tagIncest/TabooIndian Nephew and Aunt

Indian Nephew and Aunt


When I came home for the summer after a tough year of college. Then my parents told me that my uncle and aunt and their children were visiting us.

My name is Vijay and I am 20 now, during the summer it was very hot where I lived. Usually the air conditioner runs non stop, but my parents turn it off for a bit to save energy. When my uncle and his family came over, they slept upstairs in the guest bedroom with their two daughters. Both the girls were 3 and 4 respectively. My bedroom and my brother's bedroom were also upstairs along with my parent's bedroom. Other than that there is a huge game room upstairs.

I was sent to go pick them up from the airport; it was a long drive since this was the other airport. I drove for a long time, which was around an hour, when I saw my relatives at the airport. I was stunned the way my aunt looked after two kids. She didn't have an hour glass figure, but nice smooth curves around her waist. She is 38, about 5 feet 10 inches. Which is pretty tall for a woman of her size and she was a just a tad bit heavy. Her assumed bra size was around 38C.

After a first couple of days, the ice broke between me and my aunt quickly. She began asking me curious college questions. She was a good student at school. She plans to stay as a housewife because of her daughters. The last time I saw my aunt was when I was 8 years old. Even though those thoughts do not count.

My mom was doing a laundry load with everyone's clothes. She told me to go up and grab all the hampers. I went upstairs went to each room carrying all the hampers; final stop was at my room. I shuffled all the hampers and clothes fell. I had to carry mine and my brothers and my aunt and uncle's hamper all at once.

Then I came back up to relax in my room with my computer. But I noticed this nice white panty was just lying there. I knew it had to be my aunt's since I didn't grab my parents hamper. I picked it up, it was still a little bit wet, then I stared across the hall from my room, my aunt was drying her hair, so she must showered a couple of minutes ago. That must mean she just took it off. I quickly shut my door, and I rubbed the underwear over my cock. I smelt the sweet aroma of her pussy still in it. Right then, I masturbated to her underwear, and I released my load into her underwear. I washed the panty myself and hid it in my closet.

The next day I was walking up the stairs and I noticed that the closet in guest room was worthy looking at. It was very huge; I noticed that this is a place where I could hide. I saw my relative's clothes hanging, behind there was a small entrance which to led to a dresser.

Later that morning when my aunt went to take a shower, I quickly ran in and hid in the closet. Then I noticed that my uncle came in and was waiting for her. At this time I was looking through the key hole. When my aunt came in, she was heading for the closet, so I hid behind the dresser. Then she came out and was talking to my uncle. But I couldn't leave until the closet door was shut. Then luckily my uncle came in to grab a condom and shut the door. Then again I peeked into the key hole. I heard them talking about everything. I could tell my aunt was not interested as much.

My uncle just wanted to release himself; he did not care about my aunt at all. He wanted to release and shower. This is just based on what I heard. Then I saw him sit on the chair. Then my aunt began to sit on his lap. As she went up and down and bounced for about twenty five seconds, then my uncle screamed a bit. My aunt was like ehhhhhhhh......... it was like a dry hump for her. She was not even close to an orgasm.

My uncle went to the shower and my aunt put her clothes back on, then she hesitated a moment and slammed the door, I stayed still, she undid her pants, pushed her panties to her knees, kneeling on her knees, she began fingering herself very fast, I couldn't make out how many fingers it was. She began slight moans, for a couple of minutes, then I saw her bite her lips as she orgasmed. She wiped herself off and went downstairs, this was my chance to leave, and I quickly went to my room.

A couple of days pass by, during a hot afternoon, my mom was set to go shopping with her brother, my brother took my cousins to the swimming pool, while I got stuck mowing the lawn. After finally finishing, I came inside and I was so sweaty and sticky, I went to upstairs to take a shower, my aunt saw me and chuckled.....I left her with a smirk. She called me back to her room to lift something for her, so I went to her room, but she laid on the floor with her skirt hiked up, rubbing her panties.....as soon as I saw the invitation, I got on my knees, pushed the panty aside and began fingering her, she started to remove all her clothing one by one, she commanded me to lick her pussy before I did anything else. I started near the clitoris, and worked my around everything. She was squirming; I licked myself up to her belly button and slowly tracing my tongue up to her supple hardened nipples. I sucked on both of them giving the fair amount of time for both. While I was doing that, I inserted two fingers in her with my pinkie going to her ass, she started moaning very loudly, I was excited....and I asked her if she would blow me. She responded with a NO! I was like please and begging and asked her to return the favor.

She told me to leave and come back later, so I left to go take a shower, I was so horny in the shower, I masturbated myself till I shot loads all over the wall of my shower, when I came out of the shower, my aunt was wiping her self off with a towel outside, my cock sprung up immediately, I went over to her, and pressed my cock against her bare ass, she turned around and told me another time. Later that night everyone went to the movies, my aunt put her daughters to sleep, and then she came over to me and invited me to play.

She knelt in front of me, with no reaction time; I pulled my pants and boxers down immediately. She began to slowly lick it, tasting the purple head and suckling it for a couple of seconds; she began to lick the length up and down. I was going crazy; she began slurping in and out, she almost took in my 6 inches completely. I took my cock and gave it a good tug and lifted my balls into her mouth, she seemed to enjoy it, she started to work on her own quickly, and I was feeling ecstatic.

After a couple of minutes she stopped, and I began to undress her, she wore a simple blue chemise with no bra underneath, I began to play with her breasts, I traced her areoles as her left nipple hardened instantly, I made sure both her breast got equal attention, then we began kissing until I inserted two fingers in her, but I lifted her skirt and pushed her panty aside. Then she began to moan so I went under skirt and pulled her panties down and started to lick her inner thighs, slowly getting her ready, I started to outline her pussy then I got to her clit, she got so sensitive and began screaming as I inserted two fingers back in her.

I was so hard I decided to pull my pants down and insert myself into her; I fucked her slowly in missionary position. She wanted to be more comfortable so we got on the bed, she sat on top of me and worked herself, that site of her going up and down on my cock was very intense, I cupped her breasts, and told her to brush her back so I could see her face clearly.

She started to bounce on me faster and faster, then her moaning and constant screaming made me cum instantly all over her, then we both just collapsed on each other and just lied there for a few minutes until we both got our composure back. She got up and went to the shower and said thanks for this, but this has to stop soon, but we can enjoy it till I leave.

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