Indian Nights


Monique cupped the boy's chin, tilting his head so their eyes met. "He is so beautiful" she thought, his blue eyes sparkling beneath his tousled hair and sweaty brow, bright blue and alight with a fervour. She knew she was close.

"I'm going to cum, you're going to make me cum" she panted, leaning down and thrusting her tongue deep in to his mouth, increasing the tempo with which she moved in and out of his rectum, her thighs slapping against his tight buttocks as the familiar sensations that heralded the approach of orgasm built up between her legs. The boy pulled her closer, wrapping his legs around her tighter, rising to meet her thrusts. With a cry Monique came, an intense orgasm firing up from her groin, filling every part of her. She did not stop, but increased her pace, pounding hard and deep in to his bottom, all control lost as she rode both the waves of her climax, and the beautiful boy lain out beneath her.

At last spent, she collapsed on to him, both embracing each other and kissing in that urgent, breathless, post-climax way that lovers do. Both mumbling adoration between kisses and snatched breaths,

"Oh my beautiful, beautiful pet,"

"I adore you Mistress,"

She wanted him to cum too, wanted him to feel as good as he had made her, to thank him for giving his beautiful unspoilt body to her. Careful not to slide out of him, Monique rose to her knees, flushed, her bosom still rising and falling a little breathlessly. She gazed down between her parted thighs, and took in the site below her. Her soft, womanly body, joined to his. The glistening shaft of the Share protruding from her vagina, splitting her puffy lips, and disappearing in to the tight rim of him anus. The skin around his hole was slightly red from their love making, a far darker shade now than the soft pale white skin around it. She could see his anus pulsing with each breath he took, gripping tightly around her cock, as if determined to keep her inside of him.

"Such a beautiful little boy, and such a beautiful, perfect little pussy you have" Monique said softly. "You look so divine with me inside you."

The boy could only look up at her with a mixture of pride and adoration on his face, and she knew then that he was hers. Not just to command, to fuck, to be served by, but that she owned his soul. Reaching down gently she took his own cock in her hands. Already hard, it seemed to grow even larger in her hands, and she felt it throb as her hands wrapped around its length. Gazing down at him with a smile, the Share still deep inside him, Monique began to masturbate the boy, her boy, with both hands. Using the 'basket weave', she laced her fingers around his penis, twisting them as she moved up and down his shaft, running the palm of her hand other the sensitive head.

Instantly, the boy was panting, bucking his hips, crying out with pleasure. A wide grin split Monique's face, and continuing to bring him ever closer to a climax of his own, she began very gently rocking her hips in a circular motion, causing the Share dildo to move very slightly in and out of his hole, adding the electric sensations of the dildo rubbing past his anus to those her hands produced upon his cock.

"You're going to cum soon my darling," Monique purred; a statement not a question. "Before I let you, I want you to tell me that you belong to me, that you will worship and adore me as a boy should his Mistress."

"Oh Mistress..." the boy panted, barely able to focus, "I belong to you in every way, every piece of me is yours, I have never wanted anything more!"

"Every piece hmmm? Even this?" Monique asked slyly, giving her hips a deeper thrust, forcing the Share deeper inside.

"Urrgghh," the boy moaned, arching his back as the head of her dildo pressed against his prostate, "yes Mistress, my bottom is yours, I will use it to please you, for its true purpose."

"Good boy," Monique replied, squeezing her hands tighter, feeling him throb in against her palms and fingertips, seeing his chest flush red, his anus grip even tighter around the Share, heard his breathing quicken, low moans emanate from deep within him.

Then, he arched his hips, clamping his thighs around her, as his penis spasmed in her hand, and his hot seed spilled out on to his belly. He let out a howl-like cry, exclaiming her name, before fall back, spent. Monique continued to work his shaft with her hands, until every last drop was milked from his penis. Gently, she moved backwards, sliding her dildo out of him. They boy whimpered as the head slid out of his sphincter, a sense of incredible emptiness overcoming him. Leaning down, Monique cupped his scrotum, lifting it up and planted a soft kiss upon his tender hole. She watched as it slowly closed, until the wide spread anus was once again almost back to its puckered normality. The redness of his rim, the remains of glistening lubricant around it, and it remaining slightly open the only signs of their passionate love making.


