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Indian Wife and Friend's Husband


The following is a sequel to our story ‘Indian Wife’s Anniversary Gift’. If the reader reads this after reading that, he/she will get the context in which the story is being written.

‘Hello, is that Rahul?’ a male voice enquired on the phone.

‘Yes, may I know who is there?’ Rahul said.

‘My name is Sandeep. We have never met but my wife Barkha is a friend of Anjali. I….I suppose you do know her.’ Sandeep said hesitantly.

It was then that Rahul realized who the speaker was. At that time he was engaged to this girl Barkha whom Anjali had brought to give him a nice sexy surprise on their wedding anniversary. Things had gone slightly out of hand and though Barkha did protest, he had ended up fucking her. Of course, it was an enjoyable affair and Barkha did not rave or rant after that. She had instead asked that Anjali should accompany her for Sandeep’s birthday but things did not quite work out.

‘Hi! Are you there?’ Sandeep’s voice jolted Rahul out of the reverie.

‘Yeah, of course.’ He said hurriedly.

‘Well, Rahul. I was just visiting this place on official business and should be free in the evening. I have some work in the morning also that is why I will have to spend the night here. If you people are free and have no other commitments, I was thinking of dropping in for a little while.’ Sandeep said.

‘Why, of course. That would be wonderful.’ Rahul responded enthusiastically.

‘Great. It will be past seven by the time I finish my work. I should be at your place at around 8 p.m.’ Sandeep said exuberantly.

‘Yes. Sure. You know my place?’ Rahul said as an afterthought.

‘I’ll find it. Don’t bother. See you in the evening.’

Rahul kept the receiver down with mixed feelings. He felt an element of thrill but did not know how exactly Anjali would react to what he usually fantasized about.

Ding Dong, the door bell rang. It was about half past five in the evening. Anjali got up and peeped through the keyhole. It was her husband Rahul. Early today, she thought and opened the door.

’Hi, love!’ he said hugging her and giving her a light peck on the cheek.

’Hi!’ Anjali said taking her husband's briefcase and started walking towards the bedroom.’ How was the day?’

Rahul looked at her as she walked. Beautiful, he thought. Anjali was wearing a baby pink coloured sleeveless nightie that finished at her knees and not only showed off her pretty fair legs and bare feet but accentuated them. Despite her 29 years she was a stunner by any reckoning. A height of five feet six inches, weight of 127 pounds, taut, firm breasts capped by perky succulent nipples and a gorgeous ass.

‘Anjali, I am sorry, love I couldn’t telephone you because I was so busy. Guess what? Today I received a telephone call from Sandeep, your friend Barkha’s husband. He is in town and wanted to drop in. I think he will come by 8 or even later.’ Rahul said.

‘Rahul, you really are the limit. Shouldn’t you have informed me? If he is coming at 8 we should ask him to stay over for dinner too. How very casual of you!’ Anjali chided him.

‘Sorry, darling. But I know you will manage.’ Rahul said good humouredly.

As she hurriedly proceeded towards the kitchen to prepare something more for the evening, a sense of thrill and unease gripped her. Barkha would certainly have told Sandeep about what had happened when she had called Barkha over to give Rahul a naughty surprise. Not only that once Barkha had also told her over the phone that Sandeep had also seen a few topless/nude snaps of hers that Barkha possessed. She had got quite angry at Barkha but Barkha had laughed it off, saying that they had gone to give her husband a few more erections so what was her problem. She had told this to Rahul and he had got quite excited at the thought that her friend’s husband had seen her nude. It was the honesty with which Barkha had told Anjali that pleased him. Now that Sandeep was actually going to see her in person, he would mentally picture the breasts, the pussy everything. Although alone, Anjali blushed and carried on with the kitchen chores.

Anjali dressed for the occasion. She wore a red saree with a sleeveless blouse, a plunging neckline that not only showed off her shapely arms but also a substantial amount of skin on her back. Red lipstick, red nailpolish and red bangles on her wrists, amply complimented by a silver amulet on her right arm and dainty anklets on the feet. She did not know why but on an impulse she opened a brand new pack of perfume and after dabbing it on the neck, under arms and seeing that she was alone also dabbed it on her manicured pussy. That was a benefit of the Internet. She could see what shape all the sexy models gave to their pubic hair. Neatly trimmed with just a line of vertical hair. But why did she dab on the perfume? On the pussy! She had no answer. It had a new fragrance, very feminine and captivating. She quickly applied a tattoo near her belly button to highlight her pierced naval. She was in fact looking so good that Rahul pulled her leg saying that if this the way she dressed up, more of her friends’ husbands would keep dropping in.

