tagIncest/TabooIndian Yoni Puja with Mother Ch. 02

Indian Yoni Puja with Mother Ch. 02


** This is a work of fiction. It contains absolutely no truth -- even the bits that sound plausible. Any references to Hindu culture, creed and religion are entirely fictitious, and I'd like to apologise in advance for my gross misrepresentation I've made. The characters in this story are not based on any real persons, nor is the story based on any real events. It's a story people, enjoy it for it is. **

** This story is about incest between an Indian mother and her son -- both of whom are adults. If you don't like this subject matter, move along. **

** Hindi is not my first language so please forgive my poor use of Hindi grammar and vocabulary. I've tried to have the characters speak in both Hindi and English to give them some authenticity while trying not to alienate English speaking readers. I'm not sure it works, perhaps you can be the judge**

** Finally, please take the time to leave comments on what you thought. I welcome all constructive criticisms. Praise works nicely too.**

The rest of the day passed slowly and awkwardly to say the least. I don't think mother looked at me once, moreover it certainly appeared she was avoiding me. She managed to communicate to me without eye contact. It was frustrating and equally unnerving.

I couldn't stop thinking about the yoni puja ritual. My mind had gone blank while the Guru had described it though I had managed to capture enough to know that it involved coconut milk, some washing, some drinking, and a whole lot of up close and personal pussy action. My cock was on perma-erection and it was becoming very difficult to conceal it.

Sadly, it didn't look like there was any chance I was going to get to perform the ritual that day. Instead I spent hours in bed jacking off like a dog in heat.

We didn't perform the ritual the next day either. Nor the next, nor the next. Instead, all that seemed to have come from the yoni puja discussion was my inability to think of anything else. I thought about speaking to her about it, but chickened out each time, how would I even raise the topic.

"Hey mother, hi, you look nice, so how about spreading those milky thighs and giving me a gander of that sweet, sweet kittycat? I brought coconut milk." Didn't sound like a winner to me.

It didn't help that conversation between us had pretty much disappeared. Not only did she avoid looking at me, she avoided being in the same room as me. My feelings swung from out of control horny to lonely and depressed. It was a terrible few days. And when nothing happened by the following Saturday, I'd resigned to the notion that it wasn't going to happen after all. The only chance I'd ever get of seeing mother's pussy was going to be in my raging fantasies. I actually wished the whole topic had never been discussed!

Then things changed on Sunday morning in a bizarre and frustrating way. Mother's Guru was coming again today. By then I'd already accepted that yoni puja was not going to happen, much to my frustration and annoyance. I was still in bed when I heard a knock at my door.

"Suraj behta?" Mother called for me, she sounded apprehensive.

I had just relieved my morning erection so I was glad to not have to deal with another aching hardon just yet.

I got up and quickly opened the door to find my mother standing there in her usual prayer saree. In her hand she held a glass of coconut milk.

I looked at it dumbly for a moment before she spoke.

"Drink this, betah... it's from..." She said as she handed it to me.

She stood at the door for a moment as she seemed to struggle to continue.

"It's from puja... It's blessed and will make you strong."

I held the glass in my hand and before I could reply she'd already left and busied herself in the kitchen.

I held the glass of coconut milk in my hand, confused for a moment. I shrugged and drank it down without thinking about it any further. It wasn't unusual that my mother had given me a glass of coconut milk to drink. More often than not it was connected to some kind of puja ritual anyway. All I could do was think about how it didn't happen to have been used for the one ritual I was interested in.

Mother continued her policy of minimum conversation right up until the Guru visited us once again at his usual time, mid-morning. On arrival she escorted him to the prayer room and called out to me to join them. I shrugged and followed them numbly.

Once we'd all become seated, Guru wasted no time in broaching the topic of the day.

"Well behta, did you benefit from the yoni puja?" He asked.

There was silence in the room as it took me a moment to realise he was addressing me. I was usually a peripheral member of these holy sessions so was surprised to find him speaking to me before speaking to mother. I looked across at my mother who quickly turned away, clearly as confused as I.

"Guruji, we didn't..." I began mumbling but my mother quickly cut me off.

