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Indian Nights


The battered jeep pulled up outside the villa, waiting for its two occupants two climb out with their bags, then with a wave from its driver, turned around and drove back down the mountainside. The two passengers stretched, glad to be out the car, and surveyed the surroundings. A beautiful villa, completely private and isolated, high up in the foothills of one of India's most unspoilt regions. The glorious sun shone down upon the rambling building, surrounded by groves of flowers, and there, below the villa's veranda, a waterfall splashing in to a pool of azure blue.


The woman spoke first. Turning to the boy, she said,

"Take the bags to our room. Undress and come and meet me down by the waterfall. You can pack your clothes away, you won't be needing them during our stay".

He responded with a respectful nod and picked up the two bags, slinging one over each shoulder, and walking off to the house. Monique watched him go, a soft smile on her features. One bag contained her clothes, toiletries, and the like. The other, their toys, and other... accessories. The boy didn't need any possessions other than what she provided for him.

Turning she began to pick her way down the slope to the pool, with its waterfall. The journey had been long, and they both needed to bathe. Where better than their own private pond? Monique had travelled greatly in her 42 years, but this was her first time in India. And who better to share it with than her darling boy pet. 15 years her junior, she had acquired him at great expense, being of good age and unspoilt, just recently. She reflected with satisfaction that changing attitudes to sexual equality meant that the global trade in young male submissives was booming.

Reaching the water's edge, she quickly removed her sarong, and sliding her knickers down her legs, stood naked. She dipped a manicured toe in to the water. Perfect. With a low moan of pleasure she sank in to the water, and waited for the boy, the cool water wonderful against her creamy skin.

Monique did not have long to wait, before she first heard, then saw, her pet making his own way down the path. He had undressed as requested, and the sun glistened on his pale white skin. She admired him as he came closer, his strawberry blonde hair, slightly tousled, and slim figure. A shiver of anticipation went through her.

The boy reached the water, and she beckoned him in. He swam over, and came to a stop before her. The pool was shallow and they were able to stand, the water just above their waists. Stepping forward Monique drew him in to her arms, moving her mouth to his, and kissing him deeply. He responded by putting his own arms around her, and eagerly returning the kiss, sucking her tongue as she pressed it between his lips. One hand in his hair, the other on the small of his back, Monique pulled him hard against her, pressing forwards as she felt him hardening between them.

She broke the kiss, stepping back a little and looking down between them, where sure enough his young cock was already fully erect. She turned her gaze up to his face, and he blushed furiously. Moving her hand from his hair to cup his cheek, she spoke softly, reassuringly,

"Don't be embarrassed my pet, it shows how much you desire your Mistress, and that please me."

She stepped back against him, crushing her body to his, resuming the passionate kiss, the tedium of the long journey from her home in Australia to here wearing off as she enjoyed his kiss. A talented mouth and tongue, she thought to herself, making a note to enjoy them elsewhere later. Sliding her hand further down his body she cupped his buttock, pulling him tighter against her, forcing his erection in to her belly. His own hands were caressing her back, stroking her soft skin. She squeezed his firm young bottom, moulding the flesh, as he moved a hand around to cup her heavy breast, caressing the full globe, his thumb brushing her nipple. In response, Monique gave a soft moan, squeezing him tighter before releasing him and stepping back, lowering herself down in to the water.

"Plenty of time for that my love. Now, get yourself clean, wash the road off your pretty body. Your Mistress is going to inspect you when we are back at the house."

Monique swam lazily about, watching the boy stand under the waterfall, water cascading over him, washing the dust and sweat from the journey away. When he was done, and she motioned for him to clamber out of the pool, she was pleased to note that his earlier erection had not entirely subsided.

"Up to the house my love. You'll find towels in the bathroom. Dry yourself, then wait for me in the bedroom, ready to have your Mistress inspect you."

She followed him up the path to the house, delighting at watching his tight young bottom as he walked, all manner of sordid thoughts running through her mind at what she would do to it, and the rest of him.


When she had dried herself, Monique dressed in loose sarong, and a pair of lacy French knickers. In the pool the water had obscured her sex from his view, and she wanted him to be made to wait a little longer for it. Walking through to the master bedroom suite, she purred with pleasure at the sight. The boy was kneeling on the bed, leaning forwards with forehead and shoulders against the mattress, bottom arched high in to the air. His legs were nicely spread, exposing his genitals and the dark pink of his anus.

