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Indian Wife's Bonanza


Ding Dong, the door bell rang. It was about half past five in the evening. Anita got up and opened the door. It was her husband Shekhar.

"Hi, love!" he said hugging her and giving her a light peck on the cheek.

"Hi!" Anita said taking her husband's briefcase and started walking towards the bedroom. Shekhar looked at her as she walked. Beautiful, he thought. Anita was wearing a peach coloured sleeveless nightie that finished at her knees and not only showed off her pretty fair legs and bare feet but accentuated them. Despite her 29 years she was a stunner by any reckoning. A height of five feet six inches, weight of 127 pounds, taut, firm breasts capped by perky succulent nipples and a gorgeous ass. Shekhar knew that she slept nude, then why the nightie? Ah she slept nude only at night. The nightie was for the day!An oxymoron!! He smiled.

"Sorry, darling, " she said "I'll just be back. Actually Barkha is here with a proposal to raise funds for that school project we are involved with. " Anita's tone was mischievous. Shekhar wondered why. The school was for the destitute children whose parents had been killed either in riots or in some mishap. There was also a section for handicapped kids.

By the time he undressed and showered, Anita had bid her friend goodbye.

"Well?" Shekhar said. He was wearing a pair of shorts and his favourite T shirt.

"Seems you are dressed for the night. " Anita said with mock anger.

"With you around anybody is dressed or rather undressed for the night. "Shekhar said pulling her towards him and kissing her on the lips.

"You are so shameless. OK, if you leave me I'll tell you Barkha's proposal. It is a bit outrageous and so I said that first I would discuss it with you and if you agreed then I would go along with it. "

Shekhar left her and started twirling her anklet.

"If you carry on being naughty I won't tell you. "she said. This twirling of anklet reminded her of Bhasu when he had returned a second time and this was the way he had started.

"Sorry, mam, " Shekhar said cupping her breasts and then holding his ears.

"Barkha said that we need funds for this school and this is something we also know. She said that a few of her NRI friends and a few foreigners are visiting. She said that the ladies there will have to auction eight things. Four non essential and four essential. When we go to the party about a dozen females will be shortlisted and for each non essential item they discard they will be paid incrementally i. e 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000. However after that if nobody bids for their essential they will have to refund their 4000. Non essentials are say sandals, anklets, necklace, bangles, earrings ;any four. Essentials are of course only four i. e. bra, panty, one upper covering, one lower covering i. e. it can be jeans, T shirt, or skirt blouse or even a sari but the pettycoat will have to go with the sari. "

"Hmmm! Quite interesting. " Shekhar said "And what will they pay for the essentials?"

"Yes, that is what I was coming to. " Anita said excitedly. "It is 10, 000, 20, 000, 40, 000 and for full nudity 1, 00, 000. Now what say?"

"What do you feel?" Shekhar asked.

"I don't know what the scene will be like but Barkha insisted that I should at least get rid of two essentials which will give 20, 000. " Anita said.

"Quite erotic I would say. " Amit said with a glint in his eye "Reminds me of St. Tropez where you so gladly stripped. "

"I did not. " Anita replied. "It was all your silly idea. "

"Come come, I know you enjoyed it. Especially when Michael kissed you with his cock poking into your belly button. "

"Shut up!" Anita said blushing good humouredly and bounced off the bed to prepare tea.

The school project was one that was dear to both Shekhar and Anita and to a number of their friends. The proposal brought by Barkha appeared to be an interesting one. Shekhar gave his consent.

"You look very pleased now that I have given you the go ahead" Shekhar said trying to pull Anita's leg.

"Shut up, you!You know that it is only for the school. " she said pummelling him on the chest with her clenched fist.

"I know that you are always keen to show those gorgeous tits of yours!" Shekhar laughed.

"I'll hit you hard if you carry on teasing me this way. " Anita said.

It was 7 p. m. The party would be going to begin any time. Since the men did not have much role to play Shekhar was dressed in a crisp trouser and shirt. Anita was showering. She had decided to wear an off white sleeveless salwar suit matched by white sandals. The non essentials that she had decided to get rid off were her sandals, anklets, necklace and silver amulets that she had decided to wear on the arm.