"Guru Sahib, I gave him the blessed coconut milk this morning." She said hurriedly.

"Ahh..." The Guru turned to my mother and then back to me again. "It will strengthen you, betah. A mother's yoni is a most sacred place. It is the source of your life and drinking the blessed coconut milk will enrich and empower your soul."

The Guru smiled at me and mother, glancing between us clearly pleased that his teaching had been adhered to.

"Behnji, you are privileged to have such a caring son. Yoni puja has come so naturally to him. I recommend you undertake it as often as you can."

The guru clearly didn't' recognise the confusion on my face. At no point in the last week had any puja been performed on any yoni -- much to my disappointment.

"Tell me, betah... " The Guru turned back to me. "Did you find the yoni to be receptive to your actions?"

Well, now I was completely confounded. The Guru was clearly under the impression that I'd got to perform the ritual with mother. I turned to my mother and before I could say a word she began to speak.

"Guru sahib, I performed the ritual myself. Suraj..." Mother bowed her head as she continued. "He drank the blessed coconut milk from the ritual."

My cock twitched with the realisation that the delicious coconut milk she'd given me this morning was a little more special than usual. I had actually drunk something that had come in contact with my mother's pussy. The very thought of it almost blew my mind.

Guru, was less impressed though. He looked to my mother and pressed her on the matter with all the authority of a teacher.

"Behnji, the yoni puja ritual is meant for two people. And it must be undertaken as prescribed. It is invalid otherwise."

"But Guru sahib, it is something that is difficult for us." She glanced at me, and I recognised an expression of pity. She clearly felt worried for me. As if it would be difficult for me to undertake the puja ritual. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course!

"It is natural that it is difficult." The Guru replied patiently. "Yoni puja, and indeed lingam puja, are very old and very sacred acts. They have been performed for many, many years. It is unusual in modern families for such acts of puja to take place in these circumstances but this is only because families have changed and become more separate."

"Families are now more spread out." The Guru continued as he glanced from me to my mother. "Where in the past yoni puja could have been performed by a female relative who lived with you, it is often now not possible. In this case, it is only you, Behnji, and your son who are able to perform the ritual."

"And furthermore, if it is only women who perform yoni puja, how will men ever receive the blessings?"

Mother slowly nodded in agreement. It always amazed me how the Guru managed to get my mother to 'see sense' even where she had shown great difficult in accepting only moments ago.

"So you see betah, it is imperative that you perform the ritual." The Guru said, looking back at me as if I was the one who needed persuading. "Does your mother not deserve the right to have puja performed for her?"

I looked across at mother who quickly turned away and bowed her head, her face flushed in obvious embarrassment.

"And Behnji, you must not deny your son from performing puja of the yoni. How else is he to receive these blessings? Hmm?" The Guru, nodded at each of us, seeking our agreement to his wisdom.

"Now, Behnji, " he continued. "...remember how I described the ritual? Suraj betah must apply the milk and massage it around and into the yoni. He must also..."

I think I fainted at that point. Too much blood had rushed to my cock and my mind had simply given way. The Guru once again described the procedure to mother. She listened attentively this time and even asked questions from time to time. He occasionally made gestures with his hands as he described the actions I was to perform. I'd like to say they were hot kinky finger thrusting motions but they were actually more bland and educational. This was clearly very much a religious ritual being described by the Guru and my mother was obviously absorbing it as such.

Mother looked at me from time to time. She had a determined expression on her face as she concentrated hard on the instructions she was receiving. For a moment it almost dampened the intense arousal I was feeling. But only for a moment.

When the Guru finally finished, he smiled warmly at me and mother, taking pleasure in having educated us to yet another religious doctrine. Mother escorted him out as always and just like last week, I chose to stay seated to avoid offending anyone with my aching, engorged cock.

But unlike last week, mother returned to the prayer room and sat down again. She didn't look at me as she busied herself in performing a prayer at the statue of Ganesh we have in the centre of the room. All I could do was sit there patiently, waiting for her to finish so that I could excuse myself and jack off in my bedroom once again.