Later she had the boy prepare a meal for them both. They ate it sat cross-legged on the veranda outside, enjoying the cool of the evening, he naked, her wrapped in a brightly coloured sarong. The material hugged her figure, whilst hiding the details from view, and Monique noted as they talked and ate that the boy's penis never went completely soft. At one point she interrupted his eating, asking him to go fetch the medium sized strap-on. His cock was noticeably thicker when he brought it back to her, and Monique wondered if he was disappointed when she simply nodded for him to place it upon the table by the hammock.

They continued to relax and talk and eat, enjoying each other's company. After the meal, she had him clear away the dishes, retiring to the hammock at the end of the veranda, waiting for him to return.

"Come, join me," she said when he reappeared in to the evening sun, beckoning him over. He walked over, her admiring gaze running all over his form, climbing in to the hammock and lying down beside her, facing his Mistress.

"I think we're going to have a wonderful week," she said, closing her eyes and leaning in to kiss him gently.

The boy tightened his arms around her, returning her kiss, his tongue finding her own, teasing, playing across her lips. Their hands roamed over each other, his soft skin beneath hers, the thin material of her sarong between her own warm skin and his stroking hands. There was no slow build up this time, and Monique spent only a few moments exploring his upper body before slipping her hand between his thighs, taking his cock in her hand and squeezing. Her pet's own hand had found the opening to her sarong, fingers eagerly brushing through her soft curls, slipping between her hot, moist labia. Monique chewed gently upon his lip, lost in their shared passion.

As her boy found her sensitive clit and began massaging it beneath his fingertips, she began urgently tugging on his cock. As his pace increased she parted her thighs further, giving him better access to her swollen clit, and reached down with her second hand to cup his scrotum, squeezing and massaging his testicles between her fingers as she urged him on to climax. By now she was soaking wet, and she could feel her juices running down between her lips, down past her perineum, between the crease of her buttocks. That gave her an idea, and she moved her second hand slowly backwards from his balls, between his legs, dragging her fingernails over his flesh. The boy moaned in anticipation and parted his own thighs, allowing her further in, tensing with pleasure as her fingernails reached his anus, teasingly playing with the rim.

Redoubling his efforts upon her most sensitive organ, all of a sudden Monique found herself gripped by the most tremendous orgasm, as her beautiful clever boy manipulated her swollen clit, teasing it out of his hood, prolonging her ecstasy. Crying out loudly, no one to hear, she bucked her hips against his hand, shuddering with delight. Her hand squeezed his throbbing shaft hard enough to cause him to yelp, a noise she smothered with a long deep kiss, clamping his hand between her thighs.

Pulling back to gaze in to his eyes, she re-opened her thighs, exposing her wet and puffy lips once more.

"Oh you wonderful boy. Now, I want you to finger me..." She gave him a dirty smile, as she felt his fingers slip from her clit down between the folds of her womanhood, finding her hot entrance, two of them curving up inside her. She withdrew her own hand from between his legs, still grasping his cock in the other, and put her fingers to her lips. Slowly, seductively, she placed three in to her mouth and sucked on them, tongue swirling around the tips. Slowly, withdrawing them one by one, she locked eyes with her pet, and slowly ran her hand down his body, pausing only to give a soft squeeze to his heavy scrotum, as she returned her hand between his legs. The boy obediently let his thighs fall further apart, arching himself to meet her touch. As the two lovers, Mistress and boy, leaned back in to kiss each other, she placed the pads of two moist fingers against his entrance, pushing firmly but gently, feeling his sphincter give way and stretch around them, allowing her fingers in to his hot velvety depths.

They continued their kiss, savouring each other's taste, as they gently worked two fingers inside of each other. Monique squeezed down on his hand with her inner muscles, and giggled inwardly as she felt him do the same. She could feel herself already worked back up from her recent orgasm.