‘I guess you are planning to return the favour?’ Rahul said naughtily.

‘What favour?’ Anjali asked innocently.

‘The same favour that Barkha did to us?’

‘You really….. At that time Barkha was unmarried. I was married and still am.’ Anjali said with mock anger.

‘So you are, love but it is your husband who is telling you this. I mean just for a change. After all, when you and Barkha meet both of you should be able to exchange notes. Sandeep and I can but we are not old pals. You and Barkha are.’

‘You serious?’ Anjali asked.

‘What do you think?’ Rahul said and laughed.

At around 8.30 p.m. the doorbell rang. Rahul got up and opened the door. Sandeep was handsome. He was somewhere in his mid thirties and was casually dressed in blue jeans and T shirt.

‘Hi! I am Sandeep. Is that Rahul?’

‘Yes. Do come in.’ Rahul said shaking his hand.

Rahul introduced the guest, ‘Sandeep, this is my wife, Anjali. Come on in and sit down.’

‘Hello, Sandeep. How are you and how is Barkha?’ Anjali smiled.

‘Oh, she is fine. Sent her love to you.’ Sandeep replied drinking in the sight of the beautiful lady before him. She is as beautiful in clothes, as she is without them, he thought and wondered what was the shape of her pussy at this particular time. Barkha had told him that this friend of hers wore her pussy hair in different styles like the hair on the head.

‘So, how was your day?’ Rahul asked.

‘Well, pretty exhausting.’ Sandeep stretched himself.

‘What will you guys have?’ Anjali asked addressing both of them.

Rahul looked at Sandeep but he made a gesture as if to say anything was fine.

‘I guess red wine should be fine. The advantage is that even you too will be able to join us.’ Rahul smiled.

‘Oh yes. That would be lovely. Your red saree suggests that red wine would be in order. By the way that tattoo looks great. ’ Sandeep said.

‘Thank you. Okay. I’ll just get it.’ Anjali blushed.

The wine was good and after about an hour, they were quite relaxed and the formal conversation had given way to easy chat.

‘I think we’ve had enough drinks already. Please excuse me. I’ll just lay the food.’ The two guys watched Anjali as she walked down the hall to the bedroom.

‘I hope you did not have a problem in finding the house.’ Rahul said.

‘No, not at all.’ Sandeep replied.

Just as Anjali was returning, the telephone bell rang and Rahul went to answer it.

‘Well, Anjali. Everything is so nice and I am spending a wonderful time with you people.. Thank you for having taken so many pains.’

‘Oh you are most welcome.’ Anjali smiled.

‘I did have an idea of what you looked like from the snaps of yours that Barkha had shown me but you are even prettier.’

As Anjali blushed suddenly realizing that he could perhaps imagine her nipples and pussy as they were hidden inside. Nor only that a frisson of thrill ran through her body as she caught a smile playing on Sandeep’s handsome face. By this time, Rahul had finished the conversation and joined them.

‘Well, even I have had a tough day. Anjali, love if you don’t mind while you lay the food, I’ll take a quick shower.’ Rahul said and disappeared into the bedroom closing the door behind him.

Anjali excused herself and went into the kitchen and was pleasantly surprised to find that Sandeep too had followed her there. After making some small talk he said, ‘Barkha did tell me about the mind blowing evening when you had invited her over for your anniversary celebrations. In fact we were thinking of asking you over for ours provided it was okay with Rahul. I mean with unmarried girls, one doesn’t have to bother too much just as both of you were cool with Barkha but after marriage…..’

‘Well, now that you are here, we can have a repeat of that night. So what if Barkha is not here. Some other time with her.’ Rahul had obviously overheard the conversation as he was approaching the kitchen to go to the wash area to hang the towel.

‘Rahul, you….’ Anjali’s tone was a mixture of complain but naughty anticipation.

‘Come, come, lets have food.’ Rahul said.

The table was full of sumptuous fare but Anjali’s hunger had virtually vanished. after Rahul’s statement. She felt vulnerable and excited at the same time. As they were making their way through the food, Anjali felt a foot brush against her foot. All the while Rahul and Sandeep were exchanging small talk. Initially she thought that it could have been a mistake; perhaps it was.

Anjali herself did not know how to describe her feelings. Sandeep was so handsome and gentle. There was no reason for Barkha to mind if they ended up having a threesome. Not only that even Rahul was encouraging but how would it start. She really hoped that Rahul would steer the situation so deftly that everything would seem natural. Once the dinner was over, Anjali started clearing up the table. Sandeep and Rahul walked back to the sofa and Sandeep expressed a desire to go back to the hotel.