Once she had completed she turned to me and for the first time in a week, just looked at me. Her expression was blank, which I found slightly unnerving. She seemed to be lost in thought, even staring through me for a while before she came back to her senses and just smiled warmly - that glorious motherly smile that warmed my heart and comforted my soul.

"Betah, it is ok. It is a most blessed ritual and you shall receive great empowerment from performing it." She repeated the Guru's words to me as if I required persuading. I in turn nodded and feigned a slightly concerned expression. Enough to make her feel I was a little unsure but not so much to make her feel I wasn't willing to take part in this.

"There's a bowl on the kitchen counter, get it please. There is a fresh carton of coconut milk in the fridge as well." She said with a hopeful smile.

I couldn't believe it was actually going to happen. I swallowed hard and climbed up onto trembling feet. I remembered to angle away from her to conceal my erection. Having mother see me with a boner was definitely going to be a deal breaker at this early stage!

I hurried to the kitchen with lightning speed and returned with the carton and the bowl. I placed them on the floor between mother and I and sat down, remembering again to conceal my twitching weapon. I then stared at mother dumbly, awaiting further instruction.

Mother turned to Ganesh again and seemed to whisper a prayer under her breath. She then swallowed hard as if to draw some strength and resolve from within. Then, with surprisingly quick movements she climbed up onto her feet and pulled the cushioned stool from the corner of the room and placed it right where she had been sitting. She then lifted up the skirts of her cotton saree and held them at her waist as she sat herself down on the stool. She then shuffled her ass forward so that the stool was under the small of her back and her ass was mostly off the seat. She placed her hands on either side of herself to assist in supporting her weight in this less than comfortable position. She picked herself up off the stool a couple of times as she meticulously adjusted her saree and her position until she was satisfied.

I then stared dumbly at the sight of my mother, sitting opposite me, legs open and relaxed with feet flat on the floor and her pussy, her gorgeous womanly pussy, slick with feminine moisture, heavy folds of curly pinky-brown and glistening skin, was splayed out in front of me like some delicious delicacy waiting to be tasted and devoured.

"OK betah, bring the bowl under me to catch the coconut milk." She said as she nodded in my direction.

I don't know how I managed to stop my self from leaping in and burying my face in that snatch. I could feel the saliva build in my mouth as a ached to run my tongue amongst those delicious folds and taste her womanly essence.

Instead, I managed to keep my cool as a shuffled forward and pushed the bowl under her ass -- keenly aware that my hand was only inches away from the glorious sex.

I could smell her cunt as I came closer. It's rich musky perfume making my nostrils flare and my mouth drool. I inhaled deeply but discreetly and edged closer, thanking my lucky stars for this glorious day.

As strange as this whole situation was, mother was unusually calm, and focussed about it. She began instructing me on how I was to perform the ritual. Talking through the prayers I was to say, the actions I was to perform, the thoughts I was to think. I listened intently, trying my utmost to focus on her words and not the beautiful gash she was presenting to me so freely.

And so I proceeded with the ritual. I took my time obviously, savouring every moment that this magnificent woman, the source of all my most sordid fantasies, would allow for me to be so close to her sex. I poured small amounts of the coconut milk onto her pussy. Into the cute small patch of natural unmolested pubic hair. Directly onto her clit, or where I presumed her clit was. Over the slit itself and round and around. I watched as the pale fluid drizzled down over her lips in rivulets, streaming down and sinking into the crevices, emerging out further down to dribble and drip into the ceramic bowl underneath.

I looked up a couple of times to see if she was watching this delightful sight with me but she was simply staring up at the ceiling -- no doubt thinking of anything apart from the thought that she was sitting in her prayer room, exposing her pussy to her son who was now washing it with coconut milk.

I didn't care that she was obviously uncomfortable with it. This was my moment. My moment with her pussy and I wasn't going to flinch for a second.

I remembered to whisper the prayers as I reached down with trembling fingers and began to mages her slick yoni. With my fingers pressed together I massaged her sex in circular motions, keeping pressure on the top of her pussy while curling my finger tips and letting them sink in a little at her entrance. I kept this up in slow rhythmic motions and glanced up occasionally to watch as my mother's chest heaved as her breathing came in deep slow breaths.