Anita emerged topless from the bathroom with a towel draped around her waist. The henna tatoo that she had recently acquired over her belly button with the image of a rising sun and its rays made it look all the more sexy. In addition to that there was a heart shaped tatoo over her left breast and a dragon shaped one over her right buttock. Shekhar had teased her about where she had gone to get it but she replied that these were only stickers and could be applied by anyone in the privacy of their homes. While it was possible that the one over the breast and the belly button had been applied by herself surely the one over the buttock could not have been stuck by herself. Shekhar knew this but he let it pass. He again looked at his lovely wife. Somewhere deep down he wondered whether all this was all right. Then the realization dawned on him that they were not squeamish about things and any such incident of exposure in the past had only gone to improve their marriage. No harm had ever come out of it. While he was lost in his thoughts Anita had applied lipstick. He quickly picked it up and applied it on her pink nipples.

"Behave yourself!Now the bra will be stained. " She scolded him.

"I did this just in case you get to strip totally. " Shekhar said with a grin.

"Very funny!Keep your silly jokes to yourself. " She said putting on the bra and tying the hook. She looked at herself again in the mirror. The bra was not transparent but showed a generous amount of her cleavage. Both of them knew that this was going to be on public display and so no comments were passed. She took off the towel and Shekhar could not resist the temptation of seeing her well manicured pussy for the millionth time. She was very particular about the shape that had to be given. Virtually hairless it had a vertical line of hair above the slit.

"Why bother with all this? Just show them your pussy and you'll get whatever amount you ask" Shekhar said. Anita just smiled. She adjusted her panty which was a trifle brief. Though it covered her pussy it left her buttocks exposed and of course the black dragon. . If Anita had a hairy pussy it would have been impossible to wear such a panty. She tied the cord of the salwar, put her nail polished toes on the dressing table to adjust the anklets one by one. They were ready to leave. At the door she put her feet into the sandals and put on the straps.

"How am I looking?" she asked Shekhar.

"If I reply I will have to tear your clothes off right here and I will end up fucking you right here. "

"Oh, please don't do that"she said in mock horror. "Remember this is for the school and if you fuck me now we will get late. "

"Okay, then let us go now. Fucks is for later tonight"

While driving down Shekhar said, "Anita, it would have ben so nice had I been a doctor. I would also get the opportunuty to check the breasts of girls like you. "

"That is all you keep thinking about;girls and their breasts. " Anita laughed.

"Yes, but you end up getting all the fun. " Shekhar said.

"What do you mean?" Anita asked.

"I know all the naughty things you do. "Shekhar said teasing her

"Like?" Anita smiled at Shekhar.

"Mmmm. I have seen you looking at our maid Lakshmi in a certain way. Are you fond of her?" Shekhar's eyes twinkled.

"Lakshmi? Of course I am fond of her but nothing sexual. " Anita said. God, he has come to Lakshmi. What if he knows all that Lakshmi's husband has done to me?

"Was just pulling your leg. " Shekhar said.

They arrived at the gathering. It was a large lawn. Chairs had been arranged for four people at a table. There was also a stage and behind that was a room from where Barkha would be monitoring the entire proceedings.

Both of them were welcomed and taken to a seat. There were quite a number of other people, foreigners and Indians. Except for one or two men everyone else had come with their wives/girlfriends who were clad in various outfits. Some in Jeans/T shirt, some in skirt blouse and some in a saree as well. There was one person, perhaps in his mid thirties who was getting a lot of attention. He had black neatly trimmed moustache, a muscular body that was going well with his white shirt and black trousers. He was slightly shorter than Shekhar. However his personality was quite attractive.

"Sir, what would you like to have, sir?" A liveried waitor asked them.

"Well, what all do you have?"

"Sir, I would suggest red wine. It has been specially imported from France and will go very well with the occasion. Even the lady will like it. " The waitor said his gesture referring to Anita. What occasion was he referring to, Shekhar thought. Of seeing Anita in her undergarments?

"Would you take wine or prefer a cold drink?" Shekhar asked thinking that she would opt for the tried and tested cold drink.

"Whatever you take though I think wine or anything slightly alcoholic will soothe my frayed nerves. " Anita said.