"My God I love your arse", she murmured, reaching above their heads to where she knew the Share dildo lay. He didn't need to be told, and giving her one final kiss, he turned away from her, bringing his knees up, wiggling back against her. Monique reached down between her legs, fitting the pony stub of the dildo inside where his fingers had been only seconds before.

"Spread your arsehole for me pet" she whispered,

He reached back, taking his buttock in his hand and pulling it upward, spreading himself open. She shifted forwards with her hips, finding his hole with the tip of the dildo. Wrapping her arms around him, she pushed gently forwards, and he responded by pressing back against her. He gasped as the thick shaft forced its way past his tight muscles, sliding in to his bowel. She stopped only when she felt the firm globes of his bottom pressing hard against her thighs and belly, the shaft entirely inside him. Kissing the back of his neck tenderly, her hand tracing down his chest to take his sac in her hand, Monique began to rock her hips, expertly opening him up, pleased when the boy began to move with her. She gave his testicles a squeeze, feeling them full and ready to be emptied,

"Masturbate your pretty cock for me beautiful" she purred.

The calm afternoon air perforated only by the sounds of bird-song, and the moans of both Mistress and boy, Monique sighed with pleasure as she moved gently inside him. Paradise.


They made love for hours each day, punctuated with lazy swims in the pool, or romantic walks through the forest. Monique introduced the young boy to all the pleasures of the flesh, and the advantages that their relationship would bring. Not for them the post-orgasmic collapse, spent. As one of them, rigid shaft tightly enveloped in the other's hot body, came, they simply reversed roles. In every position and in every orifice did Monique and her pet make love. Sometimes hard, sometimes slow, passionate, loving, deep. She taught him all her erogenous zones, and his own, educating him to be the sexual being he was born to be.

One evening, she awoke from a post-coital nap, refreshed, and filled with desire for her boy. They had earlier made love, wrapped in each other's arms, his thick cock thrusting with urgency in and out of her welcoming cunt, her soft furry lips perfectly framing his shaft. He had massaged her clit in time to his thrusts, and as they came together, he had cried out his love for her. Together, they had drifted off to sleep, but now, the bed beside was empty, though still warm.

The door to the veranda was open, and she could see the boy against the railing, standing silently, taking in the splendour of their surroundings, basking in the sun. Monique slipped from the sheets to join him, but paused. A wicked idea formed in her mind and she padded silently over to the dresser where the three Share dildos lay in a line. The smallest had long since been abandoned, but the thickest had yet to be used. It's shaft with a greater circumference than its smaller siblings, it was also ribbed along its length, each designed to force the anus of its receiver wider with each thrust. She picked it up in her hands, running them up and down its length, feeling its girth, its texture. Parting her legs, she brought it up between her thighs, and the the pony stub slipped all too easily in to her cunt. She ran a finger along the edge of her labia, noticing that she was already soaking wet, a drop of her moisture running down her thigh.

She quickly lubed the shaft that pointed up away from her vulva, and tip-toed to the door, spotting her quarry instantly. The boy had not moved, and was standing still, his eyes closed, the sun caressing his face. He did not know she was there until Monique placed her hands upon his hips, and breathed a kiss upon the back of his neck.

She pushed him gently forwards, encouraging him to bend over the veranda railing with one hand, bringing the lubricated shaft of the Share up between his buttocks with the other. With a firm push of her lips, the head slipped easily in to his well used rectum, the tight sphincter stretching out around her shaft. Monique gazed over her boy's back to the valley spread out below them, then glanced down to his anus spread out below her.

"Such a beautiful view" she purred.

She ran her hands down from his hips, over the firm globes of his buttocks, caressing the soft skin. Gently she parted him with her hands, allowing her better access, and stretching his entrance open. Moving her hips forward, she teased the Share in to him until the first ridge pressed against his anus.

