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Indian Couple Humiliation

bytake the wife©

It was a rainy summer's night as we were driving through an unfamiliar part of Slough that I realised we were hopelessly lost. We are an Indian couple my wife Nirmala is 35 years old, short, dark complexion, slightly plump and like most South Indian women have big round tits and a broad protruding arse. I am Subhash 45 years old, slim with average size cock. We are submissive by nature and have been married for 15 years our sex life becoming dull and routine, what was to happen changed all that.

There was no one about to ask for directions except for a pub in a run down area. I told Nirmala we could ask there and maybe have something to eat as no where was open.

As we entered the smoke filled dingy saloon bar, there were about 10 white men ages ranging from teens to very old. I approached the bar and asked the burley barman for directions. He was curt in his reply and said he didn't serve hot food, so we decided to leave. As we reached the door it was blocked by two of the men, one of whom grabbed my wife around the waist, the other pushing me back towards the counter.

Nirmala was dragged into the middle of the room and forced onto the cigarette strewn wooden floor screaming. An old man held my hand and told me to co operate and they wouldn't hurt her. She was surrounded like a pack of wolves, two holding her arms above her head, others mauling her breasts through her blouse, while others were trying to get her sari off. Her blue blouse and black bra was ripped open exposing her large firm round brown breasts and dark nipples. As they were unfamiliar with the sari, they just pulled it down and off complete with her pink panties. My wife was now completely naked in a room full of lecherous smelly drunken men. She was wriggling and screaming for them to leave her alone but I was powerless to help her.

Two men pulled her chubby legs wide opened exposing her pink pussy lips. The barman was quickly naked he was about 60, hairy with tattoo arms and a short but thick cock. He positioned himself on top of my wife penetrating her in one fast stroke.

"Please," I yelled "don't come inside her she's not on the pill." But that only seems to encourage him as he grinned at me, grabbed her arse and pounded her harder. The other men were undressing and urging him on, making obscene comments. I watched his fat white arse clinched together as he ejaculated into my wife's belly.

Nirmala was given no time to recover as she was rolled over onto her front, her big wide backside on display. A young teenager was pushed forward to have a go next. He fell on her smooth buttocks his young cock finding her freshly spunked cunt. He didn't last long and came inside her after only half a dozen strokes.

I was rubbing my crotch at the sight of my wife been taken by such a young boy. "Look," said one the men "the bastard is enjoying his wife getting fucked." I was ordered to strip my erect cock springing into view, Nirmala looked at me in disgust.

She was allowed to rest and forced to drink some whisky. She isn't use to alcoholic drink and was soon feeling the effects. She was sandwiched between two fat balding men at the bar, one lifted one of her legs, and inserting the tip of his pink cock at the entrance of her pussy lips, while the other did the same from the back. They then both pushed in together fully penetrating her as she gasped at the new sensation. The man behind her squeezing her titties. She started to respond, moaning and grabbing the arse cheeks of the front man. She looked at me and shouted "look at me husband, look at these white bastards fucking your wife bare cock, they are making me into a paki slut filling me up with their spunk, and they might even get me pregnant, do you like it Subhash?" She kissed her to the applause of the others. They fucked her in unison ejaculating inside her, and as they withdrew you could see the sperm running down her thighs.

She was made to sit on the lap of another youngster and watch. Two gay pensioners took hold of me, the first kneeling in front squeezing my balls, and sucking my black cock. He didn't have many teeth and the sensation of his gums on my cock was nice. At the same time I felt the skin to skin contact of an erect penis between my buttocks as the owner nibbled the back of my neck and earlobes. I never had a homosexual encounter before, and I was not disgusted by it.

I was then forced me to kneel and suck the first old man's wrinkly cock. While my bottom was raised high, anus exposed lubricated ready for violation. I waited in anticipation as I felt the tip of a cock nuzzle against my bottom, then a piercing pain as I was penetrated. I looked over at Nirmala as the youngster had inserted his cock inside her, mauling her breasts and kissing her neck. She seemed aroused by the fact I was being fucked, bouncing her bottom on the young cock. The man pumping my mouth held my head tightly against his crotch and groaned as I felt his hot salty sperm shooting into my mouth, forcing me to swallow. The other slapping my bum till it stung, he reached round pulling my cock . He fucked me with long slow strokes, and holding me around the waist spunked inside me as the others jeered calling me a queer fucking Paki. I watched the boy stiffened pulling hard on Nirmala's breast as he shot his load.

What followed to completely dominate and humiliate us. We were dragged into the adjacent toilets, it stank of piss and excrement . They made her lay on the wet tiled floor.

Three of them started fondling her, pulling her teats, and fingering her sloppy cunt. One man sat his big buttocks on Nirmala's face, the second sat on her belly his cock between her titties and a third on her thighs easing his huge white knobbly veined cock inside her. It later turned out they were three generations of grandfather, father and son. The father grinding his anus over her mouth and nose, then sliding forward and holding his cock rubbed the slimy tip over her eyes and cheeks before forcing it pass her thick lips to fuck her mouth. The son held her tits together between his sliding penis as he tittie fucked them. The grandfather grunting as he rocked backwards and forwards in her cunt. The insults and lewd comments never stop from those standing around. "Look Paki, look at your fat whore wife taking white cock and enjoying it," one man shouted at me.

They ravaged my wife for a long while, the three of them coming almost at the same time. The father spunking over her face and hair, the son over her breasts and grandfather inside her, she was covered in spunk. They got off her and as she laid there they all stood over her and pissed over body and face, some of them spitting on her face calling her a dirty fucking Paki bitch.

I was ordered to fuck my wife on the stinking floor in front of the jeering mob, as they continued to spit and piss on us. My cock hardly touching the sides of her stretched sloppy cunt. "Fuck her, fuck the bitch" they screamed as they kicked my arse. I kissed Nirmala as I spunked her resigned to our fate.

We were not allowed to leave the toilet as they went back to their drinking. They would come back in small groups to relieve themselves on us and fuck my wife. The homos although spent, that didn't stop them abusing me.

We were kept for another hour before we were thrown out naked into the pouring rain, our clothes tossed out behind us. We were warned not to go to the authorities.

The incident has changed our sex live. Nirmala now had a taste for other cocks and realise what she has been missing, and that her husband not only being a wimp but enjoyed watching his wife been fucked and abused in front of him and he was also bi sexual. Now she wants to take the lead role and have contacted her old boyfriend, Munni who lives in Holland for him to come over and spend time with her. She says she wants him give her the baby she so desperately wants.

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