‘Come on now, Sandeep. What will you do there? Why don’t you stay with us? We will see to it that you are comfortable.’ Rahul said with a twinkle in the eye.

‘I…. I don’t have my clothes.’ Sandeep replied.

‘Come on . Surely you do not need clothes to sleep. Now this is being ridiculous.’ Rahul pulled his leg.

Having cleared up the table, Anjali went to her bathroom to wash hands. Soon she was joined by Rahul.

‘What are you going to do? Are you changing clothes?’

‘No, just washing hands. Why? Has Sandeep agreed to stay for the night?’ she asked nonchalantly.

‘Yes, but are you game?’ Rahul asked her looking into the eyes.

Anjali laughed a nervous laugh.’ Well, I might be but let’s keep our options open and see how things proceed.’

‘Honey, there are only two reasons why I want you to do it. First he appears to be a decent sort of a guy. Secondly if you don’t do it, won’t Barkha feel bad? Do it once and return the favour. Try it one time and if you don’t like it, never again will I ask.’

‘Look, I am not bound to Barkha! If it flows naturally, fine. If it doesn’t still fine.’

‘My presence may be a deterrent; so what I will do is I’ll make an excuse and leave.’

‘Very funny. And after you leave I just strip and sexually assault him?’ Anjali snapped.

‘First listen. In reality, I will not go away. I’ll watch you people either from the ventilator or through a gap in the window’s curtain. Don’t bother I’ll manage.’

‘Are you sure?’ Anjali sounded unsure now.

‘Of course.’

She responded, ‘I’m very nervous. I just want to confirm again. Are you sure you want to see him fuck me?’

‘Love, I told you the reason and it is your pleasure also that I have in mind. Does it look good if we refuse him after the way Barkha had enhanced our fun? If at any moment you feel that he is being disrespectful or using you, I will evict him immediately. And if you are uneasy with the actuals, I think orals should be fine. By the way are you on pills? I don’t want a situation where I find you pregnant.’

‘Acting smart? What do you think, I will let another man fuck me without taking precautions? Anyway I can’t keep from being nervous.’

‘Shut up and relax. What is unsettling you? You are not being unfaithful. As your husband I want to watch you getting fun and since my presence may kill the initial spontaneity, I am leaving.’

‘But do come back after the initials are over.’ Anjali’s voice was earnest.

‘Of course, I will. In fact if things don’t proceed due to some reason I will come and get them started. Just act naturally. Don’t initiate but if he does, respond. Don’t bother.’

As they were leaving the room, Rahul fantasized that Sandeep’s cock would soon be spreading her lovely pussy lips and plunge all the way in her body. He would see the real thing very soon provided of course that Sandeep was game and there was no reason why he shouldn’t be. After all, it is not everyday that one gets the chance to fuck a beauty like Anjali.

Rahul held her tight as they shared a very sexy kiss. He then led a considerably relaxed Anjali into the living room. Rahul dialled his residence number from his mobile quietly and picked up the phone in front of Sandeep. His conversation suggested that he had been called for some urgent work

‘Well, Sandeep let us cut out the prelims. I’ll have to go as you have just heard. Should take me about two hours at the very least. Anjali will help you get comfortable. Excuse me.’

‘Sure!’ Sandeep smiled.

Anjali walked silently to the door to see her husband off, her bare feet making no noise as she moved. Soon Sandeep heard the roar of the car’s engine as it sprang to life. He waited for the very feminine sound of the tingle of the anklets and he was not disappointed. Soon, Anjali joined him.

‘So, feeling sleepy?’ she asked him.

‘Sleepy? No, not at all. Are you? No. Well……. It must have been quite some time since you met Barkha.’

‘Yes. I think you guys got married in February.’

‘I guess about two months after your anniversary.’ Sandeep replied with a twinkle in his eye. You and Barkha were very close in a number of respects’

‘Well, it is all a matter of pleasure and we enjoyed each other’s company.’ Anjali replied.

‘Sure.’ Sandeep said.

The conversation proceeded in this vein but things did not thaw to the extent that intercourse would take place.

After about an hour, Rahul returned.

‘Sorry. I really am. Well, Anjali show Sandeep to his room.’ Rahul said looking at the wall clock.

Anjali duly showed Sandeep to the guest room which was just across the hall. ‘If there is anything you need, just call me. Don’t hesitate.’

‘I won’t’ Sandeep said.

Rahul changed into a pair of shorts and T shirt whereas Anjali put on the nightie that she was wearing in the evening.

‘So, nothing happened? Anyway never mind! Hey, Anjali just go and give him a pair of shorts.’ Rahul said.