Whilst the fashion was to have one's boy-pets shaved, Monique liked his red hair, and had requested that he be delivered in to her possession as he was. She herself had a luxuriant soft bush of hair between her thighs, and she enjoyed the soft red hair that covered his balls, and surrounded his cock and anus.

She walked slowly to the bed and sat behind him, gently stroking his back as she spoke to him,

"You are beautiful boy, did you know that? I'm very pleased with your appearance. I hope that you make a good pet for me. I am a very generous, loving and rewarding Mistress." She spoke softly, tracing her fingertips in slow circles upon his back, moving slowly down his spine with each movement.

"You belong to me, body and soul. You need only what I give you, and you live to serve and please me. All that you have is mine, to do with as I please" she continued, and as she did so, moved her fingers down between the cleft of his buttocks, to idly play with the soft red hair around the rim of his anus.

"You were probably raised thinking that sex revolved around your cock, and that women have cunts to be penetrated. I will show you that you can offer so much more." Pausing, she brushed the tip of one finger right across his hole, eliciting a small gasp from the boy.

"You have a gorgeous ass-pussy, did you know that? I bet it's tight, and hot, and velvety smooth. You are my pet, my fuck-toy, and I am going to fill your bowels with my own thick hard cock as often as I please. And if I am, pleased, I will permit you treats; to take my pussy in to your mouth, to cum, even to make love to me. Do you understand your Mistress?"

The boy spoke, for the first time since they had arrived, replying, "Yes Mistress."

"Good boy," Monique purred. "Now whilst I shall open the doors to all the wonderful things your sensitive young body can discover, the flip side is that I know well how best to punish you if you displease me. But you're going to be a good little boy, aren't you?" As she posed the question she brought a finger to her lips, sucking on it before returning it to his bottom, slipping it deftly inside him as he answered.

"Yes Mistress" he said, clenching in surprise as he felt her wet finger slide unhindered inside of him. Monique giggled, reaching with her free hand underneath him, teasing with her fingernails down his belly, until, with a groan from the boy, she found his cock. As she had expected, he was rock hard, pre-cum already collecting at the tip.

"Looks like someone likes their bottom being played with, don't they?"

"Err... Ye... Yes Mistress," the boy stammered, blushing deep red.

"Oh no need to be ashamed pet," Monique comforted him, "most of us do. And a bottom as pretty and sensitive as yours ought to be played with as much as possible. Now, would you like me to play with your bottom?"

The boy blushed even deeper, pausing for a moment before whispering, "yes Mistress."

Giving his cock a firm squeeze, Monique teased him, "I couldn't hear you sweetheart. What would you like Mistress to do?"

"Please Mistress..." the boy said reluctantly, "please... please play with my bottom."

Monique chuckled, "oh I will sweetie, but all in good time. Let's see how tight you are first." Withdrawing her finger, she looked around for the bags, spotting them by the dresser. Opening one, she rummaged through, coming out with a pot of lubricant, and three other items, which she placed by the boy's head. Each was a strap-less strap-on. At the end of the realistic looking 'cock' shaft, were small 'pony' stubs. These sat snugly inside her vagina or anus, depending on her mood, whilst she fucked some lucky pet with the other. Ridges on the longer shaft rubbed her clit as she fucked, giving her extra pleasure, and allowing her to 'feel' in a way that a traditional harness strap-on never could. These three were her favourite design, the 'Share' dildo, in three sizes; small, medium, and extra large. Other than size, all were identical save for the fact that the XL Share's shaft had thick ridges down its length.

"These are for you pet, well, us" Monique giggled. "We'll start with the smaller two, but by the end of the week, you'll be taking the extra large one in your tight ass-pussy."

The boy gulped, unable to take his eyes off the largest dildo, causing Monique to giggle again. "Now my pet," she purred softly, "reach behind yourself, and spread your buttocks open for me, nice and wide."

"That's it," she continued as he obeyed, spreading his pale white cheeks apart, to expose the pink puckered rim of his anus between them, "nice and wide, good boy."

Lubricating three of her fingers, she gently traced the tip of one around his opening, eliciting a mall moan from the boy. "There we go, isn't that nice? Such a pretty bottom, good boy, keep it nice and spread open for your Mistress."

