit with the afternoon's activities in mind. I wore a light blue pair of boxer briefs, my khaki shorts, and a white golf shirt, and as I thought about what this outfit was going to look like in a few hours, I could feel my cock getting hard as I drove. When I was about 5 miles from home, I couldn't resist the temptation to get the party started, so I released my muscles and felt my hot urine leak out of my cock and soak into my underwear. I looked down and saw the expanding dark spot on the front of my shorts, and I knew this was going to be great.

When I got home, I opened another beer and went upstairs to get things set up in the master bathroom. By the time I came down, my beer was empty so I grabbed another and sat down at the kitchen table in front of my laptop, and brought up this site.

I started reading the great stories submitted by my fellow contributors, as my hand was stroking myself over the wet spot. As the folks in the first story reached climax, I released another short burst of piss in my shorts, and reveled in the warmth as the stain on my shorts grew larger. I slipped my hand in my shorts to feel my wetness on my cock and balls, and then brought my hand to my nose, smelling the intoxicating aroma, and stealing my first taste off the tips of my fingers.

I opened the next story and read about the antics of a young California couple, sipping my beer, and releasing a little more piss each time I felt the dampness in my crotch cooling. There's something so dirty and nasty about pissing yourself when your fully dressed, and my cock was now throbbing for attention.

I unplugged the laptop from the charger and walked upstairs to the master bathroom, where everything was already set up. There was a small table in front of the toilet to hold the laptop, and a thermal cardboard cup, the kind you'd put coffee or hot chocolate in. It's important to use a cardboard or plastic cup, as these maintain the temperature of the piss longer once it leaves your body. I used a glass the first time I ventured into self-piss, but the glass absorbed the warmth of the piss too quickly, and I didn't find it as enjoyable. Anyhow, back to Monday.

I covered the laptop with a thin plastic membrane, which allowed me to still operate the keys and touchpad, but protects it from any stray squirts of cum or urine. I've also brought up another beer in a pint glass, so once I finish it, I can refill the glass with water, as I'm going to be up here for awhile.

I remove my shorts and sit on the toilet, with my underwear still in place. This allows me a better view of the dark stain as I release my piss, and it's one less layer between my hand and my cock.

I bring up the next story and read, periodically releasing my piss, and feeling it spread over my cock, balls and ass. In addition to the wonderfully warm sensation, and heady aroma, I'm now treated to the extra pleasure of hearing my piss splash in the water below me as is soaks through the back of my underwear.

The story and beer are finished at about the same time, so I take my pint glass to the sink and fill it with warm water. The water is half gone before I finish the first paragraph of the next story. This time is some bored housewife getting pissed on by a group of fraternity guys.

I imagine that I'm one of the frat boys, and I take my dick out of my undershorts and start rubbing it. The brothers lead in one of the pledges, who is dressed in a white shirt and make him lay down on the floor. The housewife comes over and squats over the freshman's chest, and start covering him with her golden nectar, starting at his crotch and moving up to his face, soaking his shirt along the way. I bear down hard and relax my muscles, and a hot stream of piss fires out of my cock and hits my chest. I'm watching my piss soaking into my white golf shirt as I'm reading about the same thing happening to the fraternity pledge.

The woman in the story repositions herself, and directs her stream at the young man's scalp, drenching his hair so her warm piss flows down over his face. I'm peeing in the thermal cup as I'm reading, and when it's almost full, I raise it up, tilting my head back slightly, and start pouring it over my forehead. My piss is still definitely hot, and I feel the velvety liquid run down through my eyes, over my nose and lips, and then drip down my chest and over my cock into the toilet. I'm pouring it very slowly and imagining that I'm the pledge getting treated to the hot piss of the horny housewife. I open my lips and let my piss flow into my mouth, tasting the sharp liquid on my tongue and then swallowing it down to add to the pool of liquid already collected in my belly.

I open my eyes to continue reading the story, and feel the burning sensation of my salty urine as it drips into my eyes. I grab a handful of toilet paper and dry my eyes so I can continue reading. I actually laugh out loud as the next passage in the story describes the exact same problem experienced by the pledge getting pissed on. I look down and enjoy the sight of the large yellow stain on my white golf shirt, as it's soaked with my piss and clinging to my chest and midsection. I pull the material to my face and inhale deeply, savoring the aroma of my own urine.

I'm actually quite comfortable in this position (a good toilet seat is worth every penny!) so I repeat this process of drinking my water, reading these stories, and pouring my piss over my face and into my mouth, soaking myself to the bone with my own urine. All the while stroking my cock, but not allowing myself to cum.

Every now and then, I'll fill the thermal cup and either pour a little directly over my cock, to provide lubrication along with the unbelievable feeling of hot piss flowing over my most sensitive area. Sometimes, I just dip my cock into the cup of piss and swirl it around, like a tea bag, or a little mini jacuzzi for my johnson! I've also treated myself to long direct sips off the cup, drinking my piss like my favorite hot beverage.

By this time, all my five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste are drunk with the pleasures of my piss, and my cock has taken about as much teasing as it can handle. I open the latest story from one of my favorite authors as I know it'll be the perfect piece to take me over the edge.

As I start reading, I release more of my piss straight up in the air, as my hand is working up and down over my cock. The piss falls back down on my cock and fist, providing the warmth and lubrication I need to bring myself to orgasm. I'm stroking myself faster and with a tighter grip, as I'm reading about the office mates fucking each other silly after sharing an impromptu golden shower in the executive washroom.

As the boss lets his load fly up the ass of his secretary in the story, I shoot my load up in the air, and my cum lands on my piss-stained shirt. I keep stroking my cock, and rope after rope of cum is flying up and landing on my chest, stomach and then finally it just dribbles out of my cock and over my hand. One pressure situation has been resolved, but there's a second force building in my loins, which I'm holding back for as long as possible, to build up the pressure I need for the grand finale.

I lean back a little on the throne and point my cock straight up at my face, and bear down hard, then release my stream. The first blast of piping hot piss hits me straight in the forehead, so I move my cock slightly and direct the stream directly into my mouth. I'm now drinking directly from my own cock, and loving every mouthful, swallowing eagerly, before my stream starts to subside, blazing a new yellow trail down my sopping wet shirt.

Spent and totally satisfied, I stay in this position in post-orgasmic bliss, until I start the feel the piss cooling on my body. As much as I love pee play, I can't stand the feeling of cold piss on me, so I get up and start the shower running, so it gets nice and hot by the time I strip off my piss soaked clothes. As I clean myself up in the shower, my mind travels back to my younger days, and to the girl friends that I had who also enjoyed golden showers. I think maybe I should look one of them up the next time I have the house to myself.

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