Her nerves did not appear to be frayed at all but the waitor took the hint and disappeared to return with a bottle of wine.

"You nervous?" Shekhar asked Anita.

"So would you be if you had to go and strip on the stage?" she replied.

"But this is not the first time that you will strip. " Shekhar said.

"Yes, but that was a beach where everybody else was also as naked as I was. " Anita pointed out.

Soon the lights were slightly dimmed and a band started playing. There was ample room for dance. It was while dancing that the organizers would choose ten ladies for the non essential discarding. Shekhar held Anita close to him and could feel her nipples digging into his chest. She was looking very sexy. The full red lips the shade of which was going with a lighter version over her eyelids and the matching nail polish were proving to be an irresistible combination. His hands were on her ass and she could also feel his cock over the mound of her pussy.

The dance ended far quicker than expected and the names were announced in reverse alphabetical order and hence Anita's name was announced last. As she went on to the stage after the other nine participants there was first a pin drop silence and then the audience gave a loud uproar of approval. Shekhar thought that even the other women were not all that bad. Anita quickly discarded her sandals, anklets, necklace and the amulets from her arms. She walked back, smiling and in bare feet to Shekhar.

"So, how does it feel?" Shekhar asked her. Meanwhile Barkha had also joined them at the table along with an acquaintance of hers.

"Anita, keep your cool. " Barkha encouraged her. Her face had that worried look of an organzer who has dozens of things on her mind "Even if all goes well we will have only one lakh. If somehow another two lakhs could be arranged we could supply the school with everything we have wanted to. "Barkha said wistfully. Since there was nothing to be said all of them remained quiet.

It was now that the actual auction was to start. The audience had seen the girls. In all 40, 000 had been distributed to the girls @ 4000 per girl but all this would come back to the audience who had paid for it if they did not like to bid for any participant's 'essentials'.

There was a flurry of activity but nothing happened for quite some time. There was restlessness in the air. Just then Barkha came looking worried and important. "Anita, there are only two girls the audience is interested in. " As she was telling us this a loud voice boomed over the public address system.

"Ladies and gentlemen. We have only 2 contestants tonight but they are beautiful. I ask you all to be as generous as possible because this is a good cause. I will be announcing the contest from behind the bar. "

He rolled out of sight and the waitresses brought Anita and the other contestant up to the stage. The other girl was well into her thirties and was looking a bit nervous at Anita's sleek shape.

"Ladies and gentlemen. " The voice announced. "Here are the rules. I will call out the name of an article of clothing and the audience bids for it. If the contestant agrees that it is high enough i. e at least the stipulated amount or more, she will walk over to the lucky bidder, take it off and give it to them for the money. Remember, ladies, all the money goes for the school. Now let's begin. Let's start with Urvashi. How much for the blouse, folks?"

Urvashi, standing next to Anita all of a sudden lost her nerve and walked over to her table and sat down with the other people she came in with.

"It looks like it is just you Anita. Are you still game?"

She looked over nervously towards Shekhar. Barkha was still standing next to him. Shekhar nodded to her.

There was applause and a few catcalls. "You heard her folks. Now, this is narrowing down the field. You all need to be particularly generous because Anita is the only contestant. To make it interesting, how about you deliver a kiss with the article of clothing? Do you agree, Anita?"

She nodded, looking somewhat nervous all by herself on the stage, shifting from foot to foot.

The audience started yelling "kurta" or "salwar" from the different tables. A man supposedly a friend of Anita and Barkha was yelling "kurta".

"Alright, folks, kurta it is. How much for the kurta?" The compere decided.

There was a lot of active bidding and the man with the trimmed moustache sitting alone at the next table got it for 10000. Anita walked quickly over, stripped off the kurta and covered her tits with her hands. She did this just to titillate coz she was still wearing her bra. She leaned over and kissed the man lightly on the cheek and quickly walked back to the stage. Her hands were still on her tits. The crowd was yelling and whistling.

"Now, gentleman what next?

"I think they want to see your tits, Anita. " The compere said. "Now don't disappoint your audience. . . OK. How much for the bra or do you want her to take off the salwar first?"

"Bra, bra!!"A chorus rent the air.