Placing the pads of two fingers against him, she pushed gently but firmly forwards. His body resisted her, but she felt the sphincter quickly give way, and her fingers slid easily and deeply inside of him, the muscle gripping them tight. Pausing a moment to allow him to get used to the feeling, she began to slide her fingers slowly in and out of him, twisting them as she did so. The boy's breathing quickened, and she saw his hands clench on his widely parted buttocks.

"Such a good pet, so lovely and tight inside," she said kindly, continuing to gently finger him. "I'm going to pop a third inside you now, so keep your hole nice and spread wide for me, that's a good little boy." Bringing a third finger up to his hole, she pressed firmly in to him. This time his body was tighter, but she increased the pressure, and his anus began to slowly and reluctantly spread open for her.

"Good boy, relax, in it goes. There we go," She said softly, as her third finger finally slid past his sphincter, joining the other two deep in his rectum. "You look so pretty with that pretty little boy-pussy stretched tight around your Mistress. You're very tight, but still accommodating, the perfect kind", she chuckled.

Pleased, Monique gently fingered him for a moment more, then withdrew her fingers, causing the boy to gasp again as his anus closed up tight behind them. Reaching back between his thighs, she gave his stiff cock a soft stroke, "Yes, I think we have boy who definitely loves his pussy being fingered. And that," she said leaning forwards to whisper, "makes your Mistress very happy."

Climbing off the bed, she ordered the boy to kneel up, and sit back on his heels. She grinned, admiring his thick cock which stood proudly out from his body, causing him to blush once more. 'So sweet!' she thought to herself. Reaching to the tie at the side of her sarong, she looked at him questioningly.

"Do you think your Mistress is beautiful?"

"Yes Mistress!" he replied eagerly, nodding.

"Is that why you're always so... hard, in my presence?" she asked slyly.

"Yes... Yes Mistress" the boy stammered shyly, his blush deepening.

"Good answer little one" Monique smiled, untying the ribbon and letting the sarong fall from her shoulders.

The boy stared, eyes wide, as her near naked body was exposed. His eyes ran over her full, firm breasts, her face, her long curly locks, coming to rest between her legs, as if by staring hard enough he could see through her knickers.

"Would you like your Mistress to take these off?" Monique gestured to the focus of his gaze.

"Please Mistress, I beg you, let me gaze upon your beauty" the boy blurted out, his previous shyness gone.

"And what if I do?" Monique countered, teasingly, "Will you put your handsome face between my legs and show me I am your Goddess?"

"Yes Mistress, please, I beg you," the boy replied, groaning, his cock twitching, a string of pre-cum trailing down between his thighs as the woman he already revered above any other hooked her thumbs in to the waist band, and ever so slowly, teasingly, slid the lace knickers down her thighs, to the floor.

"Perfect. So perfect," the boy mumbled, unable to look away.

Monique climbed back on to the bed, lying back against the soft pile of cushions at its head, letting her thighs fall apart. The soft golden hair between her legs glistened with moisture, and her scent filled the boy's nostrils.

"Come," she said sweetly, "worship me."

The boy started slowly, softly kissing her thighs, tracing his lips over her, moving slowly towards her centre. But it didn't last long, they were both too eager, and she quickly guided him between her engorged, puffy lips, wanting his mouth on her. Reclining on the sumptuous cushions, Monique gazed down on her boy pet, his beautiful bottom in the air, legs wide apart, with his face buried in her cunt, licking, sucking, worshipping her womanhood. She cast her eyes behind him, where the large gilded mirror on the wall afforded her a clear view of his hidden places. His cock and balls hanging between his thighs, below the split mounds of his buttocks, his tender hole pulsing as the day's gentle breeze blew across its sensitive rim.

"Make me cum sweetness, and then I am going to take your virginity. Seeing your hot little hole in the mirror whilst you eat me is getting me so fucking wet, but you can taste that, can't you? Oh baby, you're going to lie on your back, right here, with your knees up to your chest, and beg me to fuck your exposed hole. You belong to me my pet, my darling fuck-toy, my wonderful little boy. Oh yes, that's it, keep going, oh my love, oh my love!"