She felt him tense, suddenly aware of what is must be that nestled between his buttocks. Monique responded by giving his bottom a gentle squeeze, and whispering lustily,

"Yes, darling, you know what this is don't you? Oh sweetness, it's going to stretch you wider than you've ever known baby. Your whole world is going to become your peachy little bottom. If you think I've been filling your tight boy-pussy up before, you'll know different when this is inside you. And because you're a good boy, you're going to take it all, every inch, inside your sweet little cunt. You're going to make mummy happy, give her orgasm after orgasm with your greedy hot arse, then you're going to beg me for more."

Placing her hands on back his hips, she encouraged him to rock against her, meeting each of her thrusts, eliciting deep groans from the boy as she opened up his bottom. As each ridge passed in to him, forcing his anus wider, he moaned loudly, then the same again she she slid back out. Patiently, she worked more inside him, until at last with each thrust every inch of the Share dildo was sliding between his firm young buttocks and in to him. Each thrust of her hips pressed her boy's prostate, causing him to give a deep moan. Reaching beneath him, she found him hard, and his thick length pulsed in her hand as she gripped him. Monique began to masturbate her pet in perfect sync with her own thrusts in to him. With the duel stimulation of her hand around his shaft, and the Share filling his rectum, it was only minutes before the boy began to pant with the approach of orgasm. Leaning forward, her weight on his back, Monique lowered her lips to whisper in his ear,

"Call me mummy."

Returning to her full height, Monique began to fuck his young behind furiously, continuing to wank his thick cock in time with her deep thrusts. Almost immediately she felt him spasm in her hand, saw the stretched ring of his anus tighten around her shaft, as he cried out with abandon,

"Oh mummy, oh mummy! Oh God mummy, fuck your boy, fuck your good little boy!"

She purred with pleasure, and her own orgasm rippled through her. Thrusting forward one last time she buried the dildo deep inside his arse, rocking her hips as the ridged shaft sent waves of climatic pleasure through her clit.

"Oh yes my baby boy, oh you've made mummy so happy. Mummy loves to cum in your pretty little boy cunt my darling."

She held him tight until they had both regained their breath, before stepping back, watching as the glistening shaft slowly slid out of his bottom, leaving his anus open, as if his body was in its natural state only when filled by her. Which it would be under her she reflected. As if agreeing with her thoughts, her boy gave a soft whimper as he felt himself become empty. Squatting, Monique leaned forward, parting his buttocks with her hands and planting a tender kiss upon his hole.

"Don't worry my pet, we'll soon have you filled back up. We can't have mummy's favourite boy-pussy going hungry can we?" she giggled.

"No mummy," the boy gasped, as her tongue shot out and probed at his rear, his usually sensitive behind even more so after such a thorough fucking. He collapsed his weight on to his shoulders, resting on the railing as his Mistress masterfully rimmed him, her tongue alternating between teasing his rim and perineum, and probing in to his still open anus. He could feel himself becoming hard again already, only minutes after his own powerful orgasm.

Abruptly, he felt her hot mouth disappear, to be replaced by the feel of the cool evening air on his backside. Turning a little unsteadily, he saw his Mistress had lain back on the floor of the veranda, propping herself up on her elbows. Between her legs, the shaft of the Share dildo pointed straight up in to the night sky, glistening an invitation.

Monique nodded down her body towards the strap-on, her desire explicit. Her boy stepped towards her, his own cock pointing out ahead of him, and stood with his legs either side of her. Squatting, he lowered himself until the tip of the Share pressed against his anus, before sinking slowly down on to it, the head easily slipping past his relaxed and lubricated sphincter.

As he began to slowly move up and down on her, Monique watched with delight, her gaze fixed on his anus. The tight muscle stretching out over each ridge, as if reluctant to let go.

"Harder darling, ride me faster, I want you to feel this for days to come," she urged him. "Good boy, use the entire length, don't waste an inch. Masturbate your beautiful cock as you ride me."

Back arched, head thrown back, the boy furiously pumped at his cock, breathless, his anus on fire as it stretched beyond anything it had experienced, the dildo penetrating deeper in to his rectum than anything ever had. As he approached orgasm, he knew he could not go back to life without this woman, his Mistress, and as he felt her hand cup and squeeze his scrotum as his body spasmed, claiming him, he knew without doubt that he was hers. Body, and soul.

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