‘Me? In this skimpy nightie?’ Anjali sounded aghast.

‘Come on now. You yourself had told me that Barkha had a few topless/nude snaps of yours. As her husband, he too must have seen them.’

‘Okay.’ She said taking out a new pair of shorts from the cupboard. As she approached the room, her thoughts were again occupied with what Rahul had just said, that he would have seen her nude. The door of the guestroom was open; only the curtain was hanging.

Anjali entered the room but Sandeep perhaps was in the bathroom. As she was about to leave the shorts on the bed and leave, he emerged from the bathroom, nude. It was all so sudden that Anjali stood transfixed her eyes gradually getting focused on Sandeep’s cock. After a moment’s initial hesitation, Sandeep too became relaxed and enjoyed the moment as his cock gradually started becoming erect.

‘I’m sorry to have entered the room without knocking’.

‘you need not be, it’s okay. I thought you would be wanting to see me in my birthday suit since that is how I have seen your snaps.’ He smiled.

‘Well…… I don’t know.’ Anjali said shaking herself out of the reverie.

Sandeep walked up to her and put his arms around to hug her. He kissed her on the cheek, then moved his mouth to face her lips. Anjali did not know how to react. She turned her cheek for the kiss as a natural response to someone she wasn’t very free with. She felt a surge of excitement tearing through her body and as she looked down she saw that her nipples were erect.

‘Please, you are so pretty, I want to kiss you. A proper kiss, not the social ones’ He said and she could feel his erect manhood against her thigh.

Anjali hesitated at first, then allowed him to kiss her. She could feel his tongue snake between her lips searching for her tongue, but she had her teeth blocking it. The kiss was very brief. Again, Sandeep moved his head back to look in her eyes.

‘Please, let’s do it again. I know we can do better. And don’t shy away from what you want to see.’

‘What?’ she asked innocently.

‘This.’ He said pointing towards his cock with his eyebrows.

Anjali did glance towards the cock which had attained an almost full erection by now, blushed slightly but nevertheless opened her mouth to mesh with his mouth. Their tongues danced as they held a long kiss. Anjali could feel Sandeep’s hands peel the nightie off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor at her bare feet where she kicked it aside. The fact that Rahul would perhaps be waiting for her had completely escaped her attention He then felt her bare breasts as he kissed her again. He moved one hand over the pin embedded in her belly button and then let it travel to her crotch where he touched her clit.

‘Beautiful. When I saw you I was wondering what shape you would have given to the pussy hair. And the pin in your belly button is sufficient to drive anyone nuts. Relax! Am I doing something I shouldn’t be doing?’ Sandeep said.

‘Well, no….. he… Rahul might be waiting.’

‘He will think that we are talking about the days gone by especially pertaining to Barkha and he won’t be wrong. After all, that is when it all started. If you don’t like this, stop me right now.’ Sandeep smiled.

Having said this he lowered his mouth and just as he planted a kiss on the right nipple, she looked up to see Rahul standing in the doorway. He however kept a finger on the lips signaling that she keep quiet. Somehow seeing Rahul standing there watching encouraged her. She felt that she should take charge since Rahul too should be pleased with what he sees. She pushed Sandeep to lie on his back on the bed. Then she got up on the bed in a position to take his cock in the mouth. She had a lot of experience with her husband’s cock in her mouth.

She noticed Rahul was standing near the bed watching. She decided to give him a good show. She took her friends’s husband’s cock head between her lips, swirled her experienced tongue around as she rolled the foreskin back gently and then deep throated him as far as she could. After all, it would not do, if he found her sexually less responsive vis-à-vis his wife. She started up and down movements causing him to hunch up to her mouth his hands naughtily playing with her nipples. She didn’t want him to cum this way, especially in her mouth and that too so very soon. She raised her head to look at Rahul and gave him a wink when she found him playing with his cock, somewhat like a young adult watching an X rated film.

She deliberately placed herself in a sixty nine position with Sandeep and resumed giving him a blow job while he was looking at her pussy and ass and playing with them. She could feel him pull her buttock cheeks apart and suck her clit, knowing fully well that Rahul was seeing all this. By way of reflex action, Anjali opened her mouth in such a way that her teeth would not hurt the intruding cock; the lips were so positioned that they held the foreskin back while allowing the entry of the cock in the mouth. Struggling to breathe as he picked up his pace, Anjali was surprised as his seed shot down her throat the sheer force of discharge rendering her incapable of doing anything else. As she choked and tried to turn away, she found that a substantial amount of cum had found its way down her throat. Surprisingly the taste was quite similar to the cum of her husband and not unpleasant.

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