I placed my fingertips at the top of her pussy and pressed firmly while making a couple of quick circular motions. I thought I heard a gentle moan escape her lips and when I looked up I saw she was biting her lip. I did this a second time and there was a definite gasp and I watched in fascination as her cute toes curled.

On the third time the moan was unmistakable as a gush of clear fluid erupted from her cunt, splashed against my fingers leaving droplets all over her cunt and along the insides of her thighs. I've seen enough pornos to know when a woman ejaculates. It wasn't a big massive mind numbing gasping and panting orgasm. It was a small, uncontrollable, why-did-it-have-to-happen-now-in-front-of-my-son, whisper quiet orgasm. Like her pussy couldn't bare the excitement any longer and spilled forth, despite all efforts to hold back. A cute, orgasm.

My mother was breathing quickly now as she slowly recovered from her. I immediately went to try and bring her to that point of ecstasy again, greedy to watch the incredible sight of my mother reach her climax again.

As my fingers pressed again on her clitoral hood, mother spoke in barely a whisper. "Betah... undhar bhi... inside as well..."

She was still staring up at the ceiling, only now her face was flushed and a sheen of sweat glistened on her rosy cheeks.

I naturally obliged as I proceeded to the next part of the puja. I ran my fingertips down along her slit and just before they began to sink into her slick sex, I pulled them away. I repeated this a few times and smiled as slowly I was sure my mother was lifting herself off the stool as my fingers played at her opening.

I continued teasing her until she was pushing her hips up in tiny thrusts, her body responding now despite herself.

"Please betah, undhar bhi. Inside as well. Puja... undhar..." her voice was soft and pleading.

Mother craned her neck forward and gasped loudly as I pushed two fingers up into her hot pussy in a single powerful thrust. For a brief moment I saw the beautiful mix of delirious lust and gratitude on her face as her pelvis made minute circular movements designed to grind her cunt against my invading digits.

Her head fell back again. I watched as her eyelids fluttered and she mewed and gasped as my fingers began pumping into her greasy cunt. I ran my thumb up and down the outside of her pussy, up along her slit and pressing it firmly against the firm nub of her clit, tweaking it with each motion.

I began working up a rhythm, thrusting two fingers into her soaking cunt and stimulating her clit with my thumb as my knuckles made it passed her vulva. Her warm velvety canal enveloped my fingers as they attempted to cling onto them in a vain attempt to hold them inside. The squelching sounds of pussy flesh being furiously attacked were soon drowned out by her gasps and moans as she approached her climax once again.

I frigged her harder, my fingers thrusting into her receiving cunt in powerful hard thrusts and she made no attempt to pull away from their assault. She began to thrust her pussy up to meet my motions now, her body having relented to the long ignored scintillating pleasure of deep vaginal stimulation. She lifted her head several times and I saw an expression of delirium and lust, her lips pursed as she took quick raspy breathes through clenched teeth.

Finally, she let out a loud screech as her pussy clamped down hard on my fingers and an explosion of juice squirted out from her abused pussy. Her body stiffed as she pulled her knees together, clamping down on the fingers that were still inside her. Powerful surges shot through her body causing her muscles to spasm randomly and sending shocks from her tingling pussy outwards to her fingers and toes.

As she gradually made her way down from her peak I eventually drew my fingers out ran them up and down her slit a couple of times. Her body continued twitched.

"Nahin betah, bus. That's it betah, no more. Please." She panted. She lifted her head and through tired eyes she found the sanity of mind to instruct me to wash my slick fingers in the coconut milk.

I dipped my fingers into the pale white fuild and washed off the mixture of her watery ejaculate and slippery cunt grease. As I did so I watched as she slowly climbed off the stool and let her saree skirts fall to the floor. She then went and sat down against the wall. She drew her knees into her chest and hid her face away. Her breathing slowly becoming more regular as her body retreated from its climax.

Eventually she looked up at me, her flushed face twinkling from a sheen of sweat and framed by tussled clumps of matted her. She turned her face away in embarrassment as she spoke "The coconut milk will give you strength."

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