With a cry Monique came, pulling his head hard to her hot needy cunt with her hands, her back arching, hips forcing her pussy hard against his face. The boy sucked her throbbing clit between his teeth, as she rode her climax, gently kissing and licking at her as she relaxed back in to the cushions as the orgasm passed.

She reached down to stroke his hair and face, offering him praise. Smiling kindly, she spoke softly to him, "Now is the time to give yourself to me my love. Do not be afraid, you were created for this purpose."

Slipping off the bed, she picked the smallest Share dildo off the sheets. It would slip easily inside him, though she knew to his virgin eyes it dwarfed her finger in size. She motioned him to roll on to his back, and bade him watch as she stood with her legs slightly apart. With one hand, she parted the soft, swollen lips of her vulva, with the other bringing the pony stub of the Share up, pressing it inside of her. The boy watched silently, and Monique noticed that his erection remained undiminished.

She walked sensually towards him, climbing on the bed, kneeling between his thighs, gently patting them to indicate he should spread them for her. Taking the lubrication, she wordlessly ran her hand up and down the strap-on's shaft, before bringing two fingers to his bottom, slipping them straight in to his anus. He gasped, and she felt his sphincter clamp down on her, but she gently and softly began to open him up, relaxing him as she spoke,

"I know you are nervous my pet, but I am about to introduce you to a world of pleasure you have never conceived of. I know you were likely raised with the old-fashioned and narrow sexual thinking that has defined our times. That as a man, hard and strong, you make love to a girl's soft embracing pussy. Well, you have a pussy too, and it's just as soft, and tight, and perfect as any girls. You are going to spend vast amounts of time with my cock inside of you, in every position you have ever imagined. You are going to use your pretty little hole to give me tremendous pleasure, and to demonstrate your complete and utter submission to me. You will crave the moments when i fill you. You will not feel complete unless my firm shaft is nestled between your soft peachy buttocks. You will come to beg me to enter you."

Monique felt his body relax and accept her fingers as she lubricated his insides. The boy had also sub-consciously let his thighs fall further apart, opening up his bottom to her, and the dildo which rested just inches from his virgin orifice. Again, she noted his erection had remained constant, and knew his desire for her and the experiences she could introduce him to far outweighed any nervousness, or pre-conceived notions of male-female sexuality.

Satisfied he was ready to receive her, Monique, withdrew her fingers from the warm confines of his bottom, sliding her hands beneath him to cup his buttocks, and lifted him up slightly, his anus rising to meet the head of the Share. She moved forwards a little on the bed, until the tip of the dildo rested against his puckered hole.

"Tell me," she whispered, "tell me you want it."

The boy nodded. "I do," he whispered back sincerely, "I want to feel you inside of me, to submit to you, to be your boy."

Her heart leaping, Monique gently but firmly pushed forward with her hips. At first his virgin anus resisted, but as she kept up the pressure, and used her hands to stroke the inside of his thighs and his hard penis, she saw, and felt, the tight muscle begin to give way to her. Slowly, the tip disappeared inside his body, until his sphincter accepted her and the shaft slide easily through. The boy responded by throwing his head back, an animal groan escaping his lips. Monique carried on pressing until her thighs were against his buttocks, and every inch of the Share was buried inside of him. She let him rest, grow used to be filled, for a moment, then slowly began to slide in and out of him, angling her thrust to press his prostate gland. Already, the boy's cock was leaking on to his belly. Leaning forwards she lay her weight on top of him, embracing him in the missionary position, and encouraging the boy to lift his legs and wrap them around her back.

"Good boy, you'll let me get nice and deep this way," she whispered in his ear, before kissing him deeply, and passionately, her tongue slipping between his lips, and he received her as his anus was her phallus.

How had he lived so long without knowing this pleasure? He had never felt so complete, the shaft filling him entirely with every deep thrust of his Mistress' hips. The boy wrapped his legs tightly around her back, arching up to meet her thrusts, eagerly assisting her deeper inside of his virgin body. He had never felt more submissive, and yet more sexually alive, than he felt now in this position, his most private place exposed, stretched wide around an invading phallus. His world was a mass of intense sensations; his sensitive rim gripped tight around the Share as it slid in and out of him, his prostate as his Mistress skillfully angled her thrusts inside his rectum, his lips and her sweet mouth kissed him deeply.

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