Now was the actual test. Among the essentials she was to keep her undergarments on as per the discussion Shekhar and Anita had with Barkha. But the crowd did not appear to be in any mood to relent or to let Anita walk back with her undergarments on. The sight of the tantalizing tatoo over her belly button after she had taken off the kurta seemed to have stirred the crowd. Shekhar wondered how they would react if they saw the heart shaped tatoo over her left breast i. e. just inside which her heart would be. As it is her breasts were so wonderfully sculpted and lusciously juicy that the tatoo would drive them absolutely nuts. These tatoos had been applied by Anita and approved by Shekhar before Barkha had come up with this idea. The atmosphere was now clearly surcharged with tension. Anita was clearly nervous but in a way it was good that she had had wine because that was what was the stabilizing factor. Shekhar was also slightly tense that things were not going as they had anticipated and just hoped that things did not get out of hand. There was as such no cause for worry because adequate security arrangements had been made.

"I think she will put her foot down. " He said to Barkha.

"Would you like her to?" Barkha asked him.

"Look, it all depends on her. How can I suggest?" Shekhar replied.

Barkha suddenly got up, went to the stage and whispered something in Anita's ear. Anita heard her, appeared to be a trifle surprised then smiled. The crowd appeared to be going crazy with anticipation.

After some unimpressive bidding, it was again the man with the trimmed moustache who paid 25000 instead of the stipulated price of 20000 although he could have easily paid only 20000.

She again walked down to the man, now far more slowly than the first time, unhooked the bra, took it off, again kissed him on the other cheek and returned with her hands still on her now bare breasts.

"Breasts, tits" chorus pierced through the air.

She smiled sheepishly and turned her back to the audience and raised both hands. They cheered and she turned slowly around, topless in her bare feet and salwar. They all applauded especially our table. The tatoos were accentuating her sensuality. Anita was visibly excited, her nostrils were flared and she was looking eagerly out into the audience. At times she looked hesitant, at times eager.

"Well, now it is the salwar. Who needs a pair of lovely salwar that has adorned one of the sexiest pair of legs?"

The hammer finally went in favour of a table of local guys in the corner who chipped in fifty thousand bucks. She sat on the edge of the stage to wriggle out of the tight salwar and stood up, holding it up in one hand, wearing only her panties. The crowd clapped loudly as she walked through the tables to the corner where the entire table of guys stood up. She kissed each one of them and Shekhar noted that a couple of them attempted to grab her tits and one guy kept his hand on her bare ass. The panties barely covered the pussy and leave the buttock fully exposed. Now the dragon tatoo was also virtually fully visible. Anita spoke something to the compere in his ear. It appeared that she was hestant in stripping totally and wanted to come back but the man pleaded with her to stay back and not to disappoint.

"Please, you know that we have spoken to your husband and he is not averse to this. Remember the cause. " The compere said to her in a confidential tone.

"Now for a moment of silence. . . " The compere said. There was indeed sudden silence in the audience. "This is the moment of truth. Anita, if you make it past this final step, you will win the marvelous prize. We need a money and lots of it for this final step towards Anita's total exposure and I want all of you to remember that this is a good cause. I will now make a change in the rules. It is now all right for even two tables to form a group to bid against other tables. Also, Anita, you understand that you are to remain nude for the rest of the evening, right? This may stimulate these people to be more generous. Am I right?"

The applause was deafening and Anita was all smiles, and not much else. She was unsure of her husband's reaction. Even Shekhar was amazed as to how she had mustered up all this courage. The bidding began and a large table of locals won the bid for 100000. Reluctantly, she stripped off the panties and walked over to the winning table to deliver them. She got a long and lingering kiss on the lips from each of the 6 guys at the table, who appeared to be young businessmen. Shekhar felt that at any moment they would start sucking her brownish pink nipples which were fully erect with all this excitement. Thankfully things did not come to that.

One of them pulled out a chair and invited her to sit down and the liveried waiter brought her a complimentary beer, winking at her.

From where Shekhar, Barkha and her friend were sitting, she was just sitting and having a beer and Shekhar was starting to get some twinges of jealousy when she got up, received a couple of pats on her bare ass and made her way back to their table.

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